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BTS reacting to you being Curvy

Jimin would stare at you until you catch his glance. He’d be shy, but he would just enjoy the view that has been provided. He doesn’t regret one bit of it. Random thoughts would creep into his head causing him to bite his lips.

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Hoseok would be nervous, but totally into what was in front of him. He’d be asking himself how a human could have such a beautiful body. He’d be confused, but satisfied. He’d think whether you worked out or not since your body seems to be healthy. He would probably be next to you all the time. Hoseok totally loves curvy woman.

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Jungkook would be extremely intimidated. In general, he seems to shy away from girls, but curvy girls are a whole new dimension. The word curvy to him means sexy asf. He would be completely shy when next to you. He’d sweat a lot from being nervous, and turn bright red. He likes girls who seem to be healthy, which is a total turn on for him. He may not say it, but he likes the view.

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 Namjoon would be so happy. Everyone knows how much he seems to like foreigners, since many do have curvy bodies. He’d stumble upon his words trying to keep his cool. This boy would be biting his lips while wild thoughts roam in his head. He would feel blessed that he was in front of such a goddess. Yass this moo would be crying of happiness .

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Yoongi is known for being straightforward/blunt. He’d probably go up to tell you that you are beautiful and that you guys should hang out more. He’d become very shy afterwards. He’d feel like what he said was too dumb or weird. Just like Jungkook he would be a little intimidated since he’s not used to seeing many curvy woman. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like what he sees. For real though yoongi would be staring at you intensely. 

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Taehyung would be the quiet one here. He’d stare at you from head to toe thinking “She’s really sexy”. He wouldn’t stop staring at you. He would look at you like your a piece of art. He’d think why you aren’t in a museum, since you’re a masterpiece. As you catch him glancing, he would turn and keep a straight face on. The boy can’t help himself. Honestly reminds me of when he was on star king staring at da booty.

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Seokjin knew what he saw. A beautiful being other than himself. He wouldn’t know what to do since his mind was blown. He’d think “ I don’t know anyone who’s more beautiful/handsome than me”. Just like Tae and Jimin, he would stare at you and observe you. He’d say “ Curvy bodies are just as attractive as those who aren’t, so why don’t I see more curvy bodies”. He would feel blessed and very confident when approaching you. idk why i think of him like this but it makes sense.

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DISCLAIMER: Fat or not, curvy or not, and skinny or not, they would all love you for you. They aren’t that shallow you know. They look for personality than looks. This was based off of my opinion. They all love all body types. No ones perfect. Please don’t be offended or hurt.

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