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It will probs never happen, but imagine if Harley Keener (IM3) and Peter Parker met? 

Harley has no problem saying what’s on his mind about Tony while Peter stumbles over himself at times with by referring to Tony as “Mr. Stark.” As opposed to Harley’s “The Mechanic.” 

Peter learning that, despite their short time together, Harley is quite protective over this man who changed his life for the better and Peter’s like “Huh, I know the feeling.” 

And Harley, knowing that Peter is Spidey and therefore spending some time with Tony, just talks about how much of a hero Tony is regardless of what said man says. 

Peter becoming a sort of mentor towards Harley like Tony is to him. Peter and Harley discussing their projects and how a lot of what they make is from scraps (AND WHO ELSE MADE SOMETHING FROM SCRAPS???).

Just Harley and Peter, guys. Imagine all the possibilities. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Peter: Thanks dad...
  • Peter: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • May: You just called Mr. Stark dad. You said thanks dad.
  • Peter: What? No, I didn't. I said thanks man.
  • Tony: Do you see me as a father figure, Parker?
  • Peter: No, if anything I see you as a bother figure, cause you're always bothering me!
  • Peter: I'm going out heroing!
  • Tony: Wait a second.
  • Tony: *hands him a bike helmet and safety pads*
  • Tony: Put these on.
  • Tony: *hands him a sweater* And this, it's chilly out.
  • Tony: Do you have your cell phone?
  • Peter: *groans* Yes, Mr. Stark.
  • Tony: Good! Text me when you get there. I want you going to the crime scene and straight back home afterwards, okay? And no staying out past 10:30, it's a school night.
  • Peter: Yes, sir...
  • Tony: *pats him on the back* Good, now knock 'em dead!
  • Peter: Mr. Stark, you don't believe in ghosts, do you?
  • Tony: Do you mean do I believe in dead people floating around, saying, "Ooooh!"
  • Tony: [scoffing] Of course not.
  • Tony: [leaning forward, dead serious] But, I mean, an energy, a life force, a soul that, upon death, separates from the body and inhabits another plain, crying out to the living in a horrific wail of unbearable pain?
  • Tony: Oh, absolutely.
  • Peter: [on the verge of tears] Mr. Stark...
  • Tony: [while being pursued by hit men in three black BMW'S] I never told you, but I was married before.
  • Bucky: [slams on the brakes]
  • Tony: What's wrong with you?
  • Bucky: You're what's wrong with me Tony.
  • Tony: It was just a drunken Vegas thing.
  • Bucky: Oh, that's better. That's *much* better.
  • [pause]
  • Bucky: What's his name and social security number?
  • Tony: No, you're not gonna kill him.

Just working on some review cases at work today, then I suddenly remembered that Tony is often called as “Mr Stark” rather than “Dr Stark” (And I vaguely remember somewhere in the comic has mention this? :D) So this art is born :D

(And yeah, Tony with glasses!! :D)

My workload peak is coming please wish my luck ; w ;

Boyfriend Material

All I can think about anymore is Peter Parker haha
Tom Holland is just such a cutie!!!
Also, Luke Mitchell from AoS liked one of my tweets today :-)

Title: Boyfriend Material
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Fighting against Peter in Civil War and walking away with more than just a few bruises
Word Count: 1,114
Warnings: CA:CW spoilers (a little bit), fighting, mild violence

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               "Y/N, take care of that damn spider,“ grumbled Sam through the coms. 

           "On it,” you replied with a nod.

           You teleport over to the young hero, catching him by surprise. You’re only a few feet away from him, arms raised and ready, but he doesn’t attack. He just stares for a few moments, looking at you.

           "Mr. Stark, I know you said to web them up, but do I have to?“ Peter whined, causing you to raise an eyebrow. "They’re hot.”

           You laugh at Peter’s compliment. “You haven’t done this superhero thing for very long, have you?”

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Peter: It’s couples like you that give hope to the rest of us. Mr. Stark, you deserve the best and you found it. Captain Rogers, don’t you dare hurt him.

Steve: [chuckles] I won’t.

Bruce: [serious] Don’t laugh. He means it.

Steve: [stunned] Okay, I-I won’t.

Fury: Seriously, son, don’t hurt him.

Steve: Okay, I’m not planning on hurting him.

Pepper: You better not be.

Steve: [frustrated] I’m not!

Bucky: Hey, Stevie, you best watch yourself.

Steve: Why would any of you think I would hurt Tony? You’re all my friends too.

Rhodey: Nah.