'it's a disgusting thing to call someone'

all those jokes like “oh if gay people are immoral freaks am i only half of an immoral freak if i’m bi/pan??” are fucking terrible to begin with, but do y'all really know how bad it hurts to read someone really sit down and types up real, genuinely awful things people have said about your identity because they think it’s funny?

like you know calling yourself “half of an immoral degenerate” because you’re bi is so ugly like my mother begged me to give men a chance my whole family did because then i’d only half as fucked up and disgusting. like at least if i ended up with a man nobody would ever know how much of a degenerate i was.

i know its all just jokes since our community is all suffering but please think about how bad it fucking hurts to hear the words “gay people are degenerates” and seeing people rush to make Funny Jokes about things that are extremely fucking triggering (in the most literal sense of the word) to me as a lesbian survivor of homophobic abuse

“hahaha im only haaaalf a freak not full freak lol!” like people really feel that way about gay people vs. bi people. people really have sat down and said that shit to me like “you might be normal still just try dating men” lmao

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here is the thing: when that asshole called them the f- word isak and even looked startled. i mean OF COURSE it's fuckin unacceptable to call two boys kissing in their school yard a word like that but what i think really REALLY set isak off was the "fucking disgusting". someone called their affection like that, someone dared to call his love for his sweet and caring and amazing boyfriend disgusting and oh no isak would NOT have it. furious isak was really scary

Yes! Oh wow, Dora, yes! They both looked confused and startled and then Isak just jumped at the ‘fucking disgusting’ comment. His and Evens love is the most precious thing to him and that horrible remark really triggered a reaction. It wasn’t only an awful homophobic comment (which is bad enough on its own) , but also an insult to Isak and to his loved one, and Isak just lost it

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I saw someone try and call your art of Brainwashed!Max 'pedophilia' because of the whole 'I love you Daniel' thing (even though it's LITERALLY what Max said IN THE SHOW so I have no idea what that person's on and I'm so sorry about their bullshit...). Anyway can you confirm that it's not supposed to be shippy?

*brings out a huge megaphone and speaker*


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My boyfriends think it's gross that i have stomach hair is it ok to pluck it?

I think the right thing to to is give your boyfriend a fucking talking to.how dare he call anything about your body disgusting. How dare he call something natural and normal (which everyone has) disgusting. He’s childish. If you wouldn’t pluck it anyway - don’t do it. Don’t do that shit for someone who treats you like a plastic toy with marks on. Would you tell him to pluck his body hair? Would you tell him his body was disgusting? You dont exist to pleasure him… to please him. FUCK THAT!!! Fuck anyone who isnrude aboutnyour body. He should love and accept u wholeheartedly. My ex (and 3 other ppl i have slept with casually… even!) accepted my arm pit hair, my hairy legs my pubic hair. They should not think twice abt it. If they say shit to u and make u think u should change ur body for them (HOw dare they think they are so entitled .) u can tell them to jog the fuck on! U deserve better. Pluck out his nasty ignorance and ego. What a cunt ! X ur beautiful baby x

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do ppl really not fuckin realize what's wrong with calling gay relationships sinful and disgusting and a "shameful" thing they're into. y'all sitting over here complaining about cishet guys jacking it to fetishized lesbians on pornhub yet ur sitting over there doing the exact thing with gay men? with an extra garnish of homophobic language on top of it? ok linda, good for you. no we know you're bi linda, guess what I don't care and you're still doing a shitty thing, linda

fujoshis suddenly going “um its ok bc im bi” lowkey reminds me of when you call someone out for being ableist but theyre like “um i have depression so its fine”

some of these ztans are honestly so embarrassing and hateful, they lack so much brain that they actually have the nerve to try and say that someone is a fake fan because they choose to be smart and not support their fave’s toxic relationship, which clearly hasn’t done him any good, it only makes him look like a fool over and over again, and it brings him more hate from people who aren’t fans for that. or they come at people for not having his album or book or merch because they can’t afford them or don’t have the means to purchase them. imagine being so delusional that you think these irrelevant things make you a fake or real fan. zayn would be embarrassed to know that these people claim to be his fans, and he actually is embarrassed because we all know how much he creeps on every platform. if you really think that not having something your faved put out makes you any less of a fan, you’re so wrong fam. zayn actually sent copies of his book to fans who said that they can’t afford it. do you think he thought ‘oh they’re not real fans if they’re not selling a kidney to buy my book’? no, definitely not. and accusing people of being fake for these reasons is completely pathetic. or trying to say that someone is fake because they rightfully call out their fave’s stupid behavior when he clearly needs to be educated and no, people are not throwing him hate, they’re just trying to teach him (or his stupid team) how disgusting, wrong and cringe worthy a tweet is. no one should ever feel like they’re not fan material for any of the above. get over yourselves.

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So why don't you like Killing Stalking and Yuri On Ice?

killing stalking fetishizes mlm and abuse + the creator is fucking ableist and doesnt know what the fuck is to have a mental illness. its fucking gross and harmful and the fans are even WORSE, glorifying a murderer, abuser and rapist and shipping him with the person hes fucking abusing. im so sick of it and i hope it fucking dies

and about yoi,, well, when the series started it wasnt that bad but then otayuri became a thing and well, it was effing disgusting, to ship a 19 year old with a goddamn teenager and call said teenager someone “mature for his age” and portray him in sexual situations ignoring that hes still a kid. then the welcome to the madness thing came out and shit became worse bc they were sexualizing a 15 year old??? yeah gross

You know what really gets me?!
That two groups can share such similar experiences but warrant such drastically different reactions towards them.

Someone doesn’t want to date a bi person because of their sexual orientation, its biphobia and its terrible. If someone forces sex onto someone in an attempt to “fix” them from being gay, its homophobia and is horrific. If someone asks insensitive questions or makes fun of someone for being pan, its panphobia and its not acceptable. If someone erases the identity of a lesbian character to call her something else, its lesbophobia and is awful. If a trans person has their identity diagnosed as a mental illness, its disgusting and unthinkable.

But if any number of these things are done to aces - oh no, it doesn’t count. Its not “real” oppression, and aces don’t face “real” discrimination. They get told it either didn’t happen or that its not ACTUALLY because they’re ace. They get told that its just “people being mean” and it doesn’t make it comparable to LGBT discrimination. They get told to get over it and make room for the voices of “actually” oppressed people. Acephobia does not, CANNOT exist, and ace bigotry cannot ever compare to “"real”“ hatred that other marginalized groups experience. Even worse - there are those, even within our own community - that hate aces with such vitriol that they applaud any of those things happening. But no, aces don’t have it hard, they’re "special snowflakes” making shit up to get oppression points and attention.

Repeat after me: Harassing someone for having a different opinion is not okay.

We all talk endlessly about how it is ugly if people sent other people anon hate. We all have reblogged multiple posts on how anons should be ignored or reported and how no one should ever stoop so low as to sent it. So many good people have been through hell, because of hate they got and some great blogs quit, because of it. Every fandom is riddled with this toxic behaviour and yet people try to stand against it.

In every fandom we’ll always have people that have different opinions or interest or simply a different tone than we like. People usually ignore each other, or if that doesn’t help people block each other. Yet those things are done in private and without much of a fuss. Everyone has different priorities or opinions, so you do what you do anywhere else and swiftly move on, without giving each other grief about it. There is no need for it.

What is wrong with some people around here though? Calling someone out for having a different opinion is bullying at its finest. Exposing someone’s URL as someone who has a different opinion than you is threatening behaviour. That’s harassment. That’s ugly, hateful, toxic, and absolutely disgusting. It makes you into a vile person. You don’t out someone as a person you dislike and tell others to bully them for you. You don’t incite witch hunts. You don’t start a group hate on others for not being on the same side as you. You don’t use tumblrs features to bully others. What is so difficult to understand? Why do some people behave like a mop of the teenage inquisition? Such behaviour only creates more hate and more importantly: it hurts and violates people. If you call out another URL for being an in your eyes undiserable person, it is equivalent to you putting a flyer with an ugly name on their back, then patting your friends, circling this poor person you dislike, and communily you throw insults at them, you laugh at them, and then you push them around. That is schoolyard bullying at its worst.

If you really can’t stand someone having a different opinion than you: ignore them, unfollow them, block them. It’s so easy to not be a mean bully on this website.

Maybe you should take a look at tumblr’s community guidelines:

Harassment. Don’t engage in targeted abuse or harassment. If anyone is sending you unwanted messages or reblogging your posts in an abusive way, we encourage you to be proactive and block the hell out of them. And if someone blocks you, don’t attempt to circumvent the block feature or otherwise try to communicate with them. Just stop.

P.S.: And you all should know the difference between an opinion, harassment, and lies. Opinions can get discussed and disagreed on, harassment gets called out and reported, lies will rightfully get called out. If anything the 100 Days of Trump should have taught people the difference.

fic: etchings

pair: iwa ღ oikawa
notes: soulmate au. where when you write something on your skin, it will show up on your soulmate’s skin as well [].

Oikawa is only a child when he picks up a pen, flips over his best friend’s hand, and draws a cluster of stars on the inside of his wrist. The boys stare, transfixed, at what they see unfold before their eyes.

Following that, it becomes a favorite pass-time.

Iwa-chan’s body is a canvas, and Oikawa delights in tracing patterns over his skin: stars and scribbles and superhero phrases, things he copies from his volleyball magazines and things he lets his imagination bring to life.

His mother is stern with him, once. “Stop that, Tooru. You’ll give Hajime-kun ink poisoning at this rate.”

Both boys hesitate, trading secret glances, before Oikawa turns over his own hand to show off the cluster of fading stars drawn on the inside of his wrist. “But it’s so cool, look. Whatever I draw on Iwa-chan shows up on me too! It’s like—magic!”

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hi i just wanted to say that my friend was the one who gifted you the "disgusting" fic on ao3 and i just think that its really shitty of you to call someone's writing disgusting especially when you yourself jerk it to zack cloud hall's beard sweat. that was my friends first fic and despite the topic i believe it was well written and i think you're a cunt for calling some one disgusting for writing the same things you write.

I’m definitely jerking off to Zack Hall’s beard sweat as I’m reading this ask and writing this reply and it’s still a way better kink than rape, which uh for the record isn’t a kink and shouldn’t be treated as such, which is what makes the fic so damn disgusting amongst the other themes of stalking and kidnapping

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why is it ok when celebrities have big age gap but it's suddenly disgusting and inappropriate when students like a teacher? Demi Lovato and Wilmer have 13 years age gap but everyone seems to be praising them but I can't like my 30 year old teacher without being called a slut or prostitute? Our society is bloody messed up and full of damn hypocrites tbh. They say one thing but do something else. What's this nonsense about 'Love wins'?No it didn't win if society is still telling us who we can like

exactly. love is love no matter what. I believe that people who criticise any kind of relationships haven’t ever truly loved someone.

Okay it's summer so Please! Don't! Put! Money! In! Your! Bra!

I have been a cashier outdoors in the middle of summer in Florida, and let me tell you, there’s few things a cashier has to deal with that are as disgusting as watching someone root around in their bra, get out sweaty WET money and plopping it right in your hand for you to peel apart and count.

Pockets! Purses! Fanny Packs (no shame!)! Backpacks! Wallets! A handkerchief on a stick (I think it’s called a bindle)!

Cashiers are human beings too.

Please remember.

Because we will never forget your sweaty boob money.

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do you think this site's mental health community has any issues besides the over acceptance of self-diagnosis?

using your mental illness to excuse your symptoms that hurt others here is a huge issue honestly. like it doesnt matter if you cant control what youre doing, if you hurt someone, apologize. dont be like oh its my depression or some shit. 

also using “why do you hate mentally ill people lol” and similar things when people are pointing out a serious issue you have is like… really disgusting. especially when it comes to abuse and manipulation here which unfortunately seems to happen a lot. it sort of shits on anyone whos abuser is mentally ill, too.

tl;dr i have issues with not bothering to apologize for your symptoms that harm other people and passive aggressive bullshit being spewed when ppl are called out for being asshats

Cyber Bullying.. Bullying.. Arguments.. ( A rambling post )

Cyber Bullying..

People don’t really take this seriously. They just say “sign off” or something of that sort.  Cyber bullying is very real and the sad thing is, a lot of people don’t care, or just don’t take it too seriously. 

People get cyber bullied everyday. Hate Pages = Cyber Bullying, Harassing Someone Via Social Networks = Cyber Bullying. What’s really sad is, the internet provides a huge platform for this to take place. For example, twitter. Twitter is one of the main networks where cyber bullying takes place. One person can post a tweet, someone may not agree, and then they have an argument with that person and then people take sides. When people take sides, things can get ugly. Words like “Kill yourself”, “Die”, “Get Cancer” and a bunch of other disgusting things get thrown around and that’s NOT OKAY. 

Not agreeing with someone does not give you the right to say disgusting things to or about them. Not liking someone does not give you the right to make a hate page about them. WORDS HURT, whether people realize it or not. It’s disgusting that people joke about this, because its nothing funny about it. People kill themselves because of cyberbullying. So just because YOU don’t think it’s real or worthy of your time, doesn’t mean its not important. 

I know, this post is all jumbled up. I tend to ramble when I’m passionate about something. The overall message is that CYBER BULLYING IS REAL. It’s not okay to bully people on the internet, it’s not okay to bully people at all. You don’t know anybody’s story, you don’t know what they are going through, you don’t know what life is like for them. Being a bully, does not make you cool, it’s not cute. You’re a coward.

If you see someone being bullied, whether its on social media or in the outside world, SAY SOMETHING. Even if you just talk to the person veing bullied. You can make a change. It takes one person to say “This is not okay”, you can be that person. Just put yourself in the shoes of the person being bullied, imagine what it’d be like having people tell you to “kill yourself” “Die” “Get Cancer”, imagine what it’d be like to have people calling you disgusting things like “Slut” “Whore”, etc. 

Be the change you want to see in the world <3

she said WHATTTT

yeah, I said it -Avonna :]

My fav thing in arguements is when someone says “_____ isnt real, its all in your head”  may it be sexuality, mental illness or what ever. Because legit everything is in our head? We created stuff, we created the consept of everthing from our minds, (also mental illness is ACTUALLY IN OUR HEADS THATS WHY ITS CALLED “MENTAL” ILLNESS) But also with that arguement nothing within society is real because we all made it up. We as humans made up words to describe other words, but as soon as a certain word offends or disgusts someone they say its “not real” like?? nothings real, we made everything up, we created money, we creative a divide in culture, we created the “ideal male and female” body, we created everything but as soon as someone doesnt like something its “not real” which is kind wierd and I lost where I was going with this tbh or why I wrote this im actually procrastinating doing my english report

I fucking hate those call out posts that say everyone on tumblr makes their humanizations of a certain anthropomorphic character look the same, let people live for god sakes. so what if they all want to make them look like generic white guys its not your place to call them out on it. tumblr starts these ridiculous dramas that have no ground and are hurtfull to the community all the time just because someone doesnt comply with their wishes of ‘how things should look’ and I think its disgusting. ofcourse its better to make your designs a little diverse, but if someone only wants to draw a certain type of character WHO GIVES A SHIT LEAVE THEM ALONE

tldr; dont be an asshole let people be


working on all my prompts but here have this lil thing

“Every ounce of Thalia believes that she was meant to kiss Annabeth Chase.”

thaliabeth. thalia is a transgender woman.


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ive seen mystic messenger stuff all over my twitter feed and im gonna need ppl to stop calling these characters “kawaii” and other japanese descriptors when they’re korean

also i saw someone describe the characters as “annyeong kimchi oppas” and im disgusted like how can you say that shit its so racist

can yall just enjoy a korean thing without turning to gross racist stereotypes you think are ~cutesy~??? or conflating korea with japan?

Dear Communismkills...

Communismkills, I am not here to harass you or call you out of your name, however I—like many others—feel no sympathy for what is happening to you and even though you most likely will not read this or see it as an opportunity, I’m going to give a comprehensive and rational opinion. Many may not share this opinion and that’s fine. There are many reasons for one not to feel sympathy for you.

The rhetoric that you use on your blog is just as threatening as the threats made against you. I do not know you so I cannot say if you truly practice what you preach but if you do then you simply cannot be surprised that this many people are coming at you. I’m not going to discuss the amount of negativity you put up other than using it to show the relationship between freedom of speech and hate speech. You have the right to say whatever you want but when you write things that incite like-minded people to discriminate, degrade or even cause harm to others; those receiving the negativity and possible harm have a right to protect themselves. Further, they have the right to persuade you into at least considering their plight when you make your “right-wing” posts. I put right-wing in quotation marks because the right-wing people in my life would never say the things you say. I am liberal but you will never see me posting jokes about dead people who died unjustly that I oppose nor will you see me posting how happy I am that someone I oppose was tortured to death. When you do that, you help normalize your hatred and you incite others to either (1) pass it on to friends and family and/or (2) commit heinous acts themselves to illustrate the hatred you yourself helped to nurture. If you do not believe that every single person should have basic rights or even live life without fear of being brutalized then you are irrational and your way of thought will never become a reality in mainstream. This is a very simple opinion so it should not be hard for you to understand how harmful your actions could possibly be or may already have been.

To further drive my point home, I want to show you what comes up when I simply search your blog’s name. Observe exhibit A:

and observe exhibit B:

This literally drives my point home. You were doxxed for your hate speech relating to the second and third topics in exhibit B (along with various other hate speech topics). You should feel ashamed that the second and third topics showed up when your blog is mentioned because those related topics tell us exactly the type of person you are and how we all see you. If you are proud of this then that’s fine. You can be proud of being racist, transphobic, homophobic, etc.; however, do know that with pride comes accountability. You can get angry and say everyone who disagrees with you is wrong until your face turns blue, but it simply will not change the fact that what you do has a stronger impact than doxxing could ever have. If someone even tries to cause you harm they will go to jail. If they use your mother’s credit card information they will go to jail. If they make direct threats or harass you constantly they will go to jail. Do you know who won’t go to jail if a white police officer gets persuaded by your rhetoric and decides to unjustly kill someone of color? He most likely won’t go to jail but just as important, you won’t. If an angered and misguided white teen becomes inspired by your rhetoric and decides to shoot students in his school, he’ll either die or go to jail but you won’t. If your rhetoric makes a white woman paranoid about the black people she works around and she decides to carry a gun for protection and wrongly shoots one of her co-workers out in the parking lot because she thought he was going to rob or rape her, she will go to jail but you won’t.

The person/people who doxxed you most likely did it in retaliation to the hate-filled rhetoric you continually put out on your blog, I can’t say for sure. Look, I’m not on here saying you have to change nor am I trying to force you to change. You can believe what you want to believe and you can say whatever you want to say. However, when you cross the line, which you have many times, then you look foolish when you complain about people coming at you or defending themselves against your hate speech. When I took courses on rhetorical analysis I learned something very important and it will forever stick with me: your rhetoric could be as empty as the calorie content in water, but once you speak it you become accountable to its consequences. And quite frankly, if you enjoy the thought of your words causing violence against someone who simply has a different opinion than you or is physically different than you, then you deserved to be doxxed. Brutality is a disgusting thing to get enjoyment from which is why civilized societies strive to minimize their amounts of brutality. However, if you actually never thought of your words having that potential power then you could either let this serve as a wake-up call or you could continue doing what you’ve been doing. Just know that if you choose the latter, people will continue to defend themselves and you will not be able to control that.