In Need of You

Warnings: Mild Angst, Implied Depression. 

“What do you want me to say to you, Dean?” you whispered, casting your eyes down to your feet. You pulled your bottom lip between your teeth to try and repress yourself from tearing. You were failing miserably. You didn’t want Dean to see how weak you were. You never wanted him see you cry. 

  “What I want you to say? Sweetheart, I want you tell me what’s going on in the pretty little head of yours. I want you to trust me when I say that I’m here for you, every second of everyday. I want you to say that you’re not okay and I want you to tell me what I can do to make you feel better,” he started. You noticed his voice was higher than his normal deep and gruff grumble that came out. You nodded your head, not daring to meet his eyes.

  “I’m not okay,” you breathed out. You swallowed hard, your eyes flicking up to meet his face. You were met with his breathtaking green orbs, your heart fluttering in your chest. You couldn’t ruin this. You couldn’t ruin his life. “I just got scared of losing you. Seeing you covered in blood; it scares me sometimes.”

  “’m not going anywhere. It takes a hell of a lot more than a douchebag to kill Dean Winchester,” he assured you, placing his hand on your arm. “You already know that and you’ve seen me in worse conditions than this. Wanna try again?”

  A single tear slipped down your cheek and you weren’t nearly quick enough to wipe it away before Dean saw it. His hand came up to you face, his thumb brushing over your cheek, wiping away the tear. “I’m scared of losing you,” you choked out. “I’m scared to get close to you, and tell you everything. I’m scared to let you in.”

  “Sweetheart,” he frowned. “C’mere.”

  He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you in tightly to him, tucking you under his chin. God, it felt so good to be in his arms. Safe and warm; home. This is where you wanted to be. You wanted to be this close to him, to feel him beneath your fingertips. Nothing bad could happen to either of you if you held each other like this. 

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anonymous asked:

I was at the Morrissey show in Salt Lake City last night. I saw Dallon, but I was too scared to say hello. When the concert was almost over, some guy got into a fight with security right where Dallon and Breezy were standing. And Dallon straight up CHOKED THE GUY OUT so that security could get him handcuffed and out of the Venue. Then he just went right back to watching the show!!?!? Dallon is a freaking secret super hero!!?!? I’m only sad I didn’t get video of it, but it happened too fast.

Holy shit! I don’t know how but Dallon, who’s already basically the best human to walk on this earth, just keeps amazing me more and more every day with just how Good he is. I’m very happy he’s the person I chose to look up to.

Dallon’s the a true hero and probably stole the show from Morrissey for a moment there haha

Thank you so much for telling me this! I love the guy so much!
I hope you had a great time as well! And next time don’t be scared, he’s the best and really appreciates it when people come and say hi :)

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Idk if i've already told this you but ... YOU REALLY NEED TO MAKE A BOOK OF BH&H! Girl, i mean, it is beautiful, perfect, awsome and sometimes, when i'm bored I read it AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. I love the falshbacks, the way you rapresented the characters introspetion. I really love everything about this story and i'm not an easy person (even with books). I love the way you write and you are really talented.

Thank you, lovely Nonnie! I have started rewriting BH&H into an original novel while I work on the fic version, and it’s going well. Not sure yet if I’ll go the traditional route or with self-publishing, but it’s definitely something I see happening. 

(and hopefully some of you will buy it!)

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Soooo like Anon said 10 with Jason about Lucy but to someone else ( Roy or Jen or someone). Basically him being like “noooo I’m not obsessed with her...” and them being like “sure man suuuuurrreeee”

10.- “I wouldn’t say obsessed. More like… thoroughly enjoy.”

I wrote this during the week and I’m really tired to edit so I’m sorry if there is anything wrong.

Tags: @insideoflit @speedypan @the-shadow-of-atlantis @werewitchling @maryenette

Word count: 388

Jen looked at Jason, there was a glint in his eyes that he didn’t bother to hide, as he usually did whenever something– someone, made him happy.

From the chair at the side of her couch, he rose his eyebrows at her, “what?”

Jennifer rolled her eyes and chewed over an orange gummy bear, “nothing.”

“But you’re looking at me weird.” He squeezed the golden fabric of an small pillow he found at the side of the chair.

“You like her, Jay” Jennifer said matter of factly.

Jason smiled, a gesture almost automatic as his thoughs were filled with how her fingers slowly passed the pages of the books she could not stop talking about, how messy her hair was in the mornings, how just hearing her laugh seemed to be enough to cheer him up; and every other little detail that colored his chest with warmth.

The spark took over his eyes again, his whole face beaming before he ran a hand over his forehead and hair, as if brushing the way he was feeling away. It was brief, but it was there and Jen saw it.

Cleo passed around his legs, giving Jason a brief look as he squeezed one of her favorite cushions. Jen patted an spot beside her and the cat jumped with grace to the couch, settling her head in her owner’s lap.

“Lucy once gave Riddler that look your cat just gave me, she was mad because he made a bad comment about nuns…” Jason laughed, “she kicked his ass that night.”

Jen shot him an ironic glance, petting Cleo with one hand and separating green and red gummy bears with the other.

“What I’m trying to say is,” he threw the cushion in the air and catched it, “is your cat mad at me?”

“Well, that’s her favorite nap pillow.” Jennifer examined her nails while Jason dropped the object in the floor. “But that’s not important, Jason you’ve been mentioning Lucy since you stepped in here two hours ago. Anything and everything seems to remind you of her, you’re either obsessed or you lover her.”

Jason grinned, “I wouldn’t say obsessed. More like… thoroughly enjoy…”

“Enjoy what, Jason?”

“Her company, I… I don’t know.” He scratched the back of her head and looked at the floor, “I just like being with her.”

Jennifer growled in frustration and shoved a handful of sweets inside her mouth. One day, she promised herself, she would get him to say it out loud properly.