So I just decided to do this cute little thing for fun more than anything else. I don’t really know what the hell to even call this sort of thing.. Universe Falls character icons? Sure. We’ll go with that. But still, this is only part one of several probably. I’m going to do more tomorrow since they’re fairly easy. There’s a bunch of other characters I’d like to do, as well as hitting all of the AUs and fusions and such. After that, I’ll probably open requests up again on sunday. But until then, enjoy these little cuties!

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I want to say you're the queen of fluff but tbh you're like the queen of everything. You write smut perfectly, you write angst perfectly, you write fluff amazingly. You never fail to make me cry, smile or blush furiously. So petition to make Jen the queen of Flansmut?! is that correct? LOL

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You’re making me blush! you are very kind, but I certainly don’t think I am the queen of anything just yet. 

Good morning, witch gang!

Our regularly scheduled mod had a family emergency; please send your thoughts, prayers, and good intentions to her today. (I’m not mentioning her name because I don’t know if she’d want me to.)

Instead, all of the mods will be exploring green witchcraft today. Green witchcraft is a style of witchcraft that draws power from nature, the earth, and natural spirits. Green witches use herbs, crystals, and essential oils to imbue spells with the earth’s power.

If you would like to add anything, feel free to send in an ask or submission!

Today’s tag is “green witch”

-mod Jen



in which the squad runs a group youtube channel. it consists of caitlin’s fashion & makeup videos, wyatt normally posting covers (but he’s currently vlogging about his extended vacation), jonesy’s scandalous storytimes, nikki’s adventures and ‘follow me arounds’, jen’s lifestyle videos and organizational diys, and jude’s unexplained and random videos - which are their most popular by far. // @teenmcther @biitchteen @whcreofateen @girlygiirlteen @asstattco