We Are The One Piece!

Our greatest treasure is our friendship!

Our adventures together are the most beautiful treasure!

Exactly, because all the adventures that we spend together as NAKAMA, every tear, every dream, every battle, THIS IS THE ONE PIECE!

WE ARE THE ONE PIECE! Because we are the most precious treasure, our friendship, our dreams and our adventures are the real gold!

captainberserk  asked:

rumours say that you love to talk about one piece so tell me about your top 5 op scenes and pls go all out

the rumors are true my friend and i will definitely tell you about my top 5 op scenes

BUCKLE UP this will be LONG 

disclaimer: i dont think im going to label them in any particular order though it’s too difficult

THE FIRST SCENE that comes to my mind is one that plays in my mind literally every day at some point. it takes place after marineford, where luffy is in his recovery process. one of the days he’s being all negative and stuff, calling himself pathetic and weak, all that jazz, and that irritated our boy jinbei. the moment itself was when jinbei straight up THROWS luffy against a rock and says, “I know you’ve lost a lot, and I know it hurts, but what is it that you still have?!”

once the question was able to absorb itself into luffy’s mind, he calmed down and began counting on his fingers. i DEADASS remember CHOKING when he started doing that!! EACH FINGER COUNTED AS ONE OF HIS CREW MATES!! BOY!! i was so, SO emotional at this point because i realized how much luffy really loved his pals and how much he needed them and GOD the flashbacks that went along with this moment just threw another heap of angst at me. 

imagine a lanky brunette in a boxing ring. then, imagine the word “angst” body-slamming this poor brunette gal into her own grave. that was me

the flashbacks had a pure little moment for each individual crew mate, and they were all just saying his name the way they always would as they were doing things that they would always do and it just ruined me. i missed the crew so much, and to see them brought up again in this kind of instance was so different and so eye-opening and so beautiful. also the music that went with it in the anime was so beautiful and the true breaking point was when luffy shouted “I WANT TO SEE THEM!” rip i want someone to love me like luffy loves his crew 

THE NEXT SCENE I CAN THINK OF IS 100000000000% SABO’S RETURN. i think that does a lot of explaining for itself. everyone had theories that he would return and i halfheartedly believed them but MAN OH MAN WHEN IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED MY LIFE FLASHED BEFORE MY EYES 78 TIMES. i am STILL trying to get over it. i dont think i can elaborate any further with this scene i think it’s just safe to say that this reigns as one of the most iconic scenes in this series. jesus leapfrogging christ. sabo is COOKIN my guys. wait ok i also wanna throw in the moment where sabo actually ate ace’s fruit holy shitbiscuits and gravy, batman. that was incredible. you bet your ass i cried. 

my next favorite moment of mine is all thanks to mr. grassy ass himself, roronoa zoro. i knew zoro had a kind of bond with luffy that was somewhat on another field than everyone else’s throughout the course of the series, but when he faced kuma for the first time and sacrificed himself for the sake of luffy, i realized that this man’s loyalty stretched much further. i was so astonished that this stubborn boyo was so willing to throw away his dreams for the sake of his cap’n, ESPECIALLY when it was zoro himself who said that “if you get in the way of my dreams, i will not hesitate to get rid of you”. even when sanji came and tried to turn the tide, zoro still wouldn’t take that shit. no way, no how. if he wasn’t letting luffy get hurt, there was clearly no way he’d allow anyone else on the crew to get hurt. gosh, sanji. what r u doing. he took ALL of luffy’s pain and STILL stood on two feet after. what an absolute legend. i want someone to love me like zoro loves luffy rip

next moment, four words, “I WANT TO LIVE”. 
to summarize, there was a point in time where i felt like i was invisible to everybody. i would allow my ass to get beat by life on a daily basis, and i just had no overall motivation to do anything anymore. i felt so useless to everyone, and boy it was so hard to find people that would tolerate me. but when i witnessed this moment with my own two eyes, it honestly changed my entire perspective on my life. it made me feel like i had a purpose!!
we all knew robin had one hell of a rough childhood, and she never really felt like she belonged anywhere, and of course, not a lot of people liked her because she was different. she was so used to the feeling of being alone, but the goddamn rubber boy comes along and completely obliterates the darkness around her. he introduces the feeling of being loved to her. his words allow her to be reborn into a brighter world, and when i saw that happen, i knew that i should probably keep on keepin’ on as well. i knew that maybe soon, i’d find friends who will truly care for me. here i am today with the friends i’d always dream of havin. thanks luff. robin, keep being you. u are beautiful. luv my pals. also i rly loved how luffy declared war on the entire freaking world bc of her. u know what im gonna say now: i want ******* ** **** ** **** ***** ***** *****  

this last moment is really dumb and im mad at myself because i KNOW there’s a better scene, but since i cant think of it, i’m going to say that the davy back fight event with zoro and sanji holds a special place in my heart. it was golden all around. i have not a single complaint. ballman sanji lives on in my heart. though in all honesty im a slut for zoro and sanji combo moves since it rarely happens, so when i saw them absolutely DEMOLISH those bitches by using some dope combo moves, i YELLED. i am still yelling. quite honestly i am still yelling about 97% of what has happened in one piece thus far. 

i hope this isn’t as messy as i think it is. it’s hard for me to talk one piece even though i love doing it; i always end up rambling. nonetheless, i hope u enjoyed this a bit!! thank u for such a monstrous yet amazing ask, pal! :D