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Reading Percys camp report makes me wonder if other campers are kind of scared of Percy being on the archery range considering he has apparently shot other campers by accident.

Ariana went pale, mouth dropping into a frown halfway through a sentence. “Oh, no.”

“What?” Zach spun around sharply, searching for the cause of her distress. “What’s up?”

“It’s -”

“Hey, guys!” Percy Jackson stopped in front of them, quiver over his back and tenuous smile on his face. “You ready for some archery practice?”

Zach unintentionally took a step back, and Percy’s face fell. “Oh, hey, Perce. You’re, uh, you’re doing archery this morning? With us?”

Percy nodded, fiddling with the edge of the bow he was holding. “Yeah, Chiron said I should get some extra practice in, so…”

“Oh,” Ariana said. “Great.”

“Yeah…” Percy’s eyes darted to the side, and he raised a hand in a wave to someone over Ariana’s shoulder. “Sorry, I’m just gonna go say hi to Will.”

“No problems, man. Good to see you.”

“Yeah, you too.”

As soon as Percy was out of ear shot, Ariana leant over and said, “At least Will’s nearby for when he shoots someone.”

“Let’s go up the other end just in case.”

“That didn’t help Ben,” Ariana countered.

“Yeah, well.” Zach started walking towards the other end anyway. “At least it’s closer to the infirmary.”

Another autistic drawing. I wanted to draw Dory from Finding Nemo saying it but unfortunately I cant draw fish. So instead here is an autistic girl stimming. She is repeating the words “Just keep stimming” which is an altered version of Dory’s “Just keep swimming” quote. 

[Image Description: Picture is a drawing of an autistic girl with light brown hair, wearing headphones and a red shirt with the neurodiversity symbol on it, as well as a chew necklace.

 She is stimming with echolalia, repeating the words ‘Just keep stimming’. She is also using her headphones to block out overstimulating auditory input, has her eyes closed and is stimming by flapping her hands happily. 

Beneath her is the rainbow coloured neurodiversity symbol, with the words ‘Always Stimming’ inside the loops.] 

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Tutorial was doing a lesson about healthy relationships and abuse and the teacher briefly touched on consent and to my disgust literally said that mentally ill and disabled people (mental disabilities in particular) are incapable of giving consent and put it on the same level as being drunk or on drugs. Nope nope nope.

(sorry this has taken a while, i’ve been away from my laptop)

i have a lot of feelings about this

- spreading “mentally disabled people can’t consent” ideas leads to people not teaching people with intellectual disability about sexuality and consent–which makes the disabled person much more vulnerable to sexual abuse

- there! are! resources! for! teaching! ppl with intellectual disability about sexuality!!!!! (here’s one that focuses on down syndrome but it is applicable to intellectual disability in general too! and this page links to a book about sexuality made of interviews with couples with intellectual disability!)

- “x group of adults doesn’t have sexual agency” also erases lgbt people in that group

- if your consent workshop/instruction declares that certain groups of adults do not have sexual agency, you are doing it very very wrong

“A person wearing headphones and/or avoiding eye-contact when you are talking isnt necessarily ‘rude’. That person may be autistic and most probably finds it easier to listen like that! Please respect their sensory needs!”

Just a quick PSA. 

I’m feeling a lot less pissed off at neurotypicals today so that calls for less angry art. 

Avoiding eye contact and wearing headphones all the time is often perceived by neurotypical people as a rather rude gesture. This is unfortunate and is something that really has to be unlearnt for the benefit of autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people who do these things. 

Autistic people (as well as some other neurodivergent people) avoid eye contact because the experience ranges from uncomfortable and mildly distressing to very painful and upsetting. Avoiding eye contact is much more comfortable and natural for a lot of us and makes us feel a bit more at ease interacting with people and the world in general. (I will add though that not all autistic people avoid eye contact but enough of us do that it needs to be respected. If you meet a person who says they are autistic but are able to make eye contact yes they are still autistic.)

Forcing an autistic person to make eye contact with you is not only incredibly rude and insensitive, but it is also an act of ableism. You are in no way entitled to force anyone to make eye contact with you. Please respect autistic and otherwise neurodivergent peoples need to avoid eye contact. 

Wearing headphones all the time is something a lot of autistic people and people with sensory processing disorder do to avoid sensory overload and meltdowns that can be caused by loud noises or too many noises at once. It is important to remember that our hearing can be more sensitive than yours so what we perceive as loud might not seem that loud to you but that doesnt change the fact that it may still be painful to us. 

If an autistic person wears headphones while interacting with you they are not being rude, they are avoiding pain, sensory overload and potential meltdowns. Please respect this. If you try to force an autistic person to remove their headphones you are being rude and insensitive and being very ableist. 

That is all for now, unless I have forgotten something. Thank you. 

An art request that I finally got around to finishing! (Sorry I cant draw hands very well ugh.)

Some more autistic art, this time featuring ‘raptor hands’. 

[Image description: The picture is a mixed-media drawing of a white autistic person with short brown hair and blue eyes. 

They are wearing red earrings and a red jumper with a black button up shirt underneath. Around their neck is a cheweable stim necklace. Their hands are half raised close to their chest in a ‘raptor-like’ pose. 

Behind their head is the rainbow neurodiversity symbol drawn and coloured in pen. Between the two loops are the words ‘raptor hands’. 

At the bottom of the picture, within a red ribbon banner are the words ‘loud hands’, framed by two small neurodiversity symbols.]

My contribution to #REDInstead. I dont like putting pictures of myself online so I decided it would be a good idea to do a drawing instead. 

The picture is a drawing of myself wearing a red hoodie with the words ‘#REDInstead’ written on the front and an Neurodivergent Infinity symbol beneath it. Im wearing red headphones and making a rude gesture with my hand. There’s a speech bubble next to me with the words ‘FUCK your ‘Awareness’ - I’d rather have Acceptance’ written inside. 

The picture is a bit blurry unfortunately.