'let me just snuggle and cuddle and hug and squeeze him!'

Ever think about taking care of Harry when he’s feeling ill?

Like, he’d come home from the studio early even though a song is thisclose to being finished because every note irritates his scratchy throat and the sound of the bass reverberating through his skull during playback matches the pulsing of his migraine. 

And he’s disappointed when you’re not home because the only thing that can make him feel better and forget all about his hay fever is your cuddles. So he relaxes the best he can, flipping through his phone and holding his head in his hands trying to ignore the way his eyes are heavy and his body is exhausted.

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Request: hellllloooo, i love your writing and i have a request. can you make something with reader X steve with this chat: “x1: wait, how do you know that steve is great in bed?” “x2: we share a wall, so either he’s amazing in bed or y/n just likes to agree with him a lot.” “x2: loudly, and a lot.” - Anon

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader

Word Count: 1,160

Warning: Fluff(?), SMUT! (First one, be nice), Cursing, Unprotected sex (If you really love her, wear a cover)

(A/N): Okay, this is my first ever posted Smut on Tumblr, so, BE NICE, PLEASE. 


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You had been out for two weeks on a mission and Steve missed your hands tugging his hair, he missed your scent, he missed cuddling you, he missed your soft moans and kisses.

He missed you.

“Why are you so grumpy, old man?” Sam teased, looking at you behind Steve. He didn’t noticed you following him to the kitchen; your boyfriend shrugged his shoulders, bowing on the kitchen’s counter and resting his chin on his hand.

“I miss my girl; it’s hard to sleep without her.” Smiling sweetly, you shooed Sam away with your hand, glaring at him when he rolled his eyes and backed away.

“Good evening, Captain.” You purred into his neck, hugging his back and sliding your hands to his abdomen. Steve jumped in surprise and turned to you, eyes shining in joy as he lifted you from the ground – making you wrap his hips with your legs.

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anonymous asked:

can i prompt touch starved tony who loves any and all physical contact he has? someone puts a hand on his shoulder? amazing! someone lens into his side at movie night? the best! someone actually hugs him? omg! the avengers start to notice and perhaps do something about it?

Tony is a puppy. He soaks up affection like a sponge. (I threw in some Bucky because I wanted sleepy, helpless Tony.) Look out for under the cut!

Natasha noticed first. She had a leg up on everyone though, having been sent to spy on him. She’d noticed when Pepper would reach out to casually touch him—a pat on the shoulder, playing with his hair, sliding her foot up his calf—and Tony would look ecstatic. At least, as ecstatic as an emotionally constipated person could look. At first she’d thought it was flirting, and Tony was happy to finally have it reciprocated.

But then Jim Rhodes had stopped by and swept Tony up into a hug that brought his feet off the ground, and Tony had made a happy little noise that had… done something to her heart. While Rhodes was visiting, it seemed like they were always touching, whether it was an arm over Tony’s shoulders or Tony pressing his feet against Rhodes’s thigh.

Happy was touchy-feely with Tony, too. Even after boxing matches, when they were both bruised and sometimes bloody but always smiling, they’d lean their shoulders together, or Happy would be escorting Tony somewhere and keep a hand on his elbow. Tony didn’t even fuss, even though usually he would bitch about not needing anyone’s protection.

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Do I like Him?

Pairing; jungkook x reader || Dancer kook!au + Jealous kook!au

Summary;  “I’m not your princess.”  You fall in love with your best friend dancer Jungkook, and sexual tensions grow until something happens.

Word count; 3.2k 

 warnings; smut, language, slight bondage, princess and daddy kink

A/N; sorry for not writing anything for the longest. :( THIS HAS A LOT OF FLUFF THO TOO. (and sorry if there are some mistakes lol) i need jesus from this omgg

Originally posted by jeonify

You sauntered out the door, being exposed a new day. The bitter cold wind hit you which felt like a thousand needles against your skin since you had to wear a stupid skirt for the uniform. You were on your way to school trying to keep alive and warm in the process. “Ugh winter is going to be the death of me.” You groaned to yourself as you shivered.

You hugged yourself only to notice you forgot your coat. Time was ticking and you were quite far away from home already. Making your way down the icy street with the pure white snow in your hair, you noticed your best friend Jungkook. He was also walking to school. Jungkook lived a few blocks away from you. His face lit up and he ran up to you. He seems so happy to see you, everyday.

“Hey y/n! How are you princess?” He greeted you. You froze up even more at the word ‘princess’
“Hi, but will you stop calling me that? I’m not your princess.”
“Uh, well it’s just because you act like one, that’s all.” he explained to you.
You continued to walk and hug yourself trying to keep the cold away. Suddenly Jungkook slipped off his coat being left in his white button up shirt that seems to be way too small. It contoured his toned body perfectly. You looked away and shook your head.
“That’s wrong, no, stop it”, you told yourself.

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Wrong Loves My Company Finale

A/N: THIS IS 7000 WORDS LONG, WTH! Hi babes, I know this took far too long but it’s here now. I was actually crying earlier thinking about how this is the ending, the final chapter, the last part. Thus far this is my favorite fic I have written. I wanted to thank @writing-obrien for helping me soooo much with this series. She’s always there when I need to bounce around ideas or get motivated or just talk. She is my best friend and I love her and this series would be nothing without her. I also wanted to thank everyone that has read this and loved it! I’m so grateful for you ! I think that all I have to say so thank you so much, I love you so much okay? bye !

Warning: Uhhhhh it wouldn’t be an ending without some smut right? There’s also so alcohol use so yeah.

Word Count: 7867

Parts 1-6: [Here]

Originally posted by daily-obrien

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Peppered Kisses

Characters: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff (so much fluff I’m drowning in it)
Word count: 1598 words
Requested by anon

A/N: Finally, Admin Caramel’s first scenario on this blog! I took a break in-between revision and just wanted to write this request (cuz I’m a sucker for fluff)

We will get to the other requests eventually, but it won’t be soon as we’re busy with school and life (Admin Dumpling and I are about to do our exams) - Admin Caramel

It was late at night and you were seated on the couch with a book in your hand, curled up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate on the coffee table. You heard the door opening, but paid no attention to it, too engrossed in the plot to allow any distractions. It is only when you felt a heavy weight land on the couch did you finally look up.

You see Jimin sprawled across the entirety of the couch, with his head on your lap, looking up at you with tired eyes.

“Hey,” he tiredly greeted you. You noticed his hair was slightly damp with sweat, his shirt soaked from the intense dance practice they just had.

“Ew, get off of me Jimin,” you shrieked, not wanting to dirty the blankets or yourself.

“You stink,” you continued, attempting to push him off your lap and the couch. But to your dismay, his dead weight refused to budge no matter how hard you tried to push him. Seeing that your efforts were futile, he simply whined and latched onto you, burrowing himself in to your stomach.

You giggled at the ticklish feeling, and once again tried to push him off. He only latched tighter onto you, unwilling to let you go.

“Come on, let me go and I’ll draw you a bath,” you suggested with a smile on your face at his antics. It was only then was he willing to let you go,  but not without making you promise to cuddle with him after his bath.

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boyfriend!jackson au

Request: hi! can you please do a boyfriend!jackson au? thank you so much! (:

Thank you for requesting an au, I had fun writing this one bc Jackson is so !!cute!! and I love writing like this omg it’s so fun and I don’t have to be as serious with it.

I have maybe two more requests after this one, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to writing them because I still have a project or two, a book report, and a singing thing for extra credit in english AH

again thank u to whoever sent me this au suggestion its cU te bc jackSIN

Originally posted by weebits

  • he first saw you at hollys coffee
  • you were sitting alone at one of the window tables and he thought you looked lonely and sad
  • so he came to you like
  • HEY swETIE u look kinda lonely (he does an internal haha) mind if i sit with u???
  • you were like?? okay sure buddy whatever
  • immediately, and i mean immediately did you two become friends
  • BEST FRIENDS AT THAT (jackson is just such a sweet man how can you not love him)
  • you two were so noisy in the coffee shop when you first met that you two got kicked out
  • its not your fault jackson made you laugh so hard?? so hard that u nearly hit your face on the tabL E
  • okay fast forward one year
  • jackson is completely wrapped around your finger (he has been ever since he first met you but he doesnt need u to know that)
  • he won’t ever leave your side because he feels lonely when he’s not stuck to your side
  • he teases you about your height OFTEN how rude
  • he ruffles your hair and makes smooching sounds so that you don’t get huffy with him though
  • and when you do get huffy and upset with him, he holds you as tight as he can and tells you that your height is perfectly fine, you are perfect the way you are and he tells you with so so much sincerity
  • this is still when you’re friends mind you
  • you both hang out a lot outside because you like the fresh air and jackson likes to give you warm clothes even if you’re already wearing three layers
  • you accept his jacket anyways because they always felt more comfier than your own
  • and when you two did chill inside
  • you usually had your legs thrown across his lap
  • scrolling through your social media feed as jackson watched something on the tv
  • sometimes he would drum his fingers against your knee
  • or randomly hug you and snuggle you because he loves u and ur his lil bun you deserve all the cuddles in the world
  • he realizes he has feelings for you when you two are hanging out at your home
  • you had no make up on and you were wearing shorts and a slightly bigger than your size tshirt
  • you were snug against his side as you two watched a romcom, his arm casually slung behind you on the couch
  • there was one part in the movie that seemed to be really funny to you and he witnessed the way you laughed so hard that it was completely silent
  • your eyes were crinkled up and your hand was barely covering your mouth (which was wide open)
  • when the scene got even funnier that same hand that was covering your mouth slapped his chest and he looked at you with wide eyes and thought ?? what the fuck they’re so cute i love them
  • fast forward to like .. three days later
  • jackson confesses to you, holds your hands tightly even though hes sweating like CRaz y and keeps his gaze on yours as his mouth forms each and every word with such eloquence that your breath catches in your throat
  • of course you accept his confession because wtf you like him too
  • so now you two are dating
  • and jackson has gone from aw ill squeeze u and pinch your cheek affectionate to iM GOING TO SMOTHER YOU WITH MY HUGS affectionate
  • he is almost always seen stuck to your side by your friends and his friends
  • if jackson was a glue he’d either be gorilla glue or loctite super glue.
  • he just won’t leave u alone when you two are together
  • it can be a bit too much sometimes if youre feeling cranky, but really, jackson is super sweet and his hugs are the best
  • he gives u so many kisses !! 2 many to count but u love it so who cares!!
  • when he kisses you he frames your face in his hands or he tilts your chin in his direction so he can lightly kiss your lips
  • jackson absolutely loves giving you kisses on the top of your head and he loves holding your hand or your wrist
  • theres always some part of him touching you
  • once you two got together you both stayed in more, but still went outside, just not as much as you two used to
  • the only reason why you didn’t go out that much anymore is because you two would be too busy staring or giggling at the other
  • and a lot of people sometimes gave you annoyed looks because you too were really affectionate in public
  • like one day it was very cold, it was even cold inside the coffee shop you two met in and you both were waiting in a very long line
  • you didn’t wear enough thick layers and jackson scolded you bc “you naughty girl, you’re going to catch a cold if you don’t start wearing warmer clothes ): “
  • and with his hands shoved in his pockets, he opens his trench coat to invite you into his very very warm embrace
  • u know
  • COUGHS this one (creds 2 the owner thank u for this picture)
  • he hooks his chin on the top of your head with a grin and you can’t help but blush once he wraps his arms around your waist with his coat closing in around the both of you
  • v cute
  • he lOVES IT when u rest your head in his lap becaus e youre so pretty and he loves you and he wants to run his fingers through your hair all the time just to see you flutter your eyes closed and fall asleep with his fingers tangled in the strands
  • jackson is so fond of you and he thinks you are a wonderful person, inside and out, he never lets you forget that because he wants to be sure that you absolutely know and understand that you are his sweetheart and he thinks you’re suPER #1 on the planet
  • he tugs at your hand a lot when he wants you to see something he found cool
  • you also pull at the hem of his shirt when you want his attention and he FINDS IT SO ADORABLE YOU’RE SO CUTE
  • he lives for your compliments
  • ur laugh gives him life
  • your kisses healed a boo boo he got on his finger once (he swears it was because of the kisses not the ointment)
  • he gets shy when u touch his chest or bury your face in the crook of his neck aw bean
  • he screams each time he sees you
  • “JAGIYA”
  • all in all jackson is a super sweet man who will treat u right and give u the love you deserve
Running Late (Dad!Shawn Mendes x Reader)

Summary: A very domestic dad shawn imagine

Originally posted by smendesgifs

Y/s/n= your sons name. Y/d/n= your daughters name

Shawn’s eyelids fluttered open at the sound of birds chirping in the cold Toronto air. Turning to his side, he spotted his beautiful wife Y/N laying there, sound asleep.

“Y/N.” he cooed, kissing all over her face.

She groaned, squeezing her eyes shut. Shawn chuckled admiring her face. Let’s just say she was tired because they didn’t only sleep last night, Shawn smirked at the thought. He turned over to glance at his alarm clock to see that it was perfect time for him to wake up the kids.

He and Y/N took turns taking Y/D/N and Y/S/N to school, and Shawn definitely had the history of getting them late. Who could blame him, he loved his kids so much he didn’t always want to let them go.

And so with one last kiss to Y/N’s forehead, Shawn hopped out of bed and put his slippers on. Crossing the hallway, he visited a bright purple room first.

Dodging the hundreds of stuffed animals on the ground, he walked up to his daughter’s tiny bed, where she was snoring softly.

He smiled at her little face, and tucked a strand behind her ear just like he does to Y/N.

She stirred, waking up.

“Daddy! Helloo. “

“Hello darling.” Shawn chuckled at her.

“I don’t want to go to school.” She muttered.

“Aw sweetheart, you know you have to.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Love, is there something bothering you?” Shawn asked.

At this, she giggled.

“Hehehe you only call mommy love!”

“Well, I can use it for you sometimes too. Here, let’s sit you up.”

Shawn sat on her bed and placed Y/D/N on his lap. She rested her head on his chest as Shawn took her hand in his.

“Well, I have my oral presentation today.” She told her dad.

“And I’m guessing you’re nervous?”


“Well lemme tell you something darling, I know how you feel.”

“How do you deal with nerves before you perform?”

“Well, I take deep deep breathes. You know, in and out, in and out slowly… And then, I ease my mind. I think of things I’m thankful for, people I’m thankful of having in my life.”

“Didja think about mommy?”

“Hmm? Oh yeah, boy did I think about your mommy when I was on tour.”

“Did you miss her daddy?”

“So badly, kitten, so badly.”

Shawn looked through the hallway back at his bedroom.

“Anyway, how about some pancakes to cheer you up eh?”

Shawn put her down for her so she can get dressed, and walked across to his son’s room.

On the way, a furry little grey dog ran into him.

“Hey boy! How you doin, had a good sleep?” He said, scratching his neck and patting him on the head. “Go find Y/N, she’ll want to cuddle with ya.”

And he ran off to their bedroom.

Checking his watch for the time, Shawn mentally swore. The little talk with Y/D/N took a little longer than expected, and now if they didn’t hurry up they would be late.

“Hey buddy, what’s up?” Shawn called out to his son.

Y/S/N was bent over his desk, scribbling away.

“Dude, did you leave your homework last minute again?”

“Whaaa no of course not dad.”

“Well, c’mon buddy let’s go downstairs to have some breakfast.”

Shawn picked his 7 year old son up and went down the stairs to a waiting Y/D/N.

Y/S/N took a seat beside Y/D/N at the kitchen table, as Shawn started to get pans out.

“Guys, I don’t think we have time for pancakes.”
“What, daddy you promised.” Y/D/N frowned.

“Whatever, what’s 16+23?”

“Y/D/N, do you want to be late or not have pancakes?”

“I don’t care about being late, you do.” She giggled. “You and mommy have a contest on who gets us on time the most often.”

“Ugh, you little geniuses know everything.” Shawn said to the ceiling.

“Yo dad, what’s 16+23?”

“Daddy, the pancake mix is in the first cabinet on the left!”

Oh god, Shawn thought.

“Why did I have kids again?” He whispered to himself.

“Because you loved me and wanted to start a family.” Y/N smirked, standing at the bottom of the staircase. “Need a hand babe?”

“Yes PLEASE.” Shawn exhaled with relief.

Y/N chuckled, as she walked in the kitchen.

“You get started on pancakes, and I’ll sort out Y/S/N’s homework.” She said, putting her hands on Shawn’s waist.

“Thank you, you’re the best.” Shawn grinned down at her, starting to kiss her neck and lips.

“Guys!” Y/S/N rolled his eyes.

“Hmm right, pancakes!” Shawn moved away from Y/N to proceed to the stove, as she went to sit beside Y/S/N to help him on his math.


“Alright bye guys! Have a wonderful day; Y/D/N you’ll do wonderful on your presentation and Y/S/N, don’t forget about your soccer practice at 4.” Shawn bent down to hug both his kids before they ran off to the playground.

“How are they already 7 and 6 years old?” Y/N pondered, laying her head on Shawn’s shoulder.

“No freaking clue.” Shawn responded, laying his head on top of hers and putting his hand on her waist, pulling her towards him.

“Okay, we should go home; I’m in sweatpants and a cami and I’m freezing.” Y/N shivered, snuggling up to her husband.

“Yeah, I got an interview in half an hour.”

“Wait Shawn isn’t your interview at 9?”

“Yeah, it’s 8:30.”



“So, I guess I’m not the only one who runs late every once in a while eh?” Shawn chuckled from behind the counter with a coffee in his hand.

Y/N raised her eyebrows at him as she ran to the closet to grab a pair of heels.

“Shawn, will you zip me up?” She said.

“Of course love.” Shawn stood up to help her. “Hey today, I called Y/D/N love and she noticed I always call you that haha.”

“Ookay, I gotta run; I’m so late. Bye you dork.” Y/N kissed Shawn on the cheek before going out the front door to the driveway.

Shawn smirked at her from the door.

“Hey I’m still winning, you’ve been late three more times now than me!” Y/N called out from her car.

Shawn laughed.

“I love you!” He called out to her.

Going back into the house, he smiled. He was so incredibly happy, with his life right now. He was married to Y/N, the love of his freaking life and every day with her was just as exciting as when they were first dating. And he had his two amazing kids.

He glanced at the clock. 9:01.

“Damnit!” He cried out, grabbing his coat and running out the door.

Late Night Cuddles; Yuta

Request: “Hi! I was wondering if I could ask for a Yuta scenario? The scenario can be him and his S/O having random talks while having a late night cuddle please? Oh and random question, who’s your bias?? :P Tysm!!”

Word Count: 1460

Genre: Fluff (Like a lot of it)

Warnings: Cheesiness 

A/N - to answer your question my bias is the beautiful and talented Taeyong <3

Originally posted by suhyngho

Warmth. That was what you felt in the arms of the one you loved. The TV was playing, but you weren’t paying any attention to it, your attention was focused on Yuta’s arms that were wrapped around your waist, pulling you against his chest. You were partially lying on him trying to fit on the small two seat couch. Your head was pressed against his chest, moving up and down when he breathed in and out. You could hear the rhythm of his heart like the beat of a drum; music to your ears. There was a blanket thrown across the both of you, your legs tangled together under the covers.

sighing with content you wrapped your arms around his waist, mirroring what he was doing to you. You glanced up at him. His head was resting on the arm of the chair as he watched the TV. You stared at your boyfriend, the light of the TV reflecting in his eyes and his hair messily hanging just above them. This was normally what you did on a Saturday night when Yuta had finally finished practicing and had free time. You didn’t go out for a fancy dinner date, or a spontaneous walk in the park, but cuddled while watching TV. But you didn’t mind, you loved being in Yuta’s arms more than anything else in the world.

“Do you want to take a picture-”

“It will last longer?” You finished for him, already knowing what he was going to say. You’d got used to Yuta’s outbursts of sarcasm over the time you’d been dating, and had found your own ways of dealing with it.

He turned to look at you, his gaze moved away from the show you were watching and landed on your face. He laughed making your head vibrate against his chest, “Am I that predictable?”

“Just a little bit,” You smiled back at him, biting your lip to keep from laughing. Yuta removed one of his hands from your waist and messed up your hair, “Hey!”

He stopped his hands from moving, “You look funny”, he held the sides of your face, squishing your cheeks. Grabbing his hands, you pushed them off your face, lifting off from his chest you leaned close to his face before squishing his cheeks. You laughed at him, his lips were pouted and you couldn’t help but peck them in the middle of your giggles. Your hands loosened and fell from his face.

Yuta stared at you in adoration. It was the first time he’d realised he wanted to be with you forever, that he loved you more than anything or anyone else. A light smile crossed his features as he continued to stare. He cupped your cheeks again, but instead of squishing, which you thought he was going to do, he brought your lips up to his.

The feeling of his lips against yours made your cheeks heat up. You loved him so much, and in that moment you realised he loved you too. His thumbs rubbed circles on your cheeks as he slowly moved his lips against yours. The type of kiss was unlike Yuta as he usually likes the rough and quick kisses than the sweet and sensual type of kisses, but you weren’t complaining. You loved this side of Yuta.

What you thought was sensual kiss, however, after a couple more minutes turned into Yuta’s usual rough ones. His hands, that were holding your face, started to trail his hands down your body until they reached your hips where he grabbed them tightly. When you thought he was going to take it further, he stilled his lips against yours and pulled away slowly. 

You watched as he moved away, his eyes still closed, looking angelic, When he finally opened his eyes he looked into yours, a small smile playing on his lips, You couldn’t help but ask, “Why’d you stop?”

“As much as I’d want to do it, Y/N, I just want to cuddle.” He pulled you against his chest once again and wrapped his arms around you, squeezing you gently, your head resting under his chin.

“That was cute”, You teased him, and in reply he tightened his arms around you making you breathe in sharply.

He loosened his grip, and you moved so that you could look at his face. It was silent until he said, “You’re cute.”

“Why are you in such a cheesy mood tonight?” You giggled and went back to your original position.

“Do you really want to know why?” He hugged you tighter making you more curious.

“I do want to know,” You hugged him back.

“It’s because I love you.”

Embarrassed, you covered your face with your hands. Yuta laughed at your reaction, and turned you around in his arms so that you were facing him. Picking up the courage, you removed your hands, “Why all of a sudden?”

Hands resting on your back, he started, “because I just realised that I’ve found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and I want you to know it.”

His words hung in the air. The TV was still on in the background, but the sound seemed to die down until it was just you and Yuta, no distractions, “I love you.” was all you could say.

“I’ll take that as a, ‘Yes, my lovely-amazingly-fabulous-boyfriend, Yuta, I’d love to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the love of my life…’” He teased you making you hit his chest.

“I wouldn’t go that far…” You joked, but you had to admit you’d love to spend the rest of your life with Yuta.

He laughed with you, but stopped to say, “You’re cold. Have you never imagined our future together?”

You made your, ‘thinking’ face, “Nope.” you lied.


“Okay, fine. I’ve thought about the future. A lot, actually.” You admit. The joking put to the side. Yuta noticed this and his usual sarcastic facial expression turned to one of caring and seriousness as you both lyed on his old couch,

There was a silence before Yuta spoke, “What do you picture?”

He started to rub circles into you hips, hoping to make you feel relaxed and open up to your dream, “You. You’re there.”

“I’m glad.” He interrupted and you glared at him, “Sorry, carry on.”

“We’ll be married and have a house of our own. Not an overly priced rented flat. I’ll get a better job, you’ll be onto to you sixth album in god knows what unit of NCT. We’ll settle down at some point and… I don’t know… Uh-”

“Have kids?” He helped you. You thought he would tease you, but once again a look of absolute adoration was present in his dark eyes.

“Yes, have kids. Maybe two or three. And a pet. Maybe a cat, you like cats. We’ll wake up to each other every morning for the rest of our lives and it will be… perfect.” You finished and it was silent. You thought you said something wrong until Yuta finally spoke.

“Y/N… Don’t leave me.” His voice was low and quiet, leaving chills run down your spine. However, his reply confused you.

“W-why would I leave you?” You raised your eyebrow slightly.

“I just realised I won’t have a future without you in it.” His eyes locked with yours, and even though you knew it was cheesy, it made your heart flutter. 

You reached up from his chest and wrapped your arms around the back of his neck, hugging him closely, “I won’t leave, I promise. But do you think you could do that? Live with me forever? Put up with my bad habits and cooking skills?” 

“Of course, because I love you.” You let go of your hug, looking at his face again. You could tell he was tried, which he normally was on a late Saturday night after practice. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to your forehead. 

You snuggled back into his chest, enveloping him in a hug around his waist. The both of lying back down on the couch again, he readjusted the blanket around your shoulder and then turned the TV and the lights off. You guessed you were sleeping here tonight.

“I love our late night cuddles.” He whispered into the darkness.

“And I love you.” You cringed.

“And when I said that earlier, I was cheesy.” He teased and once again you felt the vibration of his chest against your cheek making you laugh lightly,

“Let’s just go to sleep.” You felt yourself grow tireder by the minute and buried your head further into your boyfriends chest.

You thought Yuta was asleep when he said, “Don’t forget what we talked about tonight. The future, that is. Because it’s going to happen. I’m certain of it,” He whispered to you just before you fell asleep. You nodded slightly in acknowledgement. 

Late night cuddles with Yuta were the best. 

stars in her eyes

A/N: Late submission for InuKag Week: Stars :D 1700 words of fluff. 

Kagome was drunk.

Kagome was druuunk.

It was something Inuyasha was trying to not focus too much on, since he decided to wait outside of the comfortably warm hut everybody was huddled inside of. He tried desperately to focus on all the other uninhibited things that echoed brokenly into the darkness.  

It was almost well past midnight, and the stars were out in full display, but he could still hear the sounds of their tittering voices, Miroku’s robust chuckling and Sango’s high pitched trill, seeping through the cracks of a makeshift doorway. Kaede’s rough scolding voice, heavy with tease and pestering good will. Shippo piping up that it was ‘incredibly unfair’ he wasn’t allowed to have a swig of the ‘good stuff’.

Kagome, shrieking every once in a while with her clear and ringing laughter. Inuyasha found himself smiling privately, as he leaned back against the cold bark of the tree behind him. He could picture her perfectly too, knees underneath her, red at the joints from how long she had been rubbing them against the wooden floor boards, mouth open and gaping as she released muffled laughter under her hands. Hair a mess, eyes glistening and glimmering in the firelight.

He had been inside surrounded by music and high spirits, but after a few indirect (and direct) innuendos on the nature of his relationship with the back-again priestess, he felt hot and uncomfortable. He’d made a gruff comment about needing to get some air with a reddened face and disappeared before anyone could stop him.

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Try Not To Cringe Challenge

Requested?: Nope

Pairing: Markiplier x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,433

A/N: My first Markiplier imagine/fic ever! This is really short and it has no real point whatsoever. I was just watching Mark’s new video and I got this idea, so I hope you enjoy. Some of Mark’s dialogue in this is straight out of the video, btw. Also, I would really appreciate if you guys could send in some requests, thanks!

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Try Not To Cringe Challenge

“Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and I’m sick, which is kinda cool, except for the fact that it’s not.” Mark rasped into his microphone, proving that he was indeed very sick.

You knew that Mark wasn’t feeling too well, and you couldn’t believe he was still willing to risk his own health in order to give his fans some new content, even if it only was a few minutes long. So no matter how much you had argued at first that he shouldn’t be filming when he was sick, you finally agreed to be in it with him because you knew how much he wanted to do it.

“And also, I’m here with my girlfriend, (Y/N), which is actually pretty exciting since she rarely makes an appearance in any of my videos.” He said, smiling as he turned to the side to look at you and acknowledge your presence so that the viewers would know who you were if they didn’t already. “Say hi babe.”

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Cuddling With Astro


Originally posted by daddy-mj

  • he likes spooning lets be real in a world of forks the boy is a spoon
  • idk what i meant by that 
  • moving on
  • fr MJ here would love to just drag you to bed at night to cuddle
  • he would either cuddle you like right after lunch or something or right before you sleep 
  • those are his favorite cuddle times he feels the cuddliest then its his peak cuddliest always
  • he’d pull you onto the couch or the bed and just wrap his arms around you from the back
  • and pull you into him
  • god he would smell so good omfg
  • but like right when you’d relax into him MJ would be like
  • lol n o p e
  • and start tickling the heck outta ya
  • he loves watchin ya squirm
  • ;)
  • jkjk
  • soon after you would both quiet down and it would get like comfortably silent and he’ll never tell you but those moments of quiet with you and only you are his favorite times 
  • like ever
  • he loves those moment more than anything
  • and he’ll rest his chin on your shoulder and your head will rest against his collarbone and you’ll just revel in each other’s warmth
  • MJ really likes cuddling you
  • he even tries to get you to call him the cuddle master supreme or somethin
  • just
  • cuddling MJ would be a lot of fun and also really peaceful just super wow ya feel me
  • wow


Originally posted by dognmin

  • jinjin doesnt cuddle
  • no
  • he snuggles
  • he would just be lying down and you would pass by and suddenly you’re being pulled onto your boyfriend
  • he’ll grab onto anything and pull
  • sometimes it’s your hand, your elbow, your thigh, it doesn’t matter
  • if jinwoo wants to cuddle
  • no
  • snuggle
  • he’s gonna snuggle
  • he’ll pull you on top of him so you’re both lying down
  • and jinjin would make you put a blanket on top of you so you don’t get cold because he anticipates you two will be in that position for a while
  • he would hold you close to his chest
  • close enough to hear his heartbeat
  • ohmygod
  • and wrap his arms around you and basically it would be like hugging a teddy bear
  • and your head would be against his chest and underneath the blanket
  • your legs are intertwined 
  • you would constantly switch positions though
  • “jinjin that is my boob
  • “ah crap sorry”
  • “don’t move wait”
  • “…”
  • “i said not to move now im like halfway doing the splits”
  • “sorry”
  • because eventually one of you would have a limb fall asleep and it’d get uncomfortable but you want to keep cuddling snuggling 
  • so you always end up lying on your sides facing each other
  • and hugging tight
  • and falling asleep entwined and warm underneath like seven blankets with your head on his chest hearing his heartbeat and his arms around you and i am just
  • s n u g g l e s w i t h j i n j i n


Originally posted by moonbinny

  • hes like a super giant so it would be kinda hard to find a nice cuddling position
  • but eventually you’d decide on like koala-ing him 
  • you would wrap your legs around his waist
  • and your arms around his neck
  • and 
  • squeeze
  • dongmin wouldn’t mind the squeezing honestly because you’re so small and cute he doesn’t even notice it
  • and then you’d pout at him bc he didn’t say anything about your squeezing
  • he would so kiss you so much though like you’re hanging onto him
  • or like as close to hanging as you can be while you’re lying down
  • and he would just be struck by how adorable and vulnerable you look 
  • he wouldn’t be able to help himself
  • it’s like
  • unstoppable
  • he blames it on hormones but 
  • he would move your hair or do whatever he needed to do to kiss your forehead or your cheek
  • and you’d pout at him again
  • this time in response he would
  • kiss your lips
  • over and over 
  • just pecks to tease you until you clasp your hands together behind his neck and forcibly bring him down to kiss you properly
  • he would smile into it
  • eventually dongmin would take your hands off of his neck and hold them in front of his chest
  • and smile
  • and look at you
  • he would sigh out of happiness and contentedness and love and you should all put “cuddling with lee dongmin” on your bucket lists


Originally posted by kpopyoulater

  • cheek to cheek
  • only way to describe it
  • you would start with your head in his chest but somehow later you would’ve pretty much moved up his body
  • and now your chin is in his shoulder while his chin is in yours
  • and you’re both facing each other 
  • he’s so warm
  • and the boy smells really, really good
  • you can’t help but breathe in his scent
  • and sniff his hair bc you’re 99.99% he used your shampoo 
  • but your cheeks would be smushed together but neither of you would mind
  • and his arms are loose around your waist 
  • your arms rest on his are just fanning out from your body tbh
  • they don’t really do much just
  • hang
  • until Bin takes one of your hands in his and intertwines your fingers 
  • you put your other hand on his shoulder and his other arm stays holding you close
  • for a long while neither of you talk but then
  • “did you just fart”
  • “it is only natural”
  • “i hate you”
  • “actually you love me you told me so exactly-”
  • “whY HAvE YoU BEen couNTiNg”
  • jk but honestly you would start quiet and then end up bantering and giggling but staying cheek to cheek the entire time
  • and somehow it would get late and Moonbin realizes that wow
  • you’re fast asleep on top of him
  • and he contemplates throwing you off and running for it but
  • he really likes this
  • it’s worth his arm and hand falling asleep he guesses
  • as long as, when the morning comes, you and him are still entwined


Originally posted by astropopsicle

  • minhyuk and doryongi could be brothers or somethin they’re both floppy when it comes to cuddling
  • not that you mind
  • minhyuk is usually p chill but when the boy wants to cuddle he wants to CUDDLE
  • like he’s needy af when he wants you in his arms
  • that sounded cheesy i apologize lmfao
  • anyways
  • you’ll be doing homework or something and suddenly you hear minhyuk screaming your name from the couch or your bed or something 
  • the first few times he did it you freaked out bc
  • what if he’s getting eaten by a bear or something 
  • but you soon realized that when he yells for you it’s because he wants to cuddle
  • and its non-negotiable bc whenever you wanna cuddle he’s always there for you
  • unless he has like idol stuff but thats a given
  • when you finally get to him he’s all “’sup” but then 
  • breaks out into a huge grin that practically splits his face 
  • if you don’t get to him fast enough he’ll come looking for you and pick you up bridal style or throw you over his shoulder
  • sometimes you aren’t fast enough on purpose
  • he doesn’t need to know that
  • and then he’ll wrap like all of his limbs around you
  • you’re stuck
  • have fun
  • eventually you’ll wiggle a leg out so on of your legs is between his and one of his is between yours but his arms stay rooted
  • sometimes minhyuk will roll around with you in his arms if you’re in bed together he’s super playful that way 
  • then he’ll make kissy faces at you and give you butterfly kisses
  • minhyuk would be such a frickin dork when cuddling it would be amazing
  • eventually he would fall asleep with you in his strong grip
  • and you don’t want to wake him
  • so you just stay there
  • stuck
  • until sleep finds you too
  • but you don’t really mind because you’d rather cuddle your amazing(ly warm) boyfriend than do math 
  • any day


Originally posted by astropopsicle

  • hes a giant like eunwoo 
  • but hes a smol beanie bby awkward giant
  • the first time you guys cuddle you have to ask him about it
  • and then he gets all flustered but tries to play it cool like
  • “cuddle??? uh, yeah, sure, uh, um, whatever?? you want.. babe???”
  • his voice squeaked on the last part it was great 
  • MJ and JinJin recorded it 
  • it’s JinJin’s ringtone now
  • after that though you guys got into a cuddling routine
  • funnily enough
  • in the beginning he was the small spoon
  • needless to say 
  • it really didn’t work out
  • instead you guys tend to lie down facing each other
  • smiling, laughing, talking
  • trading homework tips and joking about teachers and his managers
  • sometimes the hyungs will try to listen in on your conversations
  • that’s when you guys start roasting them, acting like you don’t know they’re listening
  • fun times
  • anyways you guys face each other
  • and eventually his arm tentatively finds itself around your shoulder, pulling you in slightly
  • it moves down to your waist as time goes on
  • sometimes you hold hands and put your clasped hands in between the two of you
  • always facing each other
  • after talking for a while the two of you will just stop saying anything or making any noises and just trace each other’s facial features with your eyes
  • you’ll find yourself leaning in and then all of a sudden he pulls you into his chest
  • both of your faces about as brightly colored as his hair is
  • and you’re both really tired at this point so you’re about to fall asleep
  • when you’re rudely brought back to being awake by all of Sanha’s hyungs taking pictures of the two of you and tweeting them
  • you should make a show
  • life with (6) boys
63. Comfort Sex

Our Love is Comfortable

Word Count: 1,302
A/N: Number 3 of my 4. Hope you like it.
Written by: @goody2shoessmut
Warnings: unprotected sex , angst

Originally posted by sensuous

    God it had been a long day, scratch that a long week. Everything hurt, even his hair. Bucky looked into the mirror at himself. Dark circles, cuts, scratches and bruises were all apparent. He felt like he’d been through a blender and worse then that, he felt too tired to even say hello to you. He knew that you had been patiently waiting for him to get back from his last mission, patiently waiting for him seemed to be the only thing that you ever got to do when it came to him. You waited for him to feel comfortable with himself, for him to relax, for him to open up, for him to be ready to date, for him to kiss you, for him to want sex, for him to say I love you. You were an angel of patience and he had no idea what he had done to deserve you but he thanked every deity he knew repeatedly for gracing his life with your presence.

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    RFA+V+Saeran Watching Spirited Away

    I have no excuse I just sob like a baby with this movie and thought it would be cute to write about ₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾


    - He had heard about this movie a few times from his online friends, and just…Random sites. It was one of those movies that were passed around talking about how ‘great’ it was.

    -… But, you know, LOLOL came first.

    - When you suggested it for date night (The third one!! He was so excited!!!), he quickly agreed, fumbling with how it seemed familiar but he couldn’t really place it.

    - When the two of you settled down completely (him shyly slipping an arm around you and having to restrain from fist pumping when you snuggled closer to him), he finally understood why this had been talked about online so much

    - It was really pretty! And it reminded him of a few games he knew about

    - No face? Scared the fuck out of him though.

    - By the end of the movie, the both of you were a blubbering mess. He was trying his best to hide his tears (and failing) while attempting to console you as well

    - Later the two of you cuddled on his bed, spewing praises to each other and talking about what parts the two of you enjoyed.

    - (But why did you have to like No Face??? He was going to have nightmares!)


    - “Aw, babe, I didn’t know you watched cartoons still. That’s cute~”

    - (Fight me, Zen)

    - He’d sit down and watch it with you. I mean, any time with you he wasn’t going to push away. Especially when you were going on and on about the movie with such an adorable expression

    - (This man was head over heels with you)

    - Cuddles during the whole movie? You were practically in his lap. Sneaking kisses on your focused face? Constantly.

    - Would he also being talking about how sweet this scene was, or how heartfelt another is? Yes, and you were nearly ready to kill him

    - But, as much as he went on, at least it was praises.

    - By the end, he was crying more than you were, going on about how sweet cartoons have gotten since he’s grown up

    - “Zen, it’s not-”

    - “And Haku loved her, MC! Haku loved her!!”

    - You were going to have to spend the rest of the night listening to him blubber, huh?

    - Turns out that he wanted to cuddle instead, and show how much he loved you as well.


    - You just wanted to watch something besides a Zen dvd

    - I mean your friend was a great actor by all means, but…God, you just wanted to watch something else

    - Before the movie, you and Jaehee looked up a few sweets that were supposed to be based off the movie, or based off of characters from there

    - It was fun making all of them, and it was great giggling and trying to sneak in a few taste bites before the movie

    - But once you two sat down for the movie, the smiles stopped

    - It was a cute movie! But oh my god why did you do this to her

    - By the end of it, the both of you were quietly crying and holding each other’s hands

    - “M-MC, I love you-”

    - “I love you too, Jaehee!”

    - The next day, you caught her looking up the CD for the movie, and a few other items in the cart

    -…. You may have gotten her obsessed with something else


    - “We could set this up in the personal theatre if you wanted, MC, it’s fairly easy.”

    - It took a lot to convince him just to watch it with you like a normal couple, and when he saw the DVD’s ad for The Cat Returns he would Not Stop asking to watch that

    - “Afterwards we could possibly squeeze in time. How long is it? Do you know? Here, I’ll look it up.”

    - (Gdi Jumin please)

    - Though, thankfully, he didn’t ask as many questions as you thought he would. Instead, he watched it intently, trying to pick up on every time you froze up, every time your breath hitched.

    - He was determined to find out why you enjoyed this movie, especially with how confusing it was to him

    - I mean? Spirits? In a bath house? He supposed they needed to be clean too…

    - As soon as you started crying, he wanted to turn it off so quickly, but you stopped him right before he could grab the remote

    -Why did you want to cry???

    - By the end of the movie, he was so glad to cut it off. It wasn’t bad by any means, but you needed hugs and you were getting them now

    - When you fell asleep, you can bet he spent a few hours ordering clothes and toys offline from the movie. He was going to make you happy after watching that sad movie

    - (But please, mc, let him watch The Cat Returns)


    - The minute you showed the cover to him, he was whooping and already looking for the popcorn

    - He Loved this movie, and the fact you liked it made him even more excited

    - Would he try to recite the lines? Yes. Would he stop after you elbowed him in the gut? MMMaaaybeee after a few more times.

    - The both of you were suckers for the movie, and after the two of you had a good cry at the end of it (Seven even repeating a few of the romantic-ish lines to you to make you cry even more), he was instantly looking for another one

    - “We need to heal, MC!”

    - “Saeyoung, nO, it’s so late my heart can’t-”

    - “HEAL!!!”

    - The two of you ended staying up super late, cuddled and pass out on the couch as another movie was playing

    - The next day, you noticed a few blue prints on the jumping lamp from the movie, and let out a groan


    - So, he didn’t really watch it with you.

    - You decided to watch it while he was out discussing future photo shoots/sellings

    - So when he walked in, hearing a sweet melody and you unmistakably bawling, he was slightly worried until he heard a few voices from what seemed like the tv

    - “Mc, are you alright?”

    - “S-She left g-g-grannie!”

    - “….Give me a moment and I’ll be there.”

    - He found his way to the couch, your hand shakily reaching out and guiding him to sit beside you. As soon as he did, your were curled up against him in an instant. He let out a soft chuckle, wrapping an arm around you

    - “Is this towards the end?”

    - You nodded into his side, and he felt his shirt already wet

    - “I’m here, love. Don’t cry too hard.”

    - He ‘watched’ the rest with you, occasionally placing a few kisses against your head. Once the movie ended, he wrapped you up in a full hug, kissing away your tears.

    - He wouldn’t dare tease you about it, but he was going to cuddle you all night for sure.


    - The two of you usually watched horror movies, so he was a bit surprised when a cartoon started up on the screen

    - Was it a scary one? It didn’t look like it.

    - But you were so giddy, and holding his hand so tight as the movie started up, so he kept any criticisms at bay.

    - He really liked it, and did as a few quiet questions if he was very confused. He thought Haku was a bit of an ass, but…

    - He was quietly trying his damndest not to cry when she remembered Haku’s real name

    - During that scene you gave him a cute kiss, holding his hands, and whispering how much you loved him

    - (Yes, you ignored the tears in his eyes)

    - At the end of it, he cuddled you tightly on the couch, listening to the menu music play over and over

    - “….If you know any other movies like that, lets watch them.”

    - “Now?”

    - “…No, I want to hug you.”

    - You chuckled, but held him just and tight as he was you.

    - Maybe movie date nights weren’t exclusively horror movies now

    Three’s a Party

    Because I got a lot of requests for this (I’m blaming you @chatin-with-the-dark-bois) I had to get it out. Also because Royce wouldn’t stop messaging me about it! 

    Are you happy now?

    Warnings: Mature content, threesome, biting, a bit of blood. 

    Originally posted by darkipliermarkiplier

    Originally posted by floralcrownjack

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    lumiiinas  asked:

    BOi i am back omg i love every scenario u make like no joke,, ur great,, we love you,, hope ur healthy,, buT yeah can i rq a scenario with Aomine, Haizaki, Hanamiya, Kagami and Nebuya where their s/o wakes up a bit later than them and when they come downstairs they're in nothing but their partner's shirt and they're all sleepy and snuggly and clingy to them and they boys find it cute how they're so inimate and pure 🌝

    OH god i forgot one person in my ask if yA dont mind can you add Kiyoshi? ThAnk

    Of course I can sweetie! And thanks for requesting from me once more! I really enjoy seeing what you guys come up with, so it’s never a dull moment with some of these requests!

    Aomine: Usually Aomine was the late sleeper between the two of you.. But upon seeing you still sleeping, hair splayed across the sheets, he didn’t try to disturb you, heading downstairs to make food. 

    Again, he was at a loss, since you did all the cooking and preparations for the morning.. But he tried to make sense of things, searching through cookbooks to find a decent enough recipe.

    At least until your arms wrapped around him. 

    He paused, eyes wide as he turned to look at you, clad in his shirt and hair still in disarray.. There was a soft frown, as if you were upset he’d left you alone, and oh god.. He’s never seen you this.. adorable in his life..

    “Dai-chan…” you mumbled, snuggling in the fabric covering his chest, “Come back to bed.. I’m cold…”

    He didn’t hesitate, dropping everything and carrying you back to bed, where he was sure to make you so warm, you were forced to strip from his clothing.

    Haizaki: He really didn’t want to leave the bed, but his stomach and the cries from his mom urged him to get up, though he was cranky and irritated. He left you under the blanket, unaware you’d woken up after he left, and he went to check around, eyebrows furrowed deeply…

    Tch.. he was having a pleasant dream until he was interrupted..

    He didn’t hear soft steps, but he almost jumped when you came to hug him, a tiny whine leaving your throat.

    “Shogo-kun!! C..Come back to bed..” you paused, noticing the irritation on his face, “….Please…?”

    God… he was completely finished.. As much as he hated being asked to do anything, seeing you like this, begging for him to come back to bed.. He really couldn’t deny you… His needs overstepped his wants, and he didn’t bother to say anything, just nodding slowly and let you guide him.

    He was determined to erase that innocence from your face.

    Hanamiya: Mornings were never his forte… In fact, Hanamiya hated them as much as he hated teams who worked together.. 

    But this morning.. It was somehow… different.

    He didn’t realize how innocent you were until you’d came to him, in only his shirt, and hugged him from behind with sleep in your eyes. He’d really thought he erased all your innocence away..

    This expression, however, was much more… child-like..

    As annoyed as he was with mornings, this one didn’t seem as bad when you looked at him, like that . However, those thoughts only lasted for a few minutes, before he clicked his tongue, carrying you back to bed roughly.

    You may be cute, but he could be cuter.

    Kagami: He’d never get used to seeing you right when he wakes up. That’s why Kagami had to immediately vacate his room, before he’d chose to listen to his inner voice, telling him to stay with you and re-enact last night’s events.

    His cheeks burned just thinking about it, so he shook his head, focusing on the breakfast he was intending on making for the two of you. However, he wasn’t prepared for you to come in, adorning HIS shirt, one eye open as you yawned and hugged him carefully.

    “W…Why didn’t you wake me… Tai-chan…?”

    He swallowed, looking down at you, which was a mistake, as he’d seen part of your breast, and the marks he’d left on you before. He made a noise, turning around immediately and tried to think of what to say.. Y..yes.. why didn’t he wake you..?

    Oh right.. He would’ve fainted and had a nose bleed..

    “I.. I thought you could use s…some more… s…sleep!!”

    He froze when you hummed, rubbing your nose against his back as you sighed, squeezing him tighter.

    “You’re such a good boy, Taiga.. T..Thank you..”

    There was a sudden crash, followed by a giant mess in the kitchen.. How you managed to make him destroy his house, Kagami will never know..

    Kiyoshi: “___-____-chan…? W…Why aren’t you..?”

    Kiyoshi really thought you would’ve still been sleeping, but he was utterly surprised when you followed after him, clinging to him like a child. His shirt didn’t help the matter, being way too big on you, and he found it in him to chuckle, though it sounded a little forced..

    “Ah.. I see.. ____-chan wanted to be with me, hm?”

    At your flustered cheeks, he knew he hit the mark, and he was quick to turn around, picking you up and holding you against his chest. He lightly kissed your forehead, smiling when you buried your face in his neck, and he massaged your legs.

    “Alright then, just give me a few minutes to finish our breakfast and then we can go back to cuddling.. Okay?”

    He could never erase that adorable look from your face, especially when you still wore his shirt.

    Nebuya: He could tell from the previous night just how exhausted you were. For starters, you didn’t rebel to his suggestion of staying over. You let him put HIS clothing on you, and quite frankly, you’d crashed while studying for an upcoming test. Even when he woke up before you, Nebuya was shocked at how peaceful you were. 

    So he’d decided to make breakfast for the two of you. Luckily it was a sunday, meaning there was no practice or classes.. Just a day in.. He heard pattering down the hallway, and as he turned to call your name, his voice stopped, and suddenly, he wasn’t so loud anymore..

    You were ridiculously… adorable..

    He was blushing when his shirt hung over your body, showing some of your bare legs, and you’d rubbed your eyes softly, yawning before walking towards him, wrapping your arms around his waist.

    But what sealed the deal was how you’d lightly whined, cheeks a bit red as you mumbled,

    “Ei-chan… Come back to bed…”

    He tried not to make a sound, instead wrapped you in his arms and didn’t let go.

    anonymous asked:

    If requests are open, is it possible to have a Lance imagine where you guys land on a planet where it rains (or maybe you guys are back on Earth/au where you never went to space - whichever works best for you 😊) and you guys are just having a chilled out evening in his room with cuddles, quiet conversations and lazy kisses while listening to the rain in the background because that is everything I need in life tbh (I'm sorry this is super long 😅)

    Mod Enki here! Thanks for sending in your ask it was super fun to write and super cute! I hope I did it some justice. 


    Somehow, out of the pure luck of the stars, the castle ship had managed to land on a planet with a similar atmosphere to Earth. It was nice, although humid. When you landed it was clear that there was a storm brewing. It was hard to mask your excitement because rain made for good lazy days. And the fact that it could be actual rain and not some crazy raining glass or acid crap meant that it would actually sound like rain. Pure and simple water. Nothing could set your soul more at ease. So when you heard the first pitter patters of water hitting the outside of the castle ship you were ready. Gathering all the snacks, blankets, and pillows you could you headed to your boyfriend’s room. There was no doubt he was happy about the rain, too. Anything that reminded him of life back on Earth was very therapeutic for him. So it didn’t surprise you that when you entered his room that he was gazing longingly out the window. He was watching the rain as it ran down the glass window in varying streams and patterns. It must’ve been so enrapturing because he didn’t turn to acknowledge you when you came into the room. Puffing out your cheeks you threw everything onto the bed before taking a pillow and launching at his head. There was a garbled noise before you launched another one, hitting the mark again.

    “Lance! Stop being so melancholy for a minute and spend some time with me will you?” You said. He threw a pillow back at you but it missed by a mile. “Come on Mr. Sharpshooter, you can do better than that.”

    There was a whine as Lance rolled onto the floor from his spot by the window. It grew muffled as he log rolled to the point where his face was smushed on the floor. You snorted and strolled over to him.

    “Get your lazy butt up.” You said, but instantly got a slightly louder muffled whine from the blue paladin. 

    Since he obviously wasn’t going to come and sit on the bed with you, it was time to move the bed to him. You went back to the bed and started throwing the rest of the pillows and blankets at him. You even started throwing the little water pouches you had brought with you at him, even though he was probably too padded by all the blankets and pillows that he couldn’t feel them. When everything was over in a giant heaping mess of things you jumped into it ignoring the loud groan emanating from the bottom of the pile. Humming you wiggled around until you could feel the poor soul buried under everything moving around. And just as well, it didn’t take him long to rise up from the depths and grab you like some sort of jaws movie. You yelled protests and he brought you down into the covers and into his arms, both of you laughing the entire time.

    “You thought you were safe up there but nothing can escape Lance!” He declared. You squealed when he went down to lift up your shirt and blow raspberries on your stomach leading you to nearly kicking his head off. 

    “No fair! Now you’re just playing dirty.” You laughed trying to shove him away from your exposed belly. It took a few tries but you finally got him to detach from you and allow you both to collapse into your own giggling fits. It didn’t take long for Lance to slither back over to you and pull you into a nice loving embrace. 

    Just as you thought you were done, he pressed his lips to your cheek and blew a raspberry there, too. You squeaked and spat out breathy protests in between laughs trying to say how you didn’t come all the way over to his room just to be assaulted like this. It was all mostly drowned out by your laughs, of course. 

    “How about that for spending time with you?” Lance asked with a cheeky grin. You flicked his nose, trying to get his grin to break but to no avail. 

    “I don’t know, I wouldn’t call assaulting me like that, “spending quality time” with me.” You said with a mock hurt expression. 

    “Oh whatever.” He said giving you a quick squeeze. “You know you loved it.” 

    “I do like the attention. But let’s try something else.” 

    You pulled him down into a short and simple kiss making him hum in delight. When you ended it, however, he quickly went in for another but this time something more deep. It last a good few minutes as your lips melded together in sync, breathing through your noses to get it to last that little bit longer. It wasn’t the strongest kiss though, walking the line between lazy and firm. You enjoyed it immensely as well as Lance probably did. He wasn’t done when the two of you broke off however and proceeded to smother your face with kisses. Going for your cheeks, forehead, nose, eyes. You loved it and were reduced to a blushing and laughing mess. 

    It didn’t take long for him to settle down though, and the two of you were stuck in each other’s embraces. You snuggled into him and listened to the gentle waves of rain that continued to poured onto the castle ship. For a second, everything seemed still and you could’ve sworn that you were back home without a care in the world instead of in a giant ship with every single problem of the universe weighing on your shoulders. You hugged him tighter, letting out a sigh, completely content with everything for the first time in what seemed like months. 

    Lance’s soft, and slightly raspy voice from laughing so much, brought you back to reality. You could only hum in response but it was enough to assure him that you were listening. 

    “Did I ever tell you about the time when I was back in the garrison, when I was dared to sneak into the instructor’s lounge and steal all of the instructor’s food?” He asked. You chuckled and informed him that no, he had not told you this. “Well, this one kid dared me since all Hunk and I ever did was complain about the garrison lunches that they had. I nearly got caught about ten times! But thanks to Hunk’s distraction I managed to bag all the lunches and get out of there disguised as a trash guy! We had to eat it all in one go though, because it wasn’t going to take long for everyone to notice. But the funny part is, I said that if I managed to pull it off, he’d have to shave his eyebrows, legs, and half of his head. Get this though! His leg hair never grew back, and neither did his eyebrows!”

    “Okay, now you’re just messing with me. There’s no way his leg hair and eyebrows didn’t grow back.” You mumbled into his shirt. 

    “I’m completely serious! Ask Hunk, or even Pidge! They’ll tell you.” Lance defended himself. 

    “Fine, I’ll go ask them right now!” You declared trying to get up.

    “Noooo you gotta stay here in cuddle more with meeee!” Lance whined. He defiantly tugged you back down and back into his arms. You gave up and snuggled back into him. 

    “Okay, but you have to tell me more stories. You always have the best ones.” You said reaching over and grabbing a bag of snacks.

    For the rest of the night, Lance told you all the stories he could think of from his misadventures in his life. You listened intently for as long as you could, but ultimately you couldn’t keep your eyes open and yourself awake for long. When you had dozed off, Lance was in the middle of one of his stories, going on about the time he accidentally super glued his hand to a bike handle he was trying to put back on the actual bike. He didn’t notice you had dozed off until he finished and noticed the way your breathing had changed. For a while he just watched you, gently running a hand through your hair until he too, fell into the grips of sleep all while the rain kept its steady rhythms of white noise. 

    rubberbangin  asked:

    May I get some sweet egobang self esteem boost/ body worship like arins having a bad image day and dans there to help telling him how beautiful he is and kissing problem areas ?! Bless thank you

    goddamn how’d you know that i’m a sucker for some good ol body positivity? 

    in all seriousness, i adore arin’s body,, i love the broad body type and i wanna give him hugs

    honestly i hope anyone with his body type knows how beautiful they are, i could admire arin handsome all day.

    this includes some first kisses and it’s cheesy as all hell BUT i wanted to give our favorite animator some lovin

    thanks for the prompt! hope you like it x


    Danny was feeling particularly touchy-feely today.

    He surprised even himself when he walked into the Gru//mp Space that morning and the first thing he did was plant a smooch on Arin’s forehead. The artist hadn’t even had the chance to say good morning, blinking up at Danny in quiet shock.

    The blush sprinkled over his cheeks made it even sweeter, and the musician smiled fondly down at his adorable boyfriend. “Morning, baby. Did you miss me?”

    Arin was very rarely at a loss for words, but his blush deepened as he struggled to reply. “Well, that was unexpected,” he managed, giggling a little.

    Danny knew his behavior wasn’t what Arin was expecting. When the pair had first begun dating, Danny had been extremely paranoid and nervous to even hold hands. Arin had respected Danny’s hesitance and told him they could move one step at a time, and only with Danny’s permission.

    Danny loved him for that.

    Perhaps that’s why Danny was so nervous heading into the relationship–he’d had such strong feelings right away, and it’d scared him. He felt more and more secure with each passing day, however. Danny was usually a very affectionate person anyway, so now that his initial hesitance had faded, he wouldn’t let Arin have a moment’s peace.

    He stood with his arms draped around Arin’s shoulders, pressing his face into Arin’s neck as the artist finished his work so they could go record. Danny was also more relaxed because the office was empty. (Although he did enjoy planting one on Arin’s cheek in front of Ross every now and then, just to make Ross roll his eyes and make retching noises.)

    Arin reached up absentmindedly to ruffle Danny’s hair affectionately. “You’re in a good mood today.”

    “Guess I just missed my snuggle man,” Danny teased, running Arin’s own locks through his long fingers. 

    “I’m glad you’re…more comfortable,” Arin hummed, not wanting to embarrass the older man but letting him know he enjoyed the attention.

    Soon after, Arin finished his work and they moved to the recording room. Immediately after the artist sat, Danny snuggled himself against his side, throwing an arm around Arin’s shoulders and pecking his cheek.

    That delightful blush was back, and Danny thought to himself that he’d never get tired of making Arin blush. He looked so pretty like that. 

    Then he leaned his head against Arin’s broad shoulder, placing his free arm across Arin’s torso. He watched contentedly as his boyfriend selected the game and entered the title screen.

    “Welcome back, motherfuckers!” he yelled as soon as Arin had switched on the recording.

    As Arin laughed and introduced the game, Danny kept up conversation but let his mind wander a bit as he rubbed circles into Arin’s shoulder. God, he simply adored Arin’s shoulders. Strong and built, just like his arms. His soft but powerful arms that looked like they could split a tree in half, but Arin was so gentle with them.

    Danny’s eyes trailed down Arin’s arms to his tummy. A smile tugged on his face as he leaned more into the artist’s side. Arin’s sturdy frame and cuddle-able posture was an added bonus. He could stare at him all day.


    As the recording session ended, Arin switched off the recording equipment, jotting down the time as he yawned. “Geez, that was a long one. You tired, babe?”

    Danny inched forward until he was sitting on Arin’s lap, brushing the hair out of his boyfriend’s eyes and smiling softly. “Yeah. But I always enjoy spending time with you.”

    Arin laughed, reaching up to lightly rest his hands on Danny’s waist. “Glad to hear it. Wouldn’t be much fun recording by myself.”

    Danny decided then and there. He wanted to kiss him.

    Well, he’d never been one to hate kissing, so he leaned forward, silently letting Arin know what he had in mind, to let Arin pull back if he wanted. 

    But his eyes were warm and loving as he met Danny halfway, and they shared a very brief kiss where their lips touched curiously. Just enough so they could figure out each other, moving only slightly as they each pulled back.

    Danny’s hands moved to Arin’s shoulders, and he squeezed. “Can we do that again?”

    “I-Is that okay?” Arin asked, but his eyes were bright. Danny leaned forward again in response.

    The second was longer than the first, still exploring and becoming attuned to the other’s taste. Arin tasted like cherry, probably from candy, and a little like toothpaste, but mostly just sweet.

    Danny relaxed, pressing into the sturdy body beneath him. God, it was like he was floating. His hands roamed from Arin’s shoulders to his arms, and he squeezed slightly, loving the feel of the robust body under his hands.

    Arin squeaked at the movement, and Danny’s heart beat a mile a minute at the sound. He really, really liked that noise.

    They broke apart, both breathing slightly heavier than normal, and Danny admired the gorgeous sight of a flustered, red Arin. He rested his forehead against his boyfriend’s.

    “I’m kinda relieved you actually wanted to kiss me,” Arin blurted, and his face grew hotter after the outburst. “I mean, um…”

    Danny lifted his head, confused. “What do you mean?”

    Arin wouldn’t meet his gaze, and Danny’s chest tightened with worry. “Arin? What’s wrong? Did I do something bad?”

    “No, no! You didn’t do anything. I, uh…I just…it’s stupid, but…I thought maybe the reason you didn’t like touching me was…because I’m so fat. I, um, thought you didn’t like the way I looked.” This confession was stilted and came out quickly, as if Arin wanted to get it out of his system.

    Danny felt his heart crack at Arin’s words. “Arin. Baby. Hey, look at me.”

    “But I don’t want you to feel bad about it!” Arin yelped, still not meeting his eyes. “I, I want you to be comfortable with what we do. So, don’t blame yourself. I’m happy if you’re happy. I…just don’t…”


    He finally looked at Danny, and the older man placed his hands firmly on Arin’s face. “I need to tell you something, and I want you to listen to me.”

    Arin nodded.

    Danny lightly smooched Arin’s forehead. “I adore your face. The way it turns pink when I kiss it, the silly expressions it makes during video games, the way your cheeks scrunch up when you’re smiling, the little lines next to your mouth that means you’re about to say something hilarious. I love it.”

    Next, he kissed Arin’s left shoulder, trailing down his arm. “I’m obsessed with your arms. So strong and powerful, yet so soft and gentle. You could toss me over your shoulder without a second thought, but these arms have only ever hugged me with the affection of a lover.”

    He picked up Arin’s hands and kissed his palms. “God, your hands. Look at them. Able to craft masterpieces on paper and still leave the feathery feeling of light touches on my face. Such talented hands, bigger than my own, and I cherish the way they feel tangled up with my own hand. I feel safe in these hands.”

    Then he kissed Arin’s chest, running his fingers along Arin’s belly. “Your body. The perfect body to cuddle up to when it’s cold. It radiates warmth. I love the way it carries a powerful feeling, yet it’s like a teddy bear. I adore resting my head against it, feeling like I’m home. It’s all soft curves and pink sides, begging me to kiss it and love on it. Your body is perfect.”

    Danny looked up at the sound of a sniffle, and Arin wiped his eyes. “Arin, I don’t want you to ever think I don’t adore every inch of your body. You’re so beautiful, baby. Trust me, it’s harder for me to keep my hands off of it.”

    Arin giggled at that, reaching his arms out to envelope Danny in a hug. “Thank you, Dan. You always know what to say.”

    “Only because it’s true,” Danny murmured, resting his head against Arin’s collarbone.

    The pair sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, Danny tracing patterns into Arin’s arm and feeling his eyelids droop. It was rather late already, and they’d had a long day.

    Arin tilted his head towards the clock. “Guess we should be getting back, huh?”

    Danny’s grip tightened slightly as he moved his head to grin up at Arin. “Only if you give me another kiss before you go.”

    Arin was all too happy to oblige.

    Clingy (Connor/Evan)

    Summary: Connor is reluctant to let go of Evan while cuddling. Evan finds a way to persuade him. (I have listened to nothing but the soundtrack to this fucking musical for five days straight. Send help. I know @amazingmsme recently watched the bootle- I mean, listened to the soundtrack…and is probably drowning in tears, so this is dedicated to her. Sorry I dragged you down with me! Enjoy!) 

    Evan really didn’t know how to be romantic. It sounds sad when you put it that way, but honestly, he didn’t know how to go about a lot of things when it came to friendship, let alone romance. But cuddling was certainly something he had no clue how to do.

    It wasn’t even the kissing part that scared him, it was just…everything. Everything about a relationship kind of scared the shit out of him. He’d never kissed anyone, or even cuddled with someone. In fact, he couldn’t even think of a time he’d actually cuddled with someone.

    Maybe when he was really little, he’d snuggle up to his mom’s shoulder on the couch while they watched a movie, or after a nightmare he’d pull a pillow to his chest and squeeze it tightly to calm himself down. But to have a warm, breathing body wrapped up in his arms…He’d never had that.

    Keep reading

    It was finally quite for you - home again, home again, you sang this to yourself as you slip off your shoes within the front door entrance area. Taking a third shift job is really taxing; sure, being able to ride the city streets with next to no traffic is great, but always around 3AM you find yourself hating such a boring desk job as sleep begins to attack you.
    Shuffling your way into the living room you saw something that nearly brought a tear to your eyes.

    Spread out upon the longest couch within the living room was Papyrus, in nothing but his black tank top - that hang off his boney figure just perfect and sweats that seem to hug his hips bones in almost a teasing way.
    You let a please purr escape you as you beheld the glory that is your boyfriend.

    “Heh, seems like my lil'kitten’s home” He yawn as he stretches, you could hear some of his joints pop.

    You give him a tire chuckle, “Damn dude, how long you’ve been out here on the couch.”

    The question seems to bring a realization to his half mast sockets, “heh, long enough that Sans already left for his job.” He give you his famous lax smirk.

    “Someone fell asleep” you tease with a smile towards him, then you light panic hit you, “Oh, wait did you JUST fell asleep, aw pappy m'sorry for waking ya.”

    He chuckle, a deep sound from his chest that always made you so at ease, you could feel the tension melt away in your shoulders.

    “C’mon kiddo, I ain’t worry about that. I’m happy to wake up to ya,” he rase a bone brow as you let out a long yawn, “Even though you seem dog tired, you alright there, kiddo?”

    “Dear goodness, I am” you admit as you slipped off the outer jacket of your business outfit.

    The sound of bones and fabric rustling and rattling cause you to bring your attention to the lax skeleton, arms out stretch toward you he gave you a soft smile.

    “C’mere kiddo.”

    Your smile warm along your face, a shy chuckle left you. Now, you are not a petite flower the bone brothers always treat you as, you are on the round side – chubby.

    “Pappy, you know I’m a sooch too big to share the couch.”

    “Then lay on top of me.”

    “Papyrus, I’m too heavy.”

    “Love, you take me too lightly. M’bones are way sturdier and stronger than you think.”

    With a defeated sigh from you and a victorious smirk from the rather tall skeleton, you now found yourself awkwardly clamoring on top of Papyrus. You were nervous, it’s not like, your first time snuggling or anything – it’s just, you fear that he might be like the others from your past love life; often starting just like this but ending with an ‘you’re too big’.

    After a few,



    “Are you okay?”

    From you, the both of you found a position that is quite cozy. One hand cup behind his skull – somewhat supported by the arm rest. His long body lay, nearly melting into the couch. You lay on top of him, your larger form draped on him like a soft warm comforter. Papyrus’ other hand relax on the middle of your back, you could feel him drawing tiny circles with his index finger – from time to time.
    You lightly chuckle into the makeshift pillow you created with folded arms upon his broad chest.

    “Heh, what?” His lax sockets looks down at you with a smile within his teeth.


    “Oops, my bad, kiddo”

    He put a pause to his doodling digits on your back and let your body settle in the moment.

    This is perfect, the sound of the clock on the wall ticking and counting away the seconds that pass, seem to sync with the beating of your heart. Papyrus took notice of this and couldn’t help but become more astounded by this amazing body of yours.

    He could feel the expansion and deflation of your chest as your breathing slowed, he felt how the stress and ache of the world seem to disappear around your soul. Your soul feels so warm and so cl I send like this, he wish so badly to let his soul reach out to yours – but as of right now, no, right now its time for you to rest and relax.
    Why does your body have to be so soft, warm and perfect.

    Papyrus squeeze your back, softly. This was enough to stir you out of a slumber you had not known you fallen into. You shift and steeply open your eyes, his gentle grip on your back ease away.

    “Sorry, babe, did I wake ya?”

    You shook your head, giving him an answer along with trying to wake up.

    “Sleepy.” You state in a drowsy manner.

    Papyrus famous lazy smile pull itself onto his face as he look down at you, “ Cuddle and nap.” He retorts.

    “Hm, only if I can kiss your neck.”

    Dear stars above, you really don’t know what you do to him. You saying that with such a groggy tone, it made the disc in his spine shiver with want. Cheeks already stain with warm hue, you feel the hand on your back slowly travel upwards, boney fingers soon becoming lost within your hair.

    “Mmhm,” He purr with that deep voice of his.

    He crane his neck down – hunger in his sockets. The sudden grip and tug within your locks awaken a lustful spark within the pit of your belly.

    “But we won’t be napping then.”

    It was all that he whispers before he crash his teeth within your lips.

    It might not be a nap, but it’s a hell of a lot fun to rejuvenate like this.