Feeling stuffed after your Thanksgiving meal? These sea lions in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary have the right idea!

Sea lions use their flippers to help cool down – their flippers have less blubber than the rest of their body, so heat can escape from the flipper’s surface when sea lions hold them above the water. Sounds like a good way to relax after a celebration! 

(Photo: Nicole Capps/NOAA)


White striped anemone - Anthothoe albocincta #marineexplorer by John Turnbull
Via Flickr:
A. albocincta is a common anemone native to eastern Australia and NZ. Like the stony corals, anemones have 6-sides symmetry (although it’s hard to tell with so many tentacles). Bare Island


For @rockingthegraveyard and @unlucky-marine for giving me great tips on how to deal with Marineford in my stomach…I didn’t see it til this morning so I didn’t put them to use, but next time I sure will! So have these sketches as thanks for the lookout!

Jesus I think I butchered Davy oh god