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More Garp stuff would be great! The scene with him destroying evidence and transferring the offender is one of my favorite parts of TittM. Maybe the first time he and Mihawk met after Garp went back to Goa only to find two extra brats? His thoughts when he sees Luffy and Riskua using geppo?

(It’s one of my favourite parts too)

Eyeing his old friend, Sengoku wonders just why Garp appears to be attempting to vaporise Hawk Eyes from across the table with the force of his glare alone. 

He’s going to ignore it though, he’s not going to ask. He’s made that mistake once already when Garp was complaining about his ‘brats’. 

He won’t make that mistake again. 

And a bonus;

“Hey Sengoku! Why’re you looking at that one?” 

Twitching, Sengoku slowly places down the bounty of ‘Trafalgar Law’ in order to screw up his face, pretending that if he puts enough effort into expressing his displeasure then Garp’ll understand what that means and take his leave.

He doesn’t.

“Garp. What are you doing here. I thought you had to cry over that Portgas brat becoming a Whitebeard Pirate.” 

And just like that, Garp’s face crumples. 

“I found another of my brats.” 

“Oh?” From the look on Garp’s face, Sengoku probably shouldn’t enquire. But, he’s morbidly curious. 

“He joined the Revolutionaries.”

Fucking Garp and his fucking line always causing him grief. Adopted or not. Fuck.

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Does Riskua's still know how to make log posts? Did she tell the boys about them? (Maybe a scene where they're pestering her for info on the Grand Line?) Someone (probably Makino, but bonus points for Garp and/or Mihawk) trying to give Riskua The Talk. We've seen Luffy and Ace's birthdays, and Sabo's was mentioned, but what did they all do the first time Riskua's rolled around?

Sitting in a clearing, just herself and Mihawk, Riskua stares her uncle down, waiting for him to open the discussion. Because he clearly wants to talk about something. But what? 

A minute passes, and Riskua lets an eyebrow rise. 

“Are we gonna sit here, or are we gonna train, Uncle?” 

“… You need the sex talk.”

Fuck that.

“Makino’s already given it to me,” Riskua blurts out, hands clenching into fists at how rapidly those words leave her mouth. A huge indicator she’s lying. 

“She has not. I have already spoken to her.” 

Well shit.

“I already know it all.”

“About procreation-”


“And the diseases-”


“And how your father and I will obliterate any who mistreat you?” 

Well, she didn’t know that one, but it’s implied by Shanks’ behaviour back when she’d showcased more knowledge on the topic than he’d seemed comfortable with. 

“I assumed so.”

“Very well.” 

Riskua can hear the relief those two words scream. 

She feels much the same way. 

“Happy Birthday, Riskua! You’re three today.”

Rolling her eyes, the red-head flicks Sabo across the nose as he laughs, Luffy falling into a fit of giggles beside him as even Ace grins. 

“I’ve lived the same number of days any twelve year old would, idiots.”

“Yeah, but your birthday is on the 29th of February. So really, you’re only on your third birthday. So there.” 

“Sabo’s got a point,” Ace snorts, throwing her a toddler’s shirt, ‘I’m three today’ scrawled across it and made more presentable as a birthday present with a cutesy little bow. 

“You’re all horrible people.” 

“Does a three year old even know what horrible means?”