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Marichat May Day 24: ‘I owe you one’

Alya convinced Marinette to try to see other people and so she set her up for blind dates. But luck is not on Marinette’s side and so far all of them have been a disaster. Fortunately for her, she can always count on her kitty to sneak out and go back to the comfort of her home and have a peaceful evening.

First official meeting of the ‘Rebels of Varying Success and Uniform Bad Fortune’ Club, a.k.a. Les Mis, Les Mis in Ankh-Morpork and Les Mis in Space. On every meeting that falls on a Friday 13th adult members receive a free Pangalactic Gargle Blaster. :)

My combined tribute for May 4th, May 25th, and June 6th.

Star Wars - Rogue One: Jyn Erso , Cassian Andor , Bodhi Rook , Chirrut Imwe , Baze Malbus , K-2SO

Discworld: Sam Vimes , Reg Shoe (who screwed up the timelines, but ah well), Nobby Nobbs , Fred Colon (’The hell he’s doing?’ you ask. ‘His best’ sais I)

Les Misérables: Enjolras (Who’s wearing the Obnoxious Vest as a tribute to Bahorel), Grantaire , Feuilly , Gavroche

Since my friends liked my first one so much, I decided to do a Mikayuu version! 
I had such a hard time deciding what pictures of Mika to use cause damn he is gorgeous
Yuu-chan is a lucky bastard


Holy crow, would you look at that?? A comic! Finished this self-indulgent baby up because I was feeling not-so-nice.

eheh, based on a conversation with @baevid-sylvian !! > w <

marry me- h.s imagine

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Anne came up behind Harry and smiled. She rested her chin on his shoulder and followed his gaze. “It’s beautiful, Harry.”

Harry looked at his mother and smiled. He looked back at the jeweler in front of him and nodded his head. “This is the one.”

“Is Y/N going to be joining us soon?” Y/N’s mother asked while looking down at the menu. Harry wiped his sweaty palms on his pants. He quickly cleared his throat, “Actually no. I wanted to ask you something.”

Your mother looked up from the menu and gave him a questioning look, “What is it, sweetie?”

Harry looked into your mother’s eyes and exhaled. “Ms. Y/L/N, you’re Y/N’s best friend.” Your mother smiled softly. “Not only are you her best friend but you’re her mother. Your opinion means everything to me and I know it’ll mean so much to her if I get your approval..” Harry quickly pulled out the ring box from the pocket inside of his jacket. He gave it to you mother who already had tears brimming her eyes. Your mother opened the box and gasped, amazed that something so beautiful could exist.

Harry looked at the ring and back at your mother. “I wanted to know if I had your blessing to propose to your daughter.” Your mom quickly nodded her head. “Of course, Harry.” Harry smiled brightly, “Really?”

Your mother wiped a tear that fell and nodded her head once more. She put the box down and reached over and placed her hand on top of Harry’s. “I couldn’t imagine her with anyone else.”

“Nervous?” Niall asked, snapping Harry out of his thoughts. Harry shook his head, “Surprisingly no.

Niall sat down on the couch in front of Harry, beer bottle in his hand. “No?”

Harry smiled and looked down at the floor. “She’s it for me. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’ll say no.”

Niall smiled at his friend, hoping one day to find someone he’ll adore as much as Harry adored you. “I know she won’t say no, mate.”

Harry gave Niall a smile.

Niall smirked before he took a sip of his beer, “Just afraid you’ll shit your pants while you’re asking her.”

You were in your usual spot, finishing your lunch before having to get back to work. You were finishing reading the novel Harry told you about when all of a sudden a shadow was in front of you. You looked up to see Harry smiling down at you.

You instantly smiled. “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Harry sat down next to you and pecked your cheek. “Wanted to surprise you.”

He grabbed your hands and brought them into his lap, playing with the rings on your fingers. He nodded towards the book on your lap, “How are you liking it, love?”

You looked down at the book and smiled. “Love it, thanks for suggesting it.” Harry nodded and looked back at your hands, “Good, I’m glad.”

The two of you sat in silence. Not the uncomfortable kind of silence; the kind of silence that said you were just content being in each other’s presence. Both of you were staring at everything else going on in the park.

While Harry was staring in front of him, he suddenly spoke up, “You’re my best friend.”

You looked over at him and smiled, unsure of where he was going with this. Harry turned and looked at you. He cleared his throat, “You’re my best friend, Y/N. I couldn’t imagine anyone better to be my best friend. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. I couldn’t imagine not spending the rest of my life with you.” He pulled out the ring box from his pocket and you instantly gasped. You brought a hand to your mouth, tears surfacing your eyes. Harry looked into your eyes. “I want to spend every minute of my life with you. I want to wake up next to you everyday. I want to have the privilege of introducing you as my wife. I want to be the only one that makes you happy. I want to be the reason you smile. I want to be yours forever.” He opened the box and showed you the most delicate, beautiful, ring you have ever seen in your life. “Y/N Y/L/N, I knew from the moment I met you that you were special and I can’t waste another minute. Will you marry me?”

You let out a sob and nodded your head. You threw your body against Harry’s while he laughed. “Yes.”

not my best! lol but i just watched a vlog where he proposed to his gf and instantly got inspired. wanted to write this quickly before the thought left my head! don’t forget to send requests on what you think i should do next!

Lumiere: *cries in the middle of my Chip’s piano lesson with Cadenza*

Chip: Why are you crying?

Cadenza: Why are you crying?

Garderobe: Why are you crying?


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An argument between Jin and the photographer
  • <p> <b>Photographer:</b> Jin can you tell me where you want to stand?<p/><b>Jin:</b> third from the left.<p/><b>Photographer:</b> you can't. That is Jungkooks position.<p/><b>Jin:</b> I want to stand there though.<p/><b>Photographer:</b> but you cant! Pick another spot!<p/><b>Jin:</b> no.<p/><b>Photographer:</b> you're not the director and photographer of this shoot Jin.<p/><b>Jin:</b> well you're not worldwide handsome.<p/><b>Photographer:</b> <p/><b>Photographer:</b> fine stand where you want.<p/><b>Jin:</b> wink wonk<p/></p>