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Oh Lauren! I'm so nostalgic today! The first time I saw Alex Turner's cute face was the 2006 NME awards. I never watch award shows but something made me that day and it was one of the best decisions I've made. I remember googling Alex Turner straight away haha. I love my boys sarcastic and I instantly fell in love. And have been ever since.

I am so nostalgic today, too!! It’s been quite the journey with that boy, hasn’t it? Look at all he’s done these past ten years; everything he’s accomplished. And how he just kept getting more adorable, more handsome as the years progressed. But I still love that cheeky little monkey with his messy hair, heavy accent, beer in hand, tight blue shirt, and then the addition of the pink scarf as the night went on. xx

I never saw this until years later, but it still makes me giggle. They’re so cute.

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dulcet, ethereal :)

dulcet: describe your happiest memory.

i was about five or six years old ,, it was my first year in school , and let’s just say things weren’t exactly ideal at home ; my emotions and thoughts were all kind of scattered because of everything that was going on , and i felt like i never really knew what to think ,, but then this one day , this fifth grader came to be my reading buddy ; her name was faith , and she had pink hair and i thought she was the coolest person i’d ever met ,, she read with me , and she corrected me politely when i needed it , and she congratulated me on being such an avid reader for my age and said i was really smart and talented , which no one had really ever said to me before , and before leaving , she gave me a tight hug and ruffled my hair , kind of as if she were my older sister ,, i remember being so happy because even though all she had done was congratulate me on my reading , i felt like she had said the nicest thing in the world , and i felt like there was a possibility that maybe i really did matter ,, it was just really important to me , and looking back , i realize that we need more faiths in the world ,, and i aspire to be one :)

ethereal: if you could change one thing in this world, what would it be ?

there are infinite amounts of things that affect our world negatively , but i suppose that the main thing i would change is the judgment people have towards each other ; society has formed certain images of perfection that are considered ideal and teach people to judge those who don’t fit ,, i personally also have to remind myself not to judge others on a daily basis , be it for their opinions on things or other aspects , and it’s honestly something everyone has to work on . no judgement means less conflict , which consequentially means less things like war and violence , and i think that sounds pretty good , don’t you think ?

but that’s just my two cents ;)

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