'luffy senpai'


And then, Ace rises from the dead.

Ace : (burning and throws Hiken everywhere at the so called suitors) DON’T FUCKING TOUCH HIM, YOU UNCOUTH MONKEYS!! DON’T EVER LOOK AT HIS HOLINESS EITHER!! HE’S OURS!!

The long silence emitted between all of them.

Sabo : (sweatdrop and staring at zombie!Ace) …err… the fuck? Ace?

The silence breaks.



Bartholomew : THE FUCK IS YOURS?!! I DON’T APPROVE YOU TO BE WITH LUFFY-SENPAI!! HE SHOULD BE WITH M- err… HIS BROTHERS!! (inside: though I want him be mine)

And then the squabble and fighting begins. Meanwhile, Sabo, with his crafty mind as the chief of staff, using this opportunity to run away with Luffy.

                                  THE END OF THE BIZZARE STORY

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But seriously though, barto is such a dork (and his entire crew too to be exact). I WANT TO JOIN THAT CREW NOW. Seriously though, The Going Luffy-Senpai? Framed Bounty Posters? Can he get anymore adorable!

incognitoowl  asked:

I wanted to ask if you maybe could do those roommate hc's for Law or Luffy. (I would also find Bartolomeo very interesting xD the walls would be full of posters..) Btw I really love your blog! ❤

Yes, yes and yes.

Being Law’s roommate:

  • He stays up all night and sleeps during the day.
  • Most of the time he’s quiet but sometimes he bursts into your room to share a creepy medical fact he’s just learnt.
  • His room is clean and tidy but there are always too many empty cups of tea on his desk.
  • He’s jealous of his books.
  • And he never buys bread. (Obviously).
  • His crew like chilling in your living room.
  • Surprisingly, Law can give very good advice when it comes to dating.

Being Luffy’s roommate:

  • There is only meat in the fridge. 
  • And he’s so loud.
  • And what about the mess? Unbelievable.
  • But he’s the greatest friend ever and he never loses a chance to make you laugh.
  • The strawhats come to visit almost every day.
  • He likes hanging his own drawings on the walls. (He draws like a 5 year old child, but they’re cute)
  • And he likes adopting “unusual” pets.

Being Bartolomeo’s roommate:

  • Strawhats merchandise EVERYWHERE. 
  • He runs a tumblr blog about the strawhats where he shares every kind of news regarding them. It’s called “Daily-Luffy-senpai”
  • He likes listening to rock/metal. 
  • Every morning he spends at least an hour in the bathroom, styling his hair.
  • And he has no idea of what privacy is.  
  • He replies to your friends when you’re busy, pretending to be you.
  • He fucking loves memes. 
Important announcement!

Yo, this is Bartolomeo speaking so listen up.

To celebrate the coming of summer I will be holding a grand festival in May.
Yeah sure it is a tad bit late to be announcing this now but who cares.
On Friday, the 6th of May, the festival will start and it will end May 28th so you will have enough time to join up if you want to.
No special attire is needed but it will get hot so you might wanna put on some light clothing.

The festival will be held on a small remote island close to Dressrosa (a map of the island will be posted later) and it has these cool bungalows but there aren’t that many so we have to share. For those who don’t want to share can sleep in a tent. Food will be plenty but if we have a case of Luffy-senpai then we might possibly have to hunt for food in the forest….
There will be plenty of things to do, like:

- A bar of both strong and exotic alcoholic beverages.

- There are small stalls that offers many types of foods such as meat, fish and both local fruits and some sort of other types.

- Open beach for those who want to relax in the sun or for those who can actually swim, do water activities. Beach volleyball is included as well.

- Explore the jungle that is behind our bungalows, I do not recommend it for those who get lost easily…

- Karaoke bungalows are there as well…dunno why though.

- At the center of the island is where all the food and entertainment is.

At the end of the end of the festival there will be some fireworks and special surprises.

Everyone is invited of course but lets be all friendly while we are enjoying a time off from all the action.
(Mod: If anyone is prepared to share or has someone to share a bungalow with please do notify me, you don’t always have to be sharing so switching is also an option) Otherwise its the tents for you.
Oh yeah there are some VIP bungalows. (More detail is below)

There is a total of 30 regular bungalows that have two bedrooms and 5 VIP’s.
By the way, there will be a lottery for the VIP bungalows but each one of for 4 people with separate rooms. If you want to register for the lottery then send my mod a message. Pairs will get a single number.
(Mod: If there are any questions then send me a chat message please.)

See ya guys in May.

Bartolomeo (and Mod)