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aaa i know you probably have loads of cagney/hilda requests, but pls imagine if cagney planted a garden full of red flowers like roses and poppies bc they remind him of hilda (he never tells her abt it because he knows it’s dumb) (she eventually finds it anyway) (she also thinks it’s dumb but it’s kind of sweet)

i just want you to know that ive been staring at this ask for days and its made my heart explode yall are killin me here ya go


Warning! Major spoilers shown and discussed in this post!

Something I found very interesting about the new pan-upward images of Marinette and her classmates in Season 2′s opening is the sticker details.

The bottom image includes two cute but notable stickers on the image with Marinette, Alya, Adrien, and Nino. On the left side is a sea turtle sticker, and on the right side is a fox sticker. Considering what we know for this season, I think those are cute details that foreshadow Nino and Alya’s futures.

However, what I really want to look at is the image with Marinette, Alya, and other girls in the class. All of them have animal-themed stickers, but most of them are hugely notable based on other huge spoilers that leaked out. Marinette has panda ears and panda nose stickers, which reflect her Chinese heritage, and Alya appears to have fox ear stickers, referencing her future promotion to Rena Rouge. Meanwhile, Rose has a pig ears and a pig snout (I failed at catching a screenshot of the snout, but you can see it there if you pause it at the right post), Mylène has mouse ears, and Alix has has rabbit ears and a rabbit mouth. Juleka is harder to tell, but she has an orange tail with a brown stripe, orange ears with stripes, a sharp tooth, and the text “GRRR” over her, so I think her stickers are based on a tiger.

The reason why I find the four girls’ animal stickers interesting is that they are animals of the Chinese zodiac. From the TFOU video in late August, we also learned that there are kwamis based off the Chinse zodiac animals, the rabbit being the only animal not represented with the other animals’ kwamis but probably existing if the other eleven do. Here is a comparison I did:

Even without the stickers there are some similarities that can be argued. Rose is pink like the pig kwami. Even the wing design on her back makes me think of the phrase “when pigs fly” in relation the kwami. Rose doesn’t really have tiger-based colors, but at least in concept art, neither does the tiger kwami. Both have darker purplish colors, and both have orange eyes. The rat kwami’s pink eyes remind me of Mylène’s design’s use of pink, like her bandana and some of her locks. Alix is a different one for sure, as we don’t have any images of a rabbit kwami yet. However, considering how rabbits are symbols of speed, I could see how this matches up with Alix.

Of course, if Carapace proved anything, it’s that there isn’t always that huge a connection between designs, but as it has been the case for a few others, it might be possible for some similarities to exist with other pairs of humans and kwamis.

I think this could mean a few things. First of all, it could just be a fun reference. We weren’t supposed to know about the Chinese zodiac kwamis yet (I’m sorry, Thomas and crew), so for those who caught, it’s a sweet hint of things to come.

The second meaning is the one I’m not eager for, but it could be possible as far as I know right now. These pair-ups indicate that in the future, these characters will be matched up with these Miraculouses for an unknown reason. It could mean that other people related to them somehow have these Miraculouses, but from what little we know right now, it seems to mean more by speculation that these characters will get the Miraculouses, like Rose getting the Pig Miraculous and Mylène getting the Rat Miraculous.

By extension of this, this could mean at the most the entire class will get Miraculouses. Subtracting the main five from the class group from the majority of Season 1, we have nine students. However, if they are in the same class, Lila, Kagami, and Luka would push that number up the twelve, or there could be other students meant in those slots. A lot of them could arguably line up with them. For example, considering Ivan’s supportive yet tough nature, his crush on Mylène, and how the Chinese story connects the rat and the ox, he could get the Ox Miraculous. Honestly, once Kagami and Luka are revealed, it would be fun to try to connect them and the CZ Miraculouses based on what info we have.

Do I want this to happen? Well, if the show pulls it off with excellent writing, absolutely, but as it stands, not really. One huge event where all the students are required to help as Miraculous holders would be awesome, but then they’re just back to normal, which is kind of disappointing. Two superheroes appear to be more than enough for Paris, and if the three upcoming superheroes for Season 2 are only part-timers, it seems especially insane to add a lot more part-time superheroes on top of that. And, of course, there’s the common joke of the entire class suddenly excusing themselves to go fight a villain – it’s totally not suspicious at all. If we get more Miraculous holder superheroes, I would want them to be from around the world and only guest-appearing, maybe all of them coming together to help the Parisian heroes stop the bad guys in the Season 3 finale. While I love all of the students, no matter how good or bad they lie on the moral spectrum, all or most of them being superheroes sounds like overkill.

Once again, though, I’m not entirely against the idea. In-show, it just needs a lot of talent by the crew to make this kind of thing feel right for the series. Honestly, though, as an AU of sorts outside the show, I’m all for it. I’m already wishing I could draw up art of these girls in superhero forms based on these stickers in the Season 2 opening, along with assigning other CZ Miraculouses to others (I need Rat!Mylène and Ox!Ivan being cute and fantastic superheroes together). The students are fun characters, so giving any of them Miraculouses and seeing what they would do with them is great, whether they use them wisely, irresponsibly, for good, or for evil.

In conclusion, who knows what any of this means, but no matter what it turns out as, I appreciate the fun Easter egg details of the Chinese zodiac animal stickers in the opening. Nothing or anything can come from it, but for the time being, I just think it’s cool to have those details in there, and I’m very curious to see how the Chinese zodiac-themed Miraculouses come into play, with a lot or very little importance, in the series’ future.

I just imagined Papyrus meeting a human with a name like Rose, Cliff, Reed, and other nouns.




The Pack Survives (Roman Reigns): Chapter 1

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Writing Masterlist

Summary: Andromeda has spent years overseas trying to outrun her past. She finally decides to come back to Florida to try and settle down in the house her grandmother left her. She meets Leati and feels instantly drawn to him; but there’s something he’s not telling her, a secret he’s hiding. A secret that may cost Andromeda her life if she can’t accept it.

Warnings (for the fic over all, not specifically this chapter): cis-female OC, 18+, mentions/flashbacks of previous physical and/or mental abuse, smut at some point, werewolves. I will be switching between their wrestling names & their actual names in this fanfic, im sorry if it gets confusing (I’ll make sure to mention who’s who below so yall dont get the twins mixed up lol)

Andromeda Drakos (OFC) Face Claim: Naomi Scott

Word Count: 2019

A/N: Did I really steal the title from that Game of Thrones quote? Yes I did lmao, dont @ me. I don’t really know where I’m going w this fic, I’ve had about 3 chapters written since may, so we’ll see where it goes lol. I love my werewolf shit, but I also love my Hellenic/Greek stuff so it might get confusing im sorry. Also idk why it wont let me tag some of yall, dont hate me.

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Roman = Leati
Jimmy = Jon
Jey = Josh

Andromeda’s house:

Andromeda huffed as she hauled box after box into her new home; a large house in Tampa left to her by her grandmother when she passed. Meda was beginning to wish she’d just sent all of her stuff with the moving trucks that would arrive in a day or so, but she needed stuff for that day itself.

As she walked back out to get the third box from the back of her truck she spotted two men standing by it. A smile stretched across her face as she recognized them. 

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Headcanon that Neon Katt is actually seriously OP

Seriously as far as we can tell Atlas is the most openly racist of the four Kingdoms. Less than a handful of Faunus are students at Beacon and they’re subject to racist abuse without consequence; Atlas Academy can only be worse.

Neon Katt is the only Faunus to attend that we’ve seen and yet she was chosen to represent Team FNKI alongside Flynt.

I put it to you that Neon, despite all the systematic disadvantages against her got into Atlas Academy because Ironwood saw footage of what happens when Neon Katt really lets loose and realised that only an idiot would turn away a recruit like that.
He also gave her direct orders to hold back in the match with Yang and Weiss because “Your exact capabilities are classified Miss Katt”

(Now this part is just the way I write her in Fanfics)
The rainbow light that follows Neon around Isn’t her Semblance itself, it’s like Ruby’s rose petals. It’s her letting off excess Aura so she doesn’t utterly obliterate everything she touches. Her actual Semblance is that she can turn kinetic energy into a semi-solid hardlight construct, it’s not as versatile as Weiss’s glyphs, but given time to charge she can take down a warship in one hit

Neon Katt’s Semblance is a Rainbow-Kamehameha and you can’t convince me otherwise

niche posts that take a long time and will only appeal to me and two of my friends pt 43: the good direction

i don’t know what it is about one direction that lets their personalities slot absolutely perfectly into any group of five, but it would be a waste of that magical power and my free-ass time if i didn’t alert you to it, in the form of the 5(6) main characters of the good place. are you watching the good place? you should be. thanks

elounor shellstoplinson

a dirtbag with a heart of… well, okay, probably not gold, probably something like a fake metal coloured “rose gold” that you can pay someone sketchy looking at the mall to paint your iphone with. elounor is a little selfish, a lot impulsive, and if there’s chaos happening, they’re probably at the center of it. mischievous, flirtatious, loud, brash, hot - elounor’s got it all. if only they could find a haircut to properly flatter their face. 

“If a cop handcuffs you to a bike rack, there’s always something you can gnaw through.”

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This is a heck of a lot harder than I ever expected. How do I accept myself?

Darling, sometimes that is a lifelong process. Start with the little things. Maybe you like the way your smile reflects the sun in the mirror. Or the way you write your name. Maybe your laugh sounds like roses, and your eyes can memorize a summer sunset. Some days may be easier than others, but the down days just means there is progress to look forward to. I believe in you <3

  • Roxy: hey rose, ever noticed how you have like, a type?
  • Rose: Elaborate?
  • Roxy: well like, your wifeys all smart n shit, and prim and proper, just like you, and those were the things you kinda liked when ya flirted with your friends
  • Rose: I resent the implications but cannot deny the reality of your statement. You got me. You have a type too though, you know.
  • Roxy: oh ya? lay it on me.
  • Rose: Pale, nerdy, overbite, glasses, dark hair, bad taste in visual media. Just to be brief.
  • Roxy: rose bby thats johns entire family
  • Rose: My point exactly.
  • Roxy: fukc
  • Rose: Did I make a mistake?
  • Roxy: no youre right just wtf. why they gotta be so damn hot?!
  • Rose: Why indeed.

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I just so your Camren post about the flowers, camera, Alexa and I was just wondering what was wrong with me that I didn’t follow you yet?! That been said, that was an awesome post. I was thinking that when Camila went to the UK on January to record with MGK on BBC Radio she was wearing an outfit with a rose and she post on Instagram a photo of her pants and the rose with the caption ‘for u....🌹’ so now she is back there and someone *cough*Lauren*cough* send her roses, like Idk, just a thought🌚

thank you thank you.

apparently the roses were sent by a fan :/ but I’m confused because Camila could have thanked the fan with a mention.

The roses have a meaning for the fandom and I think she is aware of it. Like I said, Camren is like a puzzle.

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What are the most sensual perfumes to you? Notes, feelings, evocations?

if someone smells like roses or lavender….. i’ll fall in love with them. and men’s cologne (at least the nice ones) smells really. Really. good. idk how to describe it. but there

i have thought a lot about censorship and what is “appropriate”. not a lot of people know this, but lolita was written to show what we allow on our bookshelves: there being no swear words in it meant it was free from censorship. a book about child molestation was allowed because it didn’t explicitly use the word “fuck”. he wrote it to show we don’t really care about protecting children, and it ended up being seen as a romance.

someone once told me - actually, many people have - that lgbt content isn’t appropriate for children. any content. not just kissing. i’m drowned in questions: “won’t the parents have to explain it?” “kids shouldn’t be thinking about sex at this age, or do you think differently?” “what will the kids think?”

at six i saw disney movies. people kiss and get married. i didn’t ask “what does that mean.” i didn’t ask “are those people going to have sex?” i didn’t ask anything, because i was six, and no six year old thinks twice about these things. nobody ever “explained” being straight to me, it was a fact, and it existed, and i was fine with that. why would being gay require a thesis, i wonder.

someone once told me that the one of the reasons people hate lgbt individuals is because they can’t see us as anything but sexual. we’re not people, so much as sinners. that they don’t see love, they see sex. just sex. it’s perversion, not a matter of the heart. only of the body.

i think i was in my early twenties before i saw someone like me. 

how old were you, though, before you saw violence? before you saw sexual assault on tv? i think something like that is only pg-13, and if it’s implied, they can get away with anything. i remember watching things and learning about blood, but knowing sex - sex was what was really wrong. sex was always rated r. sex was always kind of a bad word. i was told a lot that i wasn’t ready.

i had a dream last night that i made a site where people could ask any question they wanted about sex and get answered by a professional. it was shut down in moments because 15 year olds wanted to know if it should hurt, if “double-bagging” was a real thing, if this, if that. we shudder. don’t let the children know about that! 

but at thirteen i had seen enough violence it no longer struck me. i couldn’t say “fuck” but i knew that if you break your femur, you can bleed out internally in under half an hour. in school i wasn’t allowed to write about loving girls because what would the administration think - but i could write about wanting to kill myself and people would say how lovely, how blistering.

i have thought a lot about censorship. sometimes people on this site try it with me: don’t write this, don’t be so nasty. some of it is intrinsic. we know as people with a uterus not to complain about “that time of the month”, we know better than to talk about sexual assault (how shameful), we know that talking about a vagina is somehow scandalous. i can say “dick” and nobody questions me. some people only refer to the bottom half of me by “pussy”. they won’t wrap a mouth around “vagina” like it’s poison to them. even discussing this, that the language halts, that there’s an intrinsic desire to say “girls” instead of “women” - feels naughty, illicit. not for children.

the other day someone suggested i make my blog 18+. i said, okay, it deals a lot with depression and other problems that might be for a mature audience. oh no, they said, that’s not it, i think that’s helpful. i said, okay. so what is it then. well, you’re gay. you write about loving women. and i said, i don’t write about sex often and they said. it’s not about the sex. but wlw isn’t for a general audience. teenagers aren’t ready.


lolita is recommended for high school and up. i think about that a lot. i know girls who love it, who say it speaks to them on a deep level. it’s beautiful prose, after all. that was the whole point of the novel. something that looked like a rose but was intrinsically awful. i think about how if i was a model they’d want me to look young, thin, prepubescent. how my body would be sold and how through the mall i walk by images of barely-clothed women while mothers cannot breastfeed in public without fear of retribution. 

i think about how i can write a novel about violence and it will be pg-13 but if my characters say “fuck” twice it’s inappropriate. i said fuck three times so far in this post, which makes it only appropriate for adults. 

i think about that, and how my identity is something that people suggest lines up with a swear word. that people shouldn’t talk about it. that it’s a vulgarity. bad for children, harsh, confusing.

fuck. i love women. which one makes this only for those over eighteen.