'no. what

(wow the only thing ive been able to draw iN the past couple weeKS aND ITS FREKAING BATMAN LEGO FANART)
oK …i can explain..im so sorry to this fANdOM …i m a freakin furry and had to make thiS…

aLSO I never name fanart..hardly eveR– ive never liked super heros or super villains…but the lego batman movie has completely changed my mind and i absolutely adore jokeR’s personalitY…heCKin so here’s some gay dogs for you guys…i’ll try to draw some actual human jokers and things later– but for now just…here…have this…



Wouldn’t it be wild if Doumeki just straight up couldn’t see it at all. 

Like just “Ah yes… the store… in that lot… the store in the vacant lot that no-one can see… THAT store… of course.”

At this point I wouldn’t even be surprised. We know he can’t go there because he doesn’t NEED to go there, but if it straight up didn’t exist for anyone who wasn’t a potential customer?


I kind of want it to happen now.

*talking to Jungkook and Taehyung*

Namjoon: ok today I will be teaching you the art of the bend and snap. It’s easy. Just drop something onto the floor. Now bend slowly…

Namjoon: AND SNAP!

Namjoon: now vkook, try it at the same time. Bend….AND SNAP!

Namjoon: the f….ok kook you still have potential let’s try one last time. Bend…..AND SNAP!

And that was the story of how a certain Jeon learned the bend and snap