I was tagged by @sansasbolton! thanks babe! xx

How tall are you?: 5′8′’
What color and style is your hair?: dark brown and super long & wavy

What color are your eyes?: green/brown

Do you wear glasses?: yep im blind

Do you have braces?: no, but i used to!

What is your fashion sense?: 9/10 i’m in pajamas

Do you have any siblings?: five!

What kind of student are you?: a terrible one

What are your favorite subjects?: writing, literature, anything to do with the written word, art history, world religion

What are your favorite tv shows?: fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, game of thrones, the musketeers, parks and rec
Favorite books?: the count of monte cristo, the night circus, asoiaf
Favorite past time?: sleeping or writing

What is your dream job?: screenwriter and author

Do you want to get married?: someday, but lbr no one’s gonna marry my trash ass and i’ll end up with 84 dogs
Do you want to have kids and how many?: yes, and idk, it depends on if someone defies the laws of the universe and puts a ring on it

How many countries have you visited?: 9! canada, mexico, england, france, switzerland, italy, germany, austria and lichtenstien.

What is the scariest dream you have?: i’d rather not say lol

Do you have any enemies?: me myself & i

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?: no, but i’d love one if someone could dATE MY TRASH ASSHOLE

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