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[[ Image Description: A photo featuring a snow leopard cub sitting atop stony ledge, looking bored, with a post on it by user shadowflameswords.

The post reads: “LG people: You’re all practically straight anyway. Don’t call yourselves gay. You don’t belong in our community. You’re appropriating our terminology. You’re a bunch of dirty fakers who are trying to trick us into accepting you. If you want community stuff make your own.

BTQIAP+ people: …Okay, so how about we just go over here and support and celebrate each other, because you clearly don’t want us around? We will indeed make our own, perhaps.

LG people: WAHT NO THAT IS HOMOPHOBIA. How dare you exclude us. Are we not ‘queer’ enough for you? You are being bigoted by not including us.

BTQIAP+ people: *look into the camera like they’re on the office*” ]]


Ordered these two beauties today from Fire ‘n Ice Geckos. They have a ton of really nice animals and are great to work with. Very reasonable with great customer service!

The guy on the left is an adult male Mack Snow Tremper Eclipse who I will be pairing with Millie next season.

The girl on the right is a Mack Snow Tremper Eclipse het Murphy Patternless who I will be pairing with Tonka, one of my hold backs from this year. Together they can make Super Snowflakes!