“Actually, I drew this color picture to be used in the first comic volume, and I’m very pleased with it. However, one of my male friends saw it when he came to visit, and simply said, Usagi-chan’s face is different. It was a big shock. The cover of the first volume is a copy of this one.” - Naoko Takeuchi, Sailor Moon Art Book Volume I, 1994


Haven’t posted anything in a while. (Reference Queue doesn’t count.) So has thing.

Actually did some full-on cooking today. Had to use up the ground meat so here we go. Found mushrooms and did thing. Used up, like, a quarter block of mozz, but I think it turned out okay. Probably should have, like, brined the shrooms before doing things, but they turned out alright.

Lots of vegs were used inside the thing, and yeah… Cooking/Crafts post. Technically also a Photo/Art post, but I’m just gonna go with the cooking part, lol. (Honestly speaking though, I kinda wish I’d made pasta…’cept we didn’t have any, orz) Wonder if anyone wants me to start posting more cooking stuff and recipes or whatever? //never really completely follows a recipe tho’ lol, orz

And as an apology for this crap post, here: has cat.

This is MAX, he’s a Birman. My currently only surviving kitty after King (his grey-patterned little brother) passed away this summer. Dad finally decided to get us a new kitty though, so yay? Big Red/Red Tiger’ll be getting here in late October, dad got so excited he got a huge cat tree that wasn’t supposed to come in til next week, lol. Whoops? But anyway, this time we’re getting a Maine Coon kitty, so he’s gonna grow up big!

I plan to start posting cat stuff sooner or later as part of a photography/updates thing so expect more kitty pictures (relatively) soon!!


Tomorrow evening I will leave with the girlfriend and spend the weekend in Rome for a comic con. I will have little to no time for tumblr, therefore I’m warning you guys! I will not be able to answer asks nor any other interaction. Only the usual random art queue will continue posting! You can still send in requests for memes and such, they will be processed asap! If I owe you something, it’ll skip to next week, but I’ll absolutely reply.
Regular action will be back from Monday!
I might post pictures of me in my Princess Bubblegum cosplay and answer IMs but not on a regular basis! 

Behave while I’m away ❤


good morning babes  !  it’s ya girl’s b-day tomorrow and i’m leaving to pick up @systemctic‘s beautiful ass now. miss me uwu.

I follow a lot of Korean and Japanese people on Twitter for RWBY reasons and I’m enjoying everyone flipping their shit over Yang. And Blake and Yang.

There’s one person who tweeted Yang’s original art and her new art and they’re like “Is this the same person? Can you believe this?” And there’s multiple people being like “Blake and Yang’s clothes look similar. Blake and Yang’s clothes match. They’re doing the couple look.”