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Can I get a prompt for a dragon? Sorry to bother

//It’s not a bother at all!

“Have you been hiding them in your pockets all day?”

“Not all dragons are scary, but I advise to be careful, nonetheless.” 

“I had to keep the eggs warm somehow. Don’t question my methods.”

“They just started following me home. What was I supposed to do, turn them away?”

Today in: Slippy’s Fluffy Headcanons:

A request has come in from @thesilverqueenlady for my thoughts on Will, Hannibal, and breakfast food.  (The original question was waffles v. pancakes, but they have graciously allowed me to consider the breakfast food question more broadly.)  

Now that I myself am well fed (sent Mr. Slippy out for Egg McMuffins, because I make special breakfasts on Sundays but am lazy on Saturdays), I am prepared to consider this.  So. Let’s consider.

Will’s not a breakfast person, never really has been.  Mornings are - well, mornings are fucking terrible, just as a concept.  Mornings were always for stumbling semi-conscious into the kitchen to get the dogs set up with breakfast and turning them loose to run outside, and then collapsing back into bed for at least another hour before slowly drifting vague and pre-verbal into consciousness. 

Hannibal never really did much about breakfast either, before.  When you’re eating that richly every night you keep some of the other meals light.  He tended toward the “cup of coffee, glass of juice, fruit, maybe some yogurt or a croissant” school of breakfast, most days, didn’t really get more decadent than the protein scramble. He had a million things to do on any given day, so many facades to keep up.

So there’s really no earthly reason either of them should become a breakfast person now.  Except that Hannibal hasn’t had free rein in a kitchen in so long. And supplying Will with nourishment turns out to be immensely satisfying even when the meat comes from the farmer’s market.  And, ironically, sharing meals turns out to be a thing that’s mostly simple and easy between them, in the early months when many things aren’t.

It just sort of becomes a habit, after a while. Hannibal makes breakfasts - omelettes and waffles and seasonal fruit salads (no grapes after the first time he learns Will doesn’t like grapes in fruit salad, there is still so much to learn).   Sometimes the smells and sounds lure Will from bed, disheveled and semiconscious, and he makes his way onto a kitchen stool where he wraps his hands around a giant mug of coffee and sways vaguely, watching Hannibal work, until the verbal part of his brain clicks on.  Sometimes he doesn’t wake up, so breakfast comes to him on a tray.

Hannibal likes making omelettes best - the endless variations of things you can put in them, playing flavors and textures off each other, dicing ingredients precisely, cooking them to just the right golden.  So he does that a lot. But Will likes French toast best - he’d never say it, he claims to like all breakfast foods equally, but he smiles, oh, the way he smiles - so Hannibal makes that a lot too. His love for Will does not extend far enough to ingesting the cheap maple syrup that Will likes, so they keep two bottles.  

Hannibal makes pancakes when blueberries are in season, crepes when they’re not, frittatas when they’ve lazed so long that morning is fast approaching afternoon and breakfast becomes brunch.  Mimosas or Bloody Marias on days after they’ve overindulged and some hair of the dog is in order.  He tries a traditional Japanese breakfast out a few times, but Will refuses to accept nattō as a food.

Once in a while Will makes it out of bed first, and Hannibal catches him chowing down on peanut butter toast barefoot in the kitchen like a savage who could have had huevos rancheros if he’d just waited twenty minutes.  Will grins, unrepentant, and offers Hannibal the other half of the slice.

Hannibal takes it with a sigh, and mutters only slightly about the crumbs all over the counter, and reminds himself that he doesn’t even like breakfast.  And, usually, starts planning something particularly elaborate for dinner as his own obscure form of reckoning.

Double Date

Pairing: Harry Osborn x reader

Word count: 1,271

Request: “Can you write a fluffy Harry Osborn fic were the reader is a close friend of Gwen’s and agrees to go on a double date with her and Peter and Harry as her date please? *slides you my soul as a form of payment*”

A/N: this is my first fic so pls be gentle i am but a smol egg. I hope you guys like this and please feel free to send in ships/requests. my inbox is open!

“Okay but you’re joking, right? Like you’re just messing with me? What is today? Is it April Fools or something?” you walked away to check your calendar and it was not, in fact, April 1st. Gwen laughed and shook her head. 

“I’m not kidding, (Y/N). Peter and I called Harry last night and he was on board with it.” Gwen leaned against your desk and crossed her arms. “So, are you in?” she raised an eyebrow.

 You chewed your bottom lip and shrugged. You were happy for Gwen and Peter, you really were, but double dates really weren’t your thing. Especially when your date would be Harry Osborn. Not that you didn’t like like him, it was the exact opposite actually.

You’ve been practically head-over-heels for the young CEO even though you had only known him few months. He was always very nice to you and even came down from his office to visit you during your lunch break every once in a while (earning a few jealous glares from your fellow receptionists). You were content admiring from afar and exchanging simple small talk in the elevator along with a few flirtatious comments here and there. 

You’d definitely thought about asking him out but you just didn’t have to guts for it, plus it would be a little inappropriate considering you we’re an Oscorp employee.

Gwen cleared her throat, snapping you out of your thoughts. “C’mon (Y/N), it’ll be fun. I know how much you like him.” Gwen gave you a smile but you shook your head. “I don’t know. I don’t really go on dates.” You paused. “Plus I work at Oscorp, wouldn’t it be kinda like, against the rules or something?” Gwen rolled her eyes at you. “(Y/N), you’re my best friend and i’ll be damned if I’m gonna let you sit at home all night with your face in your laptop. Just come out on this double date tonight and we’ll see how things go.” She assured you. 

You sighed in defeat. “Fine, I’ll go. But if it’s awkward or anything goes wrong, I’m leaving. Harry Osborn is one fine piece of ass but I’m not risking my job for it.” Gwen laughed at your comment and walked towards the door of your office, opening it and stepping out. She looked over her shoulder and added. “We’ll be meeting Peter and Harry at the restaurant at seven. Wear something nice, we’re going to Per Se, Harry’s buying.” When the door closed, you collapsed into your chair with a groan. It was gonna be a long night.

You were standing outside of the restaurant with Gwen and Peter, all three of you waiting for Harry to show up; he was late. The butterflies in your stomach got worse as the minutes passed and you were about to make some kind of excuse to leave when a black limo pulled up to the curb. Harry, dressed in a suit and tie, stepped out with his phone in his hand. He pocketed the device and looked up with a grin. “Sorry I’m late. Something came up that I…” he trailed off as his eyes landed on you in your black dress and heels. 

His gaze made a blush rise to your cheeks as you shifted your weight and leaned a bit to the left. “You look great.” he muttered as his eyes met yours. You were probably red as a tomato by now and you could barely make yourself talk. “I -uh, thanks. You too.” you mentally cursed yourself for stuttering and he chuckled as he led you all inside.

Dinner went fairly smooth even though you, Gwen, and Peter almost fainted when you saw the price of everything. Harry just laughed and told them not to worry about the cost because he was paying for it all, he even ordered an expensive bottle wine which you gladly downed two glasses of to calm your nerves. With the aid of wine, you managed to make polite conversation everyone and even had a few laughs as Peter and Harry regaled hilarious stories of the things they’ve done. 

It felt more like an outing with friends rather than a double date and at first the casualness of it made you happy, but as the date progressed you almost wished it was just you and Harry spending time together. 

At one point Harry put his arm around your shoulders and you swore that your heart skipped a beat.

After dinner you stood outside as you gave Gwen and Peter a hug goodbye. When their cab drove away, you stepped towards the curb to hail a cab of your own when you heard Harry speak up. “Want a ride home?” He asked, gesturing towards the black limousine. You had never been in a limo before and you really wanted to get out of the cold as soon as possible. “Uh, yeah, why not?” you smiled and climbed into the warmth of the vehicle.

Harry got in after you and closed the door. You gave the driver your address and sat back against the seat, now suddenly aware of how close Harry was sitting. There was a minute of silence before Harry cleared his throat. “Ya know, I had a really good time tonight. It feels good to go out and just have fun without thinking about the company and paperwork.” He looked at you and smirked, his eyes lingering briefly on your lips. “I know how you feel.” you replied, clearing your throat to keep from stuttering. “It’s nice to get away from my desk and the office. I haven’t actually gone out on a date in years.” you added sheepishly as the limousine came to a stop outside of your apartment building.

Harry got out and walked around to the other side to open your door for you. He took your hand and helped you out but even after you were out of the car, his hand didn’t let go of yours. “I’d love to do this again. You know, if you’re up for it.” He looked down at your hands before looking back up at you and giving you a smile. “Yeah. I mean, we’d have to talk to Gwen and Peter about it and see when they’re free again.” You replied with a smile though were a bit disappointed that the next time you went out, it would probably be another double date.

You really did have fun tonight but you wanted nothing more than to just spend some time alone with Harry on a real date. “Well I meant just me and you. You know, a normal date?” Harry smiled again though it was more of a smirk and your heart jumped. “I’d love that. Just text me when you’re free, yeah?” “Yeah, I’ll do that.” Harry let go of your hand and went to go back to the car. Without thinking, you leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek but he turned his head and connected his lips with yours. You almost pulled away out of surprise but he brought his hand up to the back of your neck and deepened the kiss. When he pulled away he gave you a cocky smirk and winked at you before climbing back into the car. ‘cheeky bastard’ you thought before starting up the steps to your building. As you entered the warmth of the lobby, you couldn’t help the grin that made its way onto your face.


      You picked up the newspaper on the table in front of you and your heart nearly stopped when you saw the main headline: ’Young CEO Harry Osborn spotted with mystery woman’ followed by a candid picture snapped of Harry kissing you outside of your apartment building. Damn paparazzi.


This took really long i’m sorry!
At first it was more high-pitched but it made everything so slow and laggy? So have the slower version ;v;
This was request by: Stussy Gaming!
Anyone can request anything at any time, just inbox me or something!
But this DID turn out pretty crappy, didn’t it..?
Anyways.. I hope you enjoy it ;;
As always credit for the drawings! Especially Chloe my egg

Enjoy the Ride

Anon requested Simon imagine!

No warnings, just pure fluff and cuteness(:


“Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!” I heard, as my bed shook underneath me. I had spent the night at the sidemen house, and kind of expected to me woken up similar to this.

“No! Sleep, sleep is good.” I said, as I swatted at the person who was jumping on my bed. The person then laid on me and I realized that it was my best friend, Simon.

“Get up, you’re heavy!” I said, trying to push him off of my back. He suddenly sat up, which made me turn over and look at him, to which he was making a shocked face. “Are you calling me fat?!” I laughed and pushed him off the bed.

“No but seriously, get up and get dressed! You. Me. Road trip. Half an hour. Be there or be square!” He cheekily grinned as he threw me some clothes- a sidemen jumper and leggings- and walked out the door. I groaned and reluctantly trudged out of bed and got ready.

*time skip*

“I’m ready!” I yelled, walking into Simon’s room. He turned around in his chair, and said, “Okay, let me shut this off.” (hi again, it’s me😂) I nodded and he shut down his computer. We left down the stairs, calling to Josh and Vik that we were leaving. As we got in Simon’s car, I realized that he forgot one important thing…

“Uh, aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked Simon, with a smile on my face. When he looked at me confused, I made little circles around my eyes with my hands ( simulating glasses ) and burst out laughing. He groaned, then opened the car door, jogging back into the house. When he got back in the car, he looked at me with a really big goofy smile, and then we were off.

“So, where are we going, four eyes?” I asked giggling a bit. ( a/n I wear glasses so I get asked things like this a bit so don’t get offended if you do! all just banter(: ) Simon looked over at me and just rolled his eyes. “Ha ha, very funny Y/N. I’m not telling you.” We talked for a bit more about random things then I started the joking once again.

“Why did the iPhone wear glasses?” I asked, snickering. Simon groaned and reluctantly answered, “why?” “BECAUSE IT LOST ALL ITS CONTACTS!” I said loudly, laughing so hard tears began to come out. Simon chuckled sarcastically, but looked at me with a smirk on his face. “You’ve gotta stop teasing me,” he said, pouting.

“Okay, okay. I have one more,” I said, once I got my bearings back together. I wiped my eyes and said, “what do you call a deer with no eyes?? NO IDEA!!! (Eye-deer) get it?!” By this time Simon was slowing down, but I was laughing to hard to realize. When we came to a stop, I was calming down, so I asked what was wrong. He said nothing, just looked at me with a blank face. By the time I was about to repeat the question, he lunged at me, tickling me.

“Simon!!! Stop!!!” We both were laughing. “I told you to stop teasing me!” He said. He seemed like he was about to stop, so I opened my eyes only to see Simon’s face a few inches away. He looked me in the eyes, and I stared right back. Without realizing it, we both began to lean towards each other, and before we knew it our lips were touching. After a few seconds, Simon pulled away with a small smile on his face. “I’ve wanted to do that for a while,” he said, scratching the back of his head. I looked at him still in shock, before breaking out into a grin of my own. “Me too,” I whispered. We smiled at each other.

He kissed me once more, then straightened back up in his seat, starting on our journey once again. I furrowed my brows as I didn’t realize where we were.
“Simon, where are we going?” I asked. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and replied, “I don’t know. Somewhere. Nowhere. Anywhere. Just as long as I’m with you.” And with that he turned on the radio, with a small smile on his face. I smiled, looking at the boy I called my best friend, then looked away towards the window to just enjoy the ride.

so I drew a lucario the other day :0

Who's Your Valentine?

Being that it was Valentine’s Day I was in a great mood. I had finally gotten the chance to sleep in and made a delicious breakfast for me and my son, Drew, which was a stack of pancakes and eggs which was his favorite and now I was just relaxing and waiting on David to get home.

I sat on the couch, flipping the channels of the television until I could see little Drew quickly bounding towards me, his hands tucked mischievously behind his back.

“Ma, I have a surprise for you,” he gleefully exclaimed which immediately perked my interest. “Okay. What is it?”

He drew his hands from behind his back and held out my surprise which was a heart-shaped box of chocolates, one lone red rose and a card. “Happy Valentine’s Day! I was gonna give it to you this morning but I had to make a new card.”

“Aw, sweetie. What was wrong with the first one?” I took the gifts from his hand and immediately began opening the envelope that the card was sealed in, still looking to Drew as he stumbled through his answer. “Well, your favorite color is blue and I used too much red so I wanted to redo it.” Once again, I broke out into awws. This kid was too cute for words!

“I would have loved it regardless.” I opened the folded piece of decorated construction paper which contained scribbles and adorably messy letters stating ‘Happy V-Day’. I opened it and inside there were decorated blue hearts and scribbles of ‘I love you’ everywhere perfectly accented by Drew’s childlike signature at the bottom. “This is the best Valentines gift I could ever receive.” I was beaming, so proud of my son for his thoughtfulness and tossed his bouncy curls between my fingers before kissing his forehead and then repeatedly his cheeks which caused him to laugh and squirm in my arms.

I could hear the door of the home open and Drew did too as he backed away and screamed towards David. “Papai!” He immediately burst forward and ran into his father’s arms which was carrying a large bouquet of assorted flowers. “Hey champ.” He leaned down to kiss Drew’s forehead and then began moving forward to me, a smile on his face. It was the first we had spoken today as I was fast asleep when he headed off this morning, aside from a sweet note he left by my bedside telling me he loved me and would miss me for the few hours he was gone.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, meu amor.” He leaned down and placed a loving, lingering kiss to my lips before handing me the intricate vase of flowers but he had one disapprover.

“Hey! That’s my valentine!” Drew tugged at his father’s leg with a scowl on his face, causing myself and David to laugh. “Oh really? Since when?”

“I gave her a card and flowers and candy first! You’re too late.” He playfully stuck out his tongue.

“Well how about this? Whoever she accepts dinner with is her true valentine. How about that?” David proposed a challenge and just as his father would, Drew nodded and accepted stubbornly.

“Mamãe, would you please go to dinner with me? I promise to pay. You can get whatever you want. Even dessert before your real food comes!” I giggled at how serious his words were and how much he was pleading. Those brown puppy dog eyes were hard to say no to and David knew that as well.

“I can’t compete with that,” David said as he playfully threw up his hands in defeat causing Drew to jump erratically with joy as he knew he had won. “Yes! Yes! She’s mine.” He jumped into my arms as I continued laughing, cradling him in my grasp where I sat.

I placed a dramatically loud kiss to his cheek. “Now, valentine, go get ready so we can head out for dinner.” Drew quickly nodded and jumped out of my lap, running off to his room to change while David sat next to me and laid his head in my lap.

“You know you’re still my valentine right?” He looked up towards me while I looked down at him in my lap.

“Oh, no. I think Drew won me this year.” David’s face broke out into a smile at my joke as he leaned up and placed a deep kiss to my lips. “I guess I have to work harder next year. I taught him well.”

Gone With The Wind (Hamilton x reader)

AN: This was a request from @purpleshellsaremyfavorite​ from a while back, telling me to write anything I want.  So obviously I asked her for an Alexander prompt, because her prompts are my favorite thing to write and because Alexander is my problematic fave.  Her prompt was amazing, and I hope my fic does it justice.  Enjoy!

You woke up in the morning with a pounding headache.  What did you do last night…?  Your entire body felt groggy, and it was with great effort you pulled yourself up to rest on your elbows.

Next to you was a gorgeous sleeping man.  He had a neatly trimmed goatee and a messy ponytail which had practically fallen out.  Your thoughts were interrupted when a cold chill drifted past your skin, raising goosebumps and holy shit you’re naked.

You quickly pulled back the covers and began scouring for your clothes.  When you finally found them, you quickly pulled them on.  You went to leave before the man in the bed woke, but a last glance at him turned into something more.

You couldn’t help but feel… attached to this man.  The way he breathed lightly when he slept, and how vulnerable he looked, tugged at something inside you.  Oh lord, it was only a one night stand and you’d already gone and caught feelings.  Still, instead of heading for the door, you ignored your headache and went to scout out the kitchen and prepare breakfast.  Before you did, however, you grabbed his phone.  To your relief, it was a fingerprint lock and you pressed the sleeping man’s thumb to his phone quickly.  You quickly entered his details into your phone before heading out for the kitchen, trying not to think about what you had just done, and how strange it was–all you knew is that you couldn’t let this be just a one night stand.

There wasn’t much in the fridge, but you found enough to make some pancake batter.  Hopefully the man liked pancakes.  Just as you were finishing up the last pancake, wondering what the man liked on them–maple syrup? butter?–the very person in question walked into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes.  He was still stark naked and you went wide eyed, pausing mid-flip, causing the pancake to plummet onto the floor.  The man didn’t seem to notice as you handed him a stack of pancakes, which he proceeded to cover in an ungodly amount of the sugary liquid.  You filed that information away for later.

You grabbed a stack of pancakes for yourself and tucked in.  An awkward silence filled the kitchen.

‘So…’ you said, searching for anything to break the ice, ‘what’s your name?’

‘Alexander Hamilton,’ he mumbled, his voice muffled by pancakes.

‘I’m Y/N.’

The atmosphere was still tense as you groped blindly for conversation topics.  There was only one thing you knew would generate at least some response: politics.

‘Um, so… what do you think about the political situation right now?’

You had obviously expected something, but not this much–Alexander began waving his hands around wildly, speaking loud and fast.  He talked with passion and his dark eyes sparkled with life and intelligence.  Every word that flew out of his mouth had you riveted as he put feelings and opinions you held dear into words–you’d never met someone who clearly meshed so well with you.

He was halfway through a sentence when you blurted out:

‘Hey, want to go out later?’

‘What?’ he said, disgruntled by the abrupt interruption to his chain of thought.

‘Do you want to go out later?  Like, for lunch or something.’

Your offer hung in the air as Alexander stared at you.  Eventually, he spoke up.

‘Why haven’t you left already?

‘What?’  It was your turn to be disgruntled.

‘This is a one night stand.’

The emphasis he placed on ‘one night stand’ felt like a shot straight to the heart.  Why did it have to be a one night stand?  He was attracted to you enough to have sex with you in the first place, and–

You stood up and left the kitchen, headed for the front door.

When you got home, you quickly checked your contacts.  One stood out to you–Sleepy McSleepypants.  You laughed, thinking about changing it to Alexander Hamilton, but decided to keep it.

You shot him a quick text.

Sorry for leaving to deal with the dishes.  My offer of lunch still stands.

What you were doing was ridiculous; you’d already been rejected, but you let your mind drift back to Alexander’s words on politics, and how the ideals he held and the way he expressed them lit something inside you–a revolutionary, passionate streak that was rarely incited–and you knew you couldn’t throw away your shot with him.

You waited for an hour until your phone began to buzz.  You ran to pick it up–it was a text from Alexander.

… sure, I’ll meet you at this restaurant at 2pm tomorrow:

He texted you the directions, which you saved onto your phone.  You felt butterflies flutter nervously inside your stomach as you thought about getting to talk to Alexander again.

When you left the restaurant the next day, you felt wholly unsatisfied.  Alexander had shot down every minor flirtation in his own way, yet had somehow led you on.  How had you left lunch feeling both rejected and infatuated?  Something about Alexander just pulled you closer as he pushed you away.

As time went on, you and Alexander became close friends, but he still either ignored or pushed aside any attempts you made at trying to become more than friends.  You were beginning to get desperate as you fell even more in love with him while he seemed to feel nothing.

Something inside you was nagging you.  Alexander clearly wasn’t interested in having anything more than a one night stand with you, and it clearly wasn’t good for you to continue pursuing him in the way you were–your feelings were only growing while he didn’t seem to have any feelings at all.

Well, you know what, you thought, I don’t have to talk to him at all.

Still, your heart was whispering love propaganda as you ignored Alexander’s texts.

After a week and 257 notifications, you let yourself give in a little.

Meet me at the first restaurant at 2pm.  We can talk.

You arrived at 1.30.  An hour passed by, and there was no sign of Alexander and no texts.  Another hour slipped over your head, patting you patronizingly as it passed, serving as proof that Alexander was standing you up.

Your phone began to buzz but you put it on mute.  You didn’t want to hear whatever bullshit excuse he was spewing as rage built up inside you.  Was Alexander really this immature…?  With a final text, not bothering to read whatever Alexander had sent, you blocked him, erasing from your narrative.  You felt helpless.

Alexander sat anxiously in his kitchen, waiting for you to arrive.  You had made him breakfast like a chef and served the pancakes like a waiter, and he held your first restaurant high in his regard, thinking fondly back on memories of him spewing out politics to you in his kitchen as you looked on, rapt.

During the week you didn’t talk to him, he had some time to think over his relationship with you.  He had thought he’d be glad to have you stop talking to him, and he was–for a brief while.  After a day, he began feeling… something, like a hole had been caved out in his chest with a scalpel, and he knew you had something to do with it.  He sent you a few texts and the feeling grew with every lack of response.  On the second day, he began to have these reoccurring dreams of him chasing something in the darkness.  On the sixth day, he finally grabbed what he was chasing–it turned around and for a brief moment he could see your face until you disappeared.  He had been chasing you.  He woke up with a cold sweat.

Fuck, he thought.  I love Y/N.

When he got your text, his heart had leapt into his throat and he eagerly began tidying the kitchen and baking pancakes.  When the clock struck 5pm, Alexander couldn’t help but feel helpless and hopeless.  He read back over your texts again, and a terrible realization swept over him.

You hadn’t meant the kitchen,

and that meant Alexander had stood you up.

Alexander’s hands began to shake and he put the phone down for fear of dropping it.  They shook and shook until he punched the wall.  He didn’t even notice he had been crying until he felt something wet crawl down his neck.

In that moment, he was filled with determination.

He would do anything to get you back.  He tore out the door, barely grabbing his coat, and began running down the street, chasing after you in the early night’s fog.

Spoilers [Riddler x Reader]
Request: Hello, let me start off by saying your writing is impeccable! The characters for one are always spot on! So thank you for making my evening with your fantastic writing. Also if it’s not too much of a bother I’d like to request Edward Nigma x reader with the prompt: “things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear” Please and thank you~ No rush! From @asheliabunny

Words: 824

Warnings: Hinted that The Riddler isn’t in good health, but we’ll all knew that anyway. Just that I guess.

Notes: No dark stuff behind this. Just purely silly, domestic (kinda), fluffy stuff. Also there is a HUGE Easter egg in this thing. Let me know if you know what it is. First person gets a prize!! I hope you like it.

“You see Batman, in part, this whole trail is like a game of chess. There are three stages to any good game of chess…” Edward announced, his tone of voice threaded with his usually cockyness. “Although I wouldn’t expect a Neanderthal like you to know that.”

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Confetti Eggs

Warnings: none? a little OOC tbh

Notes: This wasn’t requested, I thought I’d just make a Pan imagine inspired by Easter! Happy Easter to all who celebrate! To those who do not, enjoy your Sunday! Also, this is my first time using gifs with an imagine, so I hope I did well! Enjoy~

p.s thanks to my dear friend @perkledot (aka Perkle) for helping me come up with a part of this imagine!

You had been working hard making colourful eggs filled with colourful paper. You were making confetti eggs. One for each Lost Boy, including Pan. You were planning on throwing one at each boy. Get back at them for pummeling you at the games you always played with them.

You’d been living on Neverland for a while now. You were also the only Lost Girl, but that never stopped the boys from playing rough with you. Of course you didn’t mind, since you grew up around boys before being taken to Neverland. But you thought you’d finally get all of them back by throwing confetti eggs at them. It would be a harmless prank. You would throw them, they’d crack open, and confetti would get all over them. You thought it’d be good fun. Though you did live on Neverland where Pan was rather uptight and serious. Still, you proceeded with your plan.

As the Lost Boys roamed bits of Neverland, you climbed in trees, waiting for the perfect moment to hit them. You’d fling the hollow, festive egg with your slingshot. You hit all your targets easily, the boys confused at first, but most of them would laugh afterwards.

What the…? What is this?” That’s when you’d giggle and laugh at them, coming out of your hiding spot.

Gotcha,” you smirked.

What is this, Y/N?” They would ask you.

It’s called confetti. Get with the program,” you said sassily, still smirking. That’s when you would run off, heading for your next victim. 

After getting all the Lost Boys, it was time to try and get the very King of Neverland. You searched for Pan, hoping that Felix—Pan’s head Lost Boy—didn’t warn him of what you were up to. That would ruin all the fun.

Snickers and giggles escaped your mouth when you finally spotted Pan. He was closer to camp, doing whatever he needed to be doing. You hid behind a tree trunk, knowing that if you were to climb in a tree, he’d hear you scuffling. So you stayed still, pulling back the sling with the egg. You aimed and released, the egg flying. Though Pan had moved in the slightest way, making the egg hit him in the back of the head. Confetti got all of his back, some pieces in his hair. 

Your eyes widened. You never meant to actually hit him in the head. Just his back, but the idiot bent down at the wrong time. 

Pan shot up, whipping his head around. His hand flew to the back of his head, picking up a piece of colourful paper from his hair. He cocked an eyebrow at it, questioning where it came from. When he looked up, he spotted you instantly.

“Y/N,” he walked up to, looking mad. “What the hell?”

“It’s, um, it’s a confetti egg! C’mon, it was just good fun. A game!” You tried to reason with Pan. You knew he wouldn’t hurt you, though. No. He’d never admit this to any of the Lost Boys, but he cared a lot about you. Even if you did get on his nerves sometimes, he still could never punish you like he would if a Lost Boy were to do this. 

The tiniest of smiles cracked onto his face. “You want to play games? I’ll play your games.” His voice was low, and you gulped.

You didn’t know it, but Pan lifted his hand up. He hovered it over your head, using his magic to make a real egg appear in his grasp. He squeezed it until it broke open. An evil smirk was playing on his lips as he did this. The yolk got all over your head, dripping down your back and cheeks. You gasped, balling your hands into fists.

“Oh, it is so on, Peter,” you said through teeth. 

Pan grinned. “How? All you have are silly confetti eggs. I have real ones.” You smirked at him.  

Aside from being the only Lost Girl on the island, you also learned a little bit of magic. You weren’t the best, and you most certainly weren’t as powerful as Pan, but you knew some. Like making small objects appear in your hand. Only small items though. Like eggs, for example. So you imagined a real egg in your hand. At first, nothing happened. Pan cocked an eyebrow at you, waiting for you to do or say something. But then, an actual egg appeared in your hand. 

In one swift movement, you jumped and swung your hand up, slamming the egg onto his head. The yolk exploded, some of it actually landing on your face. It went all over his hair and face as well. 

Lost Boys gathered around during this time. Gasps left their bodies, shocked that you did such a thing. They were even more surprised when Pan didn’t punish you. He didn’t snap or bark at you. All he did was smile and an actual laugh left his throat. A real, genuine laugh. It wasn’t sarcastic or sassy. It was legitimate and genuine. It was strange and foreign to them, but not to you.

“It’s on, little Lost Girl,” he made another one appear in his hands so quickly. He chucked it at you, but you backed up in time. He missed, and it hit the ground.

It took you longer, but another egg appeared. You threw it at him, hitting him in the chest. You and Pan messed around, breaking into an egg war. You tried your best to keep up with his pace at making eggs appear, but using too much magic wore you out. But you pushed yourself to keep creating more eggs.

“Peter!” You squealed when he hit you with two eggs at the same time. A laugh came out of him.

“Give up?” He smirked. 


The Lost Boys were confused at why he was being so playful with you. He looked like he was having actual fun. Nothing serious was going on, it was just fun. The Lost Boys were so hypnotized by this rare side of the King of Neverland. 

Yolk and eggshells were littering the space, but neither of you cared. This was too much fun. You were both giggling and laughing loudly, throwing eggs at each other. But finally, you were all worn out, your body not used to producing so much magic.

“Okay, okay. Peter, you win,” you breathed heavily. Yolk covered you and Pan head to toe. You sat on the ground, trying to regain energy. Pan sat next to you, resting a hand on your shoulder.

“You okay?” You nodded a little.

“Tired. Magic takes a lot out of me. How come you never tire out?” He laughed his original, sarcastic laugh now.

“Darling, when you’re as powerful as me, you’ll understand. But let’s face it, you’ll never reach that high level.” He grinned at you.

“Watch me,” you said back. That was a challenge you were going to take. Even though you knew you’d never reach his level of power, you still knew you could improve just a little.

You leaned onto Pan, his arm going around you. The Lost Boys who were still watching behind the trees, gasped again. Pan was being gentle and kind. Actually being gentle, and actually being kind. 

“I have such a soft spot for you, you know that?” Pan commented. A smug smile played on your lips.

“I know you do,” you pressed yourself more into him. You pushed yourself up, giving him a small peck on the cheek. You knew when you kissed his cheek, it always made him flustered and he’d blush. And that’s exactly what he did. His face scrunched up, and his cheeks turned a light shade of red.

Then you stood up. “I’m going to get cleaned up and probably nap.”

Your legs were a little wobbly, but you stood. All that magic really did tucker you out. Pan stood with you, keeping an arm around you in case you fell. He tilted his head, giving you a look. The blush on his cheeks disappeared. He snapped his fingers, the mess that was all over you, him, and the floor disappearing. 

“Now you can just nap.” He smiled kindly at you. 

“You’re the best,” you rolled your eyes tiredly at him.

“I love it when you say that.”

“Hush, Pan,” you lightly pushed him away, giggling. “Tell the Lost Boys not to bother me, Peter? Please?”

Pan nodded his head, escorting you to where you slept. His hand rested on the small of you back as you two walked. “Anything for my Lost Girl.”

Just Friends Part 3

I opened my eyes slowly, sunlight streaming through the blinds. There was a strange emptiness around me and I realized that Andy was no longer by my side in the bed. I sat up and stretched, figuring he’d gone to the bathroom or something. I felt my stomach growl loudly and headed for the kitchen. On my way there, the scent of bacon and eggs hit me.

“Good morning, gorgeous,” Andy said, turning his back to the stove to smile at me. He was making breakfast for us, not something he usually did. It was rare that I actually saw Andy cook. 

“Are you actually making breakfast?” I asked, slightly amused. I had to check to make sure this wasn’t a dream. I walked up and poked him, trying to test if this was reality.

“Yeah, I thought you might be hungry,” he chuckled. My stomach let out a loud grumble. “And it looks like I was right judging by that.” Andy was shirtless, only a holy pair of batman pajama bottoms adorning his body. “By the way, my shirt looks hot as fuck on you.” He gave me a smirk and I giggled, blushing slightly. I had one of Andy’s Bengals jerseys on, my panties showing a tad. 

“I must say, I’m a little surprised. I barely ever see you cook. And I’m over here all the damn time,” I said, sitting down at the table, propping my chin on my elbow and admiring him.

“Whatever, I cook all the time!” he defended. “Its just mostly frozen stuff.” We both laughed, knowing he was just being a goofball. “Here you go, love.” I bristled at that word as Andy sat the plate down in front of me. Then he plopped across from me and dug in, apparently pretty hungry himself. “What’s up?” he asked, noticing my change. 

“What?” I was trying not to be obvious. That word just set me on edge. Why would he choose that word?

“You’re being all…weird. I promise I didn’t poison anything,” he joked, raising an eyebrow and having a slight smirk. He shoveled another bite of eggs into his mouth, watching me still.

“I’m fine, honestly,” I tried to assure. I picked up my fork and began to eat slowly, more pecking at my food than anything. It was good and I was hungry, so I did eventually actually begin to eat it. But that word just kept ringing in my head over and over and over. It was like a horrible reminder than I was a terrible person and I was doing terrible things to these innocent guys.

“Here, I’ll take that,” Andy offered once I was done, taking my plate and washing it for me with the other dishes. He was being extra…sweet today for some reason. 

“You’re just acting like a perfect little prince this morning,” I teased, coming up to wrap my arms around his torso as he dried everything.

“Mmmm, well, I have a very beautiful princess I want to please,” he replied. I laughed lightly, but inside I wanted to scream. I let go of him and jumped up on the counter next to him, watching. My legs were kicking back and forth. “Don’t sit like that,” Andy said, glancing over at me.

“Why?” I laughed. 

“Because,” he mumbled. I bit my lip. He was being so odd! 

“Because whyyyyyyyyyy?” With a sigh, Andy put the last dish down forcefully and gripped the edges of the sink, his crystal blue eyes meeting mine.

“Because 1) My head is like at perfect height to see your amazing chest, which is turning me on. And 2) I have a lovely view of those nice little panties, which is also turning me on. So, unless you want to go for a round two, then I suggest you don’t sit like that,” he explained. I raised an eyebrow and glanced over the edge of the counter only to find that yes, this was turning Andy on. I smirked, but didn’t move. He cocked his eyebrows at me and then shrugged. “Alright then.”

Andy put his lips on mine, his hands slowly traveling up my legs. I must admit, I was a little excited despite the voice in the back of my head screaming, What the hell, Y/N?! Don’t do this to him!!! Of course, the feeling of Andy’s body intertwining with mine in so many different ways seemed to shush that voice, at least for a bit.


“I think we worked off all that food from breakfast,” Andy teased, kissing my temple. We laid on the couch, a big blanket covering our bodies. I was laying on Andy’s chest, his arms wrapped around me. I traced the ink etched into his skin. This was one of my favorite things to do after we slept together, or even if he was just shirtless. 

“That feels good, don’t stop,” he whispered, his eyes already closed. I continued on in silence, mesmerized by the intricate work. Soon enough, Andy was asleep again, his breathing evening out. My thoughts drifted as I let out a sigh. What was I doing with him? Did I want this to be more, or did I just want what we had right now? I knew that wouldn’t be fair, to ask Andy to give up dating and finding an actual relationship just to be “friends with benefits”, stuck in a limbo, with me. Of course I cared about him as more than just my best friend. I loved him to pieces, but was I in love with him? 

That was where things got complicated, because then Austin came into play. I knew for a fact that Austin wanted more with me, but did I want that with him? I didn’t know how to choose. Both of these men were beyond amazing. Truthfully, they did deserve the best. I didn’t know if I would be that for them. But didn’t they each deserve a fair shot at real happiness? I seemed to make them both happy, and vice versa. It was literally impossible to decide if a) I wanted be actually be with either of them, and b) which one to choose if I did. 

Plus, what would happen to our friendships? Things would be complicated. I’m sure that if I picked one, the other would no longer want anything to do with me. I sure as hell didn’t want to lose either one of them, especially knowing that it was because I hurt them like that. Also, what if I did get into a relationship with one and it didn’t work out? He wouldn’t want to stick around either, pretty much leaving me with nobody. But…was I being selfish?

I groaned in frustration, a headache fighting it’s way through now. I looked at Andy’s sleeping face. He was so handsome, so sweet, so caring and loving and special. But Austin was all those things, too… I felt tears begin to prick the back of my eyes. It wasn’t long before they spilled over, leaving small gems on Andy’s bare chest. I sat up, trying not to wake him, and threw his shirt on again, needing air. I grabbed my phone and stepped outside into the sunlight. I felt like I could breathe easier out here. My phone was blown up with txts and calls and voicemails from Austin. Guilt hit me again since I knew he’s probably been worried sick.

“Y/N???? Thank god, are you alright?” Austin’s worried voice answered. 

“I’m fine, Austin. Calm down,” I assured quietly. He was a lot more worried than I thought.

“I haven’t heard from you in days. I didn’t know if something happened or you were mad at me. I thought maybe I did something wrong the other night…” His voice trailed off and I silently scolded myself for being so inconsiderate of his feelings.

“No, no, not at all!” I explained. “I’ve just been dealing with some stuff and I’ve been busy. That’s all.”

“Well, do you want to talk? I can come get you-”

“No, it’s fine, Austin,” I cut off quickly. “I’m at…a friend’s anyway. We’ll hang out soon, okay?" 

"Uh, yeah, sounds good,” he replied, not totally satisfied with that answer. 

“Thanks, Austin. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye,” I said, hanging up before he could reply again. I buried my face in my hands, completely lost as to what to do. The last thing I wanted to do was lose either one of them, but it looked like that was going to happen no matter what I did.


Thought I’d hop in on that cos i live for this shit. Anyways:

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The next day it was back to farm chores, but everyone was in ridiculously fantastic moods. There was much grinning and whistling of happy tunes.

Also they found about 10 of the decorative eggs, with 7 of them being unique, just from harvesting their plants. (I’m showing one egg here as an example.)

That’s it for the party spam! Thanks for sticking with me. This weekend I’ll probably work on a gambrel-roof tutorial, write a post about building, and maybe play Sam and Arlene. I haven’t forgotten my request list, either. :)

Breakfast ||Cameron Dallas

Requested by cameron-is-perfect-xxx, I really hope you enjoy!♡

I rolled over and felt a cold space beside me, I sat up confused, but then the yummy smell of Bacon hit my nose my stomach grumbled as I got out of bed. 

I threw on one of Camerons large sweaters and slipped on some socks and walked out of our shared bedroom. I walked into the kitchen and saw Cameron frantically scrambling some eggs and flipping the bacon over in the skillet jumping back when the grease popped. 

I giggled and he attempted to flip a pancake but it just doubled over onto its self. Cameron looked back “Sorry babe, I didnt mean to wake you.” He apologized “Its alright you didnt wake me. Do you need some help?” I asked. 

Cameron looked around at the kitchen which was a complete disaster, utensils, tupperware and powder everywhere. “Yeah I guess I could use some help.” 

I laughed and quickly washed and sanitized my hands then got to work making some new pancake mix. “Your going to need to throw those away.” I gestured to Camerons sad attempts at pancakes. Cameron frowned and picked up the plate and threw away the chard little cakes into the trash.

I got out a new skillet and spooned in some mix and let it do its magic. 

“Were you tying to make me breakfast this morning?” I asked “Yeah, I wanted it to be this big buffet of perfect breakfast foods but cooking is so damn hard. Im sorry I really tried.” He said in all sincerity. 

I was moved by his kind gesture . “Thank you so much Cameron, even though you failed it was still extremely thoughtful.” I smiled. Cameron smiled and wrapped his arms around me “Youve got a little bit of pancake mix on you nose.” He laughed, I lifted my arm to wipe it off but he kissed my nose getting rid of the mix but leaving my nose covered it his spit. “Eww Cam dont do that.” I laughed as I wiped his spit off with my sleeve. 

I flipped the pancake over and then spooned in another glob of mix. Cameron wrapped his arms around my from behind and rested his head on my shoulder. He was lightly kissing my jaw sucking a bit  just enough to leave very light hickeys. 

“How about instead of sucking on my face you cut up some fruit and make a fruit salad?” I suggested. Cameron groaned and release me and walked over to the fridge and got out some fruit and grabbed a knife. 

I was finally done making the pancakes so I put the in a pile on a plate and turned off the stove. I went to the fridge and got out some pomegranate seeds and grabbed a mango and a cantaloupe. Cameron was busy dicing up some apples so I cut the cantaloupe into two pieces and seeded both pieces and then I put in some pomegranate seeds in the bottom of the cantaloupes and then placed some mango slices on top of the seeds then I grabbed the apples Cameron had cut and placed those on the very top. 

“What the fuck is that?” Cameron asked, his face all screwed up. “A fruit salad in a cantaloupe bowl. I saw it on pinterest Im crafty as fuck!” I said proudly holding up the fine fruit specimen. Cameron laughed and grabbed the fruit bowl out of my hand and grabbed his plate full of pancakes. 

I sat down on the couch next to him “We make a great breakfast team.” He smiled showing a pancake into his mouth “Yeah we really do.” I smiled planting a soft kiss on his cheek.