'me' graffiti


i was tagged by @rnyfh and @worf to make a moodboard using pics from my phone. i have too many memes, not enough nice pics, but i managed to put something decent together lol

i wanna tag ummm @kcgane @vulcanette @taluhkk @goldkirk @pvdmeamidala @ninnani @femvulcan @cubanbisexuallance @sixclawsdragon aaaand @magicdreamthanks to do it if y’all wanna~ (and any of my other followers/mutuals! if u wanna do it, tag me in it~!)

i am in love with art school graffiti tracer
(there’s a colour breakdown of this piece on my patreon!)


Loki and I searched out some super bright murals to take photos in front of while he was wearing his super bright rain/winter coat. Gawd. He goes from handsome to adorable in the span of two photos, I swear. Next photo outing I’m going to try to find more pastel walls. <3