Dating Tip

If you partner gets a new alter, don’t be afraid or scared that it’s your fault. Get to know the new alter just like you would any other alter, and treat them with respect. And remember, your partner is probably scared and worried, so don’t forget to reassure them that everything will be ok and work out in the end.

Here’s a story I did as part of a trade with @coyote25 who also did the cover pic!
Give him a follow and some attention, he’s a great artist!

“Shh! He’s somewhere around here!”
The bushes rustled and shook as the two bunnies slowly crept through the grassy surroundings.

That coyote that’d eaten the rest of them, was somewhere out there and the two bunnies were desperately trying to escape him.
They still couldn’t believe it. One second they were part of a 30+ group of rabbits, the next second, that coyote had sprung up out of nowhere and devoured nearly all of then.

The bunnies could hear his stomach growling and groaning, his prey’s yells muffled behind the walls of his gigantic belly.
“I know you’re here, you delicious lil’ morsels! Come out, come out wherever you are!” The voracious coyote exclaimed, stamping around the bushes, trying to find the last two bunnies.

“H-He’s gonna find us! We need to get out of here!” cried one of the bunnies, as their fur was clogged up with dirt and leaves.
“I-I think I see the exit up ahead! It’s pretty dark, but I can see a hole!” replied the other, pointing to a slight clear ahead of them.

Immediately, the bunnies began to scamper towards the exit, the bushes rustling loudly as they crawled hurriedly towards the only way out.
With a sigh of relief, the bunnies barreled through the hole and fell flat on their faces.

“We’re through! W-W-We made it!!” exclaimed one of the bunnies, pumping his fists in the air. “Although I think there’s some mud here. It’s all wet and sticky!”
“Yeah, and I’m feeling some rain dripping down on my head. I swear it was dry before though… A-And is that…hot air I’m feeling? W-WAIT A SECOND, WE’RE IN HIS MOU-”

But before he could finish his sentence, the bunny and his friend heard the noise of a pair of jaws clamping shut.
A hard swallow brought them tumbling down the greedy coyote’s throat and down into his stomach, where the others were trapped.

With a smile, the coyote laid down on his back and patted his gigantic belly.
“Man… *Hic!* I can’t *URRRP!* believe I ate all that by myself! *BUUUOOOORRRPP!*” The Coyote cooed, letting out two, loud belched as he patted his belly with glee.
A heaviness came over the coyote and he laid his head down, drifting off to sleep as the acid in his stomach began to slowly rise and fizzle…

if i’m ever having a bad day i can always go look at the tags of my high five post and see a bunch of people being super excited about it, which is rad as heck.