what she says: i’m fine

what she means: “how far i’ll go” is a song about yearning, ambition, and the hope for more despite not knowing what lies ahead, and the inner conflict a young girl feels over the duties she has and the need inside her to know her real limits, a song written by lin-manuel miranda, accompanied by a powerful instrumental, sung with three times the vocal power that la la land could never even dream of by a fifteen year old hawaiian girl, and it deserved best original track at the academy awards 2017

OKAY OKAY I GEt that it’s great that moonlight won I think it deserves this win 100% but y'all need to be happy with that and chill on la la land because some wonderful people just had the fucking rug pulled out from under them in front of all their friends, family, and the whole damn academy and they were all fucking gracious about it too. You can’t tell me that they deserved that because no one fucking does and if you try to convince me you wouldn’t be completely 100% embarrassed you’re trash. Everyone at the oscars deserves any and all recognition because all the movies this past year were excellent and you need to be happy with that.

I am really happy for Moonlight and it’s cast and the director and everyone who was involved in making this film.

But what’s making me so angry is, that they fucking let the La La Land Cast come onto stage, hand them the oscars and let them almost finish their damn acceptance speech. Mistakes happen. That’s human. But couldn’t they have just stopped them 2 minutes earlier? Ripping the oscars out of their hands and literally pushing them to the side is just cruel. And it would have been cruel to every movie.

Irene Dunne was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for Love Affair   (Leo McCarey, 1939), one of five nominations she received without ever winning the award itself.

She’s just one of the many Hollywood legends who never won the gold statuette - Gloria Swanson, Alfred Hitchcock, Judy Garland, Deborah Kerr, Richard Burton, Peter O’Toole, Fritz Lang, Josef von Sternberg, Cecil B. DeMille, Charlie Chaplin, etc. etc.