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Gymnastic Lessons (Peter Parker X Reader)

Characters: Peter Parker X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of heights

Could you do one where Peter is dating the reader and he thinks the fact he can swing around on his webs is pretty cool and then he finds out they’re an aerialist who’s like, really good? Sorry if that’s a little weird

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You’d been dating Peter for a few months now, and it was going well. You had actually met him as Spiderman, but he had gotten himself hurt and you were the one to take care of his injuries, so you knew about him being Peter Parker.

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Not only does the Wonder Woman movie not sexualize Diana, it also doesn’t sexualize Steve. Compared to the female gaze fan service provided in the second Thor movie, where the camera lovingly pans up Chris Hemworth’s water-beaded chest as he bathes himself, a moment that was met with a theater-wide sigh of feminine appreciation (and then a giggle), Steve is shown from just the shoulders up for much of the scene. Even when you are shown his whole body, it is shot from a distance. There are no loving close-ups of his Adonis belt or his flexing biceps.

When Diana sees him, she asks if he is a typical example of his sex, and while Steve automatically thinks of his penis, she isn’t thinking that at all. The camera shows Steve the way Diana sees him, which is as a man, but not as a sexual object.

Faction Logic in Fallout 4

Faction: Finally, we’ve infiltrated the Institute! Time to blow this shit up!

SS: But … this place is incredible. It might truly be mankind’s last hope.

Faction: This place has terrorized the Commonwealth for years! We’re blowin’ it up!

SS: But Father’s dead. The people have already surrendered. Some of them have even evacuated.

Faction: Time’s a wastin’! Gotta blow it up!

SS: But there are some pretty good people here. Not everyone is like Father. Very few of them, in fact. Maybe we can learn to put aside our differences and work together for the betterment of mankind.

Faction: I’m hookin’ up the bomb!

SS: There are animals in here, too. Plants and food substitutes. Purified water. Farms and heat lamps. There’s also a lab where scientists were studying the FEV virus. Maybe we can find a way to reverse it. Forever.

Faction: Tick-tock, tick-tock.

SS: Hmm, what this? Says on this terminal that they were working on a cure for cancer, and the results were promising. It looks like they’ve almost cracked the code on–

Faction: BLOW IT UP!!!!

Dear trans people with abusive parents

Girls can have dicks
Girls can be tall
Girls can be hairy
Girls can be broad

Boys can have vaginas
Boys can have periods
Boys can have boobs
Boys can be short
Boys can have curves

Non binary people exist
Thy can have vaginas or penises
Period or no period
Boobs or no boobs

Fuck your parents, they arent god. They dont decide who you are only how you express

Itll be over

What I love about Steve Trevor is that he experessed every single trope women characters had to endure in superhero movies ever and he did that spectacularly?! The Love Interest. The sexualization. The “oops haha the hero walked in on me naked.” The “using your sexuality to seduct/distract a villain.” And it wasn’t some sort of punishment or revenge. He was still a great memorable character. He still had some fantastic lines. Simply like… No, there is no problem for a character to be minor and make room for the hero and be there for romantic/sexual effect. It’s still fun and lovely. It’s just tiring to see only women do it, and that it’s almost the only role they’re allowed to play. And he did all that and STILL was a lot more than a just a love interest or a corny sex joke, STILL got a lot more screen time than most women in his position. This just goes to show that if writers really wanted, they could write meaningful women characters who serve as love interests

this is the ONLY picture of me from Pittsburgh Pride this weekend. I was so immersed in the love surrounding me I didn’t once feel the need to take my phone out - something I rely on heavily for my social anxiety. But this weekend was different. This weekend was my first Pride passing as a man & being shirtless.

I can’t even begin to describe the euphoric feeling that washed over me when I felt the sun on my chest with my trans flag strapped across my neck, I felt invincible. For once, I felt strong.

I’m never going to back down. I’m never going to stop being visible. I’m so proud to be trans. I’m so proud to be queer. I’m so proud to be me.