'jenny i don't know if that's a--'

  • Minghao: That story was awesome.
  • Jihoon: Indeed. Thank you for sharing, Jenny.
  • Joshua: ...
  • Jihoon: [ Talking to interviewer] Joshua was getting a little chummy.
  • Jihoon: When people get too chummy with me, I like to call them by the wrong name to let them know I don't really care about them.
  • Minghao: That's a genius move.
  • Jihoon: Thank you.
  • Minghao: You're welcome, Lester.

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I was talking to a friend about Moffat's plot holes, and they brought that Russel T Davies left a big plot hole with Jenny. I know you don't like when Moffat fans bring RTD into it, but he's right, I think. That's a big hole. Any way to defend that?

I was actually just talking about this with aeonish earlier, actually.  And yeah, I do have a big issue with people citing flaws in RTD’s writing as a defense for Moffat’s failings, because the two things are mutually exclusive.  Aside from that, though, this one bugs me a lot for the same reason that “You should be nicer to Moffat because he invented Captain Jack” does: they’re both completely untrue.  It was Steven Moffat who suggested keeping Jenny alive at the end of The Doctor’s Daughter, presumably because he wanted to keep the option open later.  So the argument that RTD had plot holes too, and using that case as a reference, holds no water, because that hole is Moffat’s fault too.

Grace Helbig interviewed by Jenny McCarthy
  • Jenny: Do you have a lover?
  • Grace: Uhm, I do yeah, I'm in a relationship
  • Jenny: So will he be on the show with you?
  • Grace: Uhm, possibly! I don't really know.
  • Jenny: Does he let you expose his own personal things
  • Grace: Sometimes. He's also in the YouTube space so
  • Jenny: He is? So what's his name? No fuck it, this is about you.
  • Grace: Yeah, hah, I don't really talk about..
  • Jenny: this is your moment to shine.
  • Grace: He's a great human being.
  • ......
  • Jenny: Your boyfriend tho, did you meet him.. Did you start a YouTube channel with him?
  • Grace: No, he has his own thing. We met through YouTube but he's from California
  • Jenny: That's so interesting to me. So you met through YouTube, how? Because there's so many YouTube channel.
  • Grace: Youtubers become a community, you kind of know each other through convention and collaboration. So you start to know people in the community.
  • Jenny: and you're like that guy is hot.
  • Grace: yeah, absolutely! ..
  • .....
  • Jenny: Is this a guy you want to make Youtube babies with?
  • Grace: I don't think I want to make babies period.
  • Jenny: No?
  • Grace: I'm not a children person.
  • Jenny: I'm glad you know that.
  • ......
  • Jenny: what if he's the love of your life and he's like I need a baby?
  • Grace: we'll have to have real serious conversation about it cause I just don't think mentally I could do it and I feel like I could do it.
  • Jenny: (talking about oysters) I don't know how you can eat those things.
  • Shane: I like them.
  • Jenny: I don't like them because it reminds me of a guy coming in your mouth. I'm just saying. What? No, don't thr-
  • Shane: Why, why, why would you try to do that to me?
  • Jenny: I just wanna say why I don't like them. You asked why I don't like them and that's what I said.
  • Shane: Well, in that case you can kiss me because you know how that tastes like.

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Everybody's asking why do you hate Tom so much. Well, it's simple: you are Loki, the real one, the God of Mischief, that's why. And you cannot stand that this perfect British gentleman is impersonating you in the movies and taking all the credits. You are just sitting home and planning your evil plan, don't ya Loki?? I didn't buy your crap that you're Jenny, I can see through you. But poor Tom didn't know that he was gonna release the curse of Loki by taking this role.

no one was supposed to know