'like that'

Hi, if you are a teen or an adult who watches/uses things that were “made for kids” or where kids were the target market,

(ex: Disney movies, stuffed animals, Steven Universe)

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keith and his time with the blade of marmora

  • on wednesdays they wear pink
  • ‘oh no this door is locked. however will we get past?’ keith, a part-time criminal: 'not to worry’
  • they form a cheerleader pyramid with keith at the top cos he’s the smallest
  • kolivan: 'why did you leave your team? they are your family are they not?’ keith thinking about the spider he found on his ceiling: 'i just had to get out of there’
  • their ears wiggle when they sneeze
  • 'kolivan, when did you join the blade of marmalade?’
  • they have a duel where the winner gets to braid keith’s hair, because it’s the softest thing they’ve ever touched
  • marinade member: 'what did you used to do on your old planet, black paladin?’ keith: 'i uhhh…i used to collect furbies’
  • majorca member: 'what are they?’ keith: 'vicious creatures. feared by many and with a terrible reputation’
  • marmite member: 'wow…so you were a great warrior?’ keith looking into the camera like he’s on the office: ’…yes’
  • keith gets his own blade of mango flannel pyjamas and fuzzy purple slippers
  • 'kolivan, did you know my mother?’ 'yes. when she yawned she would also say the word yawn out loud’
  • keith gasping: 'exactly like me’
  • keith teaches them a team chant which goes 'i say mar- and you say -mora! mar-!’ every blade member yelling at once 'marmora!!’
  • there are framed photos of thace, ulaz, antok, and regris in the dining room with the caption 'rip in pieces’
  • keith doesn’t tie his bangs back because the Aesthetic™. at mealtimes the blade watches in amazement as his hair flies into his mouth and he struggles to spit it out for 40 minutes
  • 'i’m keith and this is my boyband, the blade of margarine’
  • he sits on their shoulders to reach shelves, because everything is taller than him
  • 'keith, do you have feelings for anyone on your team?’ 'uh, kinda. you know lance?’ every blade member at once: 'ooooooooh’
  • kolivan: 'brothers and sisters, cease! we must not tease keith for his strong romantic attachment to the red paladin’ keith, cheeks pink: 'thanks’
  • kolivan in a whisper: 'you must tell me every single small detail’
  • they allow keith to fold their ears inside out
  • they formally introduce him as Keith Kogane, Black Paladin of Voltron, Warrior of Texas, Herder of Chickens
  • 'we are the blade of mustard and this is our small human son’
  • one morning he sees them spray painting their skin purple and bursts into tears

I really like the idea of Keith being able to sweep Lance off his feet both literally and figuratively


Thor Ragnarok & Taika Waititi: gives us Thor and Loki reconciling, Loki doing the Right Thing™️, the two of them side by side again

Me, looking at Infinity War & The Russos:

Them again

i want a 10k fic that’s just kravitz chasing barold j bluejeans around for the 10 years before the taz balance arc starts because barry is literally the only one he can actually chase with any sort of success but barry is also a wicked talented wizard and necromancer and always escapes before kravitz can actually catch him (methods of escape include: being crushed by poisonous vines and peacing out in his lich form; yelling ‘look over there!’ and then when kravitz ACTUALLY looks he casts blink and is gone before kravitz knows what’s up; yelling ‘look out!’ and then when kravitz laughs like ‘lol not falling for that’ krav just gets hit by a like, train or something and gets blasted back to the astral plane so barry escapes; literally just barold saying ‘can we PLEASE do this another day i’m too tired’ and then kravitz being so shocked that he just kind of. lets barry go before he realizes what happened; barry actually getting into a huge magical fight with kravitz and you get a super old reaper fighting a super talented necromancer with at least 100 years of practice and it’s honestly a great battle; kravitz trying to grab barry’s soul while he’s still in his human form but lich!barry left a message on the stone of farspeech saying ‘if a super handsome dude in a cloak with beady eyes and looking like he could be pissed about a spell you used to kind of kill his corporeal form once just comes up to you, kill yourself immediately, just trust me’; and other similar sorts of hilarity that leads to barry probably tripling his death count at LEAST)

anyway if you think about this, that awkward little wave that barry gives kravitz in story and song is way more fucking hilarious in this context