'it'll be the last thing you ever do!'

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a headcanon that makes me happy to think about: for all the rumours and build up they create about seeing the Vagabond without his mask ("none have ever seen behind it" "it'll be the last thing you ever see before he kills you" "some say he has no face at all") the first time the crew see Ryan's face is one morning when he stumbles into the kitchen, half dressed and hair still messy because he was too lazy to do the facepaint and he wanted cereal

The crew is still a little unsure about the guy. Sure he laughs at some of their jokes, a terrifying, soft giggle, and he had their backs a few times, destroying the people that got close to them before they knew what hit them, but the dude is still the Vagabond. He’s scary. The day Ryan stumbles into the kitchen, hair messy and face paint half washed off from the previous night, leaving his eyes blackened and sleepy, the crew is in shock. They don’t recognize the man walking out of Ryan’s room, and honestly didn’t expect him to wordlessly grab a bowl of cereal and sit at the kitchen table with them. He’s not so scary after they realize he’ll do anything for food, though they’re not quite ready to get on his bad side yet

reasons why equestrians would survive an apocalypse
  • • we stay calm in emergencies
  • • good at body slamming people/zombies bc we do it all the time to rude horses
  • • we're rlly strong (stronger than football players anyway)
  • • if you piss off an equestrian it'll be the last thing you ever do
  • • used to the cold/good at staying warm and stuff
  • • idk depending on the area we could maybe like tame wild horses for our not-zombie rebel camp to ride
  • • yeah if zombies take over save us instead of anyone else