MS-09R Rick Dom

Space-type version of the MS-09B Dom, the MS-09R Rick Dom, had the original hover jets replaced with rocket thrusters for use outside of the atmosphere. The resulting mobile suit had superior armor, power output, thrust, and maneuverability than the MS-06F Zaku II, the mobile suit the MS-09R Rick Dom was to replace.

For combat the MS-09R Rick Dom relied on the same weapons and tactics as the ground use original. The MS-09R Rick Dom’s standard armament is a 360mm bazooka which fires rocket propelled explosive rounds, giving the Rick Dom the power to destroy an enemy mobile suit in a single shot or to heavily damage an enemy warship. For melee combat the Rick Dom uses a heat saber, a rod which heats to super-high temperatures and can melt through the armor of an enemy mobile suit.


3D Turntable of Tamadrone! nemomus-prime told me she’d rig tamadrone later, so maybe one day you’ll get to see this little sucker in motion!

In the future I may touch it up for more battle damage, but got the final project to worry about at the moment. Q_Q WHICH I’LL BE POSTING SOON!! We have a sound team this time around too so it’ll have music and sfx.