'look at me clara i found another one'

Magnets: The End

A Prompto Argentum Soulmate AU

Chapter 4 | AO3
Word Count: 3,483

Aurora let her legs dangle over the arm of the couch, her back flat against the cushions as she stared at the blank white ceiling of her apartment. Maybe, she thought, if she concentrated hard enough, either the ceiling would collapse on her and end this horrible gut-wrenching feeling that had taken hold of her entire being, or the ground would cave in and swallow her whole.

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billions of years part two

I had a few requests to write a second part, so I did! Basically they’re super gross and fluffy someone take these two away from me.


Chapter here and full work here on AO3. Enjoy!

If Clara had thought that travelling the universe with her friend Ashildr had been an amazing experience, then travelling the universe with her girlfriend Ashildr was simply unexplainably incredible. They had been together for a few weeks, and it was surprising just how little had actually changed. They had, after all, been very touchy with each other even before they first kissed; sharing a close emotional bond that had developed during their time together. In fact, the only major change Clara found in their relationship was that she no longer had to hold herself back whenever she got the urge to kiss Ashildr. Which, admittedly, was a lot.

Clara also supposed that their adventures could be counted as dates. Although she wasn’t sure how common running away from an exploding haystack was for a first date (It was a long story). After they had reached the safety of the TARDIS, both of them had fallen about laughing; clinging on to each other to stay upright. Ashildr had surprised Clara with a kiss, which had grown heated until Clara had remembered the look on Ashildr’s face when the haystack had spat dust at her (again, long story) and had burst into another fit of giggles.

Clara wandered into the console room one morning to find Ashildr already there, reading the TARDIS manual and muttering things that sounded suspiciously like “stupid bloody machine” and “the fuck do you fly this thing” under her breath. Biting back a smile, Clara cleared her throat. Ashildr’s head shot up from the book.

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Peggy/Clara AU- Peggy moves into Clara’s apartment block. Neither suspects the other is hiding something, even when Clara talks for hours into the night about her ‘travels’ and Peggy has to dash off suddenly. 

“You seem to enjoy my company Miss Carter”

“I’ve never met another woman who has traveled more than I have, Miss Oswald

I made another one look! Previous here

EDIT: none of these gifs were made by me, and the sources can be found on my blog.

samsamthewarlockteaist  asked:

I just watched a few of your Amy makeup tutorials, you are pretty dang gorgeous! And the tutorials are wonderful, I'm so glad to have finally found good companion looks #^^#

Hey thanks! I just posted another one for Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, and I plan on doing a Clara look and possibly another Amy tutorial soon.

Let me know if you ever have a request for a particular companion/character/look!