'let me tell you about rooster teeth'

  • Kakashi: Naruto might be the smartest guy I work with.
  • Naruto: *Touched* Really?
  • Sakura: We work with a lot of dumb people though.
  • Kakashi: Yeah, but I love Naruto and the work he does is incredible, and it drives me crazy that people think you are actually that dumb.
  • Sasuke: So let me tell you about the time I was on a mission with Naruto and he thought somebody else was his own reflection.
  • S.Coups: DK might be the smartest guy I work with.
  • DK: *Touched* Really?
  • Jeonghan: We work with a lot of dumb people though.
  • S.Coups: Yeah, but I love DK and the work he does is incredible, and it drives me crazy that people think you are actually that dumb.
  • Woozi: So let me tell you about the time I was at a fanmeet with DK and he thought somebody else was his own reflection.

Ladies of Rooster Teeth : Chelsea Atkinson

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this is a PSA. no read more because this needs to geT ACROSS OMG

DO NOT JUST MOVE TO TEXAS JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO FEEL CLOSE TO RT. BECAUSE YOU WANT TO SNUGGLE THEM.  BECAUSE YOU WANT TO STAND IN FRONT OF THE RT OFFICE AND DO WHAT? nothing. stare? what are you gonna do. UNLESS YOU WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE HERE OR HAVE A JOB OFFERING OR ARE LEGITIMATELY OFFERED A JOB AT RT, DO. NOT. MOVE. TO. TEXAS. please me and the rest of texas can confirm it is a shithole. the only thing good about it is literally rooster teeth. it makes me mad when people are like oh im going to move to texas because rooster teeth is there AND dO WHAT what will you do with your life once youre here

get a job at burger king and hope one day gavin and geoff stroll in

theres other places in texas besides austin hey! theres dallas and lubbock but everywhere is a shithole. it is a shithole here. please, move here if you get a scholarship to UTA or UNT or ATM or TSU but omg do not move here just because you like rooster teeth. if youre friends with them, cool. move here to be close to them because you’ve met them or keep interaction with them on social media.

i wil lsay it again

do not move here to texas just because you like rooster teeth. if you want to, find out about jobs around the area and colleges or high schools. let me tell u it is p hard to get in to UT. thats the school im aiming for right now but if that doesnt work out then Texas state is my other option. You know why im going to a college down in *gasp* AUStin?? because i hate dallas. i hate DFW. i hateeheetetete it so much. i want as far away as possible from here without leaving the state (because thats what my tuition offers)

its a shithole here. ok thank you for listening and re evaluate your entire life.

T O R U G A 
A Rooster Teeth Community Realm.

Hey guys, we’ve been working on this cute little map to start our own realm around the RT community, trying to make friends, and make a group of people who play together!

A little info about Toruga:

We’re mostly working on a trust system here, so we’re looking for mature, friendly people who can follow rules and play nice. 
No griefing allowed, but PVP is fine. 
We have an XP currency, so you can use your levels to buy items and we even have a bank for you to safely store your XP if you’re out wandering in the wild.

The world is pretty much untouched at the moment. Except for the main town, and a few things we’ve added, such as the store, an XP grinding farm to earn XP quickly, and a monument.

You’re free to build your own house, games, and such, and help up make Toruga a bigger and better place! We do plan on having Let’s Play-Esque events, and minigames.

Realms only have 20 spots, and at the moment, three are filled, so we’re accepting 17 other people.

If you’re interested:

Please submit {I have autoplay I’m so sorry don’t hate me} a message to me telling why you want to join, how long you can play each day, your name, maybe a little about you, and your Minecraft username.
I will let you know whether you are invited, or not.

If you want to come with a friend, please ask them to send me a message as well, and to tell me who they’re applying with.

Plus, we’re LGBT friendly. Please consider joining our group! 

To You, Whatever Side You're on, if You Read Anything, Read This:

When things like this happen I usually bust into the drama full force with a long-ass post where I try to see both sides and play that lovely coveted Switzerland role.

But today?

I don’t know. I don’t have an opinion. I haven’t read the letter and I am not sure I am going to. I have seen plenty of people reacting to it and summarizing it, defending Shane or Rooster Teeth or playing that neutral role I usually go for.

I expressed my distress over my mixed feelings to my unbiased friend who knows nothing of RT. She told me not to read it. She told me not to let something I enjoy be ruined.

I want to say something now. Something very important. Please, if you read anything about this debacle, read this.

Know this:

Whatever happened or happens, do not let this affect your memories, relationships, or ambitions.

You enjoyed the latest volume of RWBY? Good. You should have. It was a damn good show and you have every right to have liked it. You do not need to hate it now because of a letter.

You still want to watch RT/AH content? Good. It makes you laugh and brings you happiness, maybe even gets all your friends together to watch it together. This doesn’t have to change if you don’t want it to.

Most importantly, do not let this tarnish the memories you have. Maybe you met your best friend or lover through the RT site or a convention. Maybe you beat depression through the power of Geoff’s laugh. Maybe you made your first cosplay a RVB or RWBY character. Maybe you met Burnie or Gus or Gavin or Barbara or Miles or someone you really look up to and love and respect.

Maybe you spent hours and hours of your summer, when you were the only person in your apartment who didn’t have somewhere to go home to after college let out, watching podcasts and shorts and let’s plays.

You had fun. That’s what matters.
You made memories. They are important.

You are emotional because maybe you’ve been in this fandom for 10 fucking years. These people aren’t just internet celebrities to you. You fucking care. Good. Care. You’re human. So are they.

Do not let this ruin you. Do not.

I started a production company. I pushed myself to achieve my dreams because Rooster Teeth made it seem possible. Every time I come home from work and I finish the podcast I’d been listening to on my commute I am inspired to go home and write and animate because I want to get up every day and feel like I’m doing something that matters. I want to go to work and laugh and be surrounded by people I care about and who care about me.

Rooster Teeth is my inspiration and motivation and I will always be thankful for them. I will always love them for that, no matter anything else.

And this whole shit show almost made me forget that.

Do not let drama rob you of your dreams and memories.

Do not let people tell you what to think. Think for yourself.

One more thing. I doubt you’ll get any statement on this letter. Rooster Teeth and its employees have probably signed numerous NDAs. I don’t know who to blame. I don’t know exactly what happened. I don’t know that I have any right to know.

I do not work there. I just enjoy the people that do and the content that they create.


So, I caved and read the letter. My above opinions still stand. 

People keep saying, “this is one side of the story.” I do not think you will ever get a completely unbiased side of this, whether or not RT responds (I’m going to go with not)

The subject is very personal. Both sides feel attacked by the other. Both sides probably see the others’ actions and choices in very different ways based on their own objectives and experiences. Both undoubtedly thought they were doing the right thing. Both probably feel very hurt and offended by the other. Both have reputations they need to uphold.

I think at this point all we can hope for is that, moving forward, Rooster Teeth will learn from this. They will treat people better. They will listen more. They will take notes on what went wrong and ensure it never happens again. Hopefully, they will reach back into their past and find those humble beginnings again. They will remember that while the company may be far larger in size than they ever imagined, and it is impossible to cater to every individual’s needs, they should at least hear all their employees’ voices and do the best they can to provide them with an environment that nurtures them. They need to find that spark they once had that made this a place where people go to create the things they’ve been working on since they were children and that they will have the ability to come out the other side saying they couldn’t have wished for a better life. 

The Rooster Teeth Audio Podcast Project


Let me take a moment out of your day to tell you about the fantastic video that YouTuber HemboHero just finished. 

After going through 206 hours of Rooster Teeth Podcasts 1-184, HemboHero has made a 3 hour compilation of the best moments from the audio podcasts, complete with their RTAA versions on-screen, and their follow-up videos about the jokes and stories. 

I strongly recommend you guys at least check it out, especially if you’re a newer fan who never had the time to listen to the old audio podcasts. It’s amazingly well done, will help you to understand more inside jokes, and definitely deserves some attention.


“They say you’ve been there,” said the Trickster. “To the place between worlds where neither light nor dark can touch.”

The shadow of his companion lurking just at the edge of his vision offered no response.

“They also say,” continued the Trickster, a sharp wickedness creeping at the edge of his voice, “That you barely made it back again.”

“They say a lot of things,” whispered the Mad One. “Some of those things are true.”

The Trickster grinned his forked grin, mouth bristling like a sky full of lightening. “So you met him, then? The Dragon King?”

“You have it all wrong,” said the other in a voice that would be wistful if not so twisted by bitterness.

“What do you mean?”

“The Dragon is strong, but his sister…” The Mad One shuddered. “His sister is stronger.”

The Trickster laughed. “Don’t tell me you fear her?”

The shadows shifted as the Mad King’s hand twitched instinctively to the hilt of his sword.

“You think you know what fire is, Trickster? You think you know how it feels? You don’t understand. None of you can. You cannot fathom how the Queen Burns.”