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yixing has a career and schedule and a life in china like he’s the only member exo has in china who’s active and it helps with exo’s popularity over there.

this isnt just on sm lmao like they aren’t the supreme villains… yixing has a whole career over there and he cant give up on it or give it time!! other exo members don’t have a whole solo career like he does in china! it’s not his fault he can’t be in korea AND be in china at the same time. he’s busy all the time and he’s doing his best to balance it but him not being in promotions has been so obvious since ever because he just can’t be in two places at once not to mention the whole china/sk thing…

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Have you ever made a move on a straight friend you've had? And if so please do tell :O

That’s kind of a complicated question for me. Since I’m mostly read as a girl by people, it’s usually straight guys making moves on me. I’ve never really tried to establish a relationship or sought after someone who was strictly a straight guy, but I’ve had a lot of guys who were “experimenting” with bisexuality use me as kind of a “best of both worlds”. They just wanted a cute kinda masc person who could fill a more dominant role while still having tits. These people usually ended up having some issue or embarrassment involving me being trans, ending with a “it would be easier if you were a girl” or “I can’t get past you being trans”, because they wanted to date a cute little queer boy but were unwilling to actually help support me when being trans was something I struggled with. Most would subtly encourage and manipulate me to be more feminine and look more “like a girl” over the course of the relationship, despite knowing they entered into a relationship with a man.

So I guess all that whining was just my way of saying no. I avoid straight boys like the plague. Along with anyone who only likes pre-transition trans guys or trans guys who “still look like girls”.

If you’re someone who only likes trans boys when they look/pass as girls, or still want it to seem publicly like you’re dating a girl, then sorry, you don’t like boys, you’re fetishizing trans men.

Sorry for this rant I just have a lot of feelings about this subject lol

i also dont know why some you guys don’t realize he IS in the comeback. like the whole reason why he’s in seoul rn is to shoot the mv. he can record his parts while being in china and just send them to sm… kai wasn’t part of lotto promotions either it isn’t the end of the world. this was long time coming ever since the whole china/sk political thing. we always knew yixing was/is busy and time has been limited

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It occurred to me suddenly that Otabek is that kind of person who is extremely intelligent and well spoken and generally very chill but will occasionally just come out at random with the stupidest thought ever spoken aloud by a person and all you can do is stare at him until he finally changes the topic. But Yuri, Yuri is the perfect match to that and he will encourage a three hour, sincere conversation as if the original comment was completely valid. ~beloved

Never have tears pricked at my eyes so quickly, I adore my idiot son Otabek Altin

Remember when painful emotions like fear, anger, and hate were seen as natural and as the appropriate reactions to bad things? Yeah, me neither. Because apparently at some point in cultural history there came along some Yoda-people, who started to shame these emotions as sins, and on the other hand you got Sith-people, who instrumentalised them as weapons to corrupt people. 
No one ever tells you “I hope you’re very angry, because this is outrageous.” You get told to be strong, to see the positive, to be brave. They shove “light and love” down your throat and no one ever even acknowledges that maybe your negative reaction is healthy and sane.
So you start feeling guilty and ashamed for natural things, for being human; you repress them, until they eat you up alive. And the best thing is that when you’ve turned into a monster, they’ll say: “Oh, there wasn’t enough love and light in them.
—  INFP thoughts