'love is the most powerful emotion and it makes it the most dangerous'


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Sara Lance: “Love is the most powerful emotion.. and that makes it the most dangerous.v

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—  ❛ I think at some point, you just learn to live with a sword over your head. ❜
—  ❛ I could be unconscious && still be able to kick the ass of a few rent-a-thugs from 1975.  ❜
—  ❛ Dig, you may be a three-tour special forces veteran, but I was trained by the people that make the special forces look like a kindergarten class so step aside, or be put down. ❜

—  ❛ Love is the most powerful emotion && that’s what makes it the most dangerous. 
—  ❛ Pain && I came to a little understanding a few years back. ❜ 

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