AJ Styles is the type of wrestler who fly 18 hours from South America to wrestle in a last minute match against one of the best wrestlers in the world, and without time to prepare, he actually has a contender for match of the year. He earns $2.4 millions approximately.

Brock Lesnar is the type of guy who works 5 nights at month. He earns 12 millions approximately.

A concept: If Samoa Joe and Finn are going to start a feud… Asuka should feud with The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship, AND, at the same time, feud with Alexa for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Asuka would become Intercontinental Champion and Raw Women’s Champion.

hc where is summer so will and mike are lying on the grass after going for a swim on the lake, mike sunbathing on his back while will draws the landscape with his crayons, giving his backpack a double take before pulling out jonathan’s videocamera out of it “oh my god, will. get that away from my face. what are you doing?” mike giggles looking up at him “well, jonathan said i should use it only for important things

hc where nancy, jonathan, mike and will are decorating the christmas tree at the byers household and jonathan keeps looking between the two boys, leaning to whisper to nancy “how come we are the ones dating but i’m the one who feels like a third wheel?

@wwe: #RAW Women’s Champion, @alexa_bliss_wwe_. #SDLive Women’s Champion, @charlottewwe. The battle for #BrandSupremacy continues at #SurvivorSeries!

hc where bullies snatch will’s sketchbook from his backpack “what do we have here? zombie boy has a crush on frog face. awe, how romantic” and destroy all his drawings “you should consider yourselves lucky because no one else would ever want to be with freaks like you” so mike rides his bike to will’s house later that day “mike? what are you-” “hey, thought you could use some company” he smiles sympathetically at will “and a model

hc where mike wants his and will’s first date to be as special as possible but doesn’t even know where to begin so he starts to freak out until will places his hand on mike’s knee “mike, i’ve been in the upside down, twice. if you want to lay down for a whole day doing nothing, that sounds pretty much like heaven to me