Tahjan Clan Inspirations

One of my inspirations for the ‘Brothers Three’, i.e. - The Tahjan Clan of Cathars I love to play was leopards. In particular, leopard coloring (i.e. - spots, tawny base, etc.) was one of the things I included.

Two of the brothers, Rukahr and Dekarr, are ‘normal’ leopard colored: tawny/golden with darker spots.

Tahjan is actually based on a ‘strawberry leopard’, which is a rare color variation of a normal leopard. 

According to one article: “ Most leopards sport tawny coats and black rosettes, but strawberry leopards are reddish in color with tan or light-brown rosettes.” They are believed to have erythrism.

Here’s a normal leopard:

And here’s a strawberry leopard (the first one ever officially spotted actually):

So basically Rook and Dekarr have “normal” pigmentation, and Taj actually has erythrism, which is why he’s the ‘ginger’ of the family when none of the rest have that light coloring.

Resources about strawberry leopards: