LawLu Fanfic Recs

Since i’m going deeper in the blackhole called LawLu (and I regret nothing), I’ve read quite a lot of fanfics. So here’s my personal favorite:

Rite of Passage by xShieru
– OP in Harry Potter universe
Love LawLu relationship development in this so much. Really wish there’s sequel for this… I keep re-reading this one.

Broken Bodies by graycloud (one shot)
– OP in Shingeki no Kyojin universe
i hate angst but this one is so beautifully written i love this so much

Youthful Years by grayclouds (one shot)
– OP in HP universe
LawLu are so hopeless but cute

10 Days of LawLu (In General) by JadeFlicker (series)
i love everything in this series. Wish the author would update again. Most favorite: [This Is What Personal Looks Like] & [For What It’s Worth]

‘Cause Even Heroes Get The Blues by killingmonsterswritingthings
When Luffy hav flashback and Law is there for him.

The Unimaginable by killingmonsterswritingthings
This is heartbreaking but Law is there to comfort Luffy

ASL in Red (series) by Kereea
Shanks took ASL under his care. Stories based on canon, i love ASL and Law in here.

With Allies Like These by Kereea
protective Ace and adorable LawLu

Like We’d Be Lawful For Long by Kereea
Marine AU. Kiddo LawLu are so adorable!

The Straw Hat and Heart Pirates 'Alliance’ by KivaEmber (series)
everything in here is so cute & funny.

X Scar by Illumi Senri
One of first LawLu fics i read. I love nakamaship & LawLu.


((i will probably update this list if i found more))

If the Straw Hats Were Teachers at Hogwarts:


  • Teaches: Potions. Also the head of Hufflepuff
  • Very precise with measurements, ingredients and despises when a student cuts the ingredients the wrong way
  • Sucks at explaining things but very good in giving/showing examples. Also swears quite a bit during class.
  • Usually doesn’t give homework.


  • Teaches: History of Magic. Also head of Ravenclaw
  • If someone says history is boring, 50 points off their house and detention for 3 days.
  • Strict but still a motherly figure to all her students.
  • Gives her students lots of homework but usually doesn’t check it


  • Teaches: Muggle Studies 
  • Tries to be professional but he’s painfully awkward with his students.
  • To lighten the mood, he tries telling jokes, hence the: “may I see your panties?”
  • Gives homework and has small optional amusing tasks to complete along with it (e.g. write a foot long essay on the various transportation devices muggles have and draw a duck in the top left hand corner of your parchment) 

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Gray arrived today from Amazon and I couldn’t be happier! I officially have GrayLu in Pop form! My anime pop collection grows!😍❤️

Also, can we talk about how my OTP (Ichiruki) meets my other OTP (GrayLu). Anyone else see some similarities? 😂