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Yes, together are Cockles, so?
Oh! the ask thing….
I don´t now. Let me ask my conscience:

Misha Collins?

or Jensen Ackles?

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I… I think I don’t understand the question very well…

Again, Misha Collins

or Jensen Ackles

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Still doubtful about the meaning of the question, just one last time of reflection…

Misha Collins…

or Jensen Ackles…

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You broke my conscience…. XP

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How tf can you live with yourself making "pride" flag edits while leaving out the fucking creators of pride????? And I guess since we don't exist to you I better spell it out for you: G A Y S A N D L E S B I A N S


im so salty

Edward sits quietly, the newspaper open before him. He is intently staring at the crossword page.

“Ed,” you say, “What are you doing?”
“The crossword,” he murmurs, “What does it look like?”
“Don’t you need a pen to do that?” you ask.

He sighs, looks up at you, mouths “No”, and returns to the page.