why exo got suspended from school

Suho :  Hit an emergency alarm during a field trip

Chen : wrote his name on his bus seat. His full name.

Lay : Had a weird obesession with a classmate’s grandma

Baekhyun :  was caught selling his phone number at the school’s bazaar to all the girlies and plus it sold out too ;)

Chanyeol :  took the dick off of a model of the human body, panicked and hid it in one of the teacher’s desk

Kyungsoo :  caught doodling big anime tiddies on his science book

Xiumin : someone blamed him for stealing their pencils when he didn’t so he broke all their remaining pencils :)

Kai : stole his classmate’s food

Sehun : thought the lunch break was a school holiday, and didn’t show up for a week ( based on a true story ;-;)


“ K-kai..! “

“ What’s wrong Lloyd? Aren’t you happy to see me? “

Happy early Halloween. Is possessed Kai still a thing? 

What’s more traumatizing? You getting possessed and trying to kill your friends or your best friend getting possessed and trying to kill you and your friends.

girlfriend ~ soulmate series

lmao this is shit 

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“Mommy,” you felt a small finger poke your cheek. “Mommy, wake up.” Another poke. The small girl waited a few more minutes before trying again, and failing. You’ve always said having a daughter was your greatest blessing in life but sometimes you wished that blessing came into your room a little later than 7:30am every morning. “Mommy wake up!” she tried one last time, attempting to open one of your eyes with her finger.

You groaned, rolling over in your comfortable bed so your back was now facing the little girl. She let out a happy squeal, realizing you were finally awake. You figured she was probably here to ask if you two could get out of the small apartment and do something fun today. For the last two weeks you’ve been keeping her in the apartment, making up a lame excuse to not leave the house whenever she asked if you could go out. Lately she’s been getting bored of just staying inside all day and it’s evident in how she’s been acting. You noticed she’s been asking about Shawn more and more each day even though you told her multiple times that he wasn’t in Canada right now so you couldn’t go see him.

“Ava!” you laughed as the little girl jumped onto the bed and on top of you, “I was trying to sleep!” You tried your best to keep a straight face but couldn’t help but smile as you watched your little girl try to snuggle closer to you in attempt to get warm. You finally opened your eyes, noticing that it’s darker than it should be at this time. You glanced at your phone before looking back at your daughter.

“Ava why on earth are you awake at this time?” you whispered as she climbed onto your chest and nuzzled her face into the crook of your neck. “It’s only 3am baby, it’s not time to wake up yet.”

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  • Junmyeon: You are what you eat
  • Baekhyun: *Grinning* Does this means im a peach?
  • Chanyeol: *patting bbh's butt* You sure are, beautiful,plump peach
  • Jongdae: Duh this doesn't even makes sense *eye roll*
  • Sehun: why am i even here ??
  • Jongin: ....
  • Jongin: Does this means im Kyungsoo hyung?!?!
  • Jongin: :D
  • Kyungsoo: *chokes on his own saliva*
  • Everyone: *eye rolls**heading back to their rooms**huffing*
  • Kyungsoo: *giggling* c'mere :)
  • Jongin: :D