'look harry look'

  • Pansy: Draco, I know you're trying to impress Potter and everything, but your spiked hair looks shit
  • Draco: what the fuck, why would I want to impress Potter
  • Harry, walks by smirking: nice hair Malfoy
  • Draco, goes red: *whispers* he said it looks nice he said it looks nice he said it looks nice...oh my God he might like me!
  • Pansy:
  • Pansy: yeah, totally not trying to impress him

Harry: Remember Eggsy, that your fork always stays in the left hand and your knife in the right.

Jack, gesturing to Eggsy: Also kid, if you want to eat like an American you can use the zig-zag method; which is bascically changing your left utensil with your right utensil. It’s easier, at least for me.

Harry, annoyed: Good advice, Jack. But I do believe that you follow the host. Which is me.

Eggsy: Harry! He’s just being helpful. I don’t know any of this shit. Thank you, Jack.

Jack: No problem, Eggsy. If you want, I can give you other lessons. If you know what I mean.

Eggsy: *blushes*

Harry: *looks into the camera like in the office*

  • Sirius: Nice hands, Moony.
  • Remus: Uh...thank you?
  • Sirius: I bet they'd look better wrapped around my-