'let's throw you out of the window first'


☆Dating Jungkook would include☆

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-A WHOLE LOT OF AWKWARDNESS (before the emergence of the cocky muscle pig)

 -We all know kookie is a shy bunny so dont expect much from this fluffy meme ball at the begininning

-It would probably take few months(or years) for kookie to hold your hand 

 -FoR rEaL Tho

 -This bunny would be his own enemy when it came to intiating skinship 

 - ‘Y/N LimBs aRe finAlLy FreE–..oh no .. s/he’s eating some chips now… ‘oh man holy shit’ “ 


 - Your messages between each other would just be full on meme

 - because meme is his favourite language

-only being able to talk to you through text 

 - tHe poor bOY woUld bE fRoZeN iN front of yOU

-Going to the hyungs for advice

 -but ends up getting teased T.T

-Lots of amusement park and active dates… you better bring your asthma pump with you..i mean you are dating jeon jungkook after all


 - Taking nothing but ugly pictures of each other

-and using them as blackmail weapons

 - YOUr wHOle family lOVe hiM

 -you look like the devil besides him to them he can do no wrong

-you two being the 'no you hang up first’ couple in the beginning but now he just hangs up 

 -tbh you both get off of annoying each other

 - (video calling your dad) 

You:Daddy! How are you? 

《A wild Jungkook appears behind you》 

Jungkook: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Daddy’s fine… wHO iS– 

 Throws your phone out the window 

 -” Lets never speak of this again" 

“Since when did you become 'Daddy’? ” 

“Hussshhh~~( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”

 - You going to watch their dance practices = him forcing the memebers to dress up in live performance attire 

 -Jimin having to accept that kookie is taken T.T

- “Im okay rlly..anyways Taehyung’s free ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…”

 -If you’re short》You being teased mercilessly; Picked up at random times; literally being smothered when you hug him ; being called cuTE all tHE tIME; SPINS ALL THE TIME

 -If you’re tall》 marvelling at your beautiful long legs; no discrimination YOU’D ALSO BE CALLED CUTE ALL THE TIME; Seriously kookie would marvel at how elegant you looked; him being able to rest hishead on your shoulder,; KOOKIE SAID HE LIKES TALL GIRLS SO~~(i nEeD tO gROw) 

 - A lot of inside jokes… people just end up thinking you two are dumb beans -

 - Dont forget all the meme dances #1 Dance couple

-You guys would probably end up uploading a video with all of your signature meme dances combined 

 -Anime marathons~~~ if your not a fan of anime. you soon will be



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-You’d probably have to initiate any kind of intimacy 

-but once he feels comfortable with you –_-_-_-_-_-_ R.I.P YOU

-sERioUSLy- This boy would be a fuckin incubus once his shyness is gone

-kOoKiE tHe pErvErT iS bOrN

-You’d have to fence him off from you

-He wouldnt really be into public teasing because he’s a really private person

-if he decided to initiate it, he’d be fine




-You getting angry when he leaves visble hickeys but him still continuing

-You then plan on getting him back but then realise the massive sHit StOrm it would create so you back down

-instead you hide all his timberlands and replace all his white shirts with brony merch because you believe everyone should love my little pony 

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- He wouldnt really be into PDA especially in front of the members. it would be too embarrassing for him.. he stiLl sHY and the hyungs have no mercy

☆Overall kookie would be a fun and chill boyfriend, a bit sensitive as long as you’re okay with dishing out hugs and affirmations then there should be no problem☆

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Deranged: Part 11

“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.” - Stephen King

Warning: Contains extreme violence and tense situations in this chapter

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10   Part 12

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an everyday spring conversation

I wrote a little drabble about your Elsewhere University. I hope it does justice! (Warning: profanity).

“These poor kids are gonna be eaten alive.” Rhea flaps a hand towards the high schoolers touring campus, but her attention is focused on her packet of fruit snacks. She shakes it violently. “Dammit, I can’t get this peach unstuck.”

Ivo reaches over, plucking the gummy from the package. He pops it into his mouth. It’s a little stale, and he has to bite down hard to split it into pieces. “You’re a freshman, Rhee. You didn’t know shit when you showed up.”

Rhea brings a hand to her chest, mock-scandalized. “Wow, talking shit and stealing my fruit snacks! We’re not friends.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Ivo rolls his eyes. “You’re so melodramatic.”

“Maybe, but they really are gonna get fucked up.”

“Like you almost did? I saved your ass.” Ivo curves his lips into the lazy smirk he knows she hates. She grumbles something unintelligible, and he grins, showing off white teeth. He cups a hand to his ear. “What was that? I didn’t hear you.”

She shoves his shoulder roughly, blushing a little. “Don’t be an ass.”

Ivo throws his head back and laughs. The sun is bright. He almost can’t believe that it’s already time for the tours. If he didn’t have a semester’s worth of his organic chemistry notes laid out in front of him, he might think that the gentry were just fucking with their heads again. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

“You know, Mallory was fucking around with one of them a couple weeks ago.”

Ivo hums - not disinterested, but not fully focused. He highlights another line of text. “Was she?”

“Yeah, I heard it was real bad. You know how the damn linguistics students are.”

He lets out a soft snort. “True. Do you remember Glenn?”

Rhea throws her head back, cackling. “He fucking threw his iron rings out the window because he was horny! Like, come on. That’s some next level thirst.”

Ivo looks up from his notes, grinning. Rhea’s laugh is infectious. Despite how high maintenance watching a freshman is, that damn laugh caught him, and he was hooked. He taught her to make salt lines, to always wear iron, to buy soaps at the market down the street and to not ask what’s in them. Now she’s all grown up. Oddly, he feels rather like a parent watching their child leave the nest.

“May I sit?”

Ivo’s eyes snap up. It’s a boy, tall and willowy. He has frog eyes.

“Of course,” Ivo says, and Rhea scoots over to make space. Always be polite. The boy ignores the new space, though, and balances on the bench arm, just next to Ivo. He gives him a grin that seems to show an impossible number of teeth.

“Not to intrude on your conversation, but I rather liked Glenn,” the boy says, eyes glinting. “He was honest, and a treat while he lasted.”

“I thought he was kind of a dick,” Rhea says, flicking through sheets in her portfolio. She doesn’t seem to realize what she’s said. The gentry’s eyes narrow.

“What’s that?” he asks, significantly less pleasant. He points towards it with a long fingernail.

Rhea tugs out a sheet with sketches autumn trees on it. She doesn’t make eye contact when she passes it over Ivo to the boy. “It’s my portfolio.”

The boy brightens significantly. “Do you do people?” He inspects the drawing, holding it in different angles in the light.

“Yeah, I do.”

He turns to Rhea with a wide grin. “Will you do me?”

Without any hesitation, she pulls out a sheet of thick paper. “Do you want me to draw you in this form, or…?” She lets her question trail off. The boy’s grin grows.

“Could you do it like this?” He smiles for her, and for a sliver of a second he is incredibly inhuman, with long horns and wide eyes that are too far apart. Rhea doesn’t flinch. Instead, she summons an eraser and a set of colored pencils from practically nowhere and begins to sketch from memory. For a moment, there is peaceful silence, and Ivo highlights another phrase.

“So, who’re you?”

Ivo looks up. The question stems more from boredom than from real curiosity, but he can’t leave it unanswered. “I’m Eye.”

“I’m See. How funny!” The gentry laughs a laugh without humor. “I’ll tell you what mine’s short for if you tell me what yours is short for.”

It’s not as if it’s his real name, anyways. “I’m Ivo.”

This earns him a pleased smile. “I’m Catahecassa.”

“That’s a nice name.”

“Of course it is. I wouldn’t settle for one that wasn’t nice.”

Ivo suppresses a sigh. The fae are always so vain.

“Excited to terrorize the newbies?” Ivo asks, waving a hand at the tour group that is somehow still in the courtyard. At least four overexcited high schoolers have their hands raised.

“Hell yeah,” Catahecassa chuckles, stretching. His shoulders pop unnaturally in their sockets. “These idiots don’t even know to wear their socks inside out. It’s fun to watch them try to figure out what the fuck is happening. You know, one of them has already fallen into the time fold by the fountain. The damn swamp hag his having a free-for-all.”

“Which one?”

“The one who lives in the time fold. Duh. I hate that bitch. Her hair is a fucking wreck.”

Ah, yes. The one who lives in the time fold. Excuse Ivo for not knowing how to do fucking origami with the time-space continuum, and for not knowing every swamp hag. Goddamn.

“It can’t be as bad as that spirit who haunted the tap in the lab last year.”

Catahecassa lets out a disdainful snort. “Ugh, he was an idiot. ‘Wah, the chemistry students don’t like me!’ Newsflash, asshole. Nobody likes you.”

“He almost gave me an aneurysm when I was cleaning out flasks.”

This earns a snicker. “The only thing he was good for.” He gives Ivo an up and down, curling his lip. “Chemistry majors are scum.”

Before Ivo can say something stupid, Rhea reaches out. “I’m finished,” she says, her paper covered in colors.

Ivo can’t really see it before Catahecassa takes it, but it makes the gentry’s face truly light up. “I do look good with that kind of horns. I fucking knew it.” Without so much as a thank you, he stands and leaves, walking impossibly smoothly. Not even Heelys could make someone walk that smooth.

“Well,” Rhea says, turning to Ivo with a grin. “I’m glad he liked it.”


okay have we ever considered what would happen once ronan grew his dark curly hair back?? 

{be warned: long rambly hc ahead.}

Adam once casually mentioned that he liked Ronan’s hair. Gansey’s showed him pictures of what Ronan used to look like before he’d shaved his head and he’d commented that he’d barely been able to recognize him, but in like a good way. 

  • So Ronan decides he’s going to allow his hair to grow out again while Adam’s still off at college. 

  • They make time for each other while maneuvering around Adam’s schooling of course, some weekends Ronan will drive up to Adam’s campus or Adam will take a few days off to return to Henrietta to meet Ronan, Opal and the rest of the group. 
  • Gansey’s stunned and silently relieved, feeling like a proud father. He’d never thought he’d encounter the old Ronan again, and this was better than the old Ronan, this was a new and improved Ronan, who’d wrestled tragedy after tragedy and stood triumphant in the wake of each one, not letting it get the best of him. Blue marks it as an improvement and proceeds to nickname him Rapenzul, “Shut the fuck up, Maggot.” “Are you going to let down your hair, princess?” Noah likes to pet his hair just the way he likes to pet Blue’s hair. “So soft,” he’ll say. Ronan only lets him because it’s Noah, although he may or may not threaten to throw him out of more windows. (Yes, I don’t care what happened in TRK, Noah is undead and well, let this boy live okay!!!) 
  • When Adam first sees Ronan with his hair all grown back he actually physically falters bc goddamn does this boy have any idea how crushingly good he looks? ?? 
  • “You… You’re…” Adam doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to muster a cohesive sentence ever again. Adam was used to the Ronan who was all sharpened edges and split knuckles, but the curving ringlets that curled around his ears now and fell over his forehead in drunken midnight tufts made him appear softer, warmer, kinder. It was like seeing the before-image of a burnt photograph. It was like a fairytale filter version of him. Adam can’t help but see an uncanny resemblance between Ronan and those effortlessly handsome young war hero portraits. 
  • “Stop staring, Shithead. It’s a fucking wig.” Ronan says, because that starstruck look in Adam’s eyes is doing things to him. 
  • Adam is suddenly overcome with the sweeping urge to run his hands through it. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate running his hands over Ronan’s buzzed head or the Ronan that he’d known before. He’d loved Ronan just like he loved Gansey, Blue and Noah even back when he carried himself like a vicious python, all spitfires and bloodied lips, even when he was getting drunk every single night and trying to fight the moon. Adam wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but there’d been something ethereally enticing about him even when he was this self-destructive drag racer that Adam had been so afraid to fall and cut himself on. 
  • But the Ronan Lynch that Adam fell in love with was another boy completely. He was the dreamer who dreamed up EpiPens for his friend and hand cream for Adam’s chapped hands and performed secret handshakes with his little brother and wanted to spend the rest of his life at his family farm and who pressed his lips ever-so-gently to each one of Adam’s fingers like they were dandelion stems. 
  • All his life, Adam had felt broken and delicate, but for the first time, he felt glad for his nimble fingers, his turbulent history, to be Adam Parrish, the chipped teacup boy, because Ronan made him feel loved and wanted and appreciated, because Ronan felt everything so strongly, and there were still nights Adam was filled with gratitude for being the brunt of Ronan’s desire. 
  • So they make the drive up to the Barns in silence, Ronan asks him about how college’s been and Adam tells him all about the university Ronan wouldn’t be caught dead in and catches that proud glint in his eyes when he admits he recently got offered a TA position. “So now you’re nerding your way up to the nerdom throne. Good for you, Parrish.” They talk about Gansey, Blue and Henry’s trip to Venezuela and how Opal’s been helping Ronan build his dream ramp and chewing on all the curtains. The minute they step out of the car and into the house however, Adam can’t help himself anymore, he pins Ronan against a wall and regales him with firm, heated kisses before dipping his hands into Ronan’s hair. It’s even softer than he’d imagined, and he’d been tugging distractedly at his lip and staring out the window the entire ride, imagining a lot. 
  • Ronan’s overwhelmed but they’ve been apart for weeks and feeling the hot, reassuring weight of Adam’s lips and hips against his again, and with his long, pianist’s fingers gruffly tugging at Ronan’s hair, his thoughts upend and bottom out and all he can think is let’s never fucking stop kissing. yeah. let’s kiss until we fucking die.
  • Later when they’re laying down in bed, Adam loops his fingers in Ronan’s hair again, raking through it delightedly, and Ronan lets out a quiet sigh. 
  • “It feels weird,” Ronan then admits. “I’m not that person anymore.” Adam wanted to tell Ronan that no, he wasn’t that person anymore, but he was more whole than he’d been in a long time. He wanted to tell him that he didn’t need to fool people into thinking he was this awful, intimidating presence anymore. He wanted to tell him that it would be okay if he just let the world see him for what he really was. That he wasn’t the wolf in the henhouse, but neither of them were ever very good at words, so he just pushes a little bit of his hair back and presses a kiss to Ronan’s temple instead. “Well, I like the person you are now.”
  • “Do you think it kills my badass edge?” 
  • “What badass edge?”
  • Ronan presses a hand into Adam’s chest and playfully shoves him backwards at that, before helping him out of his t-shirt and biting into his shoulder.
  • Ronan’s thinking he might never shave his head ever again.
lights flashing [M] // JIMIN

summary - Your parents’ beach house always sparked the right kind of imagination in your mind - but what happens when a certain boy with a camera in hand becomes your main focus instead?
word count - 3.4k

genre - fluff, (implied?) smut
pairing - Photographer!Jimin x Poet!Reader
warnings - mature language, smut

A/N - okay, i’m so nervous to post this idek why ;; it’s my first time writing actual smut and i’m not sure if it even classifies as smut and if i did a great job on this overall. feedback is very much appreciated as always

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Mun: Well…he’s back…for now…but atm he’s a giant jello goop! He smells some what bad too, like…decaying nasty bad! Man Toffee wth have you been asorbing while inside that wand!? Ps he’s blind atm and can’t see, I thought saving his eyes would mean he can regenerate from them but I guess he’s too weak atm to do that. Hope fully he’ll be able to attach them again and be able to see again soon…but I’m sure the rest of you Toffee fans would’ve done the same…

Toffee:…I swear when I grow my body back the first thing I’m gonna do is throw you out the nearest window-

((WHAT MY SON DEAD!? NOT ON MY WATCH!!! lets him live on in my blog* LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!!))

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Can you give headcanons of our favorite bird seekers raising a sparkling?

The command trine and a baby: a sitcom worthy of being written by Thundercracker

  • When they first get/have this beb, they spend three hours arguing on what paint colors to give it. It ends up a mess of various paints that looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. Starscream finally gives up and lets it be purple and blue
  • Listen my favorite seeker headcanon ever is that they just. Constantly throw their babies out the window to teach them to fly. This is only amplified with the three of them.
  • Thundercracker reads the little one screenplays. Skywarp jokes that it’s because they can’t run away yet.
  • Starscream teaches the kid how to be loud. He immediately regrets this the next time they have a fit
  • Skywarp invents a new game called “teleport the baby into places the baby cant normally get in to freak out the rest of the trine”
  • Family time is catching up on soap operas and teaching the little one nasty phrases about decepticons they don’t like
  • Their first words were “megatron has fallen, I, starscream, now lead the decepticons” and starscream legitimately started crying
  • Only Thundercracker is responsible enough to remember to keep the bab fed properly. Skywarp keeps trying to give them high-grade to see what would happen and Starscream overfeeds them
  • Seeker babies go through an ugly phase before they become beautiful forever, it’s the price they pay for being hot. When this phase happens, the trine is aware their baby is hideous, but they refuse to let anyone say it. Their little bab is a beauty and wonder to behold how dare you imply that they are ugly you will be put on the list

1.Always spares time from hectic press tour hours to go to children hospital.

2.Always goes to children hospital while wearing his spiderman suit. Let me remind you, he said it himself that “It’s uncomfortable” and he has to wear “some kind of thong” in it.

3.Always tells his fans that he’s so sorry and sad when he can’t greet his fans. Heck, his first IG story is him saying sorry that he can’t come out from his trailer to greet his fans that wait for him on Homecoming set.

4.He liked, repost, and even makes his fans’ fanart as his instagram icon. He really makes sure to let his fans know that he love it (but sadly didn’t credit them, gotta work on that).

5.Signs his autograph on comic papers, turned it into paperballs, and then throw it out of the hotel’s window for his fans because the security team didn’t let him to go outside and greet them.

He’s such an amazing person. I’m glad I stan him. Please add more that you guys remember cause I write and post this so suddenly without collecting proof first.

Pretty dolly - The teaspoon girl pt 6

A witch turns Y/N into a teaspoon sized woman, and Sam and Dean has to make sure she doesn’t get squashed – and find a cure.

Word count: 3152

Hopefully part seven (the last part) isn’t too far away (I’m sorry – I’m a slow writer).

Please let me know what you think – and remember that I’m not English. Also let me know if you want on – or off – my tag list.

From part five:

Dean found Sam lying on top of the covers in his bed. He was fully dressed and sleeping restlessly. The laptop had slid halfway down from his stomach, and the cursed bowl was in his hand. Scattered all over the bed and floor were papers with scribbles, copies of the symbols on the bowl, attempts at translations.

Smiling softly, Dean checked on Y/N before cleaning up the mess and the computer, and carefully moving the bowl so it wouldn’t fall to the floor and shatter.

Once that was done, he expertly removed Sam’s shoes and coaxed the blanket from under him. “We really need to figure this one out, little brother,” he whispered as he shook the blanket out over Sam. “And then you and Y/N are gonna have a serious talk. Don’t think I haven’t seen through you. Both.”

With a squeeze on Sam’s shoulder, he went to get ready for the night. When he got back after brushing his teeth, Sam had turned over on his side, facing Y/N and stretching a hand towards her.

The next morning, Sam skipped his morning run. Instead, he gathered the notes he’d been taking that night and began pouring over them, comparing symbols and tracing new ones, and when Dean woke up, he was already through one pot of coffee, one note pad, and had started on a second one. He muttered to himself, frequently shaking his head, and sighing when he realised he was on the wrong track.

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Being intimate with cw!Peter Parker would include

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the playlist of the songs that you and Peter make out to

  • being very awkward and clumsy because neither of you are well experienced
  • always making out to music
  • him throwing rocks at your window at midniiiiiight (plz tell me if u understood this reference)
  • and climbing all the way up to your room just to find out that your parents aren’t at home
  • seeing you half-asleep in his shirt (which you’ve stolen from him)
  • him letting out a small whine/moan because you look so beautiful and angelic and at the same time hot and tempting
  • caressing your cheeks with his soft hands and gently kissing you
  • at first his kisses are slow but soon his hands leave your face and are placed firmly on the back of your neck
  • licking you lower lip with his tongue, asking for entrance
  • tugging on his curls
  • small moans leaving his mouth
  • making out to alex turner
  • “i-i adore you angel”
  • sucking on his lower lip
  • “please do that again”
  • him sitting on your bed and you sitting on his lap
  • grinding your hips in sync
  • him leaving open mouthed kisses on your neck
  • hickeys all over your collarbones
  • and then “past lives” bu borns comes on
  • and with his newly found confidence peter pins you to the bed
  • “you’re so beautiful angel”
  • “i can’t believe you’re mine”
  • whispering sweet nothings to each other
  • gently massaging your thighs with his hands
  • helping him out of his clothes
  • “are y-you sure you want this”


the signs as things said by my english class
  • aries: "if y'all can finally all get above an 80 on this test, i'll buy everyone bagels"
  • taurus: "is it okay if i eat lunch now?" "we're halfway through class, jeremy" "yeah i know but i have guacamole today and i'm really excited about it"
  • gemini: "lucas if you ruin the bagels for us i'll throw you out the window" "lena we're on the first floor"
  • cancer: *pulls fire alarm* "i don't even care. this is what exams have done to me."
  • leo: *banging on the door that only opens from the inside* "guys let me in i'm like the cutest person in this class"
  • virgo: "i'm going to mrs. mccarthy's room so i can steal her whiteboard markers"
  • libra: "can we play a game today?" "lucas you ask that every single day. it's an english class, shut up"
  • scorpio: "i don't even know half the bands on these stickers. i just bought them because they look cool"
  • sagittarius: *finishes a test 30 minutes before everyone else but hands it in anyways* "well, i fucked that one up. see ya tomorrow mrs. saudek"
  • capricorn: "so. . . because i was a c-section i could kick macbeth's ass too?"
  • aquarius: "lucas nobody cares about how you feel oppressed by not being able to wear a camouflage bucket hat"
  • pisces: "go get the baby out of the cabinet, we can use that to teach him"
Uta/Donato Crack thing is starting to look crack less & less...

Ok before you throw me out of window hear me out and let me do really messy post (very messy one LoL),

So, I noticed some people crack-theorizing that Uta & Donato could be … related in some manner. It started rolling in after Donato’s kagune was shown and some people made link to how his kagune pattern looks similar to Uta’s crosses tattoo that were shown at ending of prequel when he was revealed as Clown:

First it was only theory of how they might be acquainted in past (no one was pointing at them being “related” … yet).

Then the next thing (parallel) happened:

… And that is when I noticed first crack theories regarding them being “related” coming to be.

Of course, this was always crack thing at first. But as chapter go & go … seems there is more to this crack theory that only helps enforcing it.

To explain it better, these two seems to get paralleled more & more with new chapters.

Both appear to have same style of mindf**king with people by knowing what to say and where it hurts most:

Both then appear to have similar abilities/type of trolling so to speak:

& with latest chapter … does this look familiar to you as well:

Then Donato is Koukaku & if card suit is to be trusted, then Uta is too, since he was placed in diamond suit of Koukaku users:

While whatever Uta is Rinkaku or Koukaku is still up to debate, if card suit was to be correct and he is Koukaku then that would make him & Donato both have same RC type as well.

Then there is also theory of both of them being one-eyed ghouls as well. 

In chapter 108, Donato’s eyes were odd looking at ending. To be more exact, his left eye was appearing to glow and looking off in comparison to his right eye that appeared to be normal:

In meantime, in chapter 84, Uta’s own eyes were very wonky-looking as well:

& Last but I dare saying most important one; Uta calling him as “Dona-san”.

In English scans it’s translated as “Mr.Dona” & while “Mr” is equivalent of “-san”, point is he addressed Donato using Japanese honorific and not Western one like English translation made it seem (I’ll explain right now what’s up with this and why is this important).

In Japan, the way it’s considered to be appropriate to address people is quite different from one in West.

By this I mean in Japan, you don’t call anyone by their first name (letalone the nickname)! If you were to call someone by their first name, it would be considered as very impolite thing to do and you would be viewed as someone with no education.

That’s because in Japan your last name is your first name, because Japanese take great pride in their family and as such their family name. As such calling person by their last name is considered as paying respect to your said family, which is reason why the last name in Japan is your first name and only name someone should be calling you by.

Only three cases in where it’s considered ok to call person by their first name are:

1) They’re your lover / girlfriend or boyfriend

2) They’re your family

3) Extremely close childhood friends (but even then, it’s rare to drop last name)

Therefor calling someone by their first name is considered an extremely intimate thing to do and it shows very strong bond between you and said person.

Now this brings us back to how Uta called Donato (who’s older person then him to boost), which is “Dona-san” (I’m going according to Japanese scans of this). So not only that he didn’t called him Porpora (as he should have), but he called him by nickname taken out of his first name. Only person Uta has ever addressed by their first name (ones we know last name of at least), is Roma only and he did wore her hairpin in one of omakes to hint they’re close.

(Ishida himself points this thing out when commenting on stickers)

Reason why I’m pointing it out is because we can definitely say for sure these two must be real close which might be reason why Uta calls her by her first name over her last one.

Actually, this first-last name thing was even brought up in spin-off of this series in where Yomo called Kaneki by his first name and Kaneki was “weirded out” by it:

Now this brings us to Donato once again and “Dona-san”, which makes Donato second only person he doesn’t bother using last name with. He rather uses shortened nickname taken out of his first name, which means he must be truly and really close with Donato as well to drop formalities in this manner and call someone so much older then him in such manner.

Take in note that I’m not talking about them being related by blood, but that some connection might be must be there between two if we take all of this into account and it seems Ishida lately is trying to show us something regarding it, because these parallels seems to be made on purpose to connect these two!

Ok this is enough of crack-theorizing for today, I shall leave myself out now, but this is still something to think over.

P.S: On more crack-side, Donato is Russian while young Uta was shown to be blonde so …

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Hcs for when Aizawa falls in love

  • It hits him like a truck let me tell you
  • He walks around and sees you going about your business, something makes you laugh, and his first thought is ‘I love you.’
  • It probably annoys him honestly?? He’s a man who is a hero who also has to deal with the entirety of 1A, and whatever the hell Mineta is, and now he has to deal with feelings??? Let the man rest.
  • He knows his job can get him (and possibly you) killed, so he tries not to make a big deal of it.
  • You know how Aizawa is so mysterious and cool and acting in front of others? Throw that out the window with you by his side because he will be an utter klutz.
  • He’s not trying to act suave and failing, no , life just decides to be a major douche canoe during those exact moments.
  • He’s so much like a cat that he will bring you something he’d think you’d like from one of his battles. (You actually do like what he brings you though)
  • Will swallow his pride and ask Present Mic for advice on how to ask you out and instantly regrets it
  • Will finally just says ‘fuck it’ and asks you out in his own, Aizawa-y way. (Meaning he literally just says, ‘Hey, I really like you. Wanna go on a date?’)


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WWVD if you were dating for about 2 or so years and one day you refuse to let them into your house unless they could answer a riddle that they had no idea how to answer?

*Let’s say you stole his phone to prevent googling and then locked him out*

N: Hakyeon doesn’t have time for games, but he think’s he’s hot stuff and can do any and everything. So, he’ll try to wow you with his knowledge. Now, If he can’t figure it out he’s going to stand there and complain about how unreasonable you’re being and then go find a stranger to help him. It’ll only take him a maximum of three tries before he leaves you. “Honey, this isn’t funny anymore! Open up–excuse me sir, care to help me solve a riddle?”

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Leo: Despite not wanting to, Leo will at least humor your shenanigans because he loves you and he’s used to it. He would literally take a seat on the doorstep and try to figure it out, each wrong answer causing him to face palm and sigh loudly. If he can’t then he’ll most likely just try to leave and then you’ll have to let him in because you felt bad. But he’ll be long gone down the street in search of food. “How was that wrong, too? *sigh* I just want to come inside. Okay, ask me another one? *Trots off during your sentence*”

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Ken: Pretty sure he’s going to just throw random answers at you until he gets it right. Using all his brainpower, Ken will retrieve anything in his mind that could remotely answer your riddle. Either he’ll eventually get it right or you’ll get tired of his randomness and just let him in. “Banana. Apple. Frog. Tree. Coyote. Beyonce. Shakira. Changsub. Shoes. Candy! My dick?!” OH MY GAWD. Get in the house! You’re talking too much!

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Ravi: After trying to solve it and failing, Ravi will just stand there begging you to open the door. After one or two tries he’s had enough. He’ll knock on the door and plead with you until you break. But the minute he walks into the door he’ll act like he knew the answer when he really didn’t because just wanted to see if you would cave first. “I knew you’d give in. By the way, the answer was…no I’m not going to tell you.”

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HongBin: HongBin will not waste time trying to figure out this riddle, so he’d straight up leave if he can’t figure it out. Instead of wasting time and brainpower on coming up with an answer, he’ll go searching for a window he can climb through or hit on the walls to freak you out and let him in. “Nope! I don’t have time for this today, love. *Bangs on walls* The old man next door already say we make too much noise at night so if you want avoid his wrath let me in!”

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Hyuk: This is Hyuk! Of course he solved it pretty quick and on the first couple of tries. But in the chance that he doesn’t he’s going to start throwing riddles back at you for you to open the door. He’ll have that ‘two can play that game’ mind frame and probably somehow trick you instead. “Hey, babe. If you solve my riddle, I’ll let you come outside! *Asks you a riddle and without thinking you solve it and open the door* You make it too easy. You fall for this everytime.”

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Thanks for asking!
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Heartbroken |Conor Maynard|

Summary -  Y/N breaks up with her boyfriend so goes to Conor/Jack for comfort, they cuddle her and make sure she’s okay before admitting they’ve always had feelings for her

Word Count - 1,097.

Warnings - N/A

Wiping your eyes on the sleeve of your hoodie, you let out a deep sigh as you felt the tension fade slightly away from your chest. This felt like the best kind of relief you could possibly hope for at the minute.

You glanced down at your phone as you read those two words on the screen. God knows how many times you had re-read them, trying to make sense of it all and trying to fit all the pieces into place. Which wasn’t working, at all.

‘It’s over.’

That was it. Those two simple words that had blown the past two years of your life into shatters. You couldn’t get your head around it.

How could someone possibly be that low, they broke up with someone by text?

And not even have an explanation for it? Just expect you to accept those two words and deal with it.

Even if your boyfriend, well now ex, had provided you with an explanation then you could maybe, start to deal with the pain that was currently weighing heavy in your chest and clouding your thoughts.

Even if he had given you the chance to talk to him and figure out how you could possibly just fall out of love with someone instantly, then maybe you could start to get your head around it. But you didn’t have that option, he had given you those two words and that was it.

‘It’s over.’

You continued to reply the image of yourself reading those words for the first time, feeling your heart drop to your stomach and your stomach turning as if you were about to throw up.

And that’s what got you where you were now.

Sat on a window ledge, the window slightly open as it let a light breeze through the London apartment.

It wasn’t even your apartment you were sat in. It was currently owned by Conor and Jack Maynard.

And at the minute, the place was deserted besides you, wrapped up in one of Conor’s hoodies, watching the sunset behind the sight of the London Eye.

You tried to think of why you didn’t spend more time at their apartment. It had a beautiful view of the city of London, it was quiet and it was owned by two of the nicest people you had the pleasure of meeting.

Pushing yourself off the window ledge as you heard the door open, you wiped your eyes again quickly, hoping to disguise the fact you’d spent the last 30 minutes crying on your own.

“Oh, alright Y/N?” Conor asked, a smile forming on his face, before fading again as he saw your bloodshot eyes.

You just nodded once, not quite bringing yourself to open your mouth and letting words out.

Jack raised his eyes at you as he followed his brother into the apartment, closing the door behind him.

Was there actually any point of lying? Both Conor and Jack knew you like the back of their hands. You had known them since you were 11. Meeting Conor in secondary school, where his little brother joined you both 2 years later.

Putting his phone on the work top, Conor walked over to you with open arms.

A weak smile crept onto your face as you walked to him, nuzzling your face into his neck as he wrapped his arms protectively around you.

“Come on, what’s he done now?” he mumbled, running his hand up and down your back.

“Finished with me.” You chuckled half-heartedly.

Jack eyed you suspiciously from the corner of the kitchen.

“Good. He was a dickhead anyway.” Jack shrugged his shoulders, starting to rummage through one of the cupboards.

Conor glared at his younger brother as a sign for him to keep his mouth closed.

“Well he was,” Jack mumbled in protest, as Conor rolled his eyes.

Looking at you, Conor smiled.

“So because he dumped you, you let yourself into our apartment and stole my clothes?” he chuckled, eyeing up the hoodie you were currently wearing.

“Joe gave me your spare key last month and I forgot to give it back,” you smiled, staying close to Conor as Jack went into his bedroom.

Clearing wanting to keep his opinions of your past relationship to a minimum.

Conor shook his head as his brother strolled off, not really helping you at all or even offering you make you feel the slightest bit better.

“He’s in a shit mood, leave him to it.” Conor chuckled, making you sit on the sofa with him.

Conor still kept his arm around you, against his hip. You might as well have been sat on his lap.

You started to play with the sleeves of his hoodie as you were both silent for a few minutes.

“I just wanted to know why he would break up with me and not actually explain why he-” you started before Conor cut you off.

“Look, I’m sorry Y/N but if I don’t say this now then I never will.” Conor mumbled, a slight blush forming on his cheeks as his eyes sparkled in the light that was seeping through the window.

You looked up at him, waiting for the words that followed as Conor let out a deep breath.

“I really like you.” He murmured, playing with his fingers as he turned shy.

You had never seen him act like this, he was usually confident but now, he was shy and quiet. A confused look spread across your face, as you continued to sit in silence.

“Like, I really like you. I have for years, but you got with Nathan and I just had to accept it. It killed me inside, he made you happy though and I’d give anything for you to be happy, whether it’s with or without me, and I just-” Conor’s words were cut short as you clamped your hand over his mouth.

His eyes stared down at you, waiting impatiently for your response.

“I can’t do this, not now Conor. I’m sorry.” You mumbled, tears springing into your eyes again as you stood up and pulled his hoodie from over your head.

“No please, Y/N. Please don’t leave, I-I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.” Conor stammered.

You just shook your head as a response, grabbing your phone and your own jacket; you walked to the door, looking at Conor over your shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” You mumbled before walking out the door and closing it silently behind you, leaving Conor shocked in the middle of his living room as tears began to roll down his cheeks…

Part 2


Summary: You and Calum have been best friends for as long as you can remember and flashing the light of your rooms has become a signal that you need each other. ((this is a long one guys but I’ve been inactive for like a year so see it as a big comeback lol))

You’re 5 years old and the light flashes twice. You’re already in bed, but not yet asleep, and the flashing lights pull you out of bed and towards the window like an invisible cord. On the opposite side of your window is another window, one belonging to your neighbor. The houses are close together, in your street, and you see the familiar boy standing in front of his window.

“Did you flash the light?” you ask.

“Yes,” Calum answers. “I need to tell you a secret, but you have to promise you won’t laugh.”

You and Calum have been living next to each other your whole lives, and he’s always been your friend. You don’t even remember how you met; you assume you were just babies, because your mom is such good friends with his mom. You just know he’s always been there, and he’s always been nice to you, even though he teases his sister all the time, and surely that grants him the one wish of you not laughing.


“I think there’s a monster in my room.” You notice his voice is shaky.

You frown. “Well, I can’t help you with that. Go tell your mommy and daddy. They can beat it up.” Because at 5 years old, you didn’t think there was any problem out there that couldn’t be fixed by parents.

“I already told them,” Calum says, sounding a bit annoyed with you. As if it’s your fault there’s a monster in his room. “They don’t believe me. They say I just need to go to sleep. But if I go to sleep, the monster could eat me!”

“Leave the lights on,” you offer him. “Monsters don’t like light.” You don’t know if that’s an actual fact, but you’re sure you saw it in a cartoon once.

“Mom would be mad if I left the light on.” Sure enough, Calum’s room, behind him, is dark. After flashing the light, he turned it back off.

You yawn. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it, then.” It’s late, and you just wanna go to bed. Calum never wants to go to bed; you know that, because he always throws a tantrum when his mom tells him it’s bed time. But you like sleeping, because it lets the dreams into your head.

“Come sleep with me.” You look up in surprise, but Calum looks completely serious. “You can come over Mali’s way.”

There’s a plank of wood between your roof and Calum’s. Mali-Koa, his sister, always uses it to sneak over to your house and talk to your sister, Natalie. They’re best friends, just like you and Calum. But you’ve never used the plank, cause you’d have to climb out of your window first, and that seems scary.

You sigh. But he is your best friend. And Natalie once told you that best friends do everything for each other, so you can’t really say no. Very carefully, you swing your leg out of the window.

“Don’t be scared,” says Calum, and you shoot him an angry look.

“You’re the one that’s scared of monsters!”

He doesn’t say anything after that, and just watches you as you slowly but steadily make your way out of your house and onto the plank. As soon as you reach his window, his tiny hands wrap around your arms and help you into his room.

You’re not scared of monsters. You know that if the monster really was dangerous, one of your cartoon hero’s would come to save you. But you’re still a little nervous, so you quickly jump onto the bed.

Everyone knows monsters that live under beds can’t come out from under them.

Calum joins you, a content look on your face. “You know,” he says, “I won’t forget this. You’re gonna be my best friend forever and ever.”

“Yeah,” you smile, “forever and ever.” And you close your eyes.


You’re 7 years old and the light flashes twice. Normally it’s Calum using the emergency call, but this time you have no other option. All you can do is hope he’ll answer.

He does; within seconds he appears in front of his window and opens it. It’s raining, tonight, big droplets of water crashing down onto your roofs.

“What’s wrong?” he says with a worried tone in his voice, when he sees you. You’ve been crying, and your eyes are red and your face is blotched and you can barely get the words out of your mouth.

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HI just need something remus/smut if request are still open.. if not it's totally fine!

  • 10/10 wants to be a gentle lover
  • and is for the most part
  • but holy hell there are these moments
  • some closer to the full moon, others just on a rough day
  • where Remus kind of throws gentle out the window
  • his kisses are more desperate, holding you just a bit tighter than needed
  • you honestly love this type of sex with Remus
  • the type where all the focus isn’t on you
  • he just takes you, rough and strong
  • and at first Remus almost seems hesitant, because the last thing he wants to do is hurt you
  • but your encouragements let his worries go
  • “Please, Moony, just fuck me already.”
  • and boy does he
  • Remus usually likes to see your face when he’s fucking you
  • (which is why it is often kind of missionary with him)
  • but when he’s in one of his moods, he’ll take you any way he can
  • in the shower
  • against the wall
  • bent over a desk
  • Remus just needs you and can’t help but take what he says is lucky enough to be his

MIDNIGHT MISCHIEF WITH KAY!! (send me headcanons!)

Noct ran a grunge aesthetic blog before the fall. Once at 2am he sat on his fire escape with a flower in his hair (for the aesthetic) and smoked his first cigarette to try and get a cool picture of himself to be #edgy but ended up inhaling loads of ash somehow and choking. Ignis had to drive him to the emergency room and spent the entire time yelling at him about how bad smoking is for you and Noct just sat throwing up out the window (he was also drunk). Ignis never let him live it down. It is referred to as “the ash incident” and Noct made Iggy swear he would never tell anyone, especially his dad. But Regis totally knew.

007. psychic!taehyung

007. I dreamt about you last night.
Pairing: Psychic!Taehyung x Reader
Info post (x)

I’m afraid to lose you.

“I dreamt about you last night,” Taehyung murmured as he buried his face at the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent deeply as his arms tightened its hold around you. You knew something was wrong the moment you stepped into his apartment and found him absentmindedly staring out the window, hands clutching the throw pillow on the sofa. You immediately went to his side, lightly asking what’s wrong before he pulled you into his embrace.

“It wasn’t a good dream,” Taehyung continued, his voice wavering lightly towards the end. You let out a sigh and snaked your arms around his torso, drawing small patterns on his back in an attempt to calm him down. It was no uncommon occurrence that your boyfriend had visions in his dreams, but this marked the first time that you had seen him so shaken.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Taehyung took a shaky breath, and you patiently waited for him to be ready, humming lightly as you knew that he loved your singing voice.

“I saw you with another man,” your breath hitched as you listened to his low tone, “You were smiling so much, smiling that smile that was once only directed at me, and it hurt – I knew it was just a dream but it hurt so, so much.

“Tae, look at me,” you pulled back, cupping his face in your hands to stare at him in the eyes. His eyes were glistening with unshed tears, and you swallowed a lump as your heart broke slightly at the sight of him crying. “I will never – ever – leave you, because I won’t ever find someone more perfect for me than you. You can read my mind, and you’ll know that I’m not just saying empty words.”

Taehyung’s eyes flashed gold for a moment. You felt a presence at the back of your mind, and you smiled at him encouragingly. A second later, the presence was gone and his eyes had reverted to its brown colour, and you can visibly see that he was more at ease. You pulled him closer to you, letting him lay his head on your lap as your fingers weaved through the locks of his hair. His eyes never left yours, and his hand reached for your other one, interlocking your fingers as you saw the start of a smile forming on the side of his lips.

And in that moment, you swore that you would never let him feel insecure ever again.

Double Trouble

Pairing(s): Avengers x teen!reader, Clint Barton x daughter!reader

Summary: A series about the lives of the Avengers and their youngest recruit

Warnings: Language

A/N: Really excited for this series, hope y’all like it!

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(Not my gifs)

It was a boring day for the Avengers, but that wasn’t always a bad thing. A boring day meant no bombs going off, no robots, no aliens, and nothing to do. The adults were relaxing in the common room. You smirked; they were like sitting ducks.

Reaching into the bag beside you, you picked up your first weapon and chose your target.

Tony let out a blood curdling scream as the water balloon burst on his face, his chair tipping backwards and depositing him on the floor. You stifled a giggle, choosing a pink balloon now and aiming for Thor.

“We’re under attack!” the god declared, swatting the balloon away and glaring in the vague direction of where you were hidden. You held your breath, pressing your back against the wall and hoping they couldn’t see you.

“(Y/N) I’ll throw you out a window again if this is you,” Sam threatened, taking a cautious step in your direction. Grinning, you grabbed a blue balloon and launched it in his direction before turning on your heel and running-

-straight into your father’s arms. Shit.

“And where are you running to?” Clint asked, an amused expression on his face as he folded his arms and looked down at you. You bit your lip, glancing over your shoulder to see if you were being followed.

“Look, you can stand here interrogating me and get murdered with me, or you can run and hide, and live another day. Your choice,” you said quickly. No sooner that the words had left your mouth, you heard the sounds of running footsteps getting closer.

“You take the vents, I’ll lead them away,” your dad told you, linking his fingers together to give you a boost. Nodding briefly, you out your left foot on his hands and pushed off to grab the vent cover, pushing it aside and crawling into the vent.

“Good luck!” you whispered before crawling away.

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