'like brother and sister' um yeah ok

Colour of my feelings

So half the reason I wrote this was because I really wanted to do that one high school au, where Allura and Lance wheree cheerleaders, Shiro and Keith are footballers and Pidge and Hunk are in the photography club and it’s a headcannon that Keith gave Lance his varsity jacket cause it was raining one day. But yeah, I hope you like this, enjoy.

“Well I’m free after practise.” Lance said as he faced time his boyfriend Keith. Keith would be the generic footballer boyfriend if you, he wasn’t the normal type of footballer. Keith played cause Shiro, the captain and one of their good friends, didn’t want him get expelled from school because of the fights he got into. It occupied him and helped him make friends that actually looked out for him. Lance was the cliché partner being a cheerleader, but Keith never focused on that. Lance was the one who pushed his buttons, in a way that kept him occupied and out of trouble. First they were good friends and when it came clear they had feelings for each other, Lance asked him out. They were still dating after a year and a half.

“Won’t you be tired? I don’t want to feel drained if you’d rather sleep.”

“Well the theatre is kinda far from school. If you bring your truck instead of your motorcycle I can sleep on the way there. Granted, you are also gonna have to wait for me to take a shower after practise though. I swear, with the competition coming up, Allura is drilling us harder than ever and since I’m the only guy on the team, I have so many flyers to throw in the air.” Lance whined.

“Aww poor baby.” Keith teased.

“Shut up. I can throw you in the air, footballer muscles be damned.”

Someone knocked on Lance’s door and he yelled for them to come in. his little sister, Libby opened the door and ran over, climbing up on Lance’s bed. She held a sheet of paper of what looked like homework.

“Lancey, I need to ask you something.” She said, shaking his shoulder, even though she had his attention.

“Yeah, ok. Let me just say goodbye to Keith ok?” Libby noticed her brother was talking to his boyfriend and waved at the screen.

“Hi Kei!”

“Hi Libby. I’ll let you talk to your brother ok?”

“No wait. Can you help me too?”

Lance raised an eyebrow at his sister. She loved seeing Keith, no doubt, but she was never one to ask people other than family for help. She felt shy about it, like they’d say something about her. Keith himself looked a bit confused.

“Um, sure I guess. What do you need?”

“It’s homework. Miss Wells is asking us to…” she trailed off, as Lance took the paper with his free hand and looked it over.

“Uhh, basically they have to put colours to emotions. It’s to help them learn colours I guess.”

“That sounds more like a phycology thing, but whatever. So Libby, what do you need help with?”

“I don’t know which colours have to go where.” Lance lifted his sister onto his lap as he sat up and got his sister to hold his phone while he looked at the paper. The answers were obvious to him but he didn’t want to give all the answers to Libby. She had to learn somehow.

“Do you have an example?”

“What’s happy supposed to be?”

“Um, well, yellow I guess? It’s bright and cheery, unless cheerful is supposed to be on there.”

“Nope. There’s happy, in love, sad, mad, scared and confused. Are you sure this is kindergarten homework?” Lance asked looking at Libby. She nodded.

“Why is happy yellow?”

Wow, this girl’s attention was more all over the place then his could be.

“Well, have you ever heard someone’s smile being called sunny? Maybe like your brother’s?” Lance felt embarrassed and pleased all at once. His boyfriend could be a charmer without knowing it sometimes. Without even thinking about it, Keith would spout out some affectionate line that would leave Lance red.

“But what about confused?”

“Oh, that’s orange. Not really red but not really yellow either. It’s how I felt when someone was trying to tell me he loves me.” Lance said, reminding Keith of the time he was trying to tell Lance those words, but kept getting scared and saying odd things, which left Lance, well, confused.”

“Ok. So mad is red right? That’s the colour papi turns when he’s yelling at Leo.”

“That is very true. What do you think scared is?”

“Um, green? Didn’t Mira turn green when Mark was sick really badly that one time? Oh no, wait! It is purple. The thing in Outside in was purple and he was always scared.”

“I think you mean Inside Out Lib, but yes, that could work. Green fits more being sick anyway. Like, Hunk turns green before he gets sick, right?”

Libby nodded. “Lancey, have you ever been scared?”

Lance thought, “well, when I had gotten confused that time, I got scared I was going to lose Keith.”

“Lance…” Keith said. He looked guilty but Lance didn’t think he should be. It was just Lance’s insecurities whispering in his ear that Keith acting so strange was something bad, instead of the other way around.

“But you won’t lose Kei, cause you guys are pink!”

Lance laughed, already knowing what Libby was talking about. “Oh, and what’s pink?”

“It’s you and Kei! Cause you two are in love!”

Lance burst into laughter, Keith’s laughter echoing through the speakers.

“Yes, Libby. I am in love with your brother and that’s not going to change anytime soon.” Keith said, looking affectionately at Lance from above Libby’s head.

“It better not, or I’ll turn red!”

Brett Talbot Imagine- Finally A Cute Friend

You waited for your brother and Stiles to pick you up from school. You went to the only private school in Beacon Hills and were glad that you didn’t have to go to school with your brother but wished you didn’t have to wear a uniform.
This was your first year at the school, you were a freshman and 15 years old. Your brother, Scott was 17 and went to Beacon Hills High.
Stiles’ jeep pulled up in front of you and you could see that there was an extra person in the back seat. You froze for a second trying to think of who it was but you didn’t recognize him.
You focused back on reality when Stiles banged on the outside of his door with his arm slung out the window.
“Come on! Get in the car.”
You scuttled around to the other side of the car and hopped in. The guy inside it was fast asleep with dark sunglasses on to hide that exact fact. You brushed it off and greeted Stiles, he was like your other brother.
“Hey Stiles, nice to see you too!” You ruffled up his hair before he started driving. You could here his sarcastic laugh. Scott laughed at you, you fought with Stiles more than your own brother.
“Scott is this kid one of your new friends?” Referencing the curly haired brunette still in his lacrosse jersey next to you.
“Uh yeah, why?” He glanced back slightly to show his questioning face.
“Oh nothing, I’m just glad you finally made friends with someone cute!” Stiles raised one hand in a motion meant to signify ‘I’m right here!’
“Instead of bringing home more weird friends like Stiles,” you laughed and Stiles mimicked what you had just said in the voice he always used to make fun of you.
“Ok well no matter how much you think he’s cute you need to leave him alone…especially since he’s gonna stay in your room…” Your eyes shot up.
“WHAT?!? Why can’t he stay in your room?”
“Uh cause Kira’s coming over around 4…”
“Ew!” You shoved his shoulder from behind his chair.
“Ugh fine. I just have to do homework so I’ll keep an eye on him. When should he wake up.?”
“I don’t know Deacon didn’t specify,” Scott looked over to Stiles looking like they probably should have asked about that.

The boys name was Brett, and he was now situated on you bed surrounded by shades of purple and blue and a stuffed animal here and there. So far so good, it was already 4:30, 2 hours since you had gotten him into your room. He hadn’t made a peep and you were almost done with your homework.
Finishing up history you turned off your laptop and walked over to the occupied bed. Brett had accumulated some sweat on his forehead and around his upper chest. Grabbing a washcloth from the bathroom you returned to the bed side.
Looking down on the boy you were able to admire his features, strong jawline, short curls, and he was almost too tall to fit on your bed. You sat next to him and patted the towel across his head and down his chest and gently over where an incision had been made. You had gotten rid of the sweat and were hanging the towel on the end of the bed frame to let it dry when Brett sat up slowly, clutching his abdomen. He didn’t seem overly terrified or alert, just dazed, his eyes fluttering and his muscles flexing as he stretched. You were admiring him now.
“Uh how are you feeling?”
His eyes flickered around the room before he answered with an “Ok.”
He sat there looking around the room and at you for a solid 5 minutes before he spoke.
“Ok I’m not usually like this when I sleep with someone but what’s your name again?”
You blushed lightly and smiled at your feet. “Uh we didn’t have sex.”
“Oh, damn” he had a partially cocky look on his face as he checked you out, now knowing that he hasn’t attained you yet. You hoes to take what he said as a compliment.
“Haha, um yeah my brother’s Scott McCall. He put you in my room.”
“It’s not like a big brother to put a teenage boy in their sisters room. Don’t they usually beat up guys they find in their sister’s room?”
He had stood up now and was walking towards you ever so slowly. His smirk still plastered to his face.
“Um right. I’m 15 did I mention that?” You had hoped that would put him off but it only seemed to encourage him.
“I don’t turn 18 for another 5 months.”
I think if I had done something to show him or tell him that I didn’t want him to touch me he would have stopped but my mouth was sealed as my chest rose and fell at a ragged pace. His hand was skimming over your cheek and pushing hair from your face.
You didn’t know if his skin was still sore from where he had been cut so that left your hand to hang at your sides. He didn’t have a shirt in so you couldn’t hold that and you didn’t want to give him access to your body if you lifted your arms to his neck. He was nudging your neck with his nose, his warm breath raising goosebumps. He looked back up at your eyes, his eyes were glowing a fierce yellow that made you gasp. He chuckled lightly.
“I love freshman, I get to teach them how to do everything.”
His hands pulled yours to his chest and he linked one of his fingers in a belt loop of you jeans. He jaw sharpened as he leaned down towards your face. He had you locked in, even if you could leave you weren’t sure you wanted to. Just when your lips were about to meet Brett’s, Scott came busting through your door.
“I knew I heard something.”
Brett looked back to you “I think he wishes he hadn’t put me in your room.”