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Hello and how are you doing? I was wondering if you could write a fic or come up with some headcannons for Genji and his s/o introducing their baby to Genji's dragon or the dragon got loose and they're trying to find him but their kid found the noodle dragon first, dressed him up and is playing with him? Please and thank you for your time!

Here you go!  Noodle dragons are the best :D

  • Genji wouldn’t worry too much about his dragon getting loose because when it’s happened in the past and only gone to visit his s/o or Hanzo’s dragons
    • When he notices it’s gone and not with Hanzo he assumes it’s with his s/o
    • When he finds his s/o later and notices it’s not?  He starts to freak out.
  • Knowing his kid is down for a nap he and his s/o would search high and low for the dragon
  • It isn’t until Genji notices sounds coming from the baby monitor in his s/o’s hand that his child is awake and talking to someone
    • “Green just like Daddy!”
  • The words make him rush to his sons room to find him having a tea party with his usual stuffed animals; a rhino from Reinhardt, a gorilla from Winston, and the place where Barbie normally sits is occupied by a small green dragon
    • The dragon will have a large sunhat on, sitting crookedly on it’s head
    • There is a fluffy blue boa wrapped around it’s body that keeps sliding down and the child keeps moving back up, tying it tighter each time
    • Is that lipstick around the dragon’s mouth?  Yes.
    • The lipstick was stolen from D.Va
    • She’s not impressed until she sees the tea party and the dragon wearing the boa
  • When the child pours imaginary tea for the creature it looks at the cup, confused
    • It’ll check each cup thinking it got swindled out of tea or something
    • Very disappointed to find all the cups are empty
  • Genji would try to call the dragon back fearing his son isn’t ready for that kind of interaction but his s/o would stop him
  • Lots of picture taking on Genji’s part when he sees how careful the dragon is being with his son
  • He would call Hanzo in to see, only for those dragons to come out as well
    • He needs to invest in more small plastic chairs so all the stuffies and dragons can enjoy the tea
  • Genji gets into the habit of making real tea and joining the parties with his s/o
  • Genji would brag about how much control his son has over the dragons at such a young age
  • They’ll have to explain to the kid that the dragon shouldn’t be eating any desserts at the parties
    • The dragons would totally drool watching the child eating though
    • He’ll sneak them strawberries
  • Hanzo blames Genji for his dragons lack of respect since they keep sneaking off now to join the parties without Hanzo’s permission
  • Eventually Genji’s dragon isn’t just attending tea parties but playing catch with the boy
    • Tag, hide and seek, everything
    • Genji is jealous that his son seems to like the dragon more and when he starts to get huffy his s/o would have to stop him from calling the dragon back
  • S/o would remind him the dragon can’t tuck his son in at night and read stories to him
  • Genji makes a point to stay a little longer with his son at night, even after he’s fallen asleep
  • The dragon has started sleeping at the bottom of the bed

Now The ‘Normal Barbie’ Dolls Can Teach Girls About Periods

In 2014, artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm designed the Lammily dolls, also known as“normal Barbies,” using the CDC body measurements of the average American woman. An add-on pack allows kids to give their dolls cellulite, acne, stretch marks and more. And now, the dolls can teach young girls about periods.

Learning about menstruation doesn’t have to be awkward.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE WAS NO MATCHING BARBIE THERE WERE THREE BARBIES blonde brunette AA PLUS MIDGE.  And he’s called Earring Magic Ken, not Magic Earring Ken you can’t even get your story right when there’s a picture in front of you with the correct name.

But I’ll say nothing on the actual post, because apparently people who know nothing about Barbie history don’t realize there are people who do know about Barbie history. (I already grumped at OP for not realizing that “getting made once and never again” is perfectly normal for all Barbies, not some mark of Mattel thinking it’s made a terrible mistake.)

Dina’s Fun Aunt Holiday Bonus Part 1 – Ellen Thwoorp

Summary – Katya has a proposition for Trixie, but it takes some upturned dinner plans, some Shakespearean quotes and some stupid puns before she can actually get around to it.

A/N: Surprise, more Dina’s Fun Aunt because I had more ideas and didn’t have the power to resist the temptation to write it. I’m going to try and update this roughly every week with my new AU series until it’s done. (Was originally going to post in one go but I’m pushing 13k and it ain’t even finished.)

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Barbie is at Burger King!!!!! 😍 Someone on Instagram let me know last week and obviously I had to go and get as many as I could, There’s actually eight in the collection the blonde Barbie, a tanned one and a brunette one I managed to get all of the normal Barbie ones! I feel a little bad for what I put the workers through, they said I could have one for free but I was like “I want the full set” so they went through all the kids meals but it was all the same one today so they opened a new bag of them for me 😂I got all three blond Barbies but I want them all so bad so I’m not giving up! Then picked up two more funko mystery minis and got two more to add to my collection 😍💗


After his “average Barbie” prototype went viral, Nickolay Lamm is making it a reality

Motivated by a strong desire to show that “average is beautiful,” Lamm has decided to make his designs come to life with a doll called “Lammily.”

Lamm decided to take matters into his own hands after being bombarded with questions about where to buy a Barbie of normal size. The entreprenuer is offering prototypes of his toy to the first people to donate to his Kickstarter campaign, but his plan is to evetnually be able to distribute the doll widely online and in retail. 

The Lammily doesn’t just have the realistic proportions of the average 19-year-old woman — she also has accentuated wrists, knees, elbows and feet. This is pretty awesome because unlike her buddy Barbie, who is forever stuck with her arms folded like she’s about to serve a cheese plate, Lammily will be able to “play” sports and other activities.

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I'm so disturbed.

So I decided to finally read up about this Lammily, seeing as so many people were either excited about her or unsure about her, and it lead me to many websites talking about how Barbie is a bad influence on kids. I admit I sighed and rolled my eyes when I saw that old line again. But it wasn’t until I watched a clip from Good Morning America where Robin Roberts saw one of Barbie’s pictures from her Sports Illustrated spread and said Barbie needed to basically go have a snack. That really rubbed me the wrong way. I’m all for making a more “curvier” doll to represent different types of woman, but all this talk about “normal” Barbie is just a big slap in the face to those women who are just normally thin and get tired of the whole “go eat a sandwich” line.

I don’t know, maybe it’s my lack of sleep, but I am just tired of reading or hearing that Barbie is the cause of little girls getting anorexia. Instead of society taking blame for it’s role in eating disorders and poor self image and even worse self esteem issues, everyone wants to point fingers at inanimate dolls. I’m a full-figured gal and I always played with Barbie as a child and not once did I say I want to go on a diet because of Barbie. I wanted to go on a diet because kids teased me at school for being bigger than them. I wanted to lose weight because clothes on the racks were made for smaller people. I wanted to be slimmer because you seldom saw a successful bigger person on tv and if you did they were always the sidekick or the comedy relief. But it was never Barbie who had me skipping meals, and I am pretty sure it’s not Barbie who has girls skipping meals now.

Meh, like I said, I’m going on lack of sleep. I’ll probably delete this later. I just had to rant a bit because everyone keeps saying that Lammily is an “ideal” body when really she just represents another shaped body. Naturally thin bodies are just as beautiful as fuller bodies and I don’t think people realize that sizeism goes both ways. And society needs to start taking more responsibility in it’s role that it plays in unhealthy self image.

And as for Lammily, she’s an interesting concept, but I see nothing glamorous about her, and it she makes playline level she is going to need more than just being a “normal” size to keep her appeal. If she doesn’t have much clothing or variety in clothing or her own world to live in and interact with she will become boring and live at the bottom of many toy boxes.

*yawns and gets off soapbox*


“Pro-girl toys” are changing the way girls play by deconstructing archaic gender roles and challenging large toy corporations that reinforce stereotypes. Crowdfunding platforms have been major catalysts for that shift. Kickstarter, for instance, has become a place for independent toy makers to promote and sell products that champion more progressive and gender neutral toys. Toys like Barbie can be detrimental to a girl’s confidence and self-image, whereas newer toys like the Lammily Doll - a Barbie with “normal” proportions - are empowering.

Another toy that seeks to break gender roles is Goldieblox, a construction set for girls created by Debbie Sterling. “It’s crucial that we constantly remind our girls of their potential and ability to be original,” said Sterling, “At the end of the day, we need to be giving our girls more options and empowering them to follow their own, individual path, not necessarily the path that society dictates.”

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Lessons to be Learned from Lammily

1. Average may be beautiful, but it sure as hell isn’t interesting.

This seems kind of weird. Wouldn’t we rather send messages to girls that it’s OK to be different, then that it is “beautiful” to be “average?”

2. Even if average is beautiful, by definition, no one is “average.”

An “average” is an aggregate of the features of all people being considered (white tween girls). No white tween girl will look exactly like Lammily. Some are thinner. Some are fatter. Some have less-symmetrical faces. Some have freckles. Some are tall. Some are short. Some have fewer limbs. By casting Lammily as the definition of “beauty,” you are still excluding most girls.

Taking this a step further, not all girls in the target demographic for Lammily are white. It would have made more sense to make her “ambiguously brown,” as it would have given more weight to the concept of Lammily as an “average” aggregate of the features of her target demographic.

3. Dolls are not people, and children are smart enough to realize this.

Children use their toys in many different ways. However, playtime and real-life are not really the same thing, and most children understand this. As an overweight girl who played with Barbies myself, she never made me feel less beautiful. She was skinny and busty, while many of my other toys were large, multicolored animals. I never expected her to look like me, any more than I expected my other toys to look like real animals.

Barbie was for fun. Barbie was for fantasy. Barbie could drive a car into the past, pick up her past self, and go on shopping trips in the future while kicking her overbearing, mind-power wielding grandmother into next week (example taken from actual play sessions). If she could do all of this, then surely her spine could support her breasts!

4. If you reduce the concept of what “Barbie” is to her waistline, you are completely missing the point.

Barbie is a physically impossible ideal. This is true. However, she is impossible in many other ways. She has had many different careers within her lifetime, and still has time for an active social life, and time to raise her younger sisters. She can somehow afford a large variety of homes, vehicles, and clothing. Still, we continue to discuss her body, as if that is all their is to the character and her mythos.

Lammily was created to be a different kind of body from Barbie, but at the end of the day, that is what she is: her body. There is no life there. There is no ambition. There are no dreams. But for some reason, this is considered “healthier” for girls than Barbie is.

Be “normal.” Be “average." 

It is not body-positive. It is body-centric.

In Conclusion

Some guy took a bunch of statistics for the "average” young girl’s body. Not the underweight, not the overweight. Just the “average." 

He gave her a name that was basically just his own (Lamm).

He dressed her in the most boring clothes he could find, and then he suckered money out of many people on the grounds that she was "revolutionary.” “Different from Barbie." 

"Beautiful.” “Normal.”




Give us diverse dolls. Give us tall dolls. Give us short dolls. Give us dolls in wheelchairs. Give us dolls with hair that just won’t behave some mornings. Give us dolls with flat chests. Give us dolls with breasts that blossomed too early and caused her embarrassment.

But… more than that…

Give us dolls who have different hobbies. Give us dolls who ran for class president. Give us dolls who are captain of the soccer team. Give us dolls who write for the school paper. Give us dolls who are shy and quiet. Give us dolls who are loud and obnoxious. And the little girls will do the rest. They’ll make them crime-fighters, fashionistas, friends to tell their troubles to, subjects of crazy hair-styling experiments, and whatever else they can think of.

We don’t need any “average” dolls.


‘Normal Barbie’ Will Have Cellulite, Stretch Marks And Acne Add-Ons

Not only will “Normal Barbies” have the bodies of an average American woman – their skin will also look something like “normal,” too. An add-on pack will allow kids to give their dolls acne, cellulite, stretch marks and more.

Last year, artists and researcher Nickolay Lamm designed the original “Lammily” dolls, scaled to the measurements of the average 19-year-old woman, after becoming frustrated at how unrealistic Barbie’s proportions are. His goal was to create a fun, appealing doll with natural-looking makeup and a casual, sporty wardrobe.