'it will be fiiiiiiiine'

Movie Night

Warf and Dark are very different people. Especially when they’re tired. The pair have known eachother as long as they can remember, and their extremely close at that. They know everything about eachother. Theyve been hand in hand through the best and the worst. And neither would have it any other way.

Except Dark. On movie night.

Bim started it. He picked up a movie a friday night, then invited every ego. There was rarely times when everyone showed. At least one person would always be missing. Tonight, was an unusual night. Everyone showed up. But they began dropping like flies.

The Host and Bim fell asleep quite quickly, Doctor Iplier picking them up one at a time and brining them to their rooms to sleep. He didnt return. Ed and Silver left about halfway through to go to bed. Google followed after them, complaining his charge was low. The other three Googles agreed and followed. Now, it was just Warf and Dark.

They know the signs that the other is getting tired.

Dark gets kinda…out of it. He answers questions lazily, and slurrs ever so slightly with his speech. His eyes remain half-open, closing for about 5 seconds, then opening again. Like he’s been put in slow motion.

Warf is the opposite. He gets this final burst of energy, then crashes. In his little energy burst, his speech speeds up a bit, and he gets more jumpy and fidgity. He gets ridiculously giggly, laughing at practically anything. He gets much more physical aswell. Like now.

Dark was leaning back on Warf’s bed, his arms behind his head. He half-heartedly watched the tv-screen, swearing he would doze off any moment. However, the slap-happy man at his side kept him from doing so. Warf, calming down from one of his giggle-fits, rolled onto his side, pushing himself closer to Dark.

“Hi Darky.” Warf remarked with a large smile. Dark smiled every so softly.

“Hey Wilfy.” He responded, ruffling the others hair. He wasn’t surprised at the bubble of tiny giggling beside him. Warf wrapped an arm around Dark’s waist, to which Dark softly pushed him off. This cycle repeated about 4 times before Warf excepted defeat.

“Daaark why don’t you loove meeee?” Warf whined playfully. Dark rolled his eyes.

“You’re so affectionate. Are you not tired?” Dark questioned, eyebrow raising in curiosity. Warf grinned, making hand motions in the air.

“You are? Laaaaame.” He giggled, his hand falling onto the bed. Dark sighed.

“Come here.”

Warf didn’t hesitate in the slightest, rolling closer to Dark and wrapping his arms around his waist. He nuzzled his head into Darks ribs, turning his attention back to the movie.

It was peaceful. Well, for Warf it was.

With his face half-pressed into Dark’s ribs, whenever Warf would laugh or say something, it sent a momentary shock through Dark’s ribs. It tickled.

Warf, usually, would notice immediatly. However, in his state, he payed no mind. Unfortunately, Dark’s state was no better for his predicament.

He was to tired to have the strength to hold back his laughing…so when he had peace for a minute, Warf took him off gaurd.

Dark didn’t even realize he had started laughing softly, until he saw Warf look up at him, wide-eyed and grinning.

Their eyes met, nervous to mischevious.

“Will…lets not be so dramatic…” Dark muttered warily, backing up a bit.

“Me? Dramatic? Dramatic is my middle name, Darkiplier!” Warf chuckled darkly. Something about it was offputting. Dark only knew one thing for sure, though.

He was dead.

Before Dark could even respond, he felt hands, moving like spiders, begin to crawl up his sides.

With a growl of slight concern, Dark weakly shoved Warf’s hands off.

“Don’t.” He warned. Warf smiled innocently, looking down at his hands. Dark had a firm hold on his wrist. Warf blew a raspberry in the air.

“Lemme gooo!” Warf whined, narrowing his eyes. Dark sighed.

“Sware to me, you won’t tickle me?”

“Swaring is a bit extreme, don’t you think?”

“Warfstache. I sware over your dead body. If you try and tickle me, ill get you back 100 times as hard. Understood?”

Warf groaned dramatically, moaning a ‘Fiiiiiiiine!’. Dark released his wrist, and lay an arm to his side for Warf to cuddle into him. As the movie resumed, Warf started getting ideas.

Okay, so. He could tottally tickle Dark to death right now…or, alternitively, he could fall asleep peacefully with no revenge…or both, if he does good enough. He’ll be to tired then, right?

Yeah, Warf was gonna regret this.

Dark had began dozing off. Warf set his plan into motion.

He wrapped his arms around both of Darks, still hugging him close. Smiling, he began softly nuzzling the skin of his sides.

Dark opened one eye. That pink idiot was asking for it!

“Wihilford.” Dark said warily, avoiding eye contact.
“Wehe talked abohout this.”

“I know, I know!” Warf hummed into Dark’s skin, causing him to flinch.
“Can’t I have a little fun?”



Warf slowly began crawling his fingers up Darks sides again.

“Wihihill I will anihilate you!” Dark shoved pointlessly at the others hands, though he couldn’t stop them from trailing upwards.

“Phht, right.” Warf scoffed, drawing light shapes. He was stalling, and Dark knew it.

“Go ahahany closeher to my rihibs ahahand ill slihice your hahands off!”

Dark’s threats did nothing to stop the hands, how resting still atop Darks ribs.

“Not if you dont have the energy!”

“Wilford. Do not.”

“Don’t what?”

“Tickle me!”

Silence hung in the air, Dark pausing as he realised how he had been set up…He was to tired to deal with him right now. And, hey, how bad could this-



Oh. Much worse than he thought.

“Yes?” Warf asked mockingly, nearly drowned out by Dark’s laughter.


“No! Wheres the fun in that?!”

It only took a minute for Dark to grab Warf’s wrists again, forcing them away and allowing himself to catch his breath. Warf froze. Warf didn’t know what he was going to do, but he knew one thing for sure.

He was dead.

Bim found the two the text morning, Warf pressed against Dark’s chest, and Darks arms resting at his sides. Bim smiled softly. Sure, they were loud the night before. But they were happy, and thats what mattered. At least, thats what mattered to Bim.

Ticking Time Bomb 3

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language

Russian Terms:
Malyutka (Little One)

You’re a hot headed, risk taker, who doesn’t want to blend in, and doesn’t see the fascination in Captain America. When Fury black mails you into joining the team, he sends you under cover with Mr. America himself, and you couldn’t be more resentful. But what if you and Rogers have more in common than you ever imagined? You wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for him, or would you?

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Everlasting Flower: The Library (1)

Hey there, remember this fic universe? Yes, it’s back! I still need to write the rest of this story, I’m still sorting my ideas, and school’s going to kick my ass soon. However, here’s the beginning of something everyone has been dying to read, and it’s taken me ages between the writer’s block and my own indecision. I first wanted to tell the story of the setting first, but screw it. I hope you guys love it! I’ll try to have the second part done as soon as I can. There was too much going on, which is why I stopped it here.

Everlasting Flower (masterpost, tagAO3 series) is an AU in which Ouryuu allowed Zeno’s blood to give Kaya a kind of immortality.

Chapter summary: In which Yoon’s day goes splendidly until Zeno introduces his wife in the vaguest, most confusing manner. It happens between the Lush Forest arc and the Sei arc.

Also of interest for @akayona-prompts​‘ prompt, “How about Kaya meeting the Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch?”

“Hey! Zeno brought an elderly lady!”

It was not an old lady at all. His hands were on the shoulders of a girl that looked just a little older than Yoon. Probably around Yona’s age, or Shin-ah and Hak’s at most. She didn’t seem fazed by Zeno’s stupid joke. At least the rest of the group looked as mortified as Yoon felt.

“Zeno-kun, that’s only cute when it’s the other way around,” Jae-ha said, and then he turned to the girl. “I apologize on his behalf.”

“Oh, that’s okay!” she beamed. “I thought it was funny, actually!”

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SVTFOE Spiderman Homecoming AU drabbles 4
  • Jackie as Liz: So Star, truth or dare?
  • Star as MJ: Seriously? Is it cliche teen bonding time already?
  • Jackie: Yes, it's mandatory.
  • Star: ...fiiiiiiiine, truth. I have nothing to hide.
  • Jackie: Do you like Marco?
  • Star: that's not a dare.
  • Jackie: You didn't say dare.
  • Star: yes I did and there's no way you can prove that I didn't. *glares* i dare you to try

Todd: I don’t know how we’re gonna catch this guy. Like, not without one of us going undercover as a prostitute.

Dirk and Jake: Fiiiiiiiine, I’ll do it.

Todd: nO.

Dirk and Jake: Why, what’s wrong with my body?

Ink/Dirktober day 18- yes, I AM working on writing this crossover at the moment. But the plot ran away from me and I’ve been procrastinating on more bitesized things. For now, have this- and apologies for my inability to draw mah boy Jake Peralta right <3

Lorna’s Fucking Awesome Carrot Cake Recipe

You will need:

-A big-ass mixing bowl
-A smaller-ass mixing bowl
-A cake tin, or maybe two, depending on how big they are
-An oven that works
-A grater
-A magic mixing spoon. If you don’t have time to quest for a magic one, store-bought is fine.
-A cute apron (some might call this optional, but I’m not one of them)
-A tablespoon
-Music. Personally I like a bit of Lady Gaga when I’m making carrot cake, but that’s just me.
-A mug, or a teacup, depending on how heavy-handed you feel.
-4 large carrots, and one smaller one, grated
-2 and ½ tsp of cinnamon
-A good splash of vanilla extract
-9 heaped tablespoons of flour (You can reuse the same tablespoon, to be clear)
-About the same amount as above in sugar
-Two handfuls of pecan nuts, roughly chopped
-Two handfuls of walnuts, also roughly chopped. (Note: my hands a tiddly. Like whoa. If your hands are bigger, adjust accordingly)
-A fuck-tonne of vegetable oil. Like 2 and ½ mugs. Mugs, not cups, okay? Like, 4 or 5 cups.;
-½ tsp Bicarb of soda
-5 eggs
-A good elbow of butter
-Two good elbows of cream cheese
-7 tablespoons of caster sugar. Again, washing up is a thing, so you only really need the one tablespoon. But hey, it’s your life.

Right. First things first, you pre-heat the oven to about 150. I can’t be doing with people who don’t pre-heat their damn oven. What even is that? You’re screwing up the whole process immediately, so PRE-HEAT THE BLOODY OVEN.

Put on your apron, and your music. Both of these things are secondary to pre-heating the oven, but not by much.

Take your flour, cinnamon, sugar, and bicarb, and mix it all together in your big-ass mixing bowl, with your magic mixing spoon.

Add your eggs, vanilla extract, and oil, until everything is nice and soggy-looking.

Now, nuts are difficult, both in cooking and in life. But we’re cooking, so what you need to do now is decide how you want to decorate this bad boy when it’s all baked up nice and delicious. If you want walnuts on top, add all your pecans and half your walnuts to your cake mixture. If you want pecans on top, add all your walnuts and half your pecans to the cake mixture. If you want both, that’s cool too, but like… you figure that shit out, ‘cause it’s Sunday afternoon and this is already way more effort than I meant to put into this. Basically you need a handful of nuts to decorate. Which sounds fuckin’ wrong on so many levels. Wow.

Add the carrots.

Stir the shit out of that cake mixture. This is where the music is super important, because you gotta have a little dance and a sing-along while you’re doing this. This is how you add the love, which isn’t a listed ingredient, but should really go without saying, because that’s what baking is all about.

By now you can see how much mixture you have, so you can judge your cake tins accordingly. You can faff about with baking paper and line the dang things if that’s your jam, or you can butter and flour them instead. I love baking, but I’m a lazy bitch at heart, so I just use the pre-cut liners.

Spoon the mixture into the cake tins, and pop it into the oven.

Cook it until it looks ready. Give it at least an hour first, then check as frequently as you need to.

Toss that baby some proverbial sunglasses until it’s cool.

Now take your smaller-ass mixing bowl, and cream the butter and caster sugar. Again, a few extra pumps to your music volume is probably going to help here.

To that, add the cream cheese and beat the ever-loving heck out of it until the mixture is soft and fluffy.

Once your cake is completely cool (like me, har har) trim her up until she’s cute (not so much like me, HAR HAR) and add the cream cheese frosting. I’m always a slut for a sandwich cake, but you don’t have to do that. You just do what feels right in the moment, okay? Live your cake-icing dreams!

Sprinkle that last handful of nuts on the top.


Dang, bitch.

That is a mighty fiiiiiiiine looking carrot cake.

Go you!

anonymous asked:

Prompt 15 for Halloween with junkrat x fem!reader? Either her picking junkenstien for him and him picking Elvira for his s/o? Or maybe she can be Alice and him mad hatter? Or even Dorothy and Junkrat could be hayseed? Or I don’t know you can make it whatever you want! Love you writing! ❤️

(Awww thank yooou <3]

Picking out costumes together.


You pawed though the rails of clothes in the fancy dress shop, Halloween was only a week away and you wanted to find something you and Junkrat matching costumes. This was your first Halloween with a partner and you were excited to do something cute and coupley and Junkrat just wanted to dress up, this was all new to him.

Speaking of the devil you watched as he hobbled around the store picking things up and looking them over with raised bushy brows as he eyed them up curiously. You smiled, he was just like a child right now, everything was new and interesting.

“Wot abou’ this darl’?” he asked and rummaged in a tightly packed rail before he pulled out a silky black dress with a whiny apron. It was very short and he just waggled his eyebrows, his grin couldn’t get any bigger if he tried.

“Only if you wear one too Jamie, remember… matching…” 

“Mate, ta get ya in one of these I’d fuckin’ do it an’ all. I don’t care if anyone see’s me left nut swingin’ in the tha’ breeze” he laughed to himself as the store clerk side eyed him for his use of bad language..

“As much as I would love that… no…. ah! what about this one?” you pulled out a labcoat and raised it up for him to see.

“Mad scientist aye? maybe, maybe”

This was going to take ages you could just see it now.. He put back the maids outfit and looked at all the other skimpy outfits with great enthusiasm. He clicked his tongue and shuffled along the row, amber eyes scanning for the perfect choice…

“Didn’t ya mention Alice darl’?” he called over to you.

“Yeah.. why?”

“Taaa Daaaaa” Junkrat called across the shop, giggling when he held it up high. It was an Alice costume just skimpy. You couldn’t help roll your eyes but maybe it would work.

“A compromise huh?”

“Ya know me darl I’m a man tha’ just keeps givin’ an’ givin’” he held his flesh hand over his mouth to muffle his cackles.

“Fiiiiiiiine” His laughter still crept through and got louder as you had agreed letting him have his own way, it couldn’t hurt anyway. 

“Means you are wearing thiiiiiis” you picked up a large hat and nodded for him to hunch down to your height before dropping it on his head.

It slipped down and covered his face a little, you giggled as he propped it back up blinking at you before he saw how happy it made you.. well since he got what he wanted.

“I guess I can… fur you love, now plant one on me yeah?” he showed off his jagged teeth in a grin and poked his own cheek. You tip toed and placed a kiss on the mans face.


Luna: We’re trying our best to work out who it is!

John: Christ, have you not told people to get the fuck out and called the police?!

Luna: You don’t live here, who are you to say what we should do?

John: You have blood on your hands for allowing this to continue, Luna! There’s no way in hell that I’m letting our daughter come here any more. No chance that I’m risking her own safety just so you can see her. I’m never bringing her here again, she’s staying with me until this is over and the murderer is found.

Luna: Ugh, fiiiiiiiine.

Surprises *A Viktuuri One-shot*

Day 1: Firsts

☆Viktor: Surprises☆

Yurri: Confessions

AU: Other sports/Careers


Viktor brushed his hair out his eyes, reaching into his mailbox to see if anything had come for him.


Monthly subscription to figure skating costumes…

Something that looked like junk mail…

Viktor sighed, flipping through everything. Nothing interesting, so it seemed. He checked the mailbox again; just to make sure he didn’t leave anything by accident. He had a tendency to do that from time to time again. Luckily he did because inside was a large yellow envelope. Curiously, Viktor pulled it out checking to see whom it was from.

His eyes widened and a smile stretched across his face. He’d been nearly a week for this to arrive.

Wait till Yuuri sees this, he told himself.

Viktor rushed back inside and up the stairs and into the home he now shared with Yuuri. They had bought a bigger place shortly they were married, planning to extend their family, though they had been struggling with that. They still had their beloved Makkachin and had also adopted another poodle, a white one, named Sora.

About two months ago, the young couple had decided that it was time to adopt a child. They had talked about it before they were married, and when the right time would be. Both of them agreed that they would need a bigger home, one with a yard if possible, and a safe neighborhood. Eventually, they had settled down in a small area near Yuri’s hometown.

Upon entering the house, Makkachin and Sora both ran to him, jumping up on his legs. Viktor rubbed both their heads before tossing the mail on the kitchen table and hiding the yellow envelope on top of the fridge.

“Yuuri!” Viktor called out, wonder where his husband was. Last he checked, he was still in bed, but it was nearly eleven now.

Viktor walked into their room finding the smaller man sitting up in bed, his hair ruffled from sleep.

“Viktor,” Yuuri yawned, rubbing his eyes. “What is it?”

“Just making sure you’re awake. It’s almost eleven, you know.”

Yuuri groaned, flopping back down on the bed. Viktor chuckled and decided to curl up next to his lover for a few minutes before urging him to get up. When he lied down beside him, Yuuri held onto him, burying his head in his chest. The silver haired man ran his fingers through the youngers dark locks.

“Hey, do you think you can run to the store today?” Viktor asked Yuuri.

“Sure. Why?”

“We’re running low on a few things, and I still need to work on my Japanese,” Viktor said, partly lying. They did need a few things, and Viktor was still struggling with the new language a little. Enough so that he still didn’t want to go out alone and speak it.

“Alright. Do you have a list?”

Viktor hummed a yes in response.

“Well, then,” Yuuri yawned again, now getting up and out of bed. “Better get ready for the day.”

Yuuri smiled over at Viktor, making Viktor smile as well. Yuuri always looked so cute in the morning with his hair all messy and a bright smile plastered to his face. It made Viktor want to kiss him, so that’s what he did. Yuuri returned the kiss, of course, before he grabbed clothes from the dresser and headed to the bathroom.

While Yuuri was in the shower, Viktor made the bed and let the dogs outside to play in the backyard. He also made a fresh pot of coffee while whipping up a quick breakfast for both of them to share. A few minutes later, Yuuri came into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around Viktor waist while he was cooking. Viktor slightly turned, catching a glimpse of a sleepy man.

Viktor chuckled, ruffling his damp hair. “Why are you so tired?” He heard a groan and felt his arms tighten around him. The Russian let out a laugh and gently nudged Yuuri off. “Come on. I have to cook.”

“Fiiiiiiiine,” Yuuri whined, walking over to the table. Once again, Viktor laughed, shaking his head at the Asian.

Not long after Yuuri sat down, Viktor put a plate of eggs, toast, and bacon in front of Yuuri along with a glass of orange juice. Viktor sat across from him, and the two began to eat. While eating, Yuuri asked for the grocery list.

“Didn’t we just buy dog food last week?” Yuuri wondered out loud.

Viktor nodded, biting into his toast. “It’s on sale this week, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy another bag.”

“Okay,” Yuuri agreed, reading through the list. Another ten minutes later, Yuuri picked up his keys and wallet and headed to the store. As soon as he was out of sight, Viktor got the ingredients for katsudon. In the middle of making the meal, Sora began scratching that the door from inside, making Viktor temporarily leaves the kitchen.

“In, girl,” Viktor told the small animal, moving aside so that she could bound in. He then turned his head and whistled over to Makkachin, gesturing him to come in as well. The bigger poodle listened, charging through the door. Viktor then went back into the kitchen.

The food was almost done cooking; leaving a wonderful smell in the air, and it seemed like both dogs agreed as well. They came running in, looking for the food they smelt. Viktor laughed at the sight, rubbing booth their head.

“Sorry, guys. Not for you.”

Once the food was done, Viktor carefully arranged the food onto different plates, leaving them on the counter and out of the dogs reach. He went into the closet, pulling out a clean white tablecloth for the table. As quickly as he had laid out the tablecloth, he lit to candles and filled up a small vase with water and a single flower from outside. Just as he was putting the food on the table, he heard the front door open.

“I’m home!” Yuuri called out, carrying four bags into the kitchen before setting them on the counter. “I got everything but the ice cream you asked for because they were out, so I got– What’s all this?”

Viktor smiled at Yuuri’s happy expression.

“What? Can’t I surprise my husband every once in awhile?”

Yuuri’s smile widened and he pecked Viktor on the lips.

“Help me with the groceries and then we can eat.”

Five minutes later they were sitting across from each other, eating their meal in a comfortable silence. Yuuri started a small conversation at some point, Viktor listening to every detail. At the end, they both laughed. Viktor told a story of his own, Yuuri now listening. At the end of their meal, before Yuuri could get up, Viktor began to admit the reason for their lovely dinner.

“There’s more?” Yuuri asked when Viktor told him to sit back down.

The Russian only nodded, grabbing the yellow envelope from the top of the fridge. “One more thing,” Viktor told the Japanese man, a smile bright on his face. He was doing his best to remain calm till Yuuri opened it, but it was nearly impossible. He sat down next to Yuuri, holding the mail out for him. He took it, opening it from the back, sliding out the papers.

Yuuri gasped, covering his mouth. His eyes immediately filled with tears of joy.

“Viktor, we’re going to be parents!” Yuuri cried out, throwing his arms around Viktor. Now Viktor let his excitement show.

“I know! The adoption center called about a week ago, and said that we could adopt a girl from Europe once she’s born. They said that we’d need to fill out the papers when they arrived, and arrange of a meeting, of course, and – oh, they also need to check the house out to make sure were suitable parents, and–”

Viktor was cut off by Yuuri’s lip crashing into his. Viktor kissed back, overjoyed with everything. They were finally starting their family and it was everything he could’ve hoped for.

Yuuri pulled away, still crying, “I can’t believe it. This is actually happening.”

“I know,” Viktor whispered, resting his forehead against Yuuri’s. “It’s perfect.”

They were quiet for a moment, letting the idea settle in. Then, almost at the same time, they both became excited again.

“How should we decorate her room?” Yuuri wondered.

“What color should it be?” Viktor questioned, not getting an answer, just more questions.

“Will the dogs be okay with having a baby in the house? What if they try to eat her!”

“When will she be ready to skate?”

“What language do we teach her? Well, she’ll of course need to know Japanese cause that’s where we live, but do we teach her Russian and English as well?”

The questions went on and on. At someone point they had calmed a little. Well, enough to call Yuuri’s parents and tell them the news. When they heard, they were just as excited as the young couple, asking all the same questions as they had before they called.

“What about names?” Yuuri’s mother asked.

Viktor and Yuuri both looked at one another, realizing they hadn’t thought about that.

“W-We haven’t decided yet. So many options, you know?”

After speaking with the soon to be grandparents, Yuuri and Viktor sat on the couch all cuddled up for a while. They had agreed to wait till tomorrow before discussing the serious parts. The shopping, papers, meetings, etcetera. For now, they just talked about all the potential things that could happen with their daughter. Boys, skating, school, friends… the list went on.

“Viktor…” Yuuri mumbled in a sleepy voice.

“Yuuri…” Viktor imitated.

“I’m so happy. Happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life.”

Viktor smiled, kissing the top of his head, running a hand through his black hair. “So am I, Yuuri. So am I.”