How Often Do the Strawhats Sin?
  • Doesn’t Sin: Luffy and Vivi
  • Sins A Little: Usopp and Chopper
  • Sins Sometimes: Sanji and Franky
  • Sins A Lot: Zoro and Brook
  • Sinning Right Now: Nami and Robin

anonymous asked:

how do mihawk, zoro, shanks, sabo, ace, luffy and corazon react when their parnet want to cuddle? sorry n_nU

nothing to be sorry about dearie ^^


  • (he being ponyo) He pounces on them and wraps his arms around him in a suffocating hug! Cuddles are nice, but they won’t last long bc he’s too hyper to stay in place for so long


  • If he’s near anyone else he’ll be like :|||||, but if you’re both alone he’s like :)))))


  • The second you bring it up he tackles tf out of you, he’s ready anytime anywhere


  • He’s more then willing to oblige! He loves cuddles!! as long as all his work is done


  • If you just ask him it may take a second! He’ll want to finish his drink or talk to someone real quick. If you take action he’s up for it! And maybe some other things too (wink wonk)

Zoro & Mihawk

  • At first he’s like ‘ehhh’ and doesn’t snuggle back. He’ll feel like a rock wrapped around you. Though once you’re asleep (or he thinks you are) He holds you closer