'it was supposed to be pretty'

I know Diana and Batman are supposed to have a thing at some point (as per the comics or whatever) but like, no. I don’t want this. Gal and Chris have way to much chemistry to be wasted on the likes of Bruce Wayne and I don’t want Batman’s brooding man-pain to be projected on Diana. No thanks. 

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So what is a greed worm?

It’s a demon! One of many of its kind. What it’s “supposed” to do (details fuzzy because I haven’t totally worked out how demons work in this yet) is find humans with an abundance of greed and a lack of motivation and make a deal with them. Pretty standard, “all the riches/fame/power/whatever for the rest of your life, and your soul in exchange. But we’ll only come to collect after you die, and don’t worry, we promise you won’t need it anyway”.

And then the worm pulls some strings, alters the course of events (not always in a desirable way. Watch your wording when making devil deals, friends), and also quietly arranges for the deal-maker to die. Preferably in an ironic manner, though that doesn’t affect the contract at all. It’s just for the worm’s own amusement.

The worm Morgan has was baited into making a deal with her, and wasn’t quite quick enough to spot that she had set up an elaborate binding ritual on both “sides” of the dimensional divide (our world and demon world. Mages can enter that world as a shade, though not easily). She basically trapped it and, through somewhat unpleasant means, forced it into a contract on her terms. 

It is now pretty much fused with her until she dies, and can’t do a thing about it unless it somehow gets outside help (not easy, because Morgan accounted for this in the contract). It’s basically a leech with practically infinite capacity, constantly drawing a small amount of her blood into a pocket of the demon dimension and preserving it indefinitely.

Tah-dah, Morgan is now practically impervious to bleeding to death and has a constant companion to talk to! A companion that fucking hates her, but there’s nothing it can do to stop her from taking selfies with it and telling it stories it’s heard 500 times already.

Oh also, the little blood-form thing floating around Morgan isn’t the greed worm itself. It’s its equivalent of a shade in our world. Basically just a projection that can interact in a very limited way. On the other side, Greed Worm is pretty huge, corporeal, and looks something like this:

(Old art and the design has changed, but this is pretty close)

Jason DiLaurentis is A.D.

This is my last PLL theory ever. And it’s going to be short. Jason DiLaurentis is A.D. Before I show you all the clues, I just wanted to say that Marlene lied and he’s going to be in the finale. Sasha Pieterse said months ago in an interview that Drew would be in the final episodes. We didn’t see him in 7B at all. And he was supposed to come back. 

The clues: 

Let me first start with Charlotte’s funeral. Jason wasn’t present in the funeral because he was watching the girls in the car at the end

AD has Charlotte’s stuff like her masks and books. Who would have her stuff? Alison or Jason

Jason owns 50% of the Carissimi Group. He has money and the resources to be AD

AD was playing with Aria and was trying to ruin relationship with Ezra while all the ships were fine. AD hid her file. This is something Jason would do.

The wine. Who is famous for drinking wine? Jason. He was an alcoholic

The biggest clue is Charlotte’s stuff. Only a close family member would have access to her things. 

like I’m not saying Jason DiLaurentis is AD but Jason DiLaurentis is AD

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Question: what are these dnd games? Cause the characters and adventures sound amazing

the main one is called dungeons, dragons, diners, drive-ins and dives which you can listen to here if you wanna! (fair warning, it’s a not polished and professional type of session made to be listened to. its more just some friends playing dnd. although you could fucking fool me because our dm is incredible at storytelling sdfdskjf) Plot? In the land of Culina, Food Network stars are worshiped by deities, and a band of seven heroes bumble their way into the spotlight. I summarized it yesterday with “ our cleric worships guy fieri. tanks have angst. heavy rat overtones. dwayne the rock johnson is there. taelis cries” which is pretty apt

the second one is the one I dm while bree was away, called infinidnd which we don’t really have recordings for but we do have a blog. It’s not nearly as full and i haven’t really posted the lore. Oh my god im supposed to make a pamphlet for maddy I fucking forgot….) Plot? A guild of universe-hopping heroes meet their seven newest members. monsters have loot drops of these things called “hero coins” which depict the faces of heroes who’ve had a brush (or more) with death across the multiverse. a gentle cleric almost shoots someone in the face before the adventure starts. a six year old is their tank, and shes very good at her job. theres a warforged fighter who asks people to give them stuff a lot and it’s kind of endearing. cleon can eat up to 99 donuts without dying. our other ranger strikes out real bad with a hot girl. peter vapes.


it’s actually called dungeons dragons and dives but ive been calling it that whole name for like five months so thats a thing

Tobias: Larry! At least you’re here. Pretty sure I’m going crazy because I can’t even understand who I am now.

Larry: I know. I can’t either. I feel like I was just born as a whole new person - um, sprite, but apart from this I’m certain that we’re not supposed to be here. Even my sense of humor has gone somewhere, that’s serious!…

Tobias: Everything used to be different, Larry. My theory is that we’re in a parallel universe, but it feels like some kind of a medieval online game my brother used to play sometimes. And I have no idea where’s everyone… well, I probably need to start searching for people if I need to get answers.

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Um so hey you TOTALLY got me obsessed with the idea of Bo Katan and Fenn Rau being a thing, which is killing me cause absolutely no one else ships that. Totally love your art work (and if you ever have the time seeing them again would be AWESOME). Also the mer-mandos are so freaking cool!


(I didn’t exactly set out to invent a ship here but whoops)

Between The Lawless and the Siege of Mandalore, when Bo-Katan would be rallying anyone to oppose Maul, I’m pretty sure that Fenn Rau and the Protectors would support her. But I also think the two of them would clash personally at first, with Rau having been (judging by his later comments to Sabine) firmly against Death Watch, and taking Bo to task for what he perceives as betrayal…

“I didn’t share your sister’s ideals, but at least she cared about our people! You and Vizsla brought that horror down on us!”

“Do you suppose I don’t know that? Do you suppose I don’t… Can you not see that I’m fighting to set things right?”

and later, after they’ve fought as allies…

“I spoke out of anger earlier, and I regret it now. You are the rightful head of Clan Kryze and you have my allegiance and my loyalty.”

“Your allegiance I accept. I’m content to earn your loyalty.”

“You did that today.”

(cue mutual dramatic life-saving, battle banter, and post-battle makeouts eventually, right?)

“Do you ever think about the old days? About what things would’ve been like if my father hadn’t died…”

“What, with every warrior in the sector vying for your favor?”

“He would’ve loved you.”

Well…that just happened. Only seven episodes in and I’m pretty sure Yusaku might have indirectly killed Blue Angel because of what the Knights did to her. And before anyone points out that Aoi is just in a coma, I said Blue Angel, not Aoi. Aoi is in a coma for all we know while Blue “Angel” is still apparently in Link Vrains from what episode 8 summary is telling us. Now if Vrains is supposed to take after 5Ds like how Zexal did with the original series and ARC-V did with GX, I think we should be VERY worried about what the future for Aoi/Blue Angel will be because from what this scene could be hinted at along with the new support Trickstars have been getting lately, I think Blue Angel is going to be turn into a Blue Devil. Might not be the exact name but yeah, I’m starting to think Aoi is going to become a fallen angel from this point forward. 

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So... do you have an australian accent? (Gotta ask the important questions in life someday)

Hahaha, clearly XD

I suppose I do, but it’s a pretty weak Australian accent - I’ve spent a few years living in the UK, which has diluted my accent a lot, and I never had that strong an accent to begin with.

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:How did you come up with the name “Walking_North”?

I must admit that I don’t remember anymore ^^;

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:if Always Human was a movie, who would be your ideal casting choices for your characters? 

hmmmm… ideally the characters would be played by someone who’s approximately the right ethnicity. Unfortunately I know the names of approximately 3 actresses so I can’t answer this question at all. Sorry!

(I feel like the lady who plays Amy Santiago in Brooklyn 99 could work really well as Austen.)



Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:OHHH I JUST REALIZED THERE WAS GONNA BE A FANART FEATURE. Also I really wanna cosplay Always human characters, but I dunno I am so light I’m not sure if I can really suit anyone, but I love the fact you made everyone very distinct yet easy to cosplay.

I am not an expert on this, and I know that there are different opinions, but I think that as long as you don’t darken your skin it’s fine.

People cosplay as characters who are taller/shorter/younger/older/a different gender/a different ethnicity etc. all the time. You don’t need to look 100% like a character if you want to dress up as that character for a bit :)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:I love how you compliment fanart you reblog, it always feels so thoughtful and sweetly sincere!

Awww, thank you ; - ;

People say this to me quite often, actually, and I don’t know how to respon??d? But when I was a primary school teacher I got in the habit of being really clear and specific when something makes me happy and fanart makes me so very happy. Drawing is something that takes time and effort and heart and it honestly means a lot to me that someone would spend their time drawing my characters, so I try to convey my feelings through my words.

(I think I sound a bit like a shoujo manga lead right now, haha. I’m sure you’ve all figured this out already but I can be a bit of a sap XD)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:hi I like your art style a lot and I wanted to know what art programs do you use and what type of tablet do you use. (sorry if I spelled anything wrong) a I hope you read this! -nyx

Thank you so much! I use a Surface Pro 3 with Clip Studio Paint *whsipers* also I do have a faq which is full of useful information like this though it probably desperately needs updating whoops

My Teen’s Teacher pt. 4

By popular demand on here and Wattpad, here is part 4 of “My Teen’s Teacher”. I do not own Thorin or Thranduil. They belong to J.R.R.Tolkien. 

Part 1, Part 2. Part 3

Warnings: Slight angst, mentions of pregnancy, fluff and it’s pretty long.

Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield(Durin) x fem!reader, Thranduil. 

Originally posted by ausschweifendemotte

“Eating for two will do that to you.” Thorin’s pizza dropped to the plate. “You’re pregnant?!”

               You barely nodded before Thorin lunged at you, kissing you fiercely. You didn’t even register the plate stuck in between you until you heard, “Oh, come on!” You and Thorin broke apart, but didn’t move to sit up. You glanced over and saw your son standing there. “Do you have to do that in front of me?” You arched a brow. “You weren’t supposed to be home. What are you doing here anyway?”

               "I forgot my extra controller. I guess you told him about the baby?“ You grinned and nodded, pushing Thorin a bit so you could sit up. Only then did you realize you had pizza stuck to your shirt. “Great,” you muttered before you registered what Y/S/N had said. “Wait a minute. How did you know?” you asked, while picking the pizza off. He laughed.

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11, 14, 16 ⭐️

Are you-are you flirting with me?, Am I supposed to be impressed?, I’m going to kiss you now.

You were talking to James at the party that Island was hosting, and Shawn had disappeared not too long after arriving. Just as you were going to head to the bathroom, you saw Shawn stumbling towards you, holding a beer in his hand. “Hey, you-you’re pretty cute.” He said, smiling at you.

You smiled, and James snorted in the background. “Thanks, honey.”

“I like your eyes. A lot.” Shawn said bluntly, sipping from the bottle.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “Are you- are you flirting with me?” You asked, looking at your boyfriend. 

Shawn nodded vigorously, almost dropping the beer. “I have abs. And the hottest girlfriend, like, ever. You look a little like her. She’s got the prettiest eyes.”

You felt your face heat up, and Shawn began to subtly flex his muscles. “Um, am I supposed to be impressed?” You asked, noticing his muscles pulling on the button-up he was wearing.

Shawn nodded once, “Yup.” He finished his drink, and tossed the cup in a nearby trashcan. “I’m going to kiss you now.” He said, cupping your cheeks. 

(send in requests!)


PLL friends.

 It’s Lucas.

I really think it is THAT simple and straightforward. After going back and rewatching the past 9 episodes of 7b, I really picked up on Lucas being A.D. Marlene said it herself, as well as everyone else in the cast, these past 10 episodes are supposed to be filled with answers and clues. And I think they are – but unfortunately, if you are like me, you denied them all. 

But here are some clues that I picked up on:

1.He has a ton of money. 

2. He knew Charlotte from a young age. 

3. yooooo we saw him in a limo! A.D. is always in a limo! why can’t it be the same limo!

4. A.D. stands for the title of that comic book that he wrote with Charlotte. 

5. Lucas said he doesn’t know how that comic book ends and then at the end of the episode we see A.D. finishing the comic book? I mean… 

6. He has been there since season 1. 

7. Hannah was wearing underwear when she was getting tortured. I hate to say this, and it is kinda messed up, but if A.D. was a girl, then the chances of Hannah being in underwear are pretty slim. He has always had a thing for Hannah too soo… 

8. Also, it’s fair to say that he made the board game. 

9. Finally, Marlene did say that this is the smartest A yet. Lucas has always been crazy smart as well as crazy shady and sketchy throughout the whole series.

I mean the list can go on and on. Seriously, if you are bored between now and Tuesday night, go back and rewatch the past 9 episodes with Lucas in mind and everything will make sense.

If you are still on the fence, think about this. Remember after the Mona reveal, if you went back and rewatched season 1-2 didn’t it all pretty much make sense? That Mona was A? Even though, if you were like me, you might’ve denied it because it was so obvious at times. Similarly, going back and rewatching season 3-6a, for me personally, Cece makes sense as Big A. I mean we saw her in a black hoody for pete sake! And now going back and rewatching season 6b-7b, believe me, Lucas makes sense. 

The writers are more straightforward than we think. But yes, I agree. I hate that Lucas is A.D. I don’t want him to be A.D. But let’s stay optimistic. I have high hopes that it will be, nevertheless, just as epic and incredibly satisfying. And who knows maybe there is more to the story and more twists ahead: like maybe Lucas is actually Charles, if not Charles than Spencer’s twin brother? Charles and Charlotte or Spencer and Lucas were the two babies that the doctor said he delivered of Mary’s children? Maybe him and Mary Drake, his own mother, were working together to figure out who killed his sister? 

But PLL friends, this is exactly why I love the PLL fandom so much. Yes, Lucas might be A.D. and yes, Lucas being A.D. feels too simple and obvious, however, this fandom, together, made a show into a sick ass show due to everyone’s creativity, dedication, and curiosity. The theories that I have read throughout the years felt more entertaining than the show itself at times! I loved every second of it and I am so sad it is ending. I guess Marlene is right… it truly is endgame. ahhh. 


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no offense, but you're really only supposed to teach the language your native to since non-natives can never speak like natives, that why I teach french not english, because students who need to learn english need someone who knows it from birth

No offence but??? Literally the majority of UK language teachers are English native speakers who still do a pretty damn good job?? Fucking hell. I’m learning off both a Parisian woman and a uni professor who is an English native speaker and BOTH of them are fantastic. Let me follow my damn career path in peace, it’s not like I’m teaching your kids.

For me, chronic fatigue + brain fog is sort of like being drunk all the time, but only the bad parts of being drunk. It takes forever to process anything anyone says to me, I can’t keep track of how much time has passed or what day it is, I can’t remember simple things I’ve known since I was a toddler like the word for “cup,” I can’t remember what I did yesterday or what I’m supposed to do tomorrow, I get super confused by tasks I know should be simple, and my body moves so sluggishly and feels so heavy. It’s pretty debilitating, to say the least, and people who have never experienced it themselves don’t get it at all.

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"Wat do u think makes Paul and nina an attractive pairing?" - I'd go with Paul being gorgeous

Lmao. They’re both pretty gorgeous. They’re gorgeous people in a gorgeous relationship looking gorgeous together and it’s not like two gorgeous people standing next to each other being individually gorgeous, they go

Like whether it’s Gorgeous Domestic Stelena

Gorgeous Classic Hollywood Stelena

Gorgeous  Jacket Stelena

Gorgeous Woodsy Stelena

Like they just go. I don’t think Ian is attractive but he’s supposed to be super attractive and DE is supposed to be super attractive, I feel like they were supposed to be like Brangelina or something but they don’t look like super sexy couple because they just never went together imo. This feels super awkward

Same thing with Steroline, they just feel like two people who happen to be standing next to each other? They don’t feel like a gorgeous couple. Like even here, I don’t buy they’re a couple

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Pretty random question but I see a really big flaw in Lucifers apocalypse #1 plan. He wanted to get rid of all humans but then how would him and other angels ever come down to earth? What are they supposed to do, possess fish?

Well they’re called angel fish for a reason.

This computer is being a little weird.
I mean, I don’t know much about technology, but I don’t think it’s supposed to do some of the stuff it’s been doing.

It glitches a lot, and sometimes when I leave and then come back to it, it’s on a completely different page than the one I left it on. Pages I wouldn’t have been on in the first place.
Earlier I came in here and it was on the website for the food network? Cutthroat Kitchen was playing! It’s decent entertainment, but let me tell you; there’s no actual throat-cutting going on in that show. That’s false advertisement.

Also, I’m pretty sure I heard it call me a bitch? 
Is that some new feature computers have now, or am I missing something here?


I don’t know about you guys, but i’m really disappointed about the last episode of Pretty little liars. First of all we were supposed to get answers in every episode before the last one… the only answer we have is that Cece died by accident …. lol … the game died and that’s all? I think it was USELESS to create a fucking game that died like that without answers.
I still believe that we will not know everything in the finale.
Im really disappointed for the moment and I really hope that Marlene will end PLL in a good way… I mean it’s been like 100 years that we are waiting to know who is AD and all…
What are your thoughts about this episode and who do you think is AD?
In my point of view I think that Wren or Lucas or Melissa are AD.

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Can you do one with the Phantom Thieves boys have S/O who's a diva/primadonna?

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜


  • Would find it somewhat cute tbh
  • S/O was a person who knew what they wanted and how to get it
  • Even if it meant being a little overbearing
  • A lot of people did not like for that reason S/O
  • Not at all
  • Pretty much everyone doesn’t like them except Akira
  • There were times that it got way overbearing
  • Even for Akira
  • But he loved really liked them, flaws and all
  • He would finally say something once S/O got them kicked out of a restaurant/movie theater/typical date venue
  • “Just… tone it down a little I guess? How am I supposed to take you out on dates if we get kicked out all the time?”
  • S/O would huff and puff but agree to work on their behavior a little bit
  • Because they did want Akira to be happy
  • “I don’t want you to become a different person though, S/O. I like you the way you are.”
  • They still ended up getting kicked out of places though
  • Not as frequently which Akira was grateful for
  • So almost all of their dates ended up being at home with S/O cooking for Akira happily
  • “I’m only doing this because I love you, you know.”
  • Akira would be a mess of emotions since S/O never really (outwardly) thought about anyone other than themselves


  • Wouldn’t notice it
  • Probably not at all
  • Him and S/O didn’t really go out for their dates
  • So he had just assumed their behavior was normal
  • It was actually pretty complementary for his abrasive self
  • Even when someone would point it S/O’s diva-ness, Ryuji would be genuinely confused
  • “So? That’s just how they are. They’re absolutely perfect, and you can fuck off.”
  • After that point, Ryuji had made it a point to let S/O know just how much they meant to him every single day and how much he looooooved them
  • Which gave them a much unneeded ego boost
  • But whatever
  • It was always cute coming from Ryuji
  • They would calm down with their ways after a little while
  • Psssh like two or three years at the very LEAST
  • Which in turn made Ryuji want to grow up as well
  • S/O still loved to gossip and cause trouble, that was something that could never change
  • And Ryuji being a completely responsible adult was a thing that no one ever saw happening
  • And they lived happily ever after, trying to figure out how to not fail at being adults
  • But let’s face it, that would take them for fucking ever


  • Would honestly notice it right away
  • And would try to out do them whenever he could
  • “My day was so hard, Yusuke. I don’t think anyone’s ever had a worse day than me.”
  • Would look up from his newspaper, staring at them over a pair of reading glasses
  • Drinking a cup of black coffee that had little lobsters all over it
  • He would buy all of this stuff to set up the perfect scene
  • “I bet it went more smoothly than my day had played out, my love.”
  • “Since when the hell do you even wear glasses?”
  • “Since none of your business, that’s when.”
  • Yusuke found that trying to upstage them in terms of being overly dramatic and ridiculous was a good way to enforce somewhat better behaviors
  • But there were always those days that S/O would come in, lay their head on Yusuke’s lap and just vent about their day
  • Everything they listed off weren’t actual bad things, but minor inconveniences
  • They really weren’t even things worth complaining about
  • But that didn’t bother Yusuke
  • He would listen to them while running his fingers through their hair to help ease their tension
  • “Yes, my darling. How could the coffee shop possibly run out of mocha syrup? That’s just criminal. Would you like for me to go there and demand they stop treating you so unfairly?”
  • In the middle of their complaining to him they would stop, staring at Yusuke in awe
  • “I love you so much, Yusuke. More than you know.”
  • That would be the first time S/O said they loved him and Yusuke would stammer and blush like an idiot for like an hour before saying it back


  • He had known S/O ever since childhood
  • They’d ended up in the same foster home at one point
  • S/O must’ve come out of the womb being a diva because they were terrible in the foster homes
  • Their behavior was so off-putting that they were often ignored in any living situation
  • Knowing what it was like to not be wanted, Akechi and S/O spent a lot of time together
  • And you better believe that he was beyond heartbroken when they’d been transferred to another home
  • It wasn’t until ten years later that he found S/O again
  • And it was in the middle of a large crowd
  • So it was slightly hilarious to see Akechi pushing through hundreds of people, screaming S/Os name before dropping at their feet
  • “God, Akechi. You’re gonna get hurt that way, you know.”
  • But they would help him to his feet regardless, holding on to his hand a little longer than they really should have
  • “Please don’t leave me again, S/O. I don’t think I’ll be able to go on without you now.”
  • “You’re more dramatic than I am holy shit.”
  • Their relationship would be quick to turn serious from the get-go, emotionally and physically
  • Akechi wouldn’t even try to bring up S/O’s bratty-ness because he was so blinded by his love for them that it pretty much didn’t exist
  • Everything about them was absolutely perfect and he wouldn’t let anyone tell him otherwise
  • He would do anything that S/O asked no matter how ridiculous it was
  • Because what if S/O left when he didn’t do what was asked of him?
  • He knew that he wouldn’t be able to handle losing them again

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How did you get your start with YouTube?

I don’t want to say that I was in a ‘’dark period’’ (because it sounds so dramatic) but I was definitely in a bad place at the time. I quit school because it wasn’t for me, I was getting off my medication and I didn’t want to go back to my teaching job so I was just feeling pretty shitty overall. But Youtube quickly became a big creative outlet for me, so I’ve really been trying my best with it! (Which I hope shows!)

My Nier and Drakengard summary video wasn’t originally supposed to be a Youtube video. It was originally just a summary that I made for a friend of mine who really wanted to play Automata but hadn’t played any of the previous games. But then after reading it he suggested that I should make it into a Youtube video and I really liked that idea because I wanted to spread the word about Taro’s previous games whilst just trying to teach people about the series. Then that video blew up way beyond my expectations (looking back on it I wish I had spent more time on it but there’s no helping that now) and the rest is history!

and life, and tears, and love - Chapter 1 - fireblazie - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

@kevystel and @kixboxer said to put my tumblr fic on ao3… so i did. suppose it’ll be easier that way, now that they’re all in one place! for now they’re pretty much all just extra scenes from my existing fic. have fun!