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I know I’m salty today, but come on y'all.

I’m not sure why anyone feels it’s appropriate to harass or demand updates/fics/anything from a writer.

These people are amazing, I know, and they write gripping, enthralling, phenomenal stories. But I don’t care how into the story you are, or that cliffhanger they left you on, or the smut that’s coming in the next chapter: you have no right to harass them about it. None. Writers do not owe you anything.

The content we provide is done out of love for the fandom and for our readers and it is free. You are not paying us for a service.

We are people with kids or dogs or significant others or (god forbid) other hobbies–AKA a life outside of fandom. And I know that it can be so tough to wait for that update. Trust me, I love these stories just as much as you do!

And sometimes, I know it can almost feel like a compliment that you want an update so desperately (“See, this is how much I’m into your story! I just can’t wait!!!1!”).

But I’m telling you, as a writer, it isn’t a compliment. It really isn’t. It’s a source of frustration and pain.

And if that doesn’t matter to you, if the feelings of the people who give you these lovely stories don’t matter to you: it’s still a terrible idea (and you’re kind of a shitty person, but that’s another matter altogether).

From a psychological standpoint, your approach is wrong.

You’ll often find that the people who get these kinds of messages? They take longer to update afterward, abandon their fics, or leave fandom altogether. That’s because we start to associate our stories with the feelings these messages give us, namely pain, frustration, and anger. And surprise, surprise, we like to avoid those feelings. And let me tell you, nothing kills a muse faster.

If you want to encourage–not force, because there’s nothing you can do to force someone to update; we are human beings, after all, and we have this thing called free will–your writers to update your favorite fic or write a certain type of story, the following are encouraged:

  • Leaving comments
  • Reblogging posts/updates
  • Liking a post or leaving kudos
  • Sending asks or private messages telling your author how much you love their story (without demanding more!)

When we associate our stories with happy things like pride, gratitude, or enjoyment that others are reading and loving our stuff, we tend to write faster and/or better. This is called positive reinforcement, and it’s a wonderful thing.

Tl;dr if you harass an author for updates on a story or for more of a certain type of fic: 1) you are an asshole, and 2) you’re not going to get what you want.


(Malva sylvestris, M. spp.) Safe to to interact with.

Folk Names: High Mallow, Mauls, Cheese Flower, Blue Mallow, Common Mallow.
Gender: Feminine.
Planet: Moon.
Element: Water.
Powers: Love, Protection, Exorcism.

Magical Uses: If your love has left you, gather a bouquet of mallow and place in a vase outside your door (or in a window). This will cause him or her to think of you, and after that they may return. Mallow is also carried to attract love.
To make an effective protective magical ointment, steep mallow leaves and stems in vegetable shortening, then strain. This ointment rubbed onto the skin casts out devils as well as protects against the harmful effects of black magic.

(from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham)

Does anyone else have songs where they just feel like they belong together even tho they dont have a lot to do with each other? Like for me it’s wannabe by the spice girls and everybody (backstreets back) by the backstreet boys

Charlie moves in to Cedar Commons, Kettle Woods University’s finest (and only) dorm. As I promised quite some time ago, the dormies populating this university campus are the adults from the default townie pool/Pleasantview. Because as I’ve said, I’ve missed them! 

Let’s see who’s here!

First is Marylena Hamilton, who stays in her room most of the time, so this is a rare sighting. 

Next, Brandon Lillard and Marisa Bendett, KWU’s most dedicated students. 

Joe Carr, the loner painter, which is really for the best, because experience tells me his lack of Nice points would have him beating everyone else up if he didn’t have a hobby to occupy his time. 

Abhijeet Deppiesse has a not-so-secret crush (and a name I’ll be very good at spelling by the end of this!). 

Andrea Hogan wins the My Favourite Makeover award. 

And Amin Sims is the dorm’s resident weather enthusiast. 

He is very passionate about the subject. 

Very passionate. 

The glaze-eyed effect is commonly seen when talking with Amin. :D 

  • Me: Oh look at these interesting sounding Gradence AU fics
  • Fic: -mentions marylou and grindelwald being married or working together-
  • Me: -closes fic and never looks back-
  • russian professor: i can see that you are falling in love with the russian language, just like i did at your age! :D
  • me: that's not really.... how i would describe......
  • [later]
  • random acquaintance: haha why would you want to learn russian, it's so harsh and ugly and all the native speakers are politically apathetic assholes :D
  • me, about to burst into tears and/or song: The Russian Language is the reason i'm alive, a window into a rich and dynamic culture (actually several!), perhaps the most elegant instrument of philosophical thought and subtle, gorgeous poetry with which i have ever had the enormous privilege to engage! "ты один мне поддержка и опора, о великий, могучий, правдивый и свободный русский язык!"
  • me: ...also, Fuck Off

Here is how I imagine part of chapter one to play out~

(The second pannel is a bit hard to read but it basically reads as one row and two columns.)

So let me shed a little light on how this begins. Kara ends up becoming a priest and he’s come to a new church.

He’s pretty much been alone his whole life. It’s like an alternate universe where he doesn’t have any of his brothers with him and when he does meet them he doesn’t recognize them. But he’s felt like something has been missing all along. That something is. Wrong.

The commander and deity of this world is Choro. Kara isn’t really praying to him persay, just God generally. Oso makes a joke about this out of bitterness for Choro’s position of power. He’s also just messing with Kara.

Oso is there because he seeks to get Kara on his side; the dark side, basically. He is gathering the others to gain allies and a greater collective power. Oso also happens to miss his brothers and he’s frustrated because he can’t seem to remember them very well. Kara does not know that this is his intention, but knows that seeing a demon is bad news. But he can’t really get Oso to go away. He keeps appearing somehow.

As the story progresses we meet the 3 younger brothers and each of the characters would play an important role.

And believe me. As much as I am going to have jokes there will be angst.

//i’ve been waiting for the sun to rise where you are//

-bisexual slytherin artist aesthetic
((requested by @jacky-sama ))

not to sound like a common core apologist because i’m not but

it’s awkward that every time i see poor teaching/assignments posted on social media there’s always someone in the comments talking about some “that’s why common core is bullshit” when… bad teaching/methods.. have existed.. for a really long time sis.  they’re not even just bound to the US… i promise you. 

and half the time these things aren’t even common core.  or even a worksheet from a classroom in the US lmao.

anyways im not even a teacher anymore i need to unfollow all of these pages.