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“Don’t mess with me. Because I will kill you and everyone you love.”

It all started because he wanted to prove to Mr. Stark that he was good enough to be an Avenger. That he could save the world just like the heroes he wanted to be like. Peter should have stayed at Liz’s party that night with Ned and [Y/N] But, instead he decided to venture off into the night to see what that blast of light came from. And if he had stayed? Then maybe he wouldn’t be in the situation he was in now. 

Her screams were like poison. It was slowly killing him from the inside out. He couldn’t think straight because all could focus on was her pained sobs and terrified shrieks. 

His body was aching, burning even. What he would give to have his suit back with Karen directing him. But, he had to go and be an idiot. He risked lives and all he could do was just wallow in the failure he was. 

On top of Tony taking away the suit, he caused Aunt May to panic, and then the final blow. [Y/N]. She was the reason he got up in the mornings prior to becoming Spider-Man. [Y/N] had been the strength he needed on days he felt like had none. And with him bailing for the millionth time to be a hero that she had no clue about, she walked away from. Leaving him in the wake of destruction. Peter was broken

So why wouldn’t he go after The Vulture. Why would he make himself suffer by watching [Y/N] dance with their friends in that beautiful baby blue dress? Why put himself through more misery in watching the girl who had been there for him through everything act like there was nothing ever there between them? Looking back on it now, it would have been a lot less painful than what was happening at this very moment.  

“What’s the matter, Pete?” Adrian bellowed as he hovered over the boy who was struggling to breathe to get back to fight. “Not going to come save the girl?” 

It took every bit of strength he had to pull himself to his knees. The sand burned his eyes, his body pulsating with painful tremors. Looking up into Adrian’s dark eyes, he muttered out. “Just let her go.” 

Adrian flickered a look over towards the girl who had passed out in the sand and who also regrettably reminded him of his daughter Liz. He had seen the girl once or twice over at the house, she was such a sweetheart, that he could remember. Shaking the guilt of having kidnapped his daughter’s classmate and friend, he yanked the girl from the sand and floated higher into the air. “I warned you, Peter. I warned you stay the hell away from me or else I’d kill everyone you loved.” He dug his talons into [Y/N]’s shoulder, causing her to wake and scream out in pain. “It pays to have a daughter that knows you so well. You see, it only took a few minutes to learn who you’ve got left in this world.” Clenching his talons into [Y/N] some more, he growled. “I’m going to start with your first love and then I’m going to rip apart that aunt of yours all while I make you watch and then have you beg for your life as I drain every last ounce of blood in your body.” 

Panic was an understatement of what he was feeling. His heart was beating loud, blood racing, causing his head to spin. “Please, just let her go.” Tears were brimming his eyes, [Y/N] was never supposed to get caught up in this. He never wanted this to happen. That was the whole point of not telling her about his secret. The whole point he risked the integrity of their relationship. “Please. Don’t hurt her anymore. If you’re going to kill anyone, it’s me. Please. Leave them out of it. They don’t know about me. Please!” 

“Desperation isn’t a good look for you, Pete.” Adrian snickered. He floated a little bit higher, “You know, I’m having a hard of hearing, could you repeat yourself?” 

Peter shouted, “Let her go!” 

Smirking, “Oh? Let her go? If you insist.” 

“NO!” Peter screamed as he pushed himself up off the sand and towards the plummeting body of his girlfriend. He had no leverage, he couldn’t relieve the speed at which she was falling. Bracing himself, he cushioned her fall. Grunting and groaning from the impact, he scrambled up. Ignoring every fiber that was screaming inside of him. 

Flipping [Y/N] over, he examined her. Tears started to fall, she was hurt, badly. Her soft blue dress was stained red, her shoulder was shredded to the point that Peter wasn’t sure if she would be able to move her arm, and blood was just oozing from everywhere. 

“[Y/N], hey, hey, look at me, hey, [Y/N].” Peter was begging for her to make a sound. Instead, she stiffly moved her head with her eyes fluttering. She needed a hospital and there was nothing he could do about it. “[Y/N]” He sobbed, “Look at me, please. Baby, look at me.” 

“Enough with the waterworks, boy.” Adrian yelled as he dropped to the ground and yanked Peter off of [Y/N]. 

“No, stop!” Peter cried out. Crawling back towards [Y/N], he watched as she started to regain consciousness. His heart was thumping louder in his chest as she tried to sit up. He could tell she was in pain and beyond confused. 

[Y/N] whimpered as she used her free hand to put pressure on her wounded shoulder. It felt like she had been hit by a truck.  Looking around her, she shielded her eyes from the smoke billowing from around her. She locked eyes with Peter, “Peter?” 

Swallowing hard, he tried to form words. Because the way things were going, this was probably going to be last time he would ever see her. “[Y/N]….” 

Wincing, she coughed from the smoke filling her lungs. “Where am I?” Her memory of the night was fuzzy. One minute she remembered having somewhat a decent time at the dance and then the next she being kidnapped in the girls bathroom and thrown into a van. 

“Enough chit-chat.” Adrian snarled as he grabbed Peter and yanked him onto his back. “Sorry to do this to you but I’m really not sorry. Looks like I’m gonna have to kill you first.” 

“Peter!”[Y/N] screamed. Her eyes widened as she finally caught sight of his attire. Squinting her eyes against the smoke, she gasped. “Peter?!” What he was wearing was the same exact thing that the Spider-Man wore in the beginning. She’d be an idiot not to notice, she had spent hours studying the videos people caught of him. 

In a way, [Y/N] had become secretly infatuated with him. She kept it to herself because she didn’t want Peter thinking that she was insane. Plus, she wasn’t in love with Spider-Man, she was just intrigued by the idea of him. 

It all started to make sense. She thought it was incredibly weird that Tony Stark would have chosen Peter for the Stark Internship considering he wasn’t even eligible to register for it. And then the last minute cancellations on the nights that their neighborhood Spider-Man would make a grand appearance in stopping bank robberies and breaks ins? How in the hell did she miss that? 

“Oh my god.” [Y/N] whispered. He wasn’t wearing his normal suit which meant the ferry incident resulted in something bad. And if Peter’s Spider-Man then that also meant he bailed on her for the millionth time because he had a job to do. “I’m a fucking idiot.” She breathed as she looked around her for something she could throw. The Vulture’s suit was malfunctioning and even through the smoke and her sand irritated eyes, she knew if she just had something to throw into the exposed wires, she could allow Peter a few seconds to get away. 

Hissing out in pain from her shoulder, she started to crawl on her knees to look through the rubble of broken parts. Whimpering from her pain, she forced herself to keep searching. Looking back,  she started to panic as Peter started to defend himself less. “Come on, come one.” She muttered and then following quickly a yelp from an electrical shock of what she would have guessed that belonged to a panel of some sort. 

Closing her eyes, she mustered up all the strength she had left. Gritting through the painful surges of electricity, she picked it up and let it sail in the air and right into the open wings. Just as she had hoped, it created a minor short circuit. “Peter, run!” She screamed as she picked herself up and started to run towards the towering flames on the sand. 

Coughing, she shielded her eyes as she ventured further into the fire. Weaving in and out of burning debris, she gasped for air. [Y/N] could feel her lungs filling with smoke and for a minute, she wasn’t sure what hurt worse. Her shoulder or the fact that she couldn’t breathe. 

[Y/N] yelped out when an explosion behind her went off, turning her head, she only hoped that Peter took her distraction and ran.  All she needed was to make a few more steps and she’d reach the pier full of people that would no doubt help her. Just a few more feet, [Y/N] thought as she trudged through the thick sand. Her vision started to blur as her head got fuzzy. I must have lost a lot of blood. [Y/N] fell to her knees, whimpering because she was so close to help, she could taste it. 

“[Y/N]!” Peter yelled as he watched her fall. Forcing himself through all the torturous pain, he ran up to her. Kneeling down, he gently scooped her up in his arms. Tears rushed to his eyes as her eyes fluttered open, “[Y/N], stay with me, please. I’m getting help.” 

“Peter?” She asked, she was beginning to feel loopy. Coughing, she gripped his arm, “What are you doing here?” 

Biting his lip, he pressed a kiss to her head. “I’m getting help, baby. I’m getting help.” Standing up, he trudged the rest of the way up. 

Word Count: 2102

“I’m picking you up after school. Have your suit.”

Peter pulls his phone away from his ear, mouth opening and closing around lost words as he blinks, almost as if in a daze, at Ned. He drags a glossy gaze toward the phone with “Mr. Stark On Call” blinking on the touch screen.


Ned snaps a finger in front of Peter’s face, and Peter jerks back into reality, after being lost within the memories of when he last fought alongside Iron Man, and presses his phone back to his ear. “Sorry!” He chirps out with a crack of the voice. “I’m here! I can meet you; I have my suit!”

“Don’t sound so excited.”

Peter sucks in a deep breath, chest swelling largely, then slowly exhales to calm the excitement burning hot across his veins. “Sorry,” he says, hoping his voice sounds as cool and casual as he thinks it does.

“Okay, I’m hanging up now.”

The familiar chime of a dropped call rings in Peter’s ear, and he slowly pulls his phone away from his ear and stares with blown pupils at Ned. “He’s picking me up after school. He told me to bring my suit…” His voice trails off into a pit of awe that burns his toes and spikes hot across his limbs. “I’m going to be hanging out with Iron Man today,” he whispers loudly as he falls back against his locker with a wide small pushing at his lips.

“Do you think that’s such a good idea?”

Peter’s too far gone, lost in the waves of excitement, and he barely registers Ned’s hushed question. “Huh?”

“You’re still sick.”

It feels as if a pile of bricks drops onto Peter’s head, forcing him off of cloud nine and back into the harsh reality that is his poor immune system not even remotely affected by his hero abilities. “I’m okay,” he tells Ned, but the wavering tone of his voice negates his words so much that Ned is leaning forward to press the back of his hand to Peter’s flushed cheek.

“I mean if ‘okay’ is burning up, then you’re fantastic.”

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Recruitment (Part Two) - Peter Parker x (Fem) Reader

A/N Hey! So i’m typing this on my phone (computers broken) so I have no idea how to link the the first part of the story to this page. If you want to read it, it’s the story on my blog right before this one. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Summary: After meeting (Y/N), Peter befriends her and introduces her to e avengers.

Warnings: Some mentions and descriptions of pain, but nothing intense.


“So how do you know what I can do.” She asked sternly.

“Uh-Um this might sound…terrifying, but-” Peter said.

“Just tell me.” (Y/N) stared at Peter.

“Tony Stark saw weird readings in the school and knew that a person must be making the changes. Mr. Stark sent me to recruit said person-you.” Peter said, the words spilling out of his mouth.

She gulped before replying with, “I can’t go with you.”

“W-Why not?” Peter stuttered.

“I’ve seen Tony Stark and the Avengers on television before. If I was ‘recruited’, then I would be put on display for the whole world to say. It wouldn’t take long before somebody from my old life recognized me.”

“Let me ask you something. Spiderman is a known Avenger correct?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“But what about Peter Parker. Who is that?”

“I guess you’re right…”

“Yeah I am.” Peter said confidently. “If you ask Mr. Stark, we can hide your identity like I hide mine.”

“Peter…” She said slowly.

“Just please trust me. I’ll call Mr. Stark and ask him to put together a meeting after school at the Avengers complex. You can decide then if you want to try and join.”

“Okay.” She replied simply.

“Okay.” Peter responded with enthusiasm. “What’s your last class?”

“Chemistry.” She said.

“I’ll pick you up afterwards okay?”

“Okay Peter. I’m trusting you.”

“And you won’t regret it.”

She nodded and grabbed her bag and walked to the door. As she did, Peter could see her defined elegance and control come back to her. Her posture straightened and she didn’t look back as she left the room.

After school:

Peter approached the chemistry classroom, and saw (Y/N) leaning against the lockers. She watched the loud and boisterous students run and shove each other around her. Strands of hair fell into her face.

Peter was exited he had convinced her to come with him after school. He knew he should be exited because he had completed his mission, but if he was honest with himself, he was just glad he could keep talking to her.

And he was all together to sure why he was happy.

“Hey.” She said simply, watching Peter as he approached her.

“You ready?” Peter asked.

“Is one ever ready to meet the Avengers?” She laughed as they started walking.

“Never.” Peter chuckled.

He led them out of the school and down to a nearby subway where they they boarded and laughed and talked and overall had great conversation. The time passed so quickly, they were at the Complex in almost no time.

“Wow.” (Y/N) said as she bored her eyes in awe at the huge, and expensive buildings.

“Yeah it’s pretty incredible.” Peter said, his chest swelling with pride at the fact he had earned the right to live here. “The conference room is this way.”

Peter opened the door for (Y/N), and she walked calmly into the room until she met the eyes of-

All of the Avengers.

“Ah, Peter, glad you decided to show up with your friend.” Tony said.

“The train was late okay?” Peter scoffed, plopping himself down into a chair, while (Y/N) stood without a seat, staring at her feet.

“Your lady friend is pretty Peter Parker.” Thor said loudly.

A wild blush appeared on (Y/N)s face and she glanced around the room once before composing herself and straightening herself out.

“Hello.” Tony said, turning himself to look at (Y/N). “So please explain who you are and what you can do.”

“I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” She said and repeated the story she told Peter to the rest of the group, with quite a bit less of details.

The whole group paused, staring at (Y/N) and sensing her immense potential.

“That’s amazing,” Steve began, “But is it possible we could have an example?”

(Y/N) looked unsure for a second, before Peter gave her a smile and a reassuring nod.

“This might hurt a little bit.” She said and snapped her wrist at Captain America.

He only reacted with a small ‘ouch’ and then proceeded to shake his hand out.

“What just happened?” Natasha asked.

“I-I feel like I just stubbed my finger. The pain is real. It feels real at least.”

Everyone stared at (Y/N)

“I figured i’d show you something more impressive than just making one of you laugh super hard. I needed a better example than that.” “Example well received.” Steve laughed. “You know (Y/N), with hard work and dedication, you can be a real asset to the team.” Tony said nonchalantly. “Agreed.” Said Clint. Soon everyone began to vote. “She’s an honest girl. I can tell.” Natasha said. “You’re powerful. I’m glad we’re the ones who get to shape how you use these abilities.” Vision said quietly. Everyone spoke until all who was left was Peter. Who gave a resounding “Yes.” Everyone nodded solemnly and exited the room after giving (Y/N) their six pence. “See you at Five am (Y/N).” “What?” (Y/N) asked politely. “Training every morning starts at Five. Be there.” “I-I don’t think a subway can get me here that early.” Natasha laughed. “Peter, go show her room. I think there’s an extra at the end of the hall.” Then she left the room, until all that was left was Peter and (Y/N). “I get to stay here?” (Y/N) asked hopefully. “Yes.” Peter said, and as they walked out of the room, Peter’s mind pulsed with thought and excitement for his interactions to come with (Y/N). And only one thought confused him out of all that flooded to his mind. ‘She’s really pretty’. Peter thought. But he shook it out of his head. - A/N Hii! Would you all want another part later on where they confess feelings toward one another? Let me know if you liked the story!

I hope the first thing Peter did after turning the suit back on was apologizing to Karen for hacking her that just seems like a thing Peter would do. 

“It’s alright Peter. You were feeling frustrated and underutilized- I can understand the sentiment. Besides, if your friend had not tampered with my source code, I wouldn’t have been able to finally meet you.”

“Awww, thanks Karen. That’s really-”

“And Mr. Stark has given me all sorts of exciting new directives to oversee your training!”



It was the day. The day Peter was about to meet the new recruit. He heard a lot about you from Mr Stark… and all of the other Avengers too really. He was the only one who hasn’t met you yet. They told him you had a mutant powers and that you two were to be partners. Both young and unexperienced fighters, you were to have each others back. That was what made Peter nervous. Aunt May always told him,“you only have one chance zo make a good first impression.”He was afraid you would ask for someone else if he turned out to be Mr Clumsy.

“How do I look?” Peter asked fixing his hair in the reflection.

Tony looked him up and down. “Presentable… and stop fixing yourself already. It’s not a date.”

scriptureofashes  asked:

Hi! You said Homecoming prompts were open. I'm feeling angsty. Tony suffering over Civil War, Steve (maybe even Bucky?). Just... Peter's there and shows Tony how he's a part of his life now and there's some mutual, fluffy comforting (if one of them cries it's gold). Just "they hurt you badly and I will stand by you, Mr. Stark" and "Kid I will protect you with my life, don't doubt it" basically. Evidently, I'm not fond of Team Cap at the moment (only Bucky), but you do you! (Pretty please?)

@scriptureofashes So this took me a few tries to write as I am experiencing a bit of a writer’s block, but I hope I nailed the feeling you were going for? I tried to make it angsty yet keep the fluffy comfort level high and I hope I succeeded. I rather like how this turned out myself, but I’d love to hear your opinion!

Bright lighting. The unmistakable smell of antiseptic, industrial cleaning supplies and sick people in the air. He was fairly certain he was being kept a hospital bed. He groaned softly, squinting against the blinding lights.

“Mr. Stark?”

He knew that voice… Soft, young, he thinks it’s male. Was that-? “Peter?”

“Oh my god, you’re awake!”

Tony turned his head, rubbing a hand over his forehead, wincing as he pressed against some bruises and cuts. “Could you stop screaming, it’s giving me a headache.”

Peter ducked and looked down at the ground, nodding quickly. “Yeah, yeah, of course. I’m sorry, I’m just really glad you’re conscious.”

Conscious? That would indicate that he’d been unconscious for a while after Siberia. Which begged the question… “How long was I out for?”

“Three days, Mr.Stark.”

He blanked for a moment. He’d been out for three days? How badly had he been hurt…

His mind returned to the banging of metal on metal, cold steel and blue eyes as a shield came crashing down on his chest and took out his reactor. The feeling of ice seeping into his veins as he laid beaten and broken on cold concrete.

A flash of madness and a drive to kill in imperfect blue eyes, the snarl on Steve’s face…

He gasped, grasping at a soft, warm object to anchor himself as the darkness closed in around him. His chest constricted, the hole in his sternum seemed to open up once again, threatening to swallow him whole. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t see as everything had gone dark, the edges of his vision faintly showing him some dulled colors as he grasped at anything around him to pull him back up.

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A/N: Here’s the summary of that long Peter Parker fanfiction. Just let me know if you beans would like to read it. 

Being an assistant is hard. Being an assistant to the entire Avenger group is harder. Being 16 and doing online schooling on top of being an assistant to the entire Avenger group is the hardest. 

Of course “assistant” is your official title. But in truth you’re: cooker, cleaner, in house nurse (due to various certifications you have), public relations, reporter, and assistant. This makes your face very well known. 

But you love your job. It comes to various perks. You get to live in the tower, free food and the best online course for schooling. 

With just a little lie of being 18, you were able to work there! This lie came out when Mr. Stark did a background, but by that time you made yourself indispensable!

You were good at your job and having someone around who didn’t have the weight of the world on their shoulders was good for the crew. 

But what happens when things get a little complicated when a new member threatens to unravel everything you have built with a compliment and a kiss? Will you still be able to do your job without having thoughts of Peter Parker interfere? Or will Mr. Stark be forced fire you due to personal bias? 

Let me know if you want to see chapters of this!

  • <p> <b>Peter, sending Tony an email:</b> Mr. Stark, I wanted to extend to you the biggest thanks for the new upgrades you took the time to craft for my suit. They are proving to be extremely helpful, and I feel honored that you find me responsible enough to utilize them. I hope that I can continue to prove to you how very much I want to help people and bring some good and kindness back into the world. I promise that I won't let you down. Sincerely, Peter Parker.<p/><b>Tony:</b> lol np kid ✌ -sent from my StarkPhone<p/></p>
Mr. Shark

“Peter is a child.” Tony hisses into the phone. He’s keeping one eye on the kid from where he is standing, not hiding just standing, around the corner.

“He’s normally a child Tony, what’s your point?” Rhodey asks, Tony can hear him yawning over the line.

“Yes, he’s normally like 14 though not 4.” Tony is definitely not screeching in distress. “Normally he is my height, not this tiny thing.”

“What?” Rhodey asks, and he sounds more awake now.

“I don’t know, Friday says it’s Peter, but he’s like 2.” Tony peeks out to see Peter trying to pull himself onto the couch, he gets a wave and a gap-toothed grin.

“I thought he was 4.” Rhodey points out, and it sounds like he’s laughing at Tony.

“I don’t know what age he is, he’s small Rhodey. I need help, please come help me with the spider kid.” He pleads, waving back at Peter. Peter starts to toddle towards him.

“I’ll be there tomorrow morning.” Rhodey grumbles, and the dial tone sounds in his ear. Tony’s eyes are wide with fear when Peter bumps into his leg.

“Tomorrow morning?” His voice is little more than a squeak.

“That is what he said boss.” Friday replies, she sounds smug.

“Okay, hi Peter.” Tony greets crouching down next to the kid. “I’m Tony Stark.” He holds out his hand to the little guy.

“Hi!” Peter shouts, grabbing onto his hands. “I like your bobots.” He holds out his arms in the normal kid gesture for pick me up, and Tony does, hefting the kid onto his hip.

“Really, which of my robots is your favorite?” He asks, bouncing a little. Peter squeals excitedly.

“I like the nice wall lady, and the dumb rolly robot, but my favorite is suit lady.” He informs Tony, nodding excitedly. “She’s nice.” Tony laughs.

“She is, isn’t she? You know I think you are her favorite human too.” He pokes Peter’s nose for emphasis. Peter giggles, grabbing onto his glasses with one hand, and yanking them off his face. “Ow.” Tony winces, and the glasses snap in half, apparently the little spider still has some super strength.

“Oh no.” His eye’s go wide and glossy and he looks up at Tony. “Please no mad. I didn’t mean to Mr. Shark.” Tony is trying very hard not to look like he wants to cry. “Please don’t leave.” Peter sniffles.

“I’m not leaving Peter, I’m right here. The glasses are dumb anyways.” He takes what’s left of them from Peter and drops them in the garbage. “See all gone.”

“No gone. I broke the boat and you were gone, no leaving now.” Peter insists, clutching at Tony’s shirt. Tony drops onto the couch, he needs to look put together for the kid, but his heart feels like it’s breaking in his chest. He gave Peter abandonment issues. He was trying to break the cycle, and he failed. Gesturing with his left arm for Dum-E to come over, he tries to soothe the kid.

“I’m so sorry Peter. I shouldn’t have left you then, and I won’t leave you now. I promise.” He pats Peter’s pack in an attempt to be comforting. Dum-E rolls over, blanket clutched in his claw.

“Pinky promise?” Peter asks, holding up his pinky.

“Pinky promise.” Tony links his pinky with Peter’s just as Dum-E drops a blanket onto both of their heads. “Thanks Dum-E.” Tony grumbles, it makes Peter giggle so Tony will consider it a success.

“You’re not mad?” Peter asks.

“Nah those glasses were dumb anyways. I’m much prettier without them.” Tony informs him. Peter reaches out, grubby fingers poking at Tony’s cheeks.

“Your eye is dark under. Aunt May says it’s a bag but that doesn’t make any sense.” Peter informs him. “You put things in bags.” He informs Tony.

“I do not have bags under my eyes.” Tony insists. Peter looks as unconvinced as a four-year-old can. “I get a healthy amount of sleep.”

“Mr. Shark, you don’t sleep, ever.” Peter points out, and Tony doesn’t really have an argument, and he doesn’t really want to correct Peter’s pronunciation of Stark, so it’s time to change the topic.

“Friday, how long until Rhodey gets here?”  He asks.

“Based on his flight plan, he should arrive at the building in approximately 10 hours.”  Friday replies. Tony tries not to look absolutely horrified.

“I’m going to die.” He whispers, Peter pats his cheek comfortingly.

“Don’t worry Mr. Shark, I protect you.” Peter assures him, it’s the cutest thing Tony has ever seen and he’s going to wrap this kid in bubble wrap and never let him outside into the dangerous world ever again.