'mom's are better than dads'

So with the release of the newest Steven Universe Episodes

We now have gems for each birthstone of every month.

November/December- Topaz

You know which month we haven’t seen?
May- Emerald




Yoongi’s dad is soooooo so so so so nice and sweet to foreigners _(:з」∠)_ he was fussing over us because he thought we didn’t know how to eat 국밥. Helped adjust our plates and showed us what seasonings to add. He came over to our table a few times to talk to us. Always smiling. Always polite. Asked us where we were from and where we learnt our (very basic) Korean. He also said “ah Singaporean girls are so pretty.” ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

I was eating and scrolling Tumblr and Yoongi’s dad came up to me and peered at my phone to ask what I was doing. So I showed him a tumblr post of Namjoon’s twitter video. Then he smiled and said “ahhhh so you’re a namjoon fan?” I corrected him saying I’m a jeongguk stan but I love every member of BTS. (Don’t get me wrong, I love nams very much too ;~;)

Yoongi’s dad beamed and said,” ahhh!! Jeonggukkie. You like Jeonggukkie!“ but then he also pouted cutely and said “ahh how about yoongi?” And I emphasized again that I love and support all the BTS members

I’ll do a review of the place soon via twitter, abt the food in the restaurant and directions there.

Kids are Afraid to Cry in Front of Their Parents and I'm Stunned??

Ok so I was talking to a friend a few nights ago and they said something that floored me and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since? They were in a confrontation with their mother and said “should wouldn’t listen to me I just wanted to scream and cry. Lol but I couldn’t I can’t give her that satisfaction I won’t let her hold that over me.” And I was absolutely horrified? I’m horrified that so many of my friends I’ve made on this website have such horrible parents. Like I have never EVER been scared to cry in front of my dad. He has never made fun of me, belittled me, told me it was childish, or “used it against me.” He comforts me. I’m in college and even now when I’m crying he’s the first person I turn to for comfort. He’s semi retired and spends most of the week out of town but if there’s something that’s upset me you can bet your ass the I’m picking up the phone with every intention to cry to him. Parents always talk about how their kid is so closed off to them and never lets them in about their personal life and shit like this is the reason why. How DARE you call yourself a parent if you mock their trust in you to be vulnerable before you? I don’t care if you think it’s overdramatic or silly they’re trusting you to be there and comfort them. When I lost my fish I called my dad crying and did he think it was silly? Absolutely! Did he tell me it was silly? Hell fucking no. He comforted me over the phone for 30 min. That’s what a parent should do!

I feel horrible whenever I bring up my dad and have people tell me “your dad is so nice and amazing I wish my parents were like him.” But he shouldn’t be some gold standard unattainable parent? He should be seen as a normal parent. He’s an amazing parent but he makes mistakes and so do I, but guess what? He’s human and I expect him to make human mistakes and he expects the same.

If your children doesn’t tell you about their life then maybe you should consider yourself to be the problem.

I came out to my mom, brother, and grandma a year ago today and all that’s happened is:

  • My brother bought me an “I’m too gay to think straight” pin
  • Me and brother talking about girls (both agreeing Emma Watson is one of the best)
  • My brother telling me he’s going to tape a unicorn horn to my head because I’m “so fruity” *it was sarcasm*
  • My brother showing me girls on Instagram and asking my opinion.
  • My mom asking me “how about that girl?” “OH WHAT ABOUT HER????? She’s pretty!”
  • My mom going “so…are you and *friend’s name*…like ya know…?” *her smirking the whole time*
  • My mom going “I really don’t care who you marry as long as you do better than your dad.”
  • My mom going “I’ll go to Pride with you next year and wear a shirt for you.”
  • My grandma going “As long as you’re happy and they aren’t assholes, I really don’t care who you’re dating. Maybe you’ll socialize more.”
  • My grandma going “I just better be still invited to the wedding.”
  • My grandma joking, “Maybe if you date a girl, she can get you to stop wearing band shirts all the time.”

It’s been great honestly

Daddy Roles?

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WARNING: LANGUAGE? I really don’t remember

Daddy Roles?

You were running late for work, last minute business meeting your assistant claimed, which in turn did not give you enough time to hire a babysitter so the only person you ran through your mind was your boyfriend and before you could even question if he could handle your daughter and son you fingers were already dialing his number, begging him to do this last minute thing for you swearing that you would repay him. You had just grabbed everything you needed when you heard the doorbell just as you had ran to get the door your daughter had already opened it to reveal a grumpy looking Happy. “Great.” you muttered walking towards the door to see your confused daughter.

“Mommy? Who’s he?” she said looking at him curiously as she began to circle him “He’s going to be taking care of you till Mommy gets back, this is Happy.” you say kissing his cheek thanking him softly “He doesn’t look happy.” she pouted crossing her arms over causing Happy to chuckle “You got a cute kid.” he said looking at you smirking “Wait till you meet my son. Tyler! I’m leaving!” you yelled hearing your son run down the stairs “Is our babysitter here?” he asked full of excitement, he knew your boyfriend was coming and wanted to meet him to make sure he was good enough to be dating you.

“Happy meet Lillian and Tyler, my prides and joys that will you in your care for a few hours. Try not to destroy my house please! They need to be in bed by 10:30pm, no late nights. Give mommy kisses and be good to Happy!” you said bending down to kiss your kids before feeling a hand wrap around your waist “I don’t get a kiss ‘Mommy’” he smirked causing you to roll your eyes looking down at your kids who were overjoyed with excitement as you gave him a kiss on his cheek before hurrying out the door. As the door closed Happy realized he would be taking care of these kids for a few hours, only problem was he had NO IDEA on what to do with them, but the kids already had an idea on what they were going to do with Happy. 

Lillian grabbed one of Happy’s hands pulling him towards the couch forcing him to plop on it as he looked curiously at the kids twirling the toothpick in his mouth “Yeah?” he asked looking at the kids as they sat down on the floor “How did you meet our mom?” Tyler asked causing Happy to snap into reality, these kids were trying to interrogate him and he would be lying if he said he didn’t find it cute and sweet of them. “Her car broke down, she called a tow truck and I picked her up and fixed her car.” Happy said leaning forward ready for more questions “Do you have a gulfwind? Lillian asked “Yeah, your mother’s my girlfriend she just doesn’t know it.” he said smirking at the idea that was now planted in his head.

“Why haven’t you told her?” Tyler asked “Cause, your mom. Well she’s incredible, amazing, hardworking, beautiful and sweet. A guy like me I don’t deserve someone like her.” he said looking down at his muddy boots feeling a bit hurt at his words, he was being honest with these kids, a woman like their mother was a once in a lifetime kind of woman and Happy didn’t deserve her attention or love. “No, your wrong Happy, you make mommy smile and make her feel pwetty.” Lillian said holding Happy’s hand and as he looked down he saw the size difference he gently held the little girl’s hand as she made her way up the couch to lay her head on Happy’s lap, Tyler slowly following after his sister sitting on the other side of Happy.

“Want to watch cartoons?” Happy asked as he wrapped his arm around both Lillian and Tyler’s shoulders as they nodded Tyler handing Happy the remote as he turned on the cartoons for the kids. Only after an 1 hour into the cartoon shows Lillian had fallen asleep and was snuggled against Happy’s side while Tyler was trying to fight his sleep but couldn’t hold out any longer “Our mom, she thinks you’re great, better than our dad. She doesn’t talk about him much because he lied to her and had a family with another woman after us.. So whatever you do don’t break our moms heart Happy, we love her and I’m sure you do too.” Tyler said getting off the couch making his way to his bedroom slowly. Happy then wrapped the little girl in one arm while he picked Tyler up with the other walking to their rooms as he slowly opened the first door he saw which was Lillian’s room, he laid the little girl on her bed placing her brother in a chair as Happy tucked her in and kissed her forehead softly.

“Goodnight Daddy.” Lillian said as she rolled over to grab her teddy bear and fall asleep, Happy stood there frozen at her words but then he realized he had one more child to put to bed. He picked up Tyler feeling the little arms wrap around his neck holding him tightly as Happy opened up the second door to see it was Tyler’s room he laid the boy down on the bed tucking him in as well kissing his forehead “Thank Happy.” Tyler said softly as he pulled the blankets over his head and fell asleep.

Happy made his way downstairs just in time to hear the locks of the door open, he saw you drop your purse on the floor as you took off your heels, taking your hair out of the high professional bun letting it fall to your shoulders as you messed with it to perfect the perfect messy look. “How were the kids? I hope they were good to you.” was all you said to see Happy begin to march over to you, grab your waist and dip you low kissing you with a burning passion “Be mine. Be my woman.” was all he said as he looked deeply into your eyes, you nodded not finding the proper words to respond. He then brought you up and grabbed your legs throwing you over his shoulders causing you to giggle slightly, he knocked on both Lillian and Tyler’s door to reveal cranky little kids.

“Come sleep with me and your mom.” Happy said looking at the kids who now held a glint in their eyes as they followed Happy into your bedroom, he laid you on the bed causing your kids to jump on you as he took off his boots and boxers laying beside you as Lillian and Tyler found their way in the middle of you both. “Goodnight kids.” You said softly as you felt Happy hold your hand engaging the kids between you both “Goodnight Mommy, goodnight Daddy.” Lillian said causing you to look at Happy who had his eyes closed but a wide smile on his face.

This was the man you knew and wanted to become a father to your children but you never knew how he would feel but as he laid there with your kids between you and a smile on his face you knew that he wanted this and them as much as you did.

STAY (Loki Imagine - Drabble)

Hello everyone! This is what I think they call a (longish bit of) “drabble.” I was listening to the Interstellar soundtrack and just wanted to test a little idea out. Hope you find some enjoyment out of it! :) xo

“Leaving?” you stared at the group, all their backs turned towards the green knight standing tall and brave before them. His eyes glowing with that same intensity you’d found yourself fall under so many times throughout these past moths. An intensity that had bore upon you once in repulse.. soon in acceptance… later in softness… and then… then, just… in a way that was just for you. Those eyes, that had become for you a signal of home… of comfort, of purpose. Someone who had finally made everything right in you life after everything you’d been through before ending up here. Your mom… how she’d passed. Your dad… how she’d abandoned you and you older brother once he was old enough to cook an egg on his own. Everyone had left. Everyone. And you finally ended up here… here, with a family… and… and someone who you thought loved you the way you loved him. Who you thought needed you the way you needed him. And he was just going to leave… abandon you.… Just like everyone else in your entire life had.

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Mayson: So I guess I should start calling you underling now because I’m better than you and everything. So underling, just know that I’m the favourite for mom and dad because I’m better than you.

Ayesha: Dada and momma likes me better because I can dance. Mayo, stiff and ugly.

Mayson: Ugly?! I am a perfect boy, and better than everyone! I bet if we ask dad, he’ll agree! 

Ayesha: Dada loves Ayesha more! 


- “Jaehyun, which colour suits me best?” *insert pics of two same dresses but different colours*
- You understand why >> It’s because of his work work work work work
- him ignoring you most of the time started when they debuted
- but that doesn’t mean he loves you less now before they debuted
- it’s just that he’s so busy and their phones always get confiscated by the staff
-he wants to secure his future w/ you so he works very hard
- he always turns his phone off before going to the SM Ent. Building so the staff wouldn’t see your cheesy messages to each other
- all the members know about your relationship and they support it very well
- the other members admire you for holding on to the relationship even though it’s vvvvvv hard
- “i like you noona you’re so cool now I can see why Jaehyun hyung loves you so much” - Mark… it could be Jisung as well
- “oh god jaehyun hyung wouldn’t stop sucking his picture of you on his phone! It’s so gross!” - Haechan
- “you guys are so adorable” - Yuta
- “eyy don’t forget to use protection during your sexy time ;) ” - Ten
- lol wtf Ten
- but good on ya Ten for reminding these kids about that
- “you’re not going to leave jaehyun, right?” - doyoung… or taeyong
- “Nope.”
- Rumours about Jaehyun dating you got out and the company was hell pissed
- both of you got hate although you got more hate than jaehyun
- most of his fans were anti to your relationship
- only a few fans were supportive
- well I couldn’t blame them though
- they were his source of happiness and they feel like you’re taking him away from them
- some were just delusional and wants him to end up with them
- or with another artist… say Rose from Blackpink (I’m not a shipper btw; I just saw some posts here on Tumblr that some fans were shipping them)
- you cry every night about this
- coz he has lots to think about and you don’t want to put all your burden in this relationship on his shoulders
- But he knows the fact that you get jealous everytime they bring up the JaeRose ship
- like Rose is everything and you’re just a potato
- so he reassures you that he loves you by kissing you, hugging you or cooking you your fave dish created by him when he gets a day off which is really rare these days because of the nature of his work
- but despite all that, you still can’t help but to get insecure
- like who wouldn’t get insecure?
- it’s like you and him against the world lololol jk
- you felt very suffocated
- you don’t even know yourself anymore
- you don’t even see your self-worth anymore
- jaehyun loves you to bits and you know that
- but it’s really hard especially he’s a celebrity now and you’re just one of the normal people out there
- “Jaehyun, let’s break up”
- jaehyun would just stare at you and blink twice
- his adam’s apple would bob up and down
- “why?”
- “jaehyun, I can’t do this anymore”
- “you always have little time for me”
- “people… your fans don’t want us to be together”
- “i feel like i’m taking you away from them”
- “but you’re not taking me away from them”
- “i love you (y/n)”
- “please don’t do this to me baby”
- his eyes would be instantly filled w/ tears
- he would hold both of your hands while kissing your knuckles, shaking his head while blinking in tears
- “your fans love you very much jae”
- “but I only love you baby”
- YES IT’S VERY HARD TO BREAK UP WITH JUNG JAEHYUN coz why tf would you leave him
- “look, your career and popularity is affected because of me… because of our relationship”
- And Jaehyun would say: “ I don’t care! I can throw all those away just for you! I love you and I wouldn’t want to lose you just because of all these things!”
- “Don’t do that, mister. You’ve worked hard for this. Don’t throw it all away just for me.”
- Then you smile bitterly and kiss him for the last time and leave
- you didn’t know this but jaehyun was a sobbing mess right after you left
- he would wonder where did he lack as a boyfriend what did he even do wrong why did you break up with him just because of the fact that his fans hate you
- i mean, every couple in the showbiz always (or most of the time) get hated by the public esp. the fans
- like, it’s only normal
- but still you guys don’t deserve all the hate
- you guys just fell in love with each other
- why would people hate you
- it’s not like you guys murdered a person or the whole nct
- the members found out about this coz when jaehyun got back to the dorms he just broke down by the doorway
- they were very shocked because you once told them before that you’re not gonna leave jaehyun no matter what happens
- At first Ten thought that Jaehyun got you pregnant because he was crying by the doorway
-but he finds out that you broke up with Jaehyun
- “Well, at least someone didn’t end up getting someone preggo” - Ten
- cue in everyone giving Ten a death glare so he would just cover his mouth
- yeah Ten shut up
- “Man, that sucks!” - Mark
- i know right Mark
- “I swear she loved you more than herself. Her eyes say that everytime she looks at you.” - Johnny
- for a month jaehyun was a total mess
- like he became more quiet he doesn’t talk that much on variety shows
- his laughs were so fake
- his smiles even changed like they’re not the same genuine smiles that they used to be
- and it broke you guys even more as well as the other members
- they couldn’t stand their bby jaehyun being like this so they set up a get together
- and yeah you’re invited ofc
- the get together was just at their dorm lol
- they invited you and had dinner with them
- you guys were still not talking with each other but would glance at each other every now and then and the members would see this and couldn’t freakin’ stand it
- “oh my god just get back together” - jeno
- “what happened to my mom and dad… like seriously? You guys are better than this” - jisung
- “this is the only time i’d let you guys suck each other’s face c'mon fix this shit” - haechan
- lol Haechan
- Ten doesn’t say anything but leaves a suspicious box on the table
- the other members leave so you guys could talk about things in the living room but really they’re just in the kitchen, litstening to your conversation
- “how are you?”
- he replies with: “i’m fine”
- there was an awkward silence after that
- then both of you just say sorry at the same time like how cute is that
- he says sorry for being such an incompetent boyfriend for not realizing how his career was affecting you for not doing the best that he can to make it work
- you apologize as well for leaving him just because of your insecurity you let it take over you you let it ruin everything between you
- “can we start over again?”
- “Like, I mean, can we be… a couple again?”
- “Is it okay if I kiss you?”
- then you just nod and you guys kiss
- after the kiss you guys open the box that Ten left on the table
- it was a box full of condoms
- oml Ten why lol
- “Are we okay now?”
- “Better than before” :“) And the other members come in, cheering for both of you


By the way, I’m taking requests. Let me know if you want me to do another one. 😊❤



Summary: It’s Mother’s Day, and Jughead doesn’t know if he should call Gladys Jones or not. After all, didn’t she turn her back on him?

A/N: Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there! Thanks for being the light of our lives, our role models, and our support. Love you!

Jughead Jones sits on the bed of the Spellman’s second guest room, well, his room, trying to make a decision that, in any other case, wouldn’t require so much thought.

But Jughead was Jughead, and he always managed to be different.

He shifts his palm over the black sheets with a thread count of 600, and puts his head back on the matching, fluffy pillows. The Spellmans may live in the South Side of Riverdale, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t well-to-do.

Jughead finds it ironic. That his Serpent jacket sits in his closet, among a variety of coats and jackets, (which, over a year ago, he wouldn’t have had) while he enjoys Eggo waffles and uses their Tresemme conditioner every morning. He knows some other Serpents resent him slightly for that, but they owe his father everything, so they keep their mouths shut.

He bites his lip.

It’s Mother’s Day.

He and Sabrina have already showered Mrs. Spellman with a Sunday Brunch, flowers, and gift coupons. Sabrina’s made the obligatory instagram post, a picture of the three of them, where Diana Spellman is looking at Jughead like he’s her own son. He’s lived with them for all of six months, and they’ve treated him like he’s a Spellman.

Even though he can’t bring himself to call his foster mother ‘mom’, he knows she’s done more for him than Gladys Jones ever has.

Despite that, Gladys Jones is still his mother, still someone who’s shaped him to be who he is today, and he’s deliberating whether to call her up. He hasn’t talked to her for a while- not since he found out that she said ‘No’ to Social Services when they asked her to take him in.

Jug closes his eyes and picks his phone up, wondering whether he should call Betty for advice.

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Around the Fire

A super-late entry for Day 08 of Phanniemay, “Vacation.” 

“Halle Berry or J.Lo?”

Two voices, in unison. “Halle Berry.”

“Kristen Stewart or Emma Watson?”

“Emma Watson.”

“Scarlet Johansson or Gina Torres?”

“Gina Torres.”

“Morena Baccarin or Natalie Portman?”

Sam rolled her eyes. “Geez, Tuck, running through the entire Firely cast?”

“Inara.” Danny and Danielle said. 

Tuck held up his hands in a ‘there you see?’ gesture. 

“I’ve got one.” All eyes went to Valerie, still tending their makeshift grill over the campfire. Looking up with a dangerous, knowing half-smile, she worded out slowly, “Paulina or Star?”

“Paulina,” Danielle replied without hesitation.

Stiff-shouldered and tensely still, Danny glanced warily at Sam. 

“It’s fine, Danny,” she assured him, lips quirked. 

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Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch3
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and immediately decide that you didn’t like each other. But Jungkook proposes working together, and you agree to team up with the frog prince from Seoul, for a good cause.

P | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33A | 33B | 34 | 35 | 36 | E

You’re musing about how there aren’t enough people in town to make Seokjin’s barbecue restaurant as crowded as it is, until you realize that there are more than just people from town. Aside from the off-season tourists, there are several tables filled with city-folk, sniffing about how quaint and old everything in town is.

Seokjin runs around getting your booth set up, leaving his two employees to cater to the paying customers. Lastly, he brings plates of bulgogi and dak kalbi, and a huge tray of unmarinated meat slices, half of which is samgyeopsal. He’s about to take the vacant seat next to you when Jungkook scrambles off the spot next to Saren and plops down beside you, forcing Seokjin to take his former seat. Saren looks even tinier as she seems to draw herself in, sitting between Seokjin and Hongbin. Over the top of her head, Hongbin inclines his head politely at Seokjin, who returns the gesture.

“Noona, you like samgyeopsal, right?” Hongbin asks.

“Should I grill the samgyeopsal, Saren?” Seokjin asks at the same time.

“Well, anything’s fine…” she looks at you for help.

“Chicken please,” Jungkook requests.

“For me too,” Hyuk says. “But who cares about that, huh?” Their respective older brothers don’t even seem to hear them, as they cover the grilling plate with pork slices.

When you’re sure the other three across the table are preoccupied with their own awkwardness, you round at Jungkook. “What did you do that for? I’m getting secondhand stress just looking at them.”

“Not me,” Hyuk pipes up. “I think it’s exciting.”

“Same,” Jungkook agrees.

“I hope you both choke on your stupid chicken,” you mutter. “Everyone knows bulgogi is the best anyway.”

When the first batch of meat is done, Seokjin and Hongbin both make neat, pretty lettuce wraps and hold them out for Saren at the same time. As if that isn’t enough, Jungkook and Hyuk present you with their haphazard wraps.

“Come on, eat it,” Jungkook urges.

“Don’t be shy.” Hyuk winks.

You scoff at the absurdity of it all. What kind of ridiculous drama situation… You take the ugly wraps offered to you and stuff them in your mouth. Both Seokjin and Hongbin looked horrified by your unlady-like display, yet both Jungkook and Hyuk snort in hilarity. You make a wrap as you chew and swallow violently, then offer it to Saren.

“Ahh–unnie! Ahhhh…” you prompt.

She gives you a small, amused smile and leans forward to eat the wrap from your hands. Seokjin and Hongbin sigh in unison and offer the wraps to their younger brothers, who are both busy scarfing down the remaining samgyeopsal.

“Eat it yourself,” Hyuk tells his older brother.

Jungkook shakes his head. “My hard-working hyung… you should eat a lot.”

While the next batch of meat is on the grill, Jungkook pulls out his tablet and presents his fundraising plan. His idea is to revive the spectacles from the flower festival of the old. To raise funds, the festival will be organized around a fair with rides, food stalls, game booths, and live entertainment. He even put together a list of possible sponsors.

“Our Jungkookie really has a good head for these things,” Seokjin gushes.

“Please, hyung, don’t be embarrassing,” Jungkook says, but his bunny smile betrays his glee.

“It’s true, Kookie, this is a good plan, you must’ve worked hard on it.” Saren says.

“The most annoying part is he made it just last night.” You huff, slapping his shoulder when he raises his eyebrows smugly.

“We should hire him,” Hongbin comments.

“Nope.” Hyuk wrinkles his nose. “Mom and Dad might decide he makes a better heir than me.”

A few adjustments are made to the plan, mostly by your older companions. Hongbin asks for a copy of the plan so he can have his people look into it and Saren says she’ll start drafting the sponsorship letters. The meeting wraps up with all of you thanking Seokjin for the food.

“Y/N, noona–we’ll drive you home. Well, hyung will.” Hyuk says, motioning towards the exit and heading out.

“Thanks, oppa!” you exclaim. Jungkook echoes your words, shooting hearts at Hyuk’s back, and you hit his shoulder again.

“You’ll come with us?” Hongbin beams at Saren and practically glows when she nods in assent. “Ah… I’m really glad. Let’s go, noona.” He leads her out the restaurant, his steps bouncy and giddy.

You’re about to follow them, when you hear Seokjin’s soft voice. “Y/N…” You turn back to find him holding out two stacks of food containers. “If you don’t mind, please take this with you.”

“What’s all this, Seokjin-oppa?” Your eyes widen. “Did you pack the entire restaurant?”

“Ah, well… I was making food for our house last night, so I thought I’d make some more. I mean, you’re Jungkook’s friend, and Saren’s also in your house…” he gives you a sheepish smile. “So that’s why…”

“I don’t know, I think mom just made side dishes,” you fib, not wanting to make Saren uncomfortable. Seokjin clearly intends the food for her, but you don’t think she’ll readily accept it.

But Jungkook takes one stack and pushes it in your arms, and carries the other. “It’s food, Y/N. Don’t waste it. And don’t even pretend that you didn’t like Jin-hyung’s cooking. I’ll help you bring this to Hongbin-hyung’s car.”

“This is for Hongbin and Hyuk.” Seokjin hands another stack to his younger brother.

“Aww, my hyung is too thoughtful,” Jungkook teases.

You can’t help but nod in agreement. “Thank you for the food, Seokjin-oppa. We’ll make sure to enjoy it.”

“Thank you.” Seokjin waves goodbye as you leave with Jungkook.

He looks like a prince, acts like a prince, he’s as nice as Hongbin-oppa, and he even cooks like this. You furrow your forehead in thought. So why would unnie leave someone like him behind?


Imagine: Eric teaching your son to defend his family when he’s bullied at school.

For: Anon

Note: Y/S/N = Your Son’s Name

This is a part 3 to my Coming Out series, so read Part 1 and Part 2 first.

Eric’s POV

“Hey Uncle Eric!” I look up from my desk and see my best friend, Y/N’s son standing at my door. 

“Hey kiddo,” I say, “Come in!”

Every since Y/S/N had started school, visiting my office after school had become a daily routine for him. His moms usually finished work at around 8:00 pm. So he’d come to my office to do homework, at 6:00 I’d get off work and we’d train for two hours before having dinner with his moms. 

He sat at the second desk I’d set up for him, but instead of doing his work like he normally would he just stared blankly at the wall. 

We get to the training room and Y/S/N goes straight for the punching bags today. I follow him and watch as he viciously attacks the bags. Y/S/N was strong for a 14-year-old, but this was too much for even him. Something’s wrong. 

I stop him and force him to face me, “What’s going on buddy? You’re acting strange.”

“It’s nothing uncle,” He shrugs. 

“You know you can’t lie to me Y/S/N. What is it?”

“Why can’t you be my dad?!” He suddenly blurts. I’m too shocked at his words to even respond, “Kids in my class always make fun of me for having two moms and no dad! Why can’t I just be normal Uncle Eric?!”

I’m overcome by anger, how can someone say that to a child?! “Listen to me Y/S/N; don’t ever listen to those kids! Who says you need a dad?! You have the two most wonderful women in the world raising you; don’t let those assholes tell you otherwise. One more thing, you never, ever let anyone disrespect your family, am I clear?!”

“Yes sir,” he nods rapidly. 

“Good. If those kids ever say anything about your moms again, you give them a piece of your mind, understand?” He nods once again.


I walk to school, a bit sore after the intense work out session with Uncle Eric last night. 

I see small group of boys from my class stalking towards me, not again. 

“Hey Y/S/N,” the leader of the pack, Ryan, glowered. 

I ignored him, not wanting give him the reaction that he wanted. 

“Cat’s got your tongue?” One of his minions says, “Or are you just ashamed of your parents?”

“Shut up,” I hiss, trying to make my way past him. 

“Aww that’s cute,” Ryan looks at you mockingly, “it must be hard for you to be aggressive considering that you don’t have a dad, two mamas just turning you into a pathetic girl.”

You never, ever let anyone disrespect your family, am I clear?! Uncle Eric’s words ring in my mind and I clutch my fist. I step forward menacingly, “I said shut up!”

“What are you gonna do about it,” He steps even closer.

“Don’t do this Ryan; I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s funny isn’t it, you don’t have a dad, and your moms aren’t even your own.”

My face heats up but I decide to keep my cool and hiss, “At least my moms got to choose me, your parents just got stuck with you. As for not having a dad, my moms are a thousand times better than any dad in the world.”

Not happy with my response Ryan comes at my with a punch, my training with Uncle Eric instantly kicks in, I block his punch, and knee him in the gut. He hunches over in pain and a take advantage of his position, upper cutting him in the jaw. He falls to the ground and his minions quickly pick him up, the trio steps away from you fearfully. 

“Don’t ever disrespect my family again, am I clear?!” They nod vigorously and run off. My chest fills with a sense of pride as I walk to my class. 


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my first request here, tell me if I'm doing something wrong. A headcanon where MC has a deadbeat parent whom they still love because lol she's too pure and kind for this world and the rfa+v+saeran see how excited MC is when she tells them her parent is coming to visit them. but it turns out that they only wanted to see her to ask for some money. MC gets really heart-broken after the short visit. Thanks! :)

how about a short little scenario instead?? :D:D:D i hope this is alright~

Eyeing the empty wallet lying lifelessly across the coupon covered desk, she sighed in frustration, fists tightening around her blanket. How was she going to pay the bills this time? Maybe moving away from her parents wasn’t that much of a good idea after all… though, at the time, it did seem like the only option that could improve their financial situation. How many years has it been since she’d seen them? Two? Three? No, probably riding closer to 5 years actually. After she left, they didn’t contact her no matter how many times she tried. Never replying messages, calls… they weren’t even home when she tried to visit. She loved her parents a lot - even more than she loved herself, and it hurt her to know that they were avoiding her. Was she that much of a hindrance?

The cool breeze of the night flowed through her open window, temporarily relieving the stuffiness of her apartment bedroom. Mom, dad, when will I ever get to see you again? I miss you two so much… A tear slipped out of the corner of her eyes as her heart ached with loneliness. The next morning was routinely, at least, until she got text from an unknown number reading a short, simple message:

[Your father and I would like to see you today, when and where can we meet?]

She almost dropped her phone. She couldn’t believe it because after so many years she was finally going to see her parents. Tears of joy sprung to her eyes as she held back her squeal of excitement. This was the best birthday gift she could ever ask for.

Letting the RFA know was even better - they told her that they’d take care of everything as their gift to her. From the dinner reservations to her outfit to even being able to leave work early for this long awaited rendezvous… they were seriously the best people MC had ever met, and she swore that she would repay them big time by making the next party 100 times better than the last.


“Mom, Dad!” MC was too excited to see the nervousness spread across her parents faces as she invited them to take a seat. “How have you two been? I’ve missed the both of you so much! I’ll tell you everything- ah, wait, no, let’s order first, you must be starving. Don’t hold back, I just got my paycheck so-”

“MC… I’m sorry, but we need to leave soon.” her mom tightened her grip around MC’s wrist, “We… all we’re here for today is… well, you see-”

“That’s enough. I’ll say it if you can’t. Look, we just need some money, so hand it over before those guys chase us down.” her dad gestured towards the restaurant door. Two gruff looking men flipped off the security guard for not allowing them in, swearing to return. MC’s stomach dropped as her father’s words seeped deep into her mind. 

So that was all they wanted. They didn’t want to see her at all. They just… they just wanted money.

The pit in her stomach grew larger, threatening to swallow her up, but she held it back and forced a smile. She looked into her mother’s troubled eyes, realizing that they wouldn’t have contacted her if they didn’t have a choice. If they weren’t desperate, she wouldn’t have gotten to see their face - not in five years, not in forever. Maybe she should be thankful, but in that moment, the pain in her heart drowned any and every reasoning she had to make herself feel better.

“Okay. I understand.” She reached into her wallet and pulled out the cash she earned from this month’s hard work. Without a minute’s hesitation, her parents dashed out of the restaurant upon receiving whatever sum of money MC had handed to them. Perhaps never to return.


She asked for the check and payed the bill for the opened wine with her credit card even though she feared that it would be rejected. In a way, she felt like she was betraying the RFA, wasting all their efforts for tonight’s dinner. But they’d understand, right? That she had no choice but to save her parents, that she would have no choice but to return the dress Zen bought for her just so that she’d have enough to pay back for the wine. Of course, she hadn’t even thought of explaining how much she hurt and needed to cry and it didn’t make it any better when she found all of them at her apartment with smiles beaming on their faces, waiting to hear her gush about the night.

But it was easy to see through her, the way her hand clenched over her heart as if letting go would trigger it to fall apart let the cat out of the bag faster than she had intended to.

“MC, what’s wrong?” Zen stood up, approaching her with a puzzled look.

“M- My parents… they only came to see me because they needed money. I didn’t even get to eat with them. I’m horrible. I wasted everything you guys did for me-” her heart felt like it was about to break if she went on. Oh, how she didn’t deserve to have their care and love - it was all that floated around in her mind.

Without another word, Zen pulled her in for a hug, soothing her hiccups with light pats on the back. Jaehee and Saeran left to get MC a cup of water, it hit way too close to home for them to listen any further without bursting out in anger.

“It’s okay MC, we got your back remember?” Yoosung cautiously looked at MC through her tear filled eyes, offering a small smile of comfort.

“Yes, and if it’s about money, I can solve the problem.” Jumin added this in a rather emotionless tone, but he meant it. He’d do anything to see MC happy.

“And I’ll make sure those loan sharks never hurt your parents! I’m 707 Defender of-” he stopped short when he felt a someone squeezing his shoulder.

“Don’t worry MC, we’ll fix this. We’re the RFA after all.” V’s soothing voice allowed MC to calm down. As Zen wiped the tears from her face when he released his embrace, he allowed her to see all of them and their supportive smiles. Her parents were important, but she had failed to realize that these seven people wanted nothing more than to see her smile, happy and healthy. They asked of nothing in return because they loved her for her.

A cheeky smile from MC would work like magic. In an instant, the looks on their faces could change into something brighter than the sun because…

“That’s what family’s for, right?”

who said the last thing? you can decide <3

~Cherry L.

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Tbh all the kiddo's moms are better than the dads. Sharon is obviously better than Randy, Sheila (although her attitude in the latest season, than again that was cause by her husband) is better than Gerald. And so on, Cartman's mom seems to be one of the sweetest. The moms are better, let's give them an episode instead of stinky randy and gerald.

Gimmie the moms!!!!

  • Izuku: Kacchan I'm proud of you!
  • Katsuki: For what, shit-stain?
  • Izuku: For not pointing out how INCREDIBLY boring Todoroki's current costume looks.
  • Katsuki: Oh that, yeah even I KNOW not to knock that guy down after the shit with his dad.
  • Izuku: My dad can't even bother to exist on the physical plain, and even HE is a better dad than him.
  • Katsuki: My mom has openly called me an idiot, she's a SAINT compared to Endeavor.
  • Izuku: We are lucky, we are lucky in the parents department.
  • Shouto: What about parents?
  • Shouto: ...must've misheard you.
  • *Walks away*
  • Katsuki: ...oh thank god that could've been so awkward.
  • Izuku: Let's just have our conversations be about our insane rivalry from now on.
  • Katsuki: You bet, shit-stain!
What's in your bag: Hermione Granger

Hermione: So shall we begin?

A few of the books I’m reading

My gryffindor scarf cause house love is never to much ((I don’t have any hp merch so let’s pretend this is a gryffindor scarf please))

A brush, to try to fix the bad hair days

Why I do this to myself?!

Muggle pens, they work much better than quill and ink

One of the letters mom and dad sent me

A lot of bookmarks, very important cause I’m always losing them

And Ron’s homework…wait why this is here? RONALD!

((Wonderful idea of @kapitan5o, I was unoficcially tagged by @egdramaqueen and I will tag @asktheslytherpuff cute Ron, @huffledoof awesome Sirius, @lilyflowerevans (you can choose your character love), @askdeanthomass most amazing Dean of course))

So once for a birthday of mine my mom made a special chocolate cake for me. Being little, she never told me the name of it, but it was delicious chocolatey goodness.

So a few years later Mom told me the name of the cake. It’s called the ‘better than sex’ cake (???) because it’s so good, it’s better than sex.

Before my grampy (dad’s dad) died, Mom happened to make the cake again for a party and the whole family was there. Grampy asked what the name of the cake was. Mom was hesitant to tell, as her parents-in-law were quite strict Catholics and even mentioning the word ‘sex’ around them was nearly a sin in its own right.

Well, Grampy kept pressuring Mom for the name of the cake so he could make Grandma make it in the future. Eventually, Mom broke down and told him.

Grandma turned white, then pink. Grampy, on the other hand, looked down at his plate, looked at the cake, then took another bite and said,

“This is better than sex!”

Finally learning to drive, and it’s going decently well? I get really nervous, but bit by bit I’m getting better. Tonight I actually parked next to another car.