les amis character’s signs and hogwarts houses

Enjolras: Aries, Slytherin

Bahorel: Taurus, Gyffindor 

Grantaire: Gemini, Hufflepuff

Jehan: Cancer, Ravenclaw

Feuilly: Leo, Gryffindor

Musichetta: Virgo, Slytherin 

Combeferre: Libra, Ravenclaw

Montparnasse: Scorpio, Slytherin

Eponine: Scorpio, Gryffindor

Courfeyrac: Sagittarius, Hufflepuff

Marius: Capricorn, Ravenclaw

Cosette: Aquarius, Gryffindor  

Joly: Pisces, Hufflepuff 

Bossuet: Pisces, Ravenclaw


natgeo Video by @renan_ozturk // Summit sunrise time-lapse from the summit of Mont Blanc.