Name: Calakinti

Age: 21 in her people’s world (earth time 75)

Gender: Female

Race: Ourum

Height: 7′ 0″

Rank: Major - Mecha Pilot

Personalty: She is serious person, calm head through battle, she exile when in battle and battle planning, basically a beast on the battle field but put her in a social event she will be confused, read atmosphere wrong, say something wrong, or alienate the people around her.

Sexuality: Pan-sexual

Likes: Spicy food, being in her mecha, coffee, battle planning, flowers, and cute animals

Dislikes: Sweet food, senseless killing, injustice, social events, and her men dying or treated differently

Weakness: Will disobey orders if they are wrong, social events, and getting emotional if too many of her men die for nothing

Bio: Calakinti was born in cloning program and she was clone of greatest male general and greatest female pilot of her race’s history. She was tested to see what traits she gained from her donors and along side of her sisters. She was the only one that made through the test to become a pilot for mecha. She given her name Calakinti because in her people tongue ‘Burning Soul’ and she quickly climbed the latter of military.

First time she disobeyed an order was to leave her men to die and blow up the plant that belonged to long old enemy race. She instead rushed into the enemy base in the area and destroyed it allowing time for her men to get in ships. The head commander in her unit wanted to punish her but the Admiral of the ship gave her for medal to her bravery and honor.

Few years after becoming a major her mecha crashed to earth after space fight with same enemy. Her mecha was badly damage from traveling through wormhole with enemy ship and after destroying the ship she fell out of the wormhole to crash on earth.


Name: Vawa ver.12

Type: Strike and run, mid-range shorter and blitz front-line runner

Weapon: two double barrel cannons, claws that easily can rip a ship apart, and rocket tackle

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Hey Hey This Is A Commission Post What’s Up!!

my girlfriend ‘n i are tryin 2 save up money so we can move out together soon! she’s been working a toonnn of hours.,  but my job at th moment, unfortunately, cant give me many hours due to budget cuts. i’m takin as many commissions as i can, so as to make up for that Lost Revenue.,!! Come Get Sum Atticus Brand Art!!!

I Can Draw gore and some nsfw [i’ll let you kno if i can’t do it!], furries n mechs n monsters n all that shebang are fine by me, too.!! I Won’t Draw pedophilic or abusive ships, or general Tasteless Stuff ., again, i’ll let you kno if i have an issue with it!

Extra characters r +$2, maayybe more depending on complexity? 

Contact me at m.a.l.elliott0@gmail.com with yr request, or with any questions/comments you might have!! andd, yeah,! reblogs r appreciated if possible at all; thanks so much fr reading this!!! Atticus OUT!

Staff Roll
  • Staff Roll
  • Masaaki.U, Tsugumi.Y, Pao, Kikki

Cybattler (Mega System 1), 1993
Masaaki.U, Tsugumi.Y, Pao, Kikki

I really love that inverted AMaj to Am. Simple strummy major-to-minor progressions go straight to my heart. This beautifully sentimental theme sounds like it’d be more at home in Fantasy Zone than a cookie-cutter mech shooter. The beginning sounds a little like I’m about to be lectured, though.

I was unable to pin any concrete identities to the game’s two credited composers. It is possible, but probably unlikely, that the former may be Masaaki Uno of Wolf Team renown.

Shouts to HeavyViper for having good taste, and GTheGuardian for the VGM set.