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From the linked Moana post: "DISNEY SHOULDN’T HAVE TOUCHED MAUI/THE SOUTH PACIFIC IN THE FIRST PLACE!" Okay, I'm probably just dense, but what are they supposed to do then? They get all this (deserved) grief for almost only having white characters, but when they branch out, this is the response? Almost seems like a catch-22: "So if we don't include them, we are guilty of erasure, but if we DO include them, we are guilty of appropriation?"

It isn’t enough to just have white people looking at our cultures like ~*~*~*~*~SO PRETTY ~*~*~SO EXOTIC ~*~*~*~*~ and then write OUR stories. 

That’s what Disney did. To them, this is window dressing. It’s something “exotic” and new. They NEVER went into this with good intentions and the group who this was gonna be representation for is gonna get hurt.

I say this as someone from a group who had their Disney “representation” come in the form of one harmful tired trope after another about the Middle East but “Disney-fied” (gotta start teaching them racism when you’re young!). Disney did nothing positive for MENA people and yeah, it was nice to see MENA people being the heroes until you look at literally EVERYTHING ELSE. 

Disney literally promoted brownface with the Maui costume. They did not respect ANYTHING about the cultures of the Pacific Islands, as evidenced by the MANY Pacific Islanders speaking out against it. 

Pardon my language, but half-assed representation isn’t good enough.

What Disney could have done is hired more writers from those cultures. They should have picked ONE culture. They should have been sensitive to the histories of these nations. They should have done more research. 

And yeah, some things, some stories SHOULD NOT BE TOUCHED BY WHITE PEOPLE. White people will never have the proper cultural context to write that story so they should either hire someone who will or leave it alone. 

At this point, what people don’t realize is that it’s not enough to just have representation. We need GOOD representation. Bad representation is JUST as harmful, if not MORE harmful, than none.

And OP’s post is just stating why Moana, to them, is NOT good representation.

And I am inclined to agree.

- Mod K

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I'm really trying to understand what the writers were trying to get at in re: having cullen having an obsessive crush on fmage, but still having leliana react so negatively to him. are we supposed to think leliana is overreacting?? is she supposed to look bad for being sick of a man obsessing over his image of the woman she loves, one that she's been hurt by being separated from? like, how? (ps. i wanted to thank you for ur writing bc it's really led me to think more critically in general!)

I forget who it was, but one of the writers literally said that Leliana was one step away from Corypheus.
A grieving woman, dealing with a lot of personal crises at once, while still trying to get her job done in the only way she thinks she’s supposed to… Is the same as Corypheus. Look, Leli is ready to do some pretty hardcore stuff. But that sure as fuck doesn’t make her an ancient Tevinter magister-darkspawn hellbent on destroying the world?
So honestly, I would not be surprised if that was the message they were going for. 

(PS: :) Thank you so much~!)

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Why is MC always pictured with long brown hair and usually no eyes? Is it spoilers and that's why I don't know? Since I guess you see them in the game at some point?

It is explained in Secret End 3 that MC is actually from a planet called Eyeless where humans have evolved to live without eyes, and Mystic Messenger is set in 2656 when the Eyeless inhabitants are re adapting to live amongst regular humans on Earth–

It’s simply Cheritz’s design choice. Especially in anime-style games/shows/manga etc, drawing a character without eyes is often used to give them a sort of ‘blank slate’. Theoretically you’re supposed to project your own image of the MC onto her, which is why she’s pretty generic.

// Side note, I played through Jaehee’s route first and was really confused for a while as to who the MC was when I saw the first CG with her in it lol

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imagine this: bts member gets a girlfriend and she starts a bts blog that does MTL's, reactions,ships etc.... she could ask all members and everything would be 100% accurate. like omg that should be a thing

LMAO that would be pretty hilarious

and ngl I thought about this before, too, but the chances of this happening are slim to none

even though it’d be a great thing

Reaction of Bangtan getting pinched in the butt 

GF: Jimin, come here for a second

Jimin: *slowly approaching* “what’s up,babe?”

GF: *pinches his butt*

Jimin: *screeching and rubbing his luscious Jibooty*

GF: “ahhhh interesting” *starts typing*

Jimin: “you’re not supposed to pinch me unless we’re in the bedroom”

GF: “……”

Jimin: “……..”

GF: “…………”

Jimin: *still rubbing his butt* “so? are you getting up or nah?”

Quick and Strong, Closed RP W/Arrowsandbatons


Conner was seated at the table in Mt. Justice’s kitchen space, already fully dressed, but hunched over a bowl of orange cereal. The bowl itself was filled to the top and rather large. One spoonful at a time, the boy ate his breakfast. The clone wasn’t sure where his teammates were, even M'gann, who had basically become something of a roommate for him, was nowhere to be seen all day. Of course, Superboy didn’t think much of it, things were usually pretty quiet around there, anyway, until the team started arriving from school.

However, when the Zeta-Beam teleporter announced the pending arrival of Artemis, Superboy knew the part of his day where he got to see his….. Friends? Yeah he supposed after a month or two of fighting villainy with them they’d become his friends, the part of the day where he got to see his friends had arrived.

As the green-clad human entered the mountain, Conner called over a greeting, “Hey Artemis, sorry to tell you, nobody’s here yet, you’re a little on the early side.”

Yo, Klance shippers! Someone brought up the opinion that ‘nino bonito’ is in fact not something an actual Hispanic would use to call someone they think is attractive. As an actual Latina, I agree.

We WOULD use words like 'guapo’ or 'lindo’. Guapo means 'handsome’ while lindo means 'pretty’. And NO, don’t add nino to that. We’d just say lindo (or at least my parents and I) Doesn’t make sense, but when are nicknames supposed to make sense?

Also, if you want Spanish terms of endearment, try googling them and finding website or ask yahoo responses. You’ll get actual opinions from actual Hispanics. Don’t go to google translate.

@committhistoyourmemories gem, what would you call someone you think is cute?

I’m really hoping I get this room I interviewed for. Idk if I’m supposed to follow up in any way, say thanks for the interview??
It’s a small room in a queer and trans house, one other QTPOC, one white queer person, both who seem pretty rad. They have friends and sweethearts over all the time, cook and care for each other, and have great politics (one works in prison abolition, and was very clear to what I think is bare minimum, don’t call the cops).
So I could have friends and sweethearts over, and be in a kind supportive, disability and social work friendly environment AND they are super down for me having a service pupper.
In whatever form you want, if you want/can send good energy, I would appreciate it ❤️ it’s been a hard three years now, in an unsafe and stressful living situation with someone I care so much about, but know it’s no longer within my capacity to live here and support them any more.

I came across this post that talks about the bleach ending (I think?) i’m not really sure since I kinda just skimmed through it pretty fast and the only thing that caught my eyes was something along the lines:

Ichigo’s ending was supposed to be him changing Soul Society and it’s injustice and how the entire society is from rukongai to seireitei.

this is not what was written exactly, anyways this is true, they have a point, and BLEACH would’ve been so much better if this was the point of the plot or at least Ichigo’s plot.

the differences in positions and classes in SS was never an issue in BLEACH, Ichigo came there and made it clear how shitty he think their lifestyle and system is but that was about it, he gave his opinion and refused to apply any of their rules on himself, like going against them to save Rukia, and going against their orders again to go save Orihime, Ichigo personally never followed it but he never talked to others on how you need to rebel and fight against it, Ichigo never forced others to disobey what he himself never follows, as seen when he didn’t want to drag others to save Orihime with him.

anyways, some people seem to forget that Ichigo’s role or his plot was to protect, it was never about him changing the universe, yes he changed and influenced others and SS changed by just coming in contact with him but was that his goal? was that his intention? no, this is how he is, this is a part of his personality, to basically influence and change those around him even though it wasn’t his intention to do so while his main intention was always to protect, if Ichigo’s plot was to change a universe wouldn’t it be more logical for him to change his world before going around changing other people’s worlds? change his environment before changing other dimensions?

all throughout the manga we’ve been always reminded of his want to protect, to protect, to protect, to protect, to protect, to protect. this is one of the most basic things about his character and it really shocks me to see people missing the entire point and changing it from he is a protector to he was supposed to change the world.

you know who’s plot heavily implied that they were supposed to do something about all the injustice and the poor life people outside of seireitei live in?

Renji and Rukia.

these two came from one of the worst districts, their horrible lives is what drove them to become Shinigamis, it was their motivator, it was the point where their plot progressed, these two are the ones who are supposed to do something about it not Ichigo. Ichigo has and will always be a protector.

if you want to criticize Ichigo, criticize him for something he is not something he isn’t.

Real shit

Hello, to my Tumblr family.
I don’t think anyone will really care/read this but. Life has been pretty shitty lately. I am separating/divorcing from my husband. The man that was supposed to love me as I am. The man I was supposed to spend a lifetime with.
I have been a mess for quite some time. But I’m sure life will work itself out somehow.
It’s not as if I have some gigantic following of people. But I wanted to apologize for not posting often as I usually do, and my follow backs have been taking a lot longer than usual.
But mostly I want to thank all of you who I follow, and who follow me. You guys have cheered me up when all I wanted to do was hide and never come out. Thank you for lifting my spirits with your blogs. I am an open book. If anyone has any questions regarding marriage or my ending marriage. Feel free to message/ask me. If you are having a hard time with life and need someone to talk to/listen to you. Please message me. I am here for you.

Disasters that lead to pretty boys (are worth it)

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2ctW8GN

by gayinsight

“My friend is out of town and I’m supposed to be taking care of her pet fish but it died, and you work at the pet store, help me find one that looks the same so she won’t notice!”

Words: 5463, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2ctW8GN
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I've been wanting to tell my professors my pronouns. And I don't know why, but I'm really worried, and I don't know how to tell them. I mean, I suppose I'm in a pretty progressive city/college, but I'm still experiencing loads of anxiety.

Well that’s totally normal. You have no idea what their opinions are, so this can be really scary. But the fact is that if they aren’t accepting you can always speak to someone higher up and get it resolved. 
I’d shoot out a brief and to-the-point email. You have to at least breach the topic. I’d say a majority of the time it turns out okay- they see how many kids a year? I’m going to assume you aren’t their first trans student.


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hii what are you doing RIGHT now? 😊

Hello love :) I’m sitting in bed watching films, eating noodles and doing some doodling.

I’m pretty much spending my Saturday night being a lazy twat, as per usual. My bed is basically one big mess right now with me sitting here with my laptop surrounded by notebooks, pens, nail polish (oh yeah, I was supposed to paint my nails! I had forgotten about that.), noodles and coffee and lots and lots of pillows and blankets, like always.

Cuddles to you and I wish you a glorious Saturday<3

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Despite being a whole 26 episodes, it felt very rushed to me. I think overall Strawberry Panic would have been so much better if it didn't try to be a sol for the first 10 or so episodes, cut back on a couple characters, and actually focus on developing the characters the story was supposed to revolve around. Shizuma, Nagisa, Tamao, Yaya, Rokujou, Hikari, and Amane. Every other character just felt "extra" to me. I mean, I enjoyed it, but yeh.

Mhm yeah, the Lulim girls feel pretty disconnected to the rest. I like SoL “breaks” amidst drama, and the friendship with various people than just romance alone helped the characters feel more well-rounded, but it could definitely use some better writing. 

Stopani is still ultimately a gag anime meant to make fun of yuri tropes though (Catholic all girl school, ojous, onee-samas, “princes,” tea parties, overly dramatic everything), so its writing is actually above expectation already. I never thought they’d took Kaori backstory that serious and executed it so well. My only wish was Tamao being a more worthy rival for Shizuma. She wasn’t threatening at all lol, which made the “stealing bride” scene at the end more hilarious than epic. 

Maria-sama ga Miteru is the masterpiece of good writing. You can try it to see how drama and SoL can blend together.

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This is pretty cool and unique! I’ve never been tagged in one of these, so let’s do this!


  • Answer the questions and write 11 new ones.
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  • Tell the person who tagged you that you answered their questions.

1. Fav autumn song? I honestly don’t know what an autumn song is supposed to sound like so

2. Are you a sucker for aesthetics? I’m your Aesthetics Trash™

3. What languages do you speak? Tagalog, English, Mandarin Chinese, Fukien Chinese

4. What languages do you want to speak? Every last one of them

5. Your favorite part of yourself? My strength and my perseverance

6. A character, otp, or brotp you dislike? I’m going to get hate for this, but it’s Reylo from Star Wars.

7. Fav brotp? Kirk x Spock

8. Last song you listened to? Probably Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey. I’m bound to get sick of that song eventually, but it ain’t today.


10. Cold or warm weather? Cold

11. Fav font? Depends on the situation, but I like Garamond, Baskerville, and Georgia a lot.

12. Favorite m/m and w/w pairing? M/M: Andreil; W/W: I’m not sure give me some book recs for w/w?

13. Favorite piece of classical music (if any)? “Für Elise” by Beethoven because I was named after that.

14. Person you love the most? I’LL GET BACK TO YOU ON THIS THIS IS TOUGH

15. Favorite historical figure? Speaking from a Christian perspective, I’d say Moses.

16. Worst plot point in any show? I??? can’t think of any at the moment

17. Chacos or Birks? I literally had to Google these because we don’t have this in my country.

18. Lemonade or limeade? Lemonade

19. What do you put in your coffee/tea? Coffee: Cream, milk, sugar. Tea: n/a

20. Any instruments you play? I used to play the piano and guitar, but not anymore.

21. Proudest accomplishment? Passing into my dream university which is also becoming one of my worst regrets but I’m still undecided

22. Favorite place in the world? My bed

+ my 11 questions!

  • A character you hate but everyone loves?
  • A character you love but everyone hates?
  • Favorite book or book series?
  • What are you currently majoring in/studying?
  • What is your dream career?
  • Do you prefer warm colors, cool colors, bright colors, or neutral colors?
  • The name of your closest friend/best friend?
  • A sport you’d like to learn?
  • Favorite midnight snack (or just snack)?
  • What is your favorite quote?
  • Are you a dystopian person (zombies!! apocalypse!! end of the world!!) or a utopia person (sci-fi!! living in space!! pew pew!!)?

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Why are people so pissed that Maya said nobody was important except for Riley? That was legit such a cute Rilaya moment first of all and second of all a pretty hilarious joke. Like all you R*cas stans do is complain about Maya not caring about Riley enough and being such a selfish friend, what more proof do you need than this? This fandom takes the funny moments way too seriously. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this supposed to be setting up the whole “what if Riley (the one Maya just said was important) didn’t influence any of her friends?” question?