The Meaning of a Lily, part 3, a Bawson AU

Chapter Three: Of Snapdragons and Hyacinth

a/n: another chapter because vacay agrees with my writing. I hope you enjoy it! xx

“You sure you don’t mind driving me home?” Ginny asks Mike for the fourth time.

He grits his teeth against the irrationality of being annoyed with her. She never would’ve asked him that before—just before everything got complicated with Amelia, and the photos, and his own garbage driving a wedge between them.

He hates that she still holds on to that bit of apprehension between them, that she’s still a little tentative around him.

“I’m sure, Baker. What, did you really expect me to just leave you here?”

She shrugs. “Sergio would’ve gotten here eventually if I called him, and I could disturb Blip and Evelyn’s date night, or probably bummed a ride with Livan, so—”

“Nice to know where I fall in your hierarchy,” he says more gruffly than he intends.

“I didn’t mean—”

“It’s fine, Baker,” he responds in an overly bright way. “I’m just teasing.”

He’s not. And she knows he’s not, too.

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okay so here is the first small batch of fatesona sketches i promised! (gonna do the rest either later or tomorrow!)

everyone’s fatesonas are great and i love them all

Shae belongs to @fateful-wings
Byron belongs to @rewinden
Morgan belongs to @theatregal97
Floran belongs to @oreowarrior

| Toudou Heisuke —“Hakuouki” |

I wanted to draw something related to a scene of a private RP thread that @shippingduck & I like to write! So here it is, Heisuke holding the little street pup “Yokai” that Chie adopted later~❤️

—Pssst! by the way! I got inspired by a Kaze Hikaru´s artwork!

Heisuke Toudou | Hakouki Boyfriend.
You've been paired with Heisuke Toudou. Being paired with Heisuke means that you're probably a little naive, but very caring and emotional. You haven't learned when to hold your tongue yet, but those around you chose to ignore this because they know you don't mean to say anything rude or hurtful. You like to have a good time, but can get nervous and awkward when around new peopl...

—Yesssss! 🙌♥ Lucky meee~ (paired with Shinpachi too, lol!)

If you’re on the Hakuouki fandom, try it! The questions are good & it’s hard to know which boy is behind them~🌹

—I can’t wait to show this to @shippingduck I wan’t to know who she gets! But she’s working rg sooo I must wait… *waits patiently* 😀⏳


Hang ten~🌸

Answer 10 questions and tag people!

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Last movie you watched? ‘The warrior’s way’! The main character reminds me a LOT of Saito, from Hakuouki! 😄

Last song you listened to? ‘Surrender’ by Billy Talent.

Last show you watched? I saw an episode of a BBC’s documentary (voiced by my fave, David Attenborough) titled ‘The amber time machine’ ♥ It was cool!

Last book you read? Im reading one about Biology, learning more about cells & tissue rn~😉

Last thing you ate? PIZZA…! 😁🍕 (Gluten-free, of course, made by the skilled husband!)

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? On the beach!!! 😨 Because summer is still a month away & it’s 33 celsius at day! 💧 I mean, I REALLY LOVE SUMMER— but it isn’t fun in the city, so if I could choose; I’ll be all day on the sea! 🏊

Where/When would you travel to? I always wanted to travel to Tibet!

Fictional character you could hang out with for a day? You all know who im going to choose, right? 😏 …Toudou Heisuke, from Hakuouki! Even an hour would be enough~💜 *giggles*

The time right now? 2:52… AM! 😂 I never go to bed early, lol~

What is your favorite day of the week and why? Saturday! Because the weekend is starting & there is time to have fun, yay…! 🙌

For this one im going to tag LOTS OF AWESOME PEOPLE! Check their blogs if you’re reading this because they deserve the love~💗: @shippingduck @chocoboco @kawaiisakuraoni @lehgaming @pure-blooded-oni @amiliephan @sabinasanfanfic @zoerainier @ivigturtle @thesweateristoobig @shell-senji @kazama-hime @princess-marths-princess @kitsuraki @little-piglet-saizou @gohansgreendad @dbzebra