'it'll be solid. always. you and me' !!!

the signs as shit exo says
  • aries: "do i look ugly?" "you're always ugly"
  • taurus: "kkaebsong"
  • gemini: "is everyone's DNA different?"
  • cancer: "i don't really know how to express my potato"
  • leo: "i'll pee in the lake and it'll blend in with the water"
  • virgo: "i'm kim jong-kai"
  • libra: "can you explain to me what a cheeseball is?"
  • scorpio: "chicken is not my style"
  • sagittarius: "exo is pooping well every morning, right?" "of course! mine is solid every time!"
  • capricorn: "love? don't make me laugh. i can buy it with money now"
  • aquarius: "do you want whipping cream? you like whipping?"
  • pisces: "i'm good at cooking penis"