The Permanent Rain Press Interview with The Maine. (Watch in HD)

We caught up with Garrett Nickelsen of The Maine to discuss their summer on Warped Tour, performing at the APMAs and their next record.

anonymous asked:

So when does the punishment portion of this stunt kick in for Louis? It seems like this entire set up is pretty nice? He gets to date someone super hot, play daddy to the most adorable baby ever, go on luxurious vacations, do guest appearances on popular tv shows, work in Monaco - why is Simon only trying to ruin his life in the best, most privileged way possible? When does the torture portion kick in?

Ah you have your answer anon, the torture is that he HAS to allow Satan’s Minion Danielle Campbell to play with his twin sisters’ puppies in HIS MUM’S HOUSE. THE CRUELTY. IMAGINE.

Imagine what might have happened if Louis did NOT let that happen? God, it must be so terrible. It must indeed be the worst thing conceivable because I have seen no one suggest what terrible thing might happen if Louis ever just said, you know, “no.”

Or, or, if he hadn’t signed on again after his initial contract(s) expired. Imagine if he HADN’T done that, what even more heinous things would have transpired in his life.

Thank GOD, for his safety and career and the safety of his loved ones, he is complying with allowing the shadowspawn of the earth to infest Daisy and Phoebe’s precious little puppies with her demonic will. The horrendous outcomes he has saved himself from in permitting that meager sacrifice.

[Cries] I love him so much, he’s so brave. Look at what he has done to save us all.

anonymous asked:

Where have you travelled to and what has been your favourite place?

some places (mostly the US) i’ve been to a couple of times but: new york, orlando, miami, san francisco, vegas, LA; london, scotland, ireland, paris, nice, monaco, venice, rome, florence, munich, amsterdam, rhine valley, santorini, barcelona, madrid.. i think that’s all? apart from around Australia, obviously.

my fave places are new york, san fran, santorini, london, amsterdam, and melbourne 😊