Monday 14th November 2016

I’m feeling a little better this week, mainly because its my last week in this hell hole, and i’m now kinda forced to deal with what i’ve got ahead of me instead of dreading and worrying. 

As well as that, the super moon is almost past, taking with it all this shit and negativity as it wanes. I’m going to Bronte Beach tonight to sit and gaze at it for a little while, reflecting on all the hell that has come to pass and when the new moon arises to bring with it light and happiness. 

The chips are in place for me to pursue a different direction: RSA/RCG is booked, job interview tomorrow, a weekend of doof happiness, the next pay check will cover two weeks rent (which hopefully will give me enough time to find a new job) and i will be away from these horrible people. 

I have a new found optimism for the future that certainly wasn’t around on Friday. 


Original Silver Age cover by Curt Swan from Adventure Comics #247, featuring the first appearance of the Legion of Super Heroes, published by DC Comics, April 1958, and Alex Ross’ painted version which was published as the cover to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #29, 1999.

anonymous asked:

Tumblr sent me to your post about the noncanon couple that is Zatara. Zuko did the do with Mai, not Katara. Katara did the do with Aang, 3 times at least, unless if you're willing to write off 2/3rds of what happened in the Legend of Korra. Makorra is also extremely unhealthy as Mako is not only unfaithful, but he's also abusive (à la Book II and part of III). In short, all of what you like is problematic at best.

How is any of this problematic?

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Zuko literally sacrificed his entire life to save Katara’s. If he hadn’t of jumped in front of Azula’s lightnight, and it had hit Katara, she could have easily died. She wouldn’t have been conscious, nor able to heal herself. Therefore, she would have probably ended up dead. Then, she healed him, effectively saving his life and seeing him off to lead a very successful Fire Nation. Don’t you dare tell me what he did was unhealthy.

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He took Katara to find her mothers killer. He didn’t have to, but he chose to in order to gain not only her trust, but her respect as a human being. He spent his time and his energy on a mission he couldn’t have been sure he would return from. And in the end, she was able to forgive him— helping only only himself, but her as well. By forgiving him, she was able to move on from all the hatred and anger she had stored for him deep down inside.He didn’t take her on that journey for himself. He did it for her. Don’t you dare tell me what he did was unhealthy.

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Whoops, there he is saving her life. AGAIN.

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L’est not forget about her offering to heal his scar even WHEN HE WAS STILL HER ENEMY. Katara had too much heart for her own good. She was literally the epitome of an angel, okay? Zuko, who at the time was most definitely still an enemy, let Katara touch his scar. Who, throughout the entire series, didn’t let ANYBODY touch his scar. And here he is letting her touch it. Here she is offering to heal it.


Also, by your lack of grammar skills and not coming out and just saying the words “they had sex”, or, something to that degree, basically proves that you lack the intelligence of anyone who knows anything about a good relationship. (just because they “did the do” doesn’t mean anything”. This is coming from me, who is going on her 5th year of being in a healthy, loving relationship. I know a thing or two about healthy relationships.

Plus, Maiko isn’t canon, either.


Goodbye, troll.

My personal 1-31 NHL Teams rankings

1 - Calgary Flames
2 - Toronto Maple Leafs
3 - Pittsburgh Penguins
4 - Ottawa Senators
5 - Montreal Canadiens
6 - Washington Capitals
7 - New York Islanders
8 - Colorado Avalanche
9 - LA Kings
10 - St. Louis Blues
11 - Minnesota Wild
12 - Dallas Stars
13 - Vancouver Canucks
14 - Detroit Red Wings
15 - Philadelphia Flyers
16 - New York Rangers
17 - Winnipeg Jets
18 - Buffalo Sabres
19 - Tampa Bay Lightnight
20 - New Jersey Devils
21 - San Jose Sharks
22 - Nashville Predators
23 - Florida Panthers
24 - Arizona Coyotes
25 - Vegas Golden Knights
26 - Carolina Hurricanes
27 - Colombus Blue Jackets
28 - Nashville Predators
29 - Boston Bruins
30 - Chicago Blackhawks
31 - Edmonton Oilers

Moon Pride
I want to support you
The tears roll down my cheek
Eyes burning scarlet
Someone is shouting love out loud
Like a flash of lightning

No matter how dark it is
I know I’m not alone
Moonlight shines upon us
We all have unshakable wills
We will fight on our own
Without leaving our destiny to the prince

Shiny Make Up
We are gonna shine bright
Under the starry sky
We are not helpless girls
Who need men’s protection

So… Shiny Make Up
We are gonna fight
With power from the starry night
A new legend begins right now
Right here
La La Pretty Guardian
—  Lyrics of Sailor Moon Crystal’s “Mood Pride

Some sensations and things for no. 1, 5, 9, and 10 of Karasuno!

Sawamura Daichi

  • black leather
  • writing with a smooth, inky pen
  • holding the door open
  • warm, veiny hands
  • the smell of roasted coffee beans 
  • being the last in line
  • white button-down shirts

Tanaka Ryuunosuke 

  • ripping off a bandaid
  • crackling firewood
  • yelling at the top of a cliff
  • water gun fights
  • a familiar laugh in a crowd of strangers
  • singing and dancing along to a favorite song
  • late nights out with friends

Kageyama Tobio

  • a thinly frozen lake when the days are getting warmer
  • blue street lights
  • brain freeze
  • finishing a workout 
  • tunnel vision
  • deliberately running a red light
  • night sky

Hinata Shouyou 

  • a really catchy song
  • runner’s high
  • getting tickled
  • sharing ice cream with someone
  • tip of the tongue feeling
  • accidentally running a red light
  • wildflowers