Something creepy is taking place in the woods in western Switzerland. A man dressed in a military uniform with a gas mask over his face seems to be “haunting” the place. For more than 10 years now, locals who live near these woods have reported seeing the man walk the same path every day. They have given him the name Le Loyon, and they are terrified of him. He doesn’t speak and, when he encounters someone, he simply stares at them, and then walks away in silence. A photographer who tried to take a picture of the mysterious man reported him to be almost 2 meters (6’6″) in height. Children are too scared to play in these woods any more, even though the man doesn’t seem to be threatening in any way. At one point, people saw him carrying what looked like flowers while slowly walking down a pathway in the woods. According to the authorities in charge of the area, there is nothing that can be done to get the man to leave the woods since he is not trespassing and has done nothing wrong.At one point, his clothes were found abandoned in the woods with a note saying he was leaving because “The risk of a hunt for the Beast” was too great. It is unknown where the man lives, why he wears a gas mask, and why he doesn’t speak. Until someone gets him to take off the mask, or at least speak out, the mystery man will remain a mystery.


the actual reason is enjolras, combeferre, and courfeyrac thought it was cool back in like, 8th grade, and it just kind of. .. . stuck.

(the “EVERYONE’S JUST NAMED JEAN” idea is my favorite fandom theory.)


新情侶動作 (requested)


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New couple pose (requested)

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NG shot… lol 

雲門舞集的概念 XDD (誤)