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A stupid Onepiece/strawhat headcanon I thought of today at work

Trust Exercises

No one really remembers exactly HOW, or WHEN it started, but the strawhats have a RULE, okay? and that rule is that, no matter WHO it is, where you are, or what time of day it is, if someone yells TRUST EXERCISE for some dumb reason, all the strawhats just follow along and do the stupid “close your eyes and fall backward and trust the other person will catch you”

without fail, every time, no matter what. They don’t even discuss it, it just HAPPENS. 

Sometimes its when they’re all on deck together, and someone is feeling like a little shit (Probably brook tbh, or a bored luffy) and they all scramble to find a partner. Everyone delights in making zoro and sanji pair up, but for some reason despite their grumbling they still DO IT

Franky, particularly after the time skip, delights in being the one to fall and squishing people under him, dramatically complaining about being dropped (he never falls with his full body weight bc hes aware he is gigantic and heavy) This usually ends up with the next occasion EVERYONE falling onto franky resulting is less of a trust exercise and more of an enthusiastic “dogpile on franky” revenge pile

Sometimes its when they’ve all been cooped up for too long separately doing their own things. They just hear someone yell it and either run into the next room laughing, or just simply accept it and fall backwards with no one around, because there’s always been a few arms sprouting out of the walls or floorboards to catch them.

although there are RULES now, because a certain captain will do literally anything to excess if you let him.

1) There are no more than THREE trust exercises a day because, really, luffy, some of are actually trying to DO something here.

2)They are limited to ON the ship. Luffy, please, stop flinging yourself off the side of the ship to see people scramble to catch you, you CANT SWIM THIS IS HARD OKAY

2b) that includes islands, luffy, seriously, the locals are starting to look at us weird and its drawing too much attention to us and oh look they called the marines AGAIN


4)any one caught NOT participating or purposely dropping people get laundry duty. and that includes zoros dirty socks. Not even ZORO wants to wash zoros dirty sock

5)The rules apply to any and all guests on ship as well. Law has washed a lot of socks.

(after dressrosa, on the going-luffy senpai, the game was temporarily changed to the “how many times can we drop trafalgar” game until they were formally introduced to zoros stanky feet.)

genesis-d-winter  asked:

Would you be so kind as to do some hcs for Law, Zoro and Bartolomeo with a fiery/spit fire fem s/o?

*sweats* so I had a bit of trouble while writing this, mostly because I was like is it about their personality or a devil fruit? So stupid me thought it was about the s/o’ personality! So I hope that’s okay?? Thank you~ I hope you enjoy it!


  • You are an angel, really. You get along with the crew, you are a perfect girlfriend, you are frigging strong in battles. You are smart and beautiful and-
  • You’re perfect
  • But dear Lord that hidden personality of yours!
  • Law really couldn’t believe it. He first saw it when you were, in fact, being attacked by other pirates.
  • The Heart pirates are going to win, of course, and as your opponent fell down with one of your elegant moves, you saw how a tricky pirate attacked your captain from the back while he was busy with someone else
  • Law falls on his knees with a cut on the back and it takes less then one second to have you running to him, screaming a string of profanities until you’ve ended both men attacking Law
  • “You fuckers! Touch this man again and I’ll fucking kill you with my bare hands! I frigging dare you!”
  • Law is shook. Is it really you??? Like you are so hot- I mean- you’re saying such words?? His cute [Name]?
  • Later when he asks you what was that you’re like “I don’t like people messing with the people I love and care about”
  • Your mouth it’s a weapon itself
  • No one wants to be around you when you’re angry
  • Law, however, love to mess with you so you say a little bad word to him. He finds it hot and hilarious how can you be an angel 95% of the time, but the other 5% you are a different person
  • That fact only makes him love you even more


  • You know that smirk Zoro sometimes does when he’s excited about something? 
  • Well he’s smirking like that the moment he hears you
  • Dear God how is he so lucky?
  • You are always so nice and quiet you’re like another Robin but even quieter
  • But then Luffy and Usopp throw a prank on you and someone get a hold on the sea
  • “You little shits! You captain I’ll throw you into the sea while I stretch that nose of yours, Usopp! I’ll kill you both!!”
  • Zoro is laughing his ass off while everyone is trying to stop you
  • “Zoro! [Name] is going to ki- aaaaah!”
  • Sanji needs to rescue Luffy after you throw him into the sea and Chopper is helping Usopp with his nose
  • “Well, you have that beast really hidden, don’t you think?”, he’s really teasy, whispering in your ear and all. 
  • “Shut it, or I’ll throw your swords along with Luffy”
  • He laughs. “I dare you”
  • He’s only half pissed when he comes back to the Sunny, soaked and his swords on his mouth
  • That smirk on your face makes him almost forget what happened
  • Almost.

Bartolomeo (this is my first time writing for him omg, I hope it is not too oc)

  • You explote on him
  • And it’s his frigging fault, he just keeps talking about the Mugiwara crew!
  • “They’re amazing!” “They’re the strongest people in the world!” “Luffy senpai has the most amazing crew ever”
  • And you’re usually okay with that, you know he’s like that
  • BUT you have a limit and he reaches it one day 
  • “Have you seen Robin and Nami-senpai?! They’re too pretty!”
  • “Oh yeah? Then why don’t you go and fucking kiss them both, Bartolomeo?”
  • He’s surprised. Like… very suprised. 
  • You’ve never said a bad word in front of him?? Like he thought you didn’t know them?
  • “I can’t believe you. Talking about that in front of me? Your girlfriend? Are you out of your mind?!”
  • “Oh, [Name] no! Don’t get angry please” You are the most beautiful girl in the world! Didn’t you hear what I said? I said they’re pretty, but you are more than beautiful!”
  • “… you are a stupid”
  • “I’m your stupid, though. And you are pretty hot, by the way… I don’t dislike you being angry, y’know?”
  • “Don’t make it a habit to mess with me”, you smirk and he gulps
  • “Yes, ma’am"

anonymous asked:

Tengo una petición... Bueno, mi mejor amigo y yo extrañamos a nuestras amigas del alma, y deseamos reunirnos con ellas, pero no las encontramos :( Podrías ayudarnos Zoro Usagi-chan? PD. Pidele ayuda a Luffy senpai y a Sonic por favorcito!!!


incognitoowl  asked:

I wanted to ask if you maybe could do those roommate hc's for Law or Luffy. (I would also find Bartolomeo very interesting xD the walls would be full of posters..) Btw I really love your blog! ❤

Yes, yes and yes.

Being Law’s roommate:

  • He stays up all night and sleeps during the day.
  • Most of the time he’s quiet but sometimes he bursts into your room to share a creepy medical fact he’s just learnt.
  • His room is clean and tidy but there are always too many empty cups of tea on his desk.
  • He’s jealous of his books.
  • And he never buys bread. (Obviously).
  • His crew like chilling in your living room.
  • Surprisingly, Law can give very good advice when it comes to dating.

Being Luffy’s roommate:

  • There is only meat in the fridge. 
  • And he’s so loud.
  • And what about the mess? Unbelievable.
  • But he’s the greatest friend ever and he never loses a chance to make you laugh.
  • The strawhats come to visit almost every day.
  • He likes hanging his own drawings on the walls. (He draws like a 5 year old child, but they’re cute)
  • And he likes adopting “unusual” pets.

Being Bartolomeo’s roommate:

  • Strawhats merchandise EVERYWHERE. 
  • He runs a tumblr blog about the strawhats where he shares every kind of news regarding them. It’s called “Daily-Luffy-senpai”
  • He likes listening to rock/metal. 
  • Every morning he spends at least an hour in the bathroom, styling his hair.
  • And he has no idea of what privacy is.  
  • He replies to your friends when you’re busy, pretending to be you.
  • He fucking loves memes. 
Tachycardia - A LawLu Fic

Ahh! I’m so nervous! First time posting a fic on tumblr in oh man, ages!

I’m the author of Calystegia on A03, but I wanted to try writing a little something for 10 Days of LawLu! I took the letter ‘T’!





An abnormally rapid heart rate.

Law frowned sharply, trying to find out how this happened

His heart kept beating abnormally fast since Dressrosa and he couldn’t figure out why –

He wasn’t stressed anymore, he wasn’t scared, he doesn’t smoke, he hasn’t drunk alcohol since the victory party, no coffee either?

Was he sick? Not again he hoped – he didn’t think so? His arm had healed nicely thanks to the Tottas, so it wasn’t infection either?

Not adrenaline, even though his desire to strangle the green rooster man thing grew with every interaction

Maybe, just maybe –

No, that was ridiculous!


Law had sought refuge from the irritating crew on the Going Luffy-Senpai  by sitting by the mast. Luffy was seated right at the bow of the ship and Law had been gazing in the other Captain’s directions with his heart ailments had started up once again

 – well was

When Luffy had noticed him, he had moved, quickly making his way besides him. When he arrived, he greeted Law brightly and plopped down beside him, hands between his legs, looking forward, towards the sea

And then stayed quiet

And then it started up again

Ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump

Law frowned, wondering why his heart was so excited in his chest when nothing was going on

Ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump

Why was his heartbeat being so irregular?

Ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump

Was he suffering from hypoglycemia?

Ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump

Pheochromocytoma? Junctional tachycardia?


How could he have missed those? Considering he saw his own insides on a regular basis?!

And suddenly, he felt Luffy’s pinky on top of his

Law snapped out of his thoughts and turned to look towards the cause of it all, only to see Luffy looking to the side, a slight flush on his cheeks


“I’m happy you’re okay, Torao. Not gonna lie, I was worried back there”

Law was sure his heart was trying to escape his chest, his cheeks now flushed

“A-Ah. Sorry for getting you involved in all of that”

Luffy shook his head, smiling brightly

“It’s okay! I’m glad we’re in an alliance so I could spend more time with you! I got to know you better too!”

His heart was going insane! He was going to die!


The common factor every time it happened!

It was him! He was the cause!

“…Ah…Strawhat-ya, once we take down Kaido, this alliance is over, you know that?”

Law needed Luffy to understand that! After this – they’ll be apart

Maybe the irregular heartbeats would stop

But a part of his mind, a small, nagging feeling told him that he’d probably feel another, entirely different ache instead

Luffy merely smiled, shaking his head

“Nope! I get to decide when it’s done!” reinstated Luffy, not even shy about it

Law looked at Luffy not impressed, but now, he couldn’t help but smile a bit at the comment

In an instance, both their hands moved in closer. Luffy’s hand over Law’s, as Law shifted his own hand, holding onto Luffy’s

It seemed to out of place to see D E A T H so close to Luffy’s hands when he wanted it so far away from him

“Let’s be in an alliance forever, Torao” said Luffy, still smiling brightly

“That sounds like a proposal, Strawhat-ya” warned Law, glaring at Luffy

“It can be if you wanna! I wouldn’t mind if it’s with you” admitted Luffy, leaning his head to lay it on Law’s shoulder

Law took a moment to close his eyes, enjoying the moment. He inhaled the scent of Luffy, mixed in with the smell of the sea. Law knew that moments like these were short-lived and they had no idea what awaited them on Zou

But Sengoku’s words echoed in his head at that moment

Cora-san did it out of love

Cora-san only wanted him to live

So live he shall

Law leaned his head on top of Luffy’s, nuzzling the top of his hat softly, making Luffy chuckle under him

“It’s too early for that, Strawhat-ya”

“Okay, I’ll ask you again after we beat Kaido” stated Luffy, with all the confidence in the world

Law snorted, it figured Luffy would be confident and optimistic about this too

“Alright Strawhat-ya, ask me again after we beat Kaido”

Luffy then shifted slightly, moving his head off Law’s shoulder, making Law lift his head.  Law looked at Luffy a bit surprised before he felt Luffy’s hand cup Law’s cheek, bringing him in closer. Law smiled slightly, moving along with the mood and they shared a small, tender kiss – Law knew, that this would be one of many to come

The human heart couldn’t survive the irregular heartbeats that Luffy was giving him right now

But it will be worth every moment

When Law reached the great beyond, he’d have to apologize to Cora for not living that long

But he doesn’t know if his heart could survive being in love with Monkey D. Luffy

Here you are! Just a short little thing but I do hope you enjoyed reading it! 


But seriously though, barto is such a dork (and his entire crew too to be exact). I WANT TO JOIN THAT CREW NOW. Seriously though, The Going Luffy-Senpai? Framed Bounty Posters? Can he get anymore adorable!