Sunburn - Dash Wilder

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Dash groaned as he flopped down on the couch. I was just as miserable as he was.  “As much as I want to lay with you right now, I just can’t.” I sighed as I laid on the other couch. 
Dash and I spent the whole day with Scott and his family at the beach. We put sunscreen on but I think we didn’t put enough. We ended up getting sunburn and it was miserable. 
“I want you, babe.” Dash muffled into the pillow. I slowly got up before walking into the bathroom. Maybe a cold shower will help. As soon as I turned on the shower, I heard Dash’s footsteps. He soon appeared in the doorway. 
“Is there room to join?” Dash asked, not trying to be romantic in any way. 
“Yeah, come on.” I said as I slipped out of my tank top and shorts. I hopped into the shower. The cold water hit against my red skin and it was relief. 
“This feels so amazing.” Dash said as he got in the shower as well. 
I flashed him a smile. 

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Hello World - Chris Jericho Pt 2

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This is part 2 to “Welcome To The World.” Hope you enjoy! 
Summary: PART 2 to Chris Jericho Welcome to the world - Chris brings Y|S|N to SD Live and all the women of SDLive are just fawning all over him and wanting to hold him and everything and even some of the men decide they want to see him as well

“Are you ready to meet everyone?” I asked Y|S|N as I got him dressed. He was now a month old and Chris and I decided to bring him backstage at one of the Smackdown Live shows and show him to everyone. 
Y|S|N just looked at me with his blue eyes that he inherited from his father. I smiled before picking him up and kissing his cheeks.

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Now that I have your attention, just letting you know I’m going on vacation starting from Thursday night until Sunday or Monday! I will have no wifi or signal so don’t be concerned that I’m suddenly dropping off the face of the planet for 5 days. All is well, I’m gonna go chop down trees all manly and hot and go canoeing in a lake and get eaten by mosquitoes✌️