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you think barristan will die in meereen? warsandpoliticsoficeandfire laid out a pretty compelling theory of barristan switching to aegon's side

Thanks for the question, @punkrocknerdfighter.

I cannot speak to that author’s supposed argument. But I can discuss why I think it more likely that Barristan will die in Meereen, before Daenerys returns, than that he will betray her for Young Aegon.

Barristan’s POV arc in ADWD was undoubtedly short, but I believe it proved more than satisfactory in crystallizing the thematic elements of his story in a meaningful way while also setting up his downfall. In my opinion, Barristan’s story has largely concerned the question “What does it mean to serve a king?”, and that question comes to a head for him after Daenerys leaves, when he finds himself serving King Hizdahr. As the court changes under Hizdahr - Daenerys loyalists being dismissed or reduced in importance, replaced by Hizdahr’s men - Barristan grows more uncomfortable, and more willing to listen to Skahaz’s conspiracy to depose him. When Hizdahr refuses to retaliate against the unjust murder of the hostage Groleo - something Barristan thinks even weak Jaehaerys II would have done - Barristan’s move against Hizdahr is assured. The “Kingbreaker” thus becomes the climax, not just for Barristan in ADWD but Barristan as a Kingsguard: he finally does what he never had the courage to do with Aerys or Robert - depose an unworthy king in favor of a rightful queen, or at least ruling in a rightful queen’s name, breaking the blind oath of loyalty expected of a Kingsguard in the cause of justice.

However, Barristan made a critical error in ADWD, one that I think will prove his undoing: trusting the Shavepate. Barristan is not a fool, but he entered into agreement with an unscrupulously ambitious and very deceptive man. It’s the Shavepate who almost certainly poisoned the locusts at Daznak’s Pit, the Shavepate who spent ADWD angling against Hizdahr and his set, and the Shavepate who is now in control of the city proper (with Queen’s Hand Barristan bringing war outside). I have no doubt that the Shavepate is going to take advantage of Barristan’s absence in battle to further his political goals - goals Barristan will find horrifying.

So I do believe TWOW will serve as a great triumph and then an immediate, tragic denouement for the white knight. The released preview chapter “Barristan I” ends with a strong pre-battle speech, one clearly fed from his decades of martial experience - a speech that, for my money, has “heroic last words” written all over it. Hell, I’ll admit that the ending to “Barristan II” of TWOW (never released formally in text, but read aloud) even makes me shiver a little, I like it so; the whole chapter is a stage to show off Barristan’s prowess as a wartime commander, but especially the glee in his voice when he compares the landing of Victarion’s fleet to the hammer and the anvil of the Redgrass Field … well, it’s one of the more stirring moments in ASOIAF for me, even though it’s not even released yet.

How tragic then, for Barristan to return to his adopted city a hero, the savior of Meereen, the loyal and true knight - only to find that, in his absence, the Shavepate has had Hizdahr, Reznak, and the child hostages killed. The Shavepate’s hatred of Hizdahr was an open fact throughout ADWD, and time and again he has called for the the child hostages Daenerys took to be murdered, first in retaliation for the Sons of the Harpy murders and then the murders of the Meereenese hostages with the Yunkai'i (though Daenerys and Barristan refused to countenance the murder of children of whom both had become fond). Barristan will come back to the city to discover the Shavepate has effectively seized control of the Meereenese government in his absence, eliminating his political enemies and their children for good measure - and now that Barristan has helpfully deposed Hizdahr and won the battle for him, Skahaz has no further need to keep the old man around. So I imagine the end of Barristan will come as Barristan goes after Skahaz (perhaps after Skahaz orders him killed), and is cut down by the Shavepate’s loyal Brazen Beasts; tired from the battle, the old knight will be swarmed upon the masked men he already deeply distrusts. Barristan’s ending as such would be completely fitting with something I’ve been trying to emphasize as a recurring theme in ASOIAF: the fall of a protagonist can be tragic while still rooted in that protagonist’s own missteps and failures.

I also prefer this ending for Barristan for the impact it will have on Daenerys. I’ve said before that I could see Daenerys spending two chapters with the Dothraki - one killing Khal Jhaqo, and one being acclaimed in Vaes Dothrak - before returning to Meereen in or around “Daenerys III”. Daenerys will find on her return that her white knight is gone - the only other Westerosi in her crew (without Jorah), the connection between her and her family past, a man she thought she could trust. Wouldn’t you know it, though, a whole new crop of advisors will be there to help - Tyrion, Moqorro, and Marwyn, among their associates. Moreover, unlike Barristan, these men are not going to try to reign in her more violent side: Tyrion sees Daenerys as his means of getting back to Westeros and destroying his hated family; Moqorro and the red priests think Daenerys is the chosen of R'hllor, who feasts on human sacrifice; Marwyn clearly blames the “grey sheep” of the Citadel for killing the dragons before, so he’s about the last person who would try to keep her dragons locked away (on top of his interest in Daenerys as the martial “prince that was promised”). The loss of Barristan will help transition Daenerys into a full “fire and blood” mode I think she needs, thematically speaking, before she can become the humanity-saving hero at the end of ASOIAF.

Thinking on a meta level about this supposed turning cloak for Aegon, it would hardly be narratively surprising at this point for Daenerys to face another betraying counselor. The saga of Jorah’s betrayal and questionable loyalty has been a recurring theme even with Jorah out of her immediate circle, and the defection of Brown Ben Plumm to Yunkai was a major plot point in ADWD. Would it be interesting from a plot perspective to have her betrayed again by another trusted advisor? Certainly, it is possible that GRRM would repeat the same tactic, but there are surely other, more intriguing means Daenerys could face her prophesied “treasons” than by another counselor defecting from her service.

Consider also the structural integrity of TWOW and beyond. If GRRM chooses to bring back all alive POV characters for TWOW - and I cannot see a reason he would not, with the series escalating to its final climax - that means 20 separate main POV characters (compare to the 16 of ADWD, the book with the most separate POV characters so far). Unless each character gets a paltry number of chapters, I think it likely that GRRM will start winnowing down the POVs, killing them off to focus on the truly important viewpoints. Neither Daenerys nor Aegon has a need for Barristan to remain with them: Daenerys has her own POV as well as Tyrion’s in her area, while Aegon currently has JonCon and will soon have Arianne as well (and I’ll eat my hat if the Dornish princess doesn’t endeavor to make herself Aegon’s queen). Three POVs is a substantial amount to look at any character, particularly one who has “doomed” practically stamped on his forehead.

Finally, I very much doubt that the fight between Aegon and Daenerys lasts for a long time; indeed, I can see Daenerys having enough to do in TWOW that she doesn’t even reach Westeros until the very end of that book, and we instead end in King’s Landing with King Aegon VI on the Iron Throne. Would it really be sensible to keep Barristan around so long for a “civil war” that will last, in a generous calculation, for a handful of chapters? What would be the ultimate point to Barristan’s story then - that Daenerys is triumphant, and Barristan should never have left her? Would that be narratively fulfilling? You’re welcome to think so; but I do not.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

Smackdown vs. RAW Women’s matches at Wrestlemania.

Man, just found out the Smackdown Women’s title match is on the WM Kickoff and the RAW’s Women title match is on the main show. That’s just ridiculous to me.

RAW has done a pretty bad job with their women. Everyone is tired of Charlotte (she’s good but it’s been too much of the same, too often). Nia Jax just slows down matches, has a who cares move set, terribly ill-fitting theme, and not much reason to take her seriously. Bayley has been a “false” champion, has she won a singles match as champ clean yet, I suppose that’s part of the story with her and Sasha but it sort of invalidates her reign. Sasha’s been interesting with flirting with a heel turn. They will still put on a great match cause ¾ of them have proven to put on great matches with one another.

Smackdown’s women’s match is genuinely interesting because that’s one of the few matches that is still surprising.
1) We don’t know who will still be in the match till the match.
2) We don’t know what kind of match it is. It could be a ladder’s match that’d be fun but the RAW men’s tag team has that. It could be an over the top match, kinda tired of that but still would be interesting. I’d like it to be a tables elimination match, that way you could have legit people still lose.
3) We don’t know who might walk out as champion. The people I’d be okay with is Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Mickie James, Naomi, or a surprise big entrant like a debuting Asuka.

I personally would rather have both women’s match on the main card and leave the tag team matches on the kickoff. Both tag divisions haven’t been given much love and they will probably bring back some more momentum after some brand drafts/trades but at the time being I don’t care about either’s tag division.

What I got from the Power Rangers movie…

-Zach is the one everyone goes to when they need to be loved and snuggled

-Jason and Billy are soft boyfriends (fight me)

-Trini and Kim are def girlfriends who love each other very much

-Zach lets the gang crash with him and his mom when the world gets too big and overbearing (his mom loves every single one of them as her own)

-I just love the idea that Kim is really good with Trini’s brothers (like even without Trini she takes them to get ice cream and stuff)

-Also the whole gang treating each other’s family as their own

-Pearl (Jason’s trans sister) definitely idolizes Trini and Kim and thinks they are the cutest couple and wants to be as pretty as them

-Trini and Kim taking her on lunch dates and getting to know her and being good female lgbt role models to her

-Billy and Jason have definitely taken Trini’s brothers to do cool bro stuff when Trini is supposed to be babysitting but gets overwhelmed and just needs to take a depression nap with her loving gf

-Omgahd Jason getting upset about one (or both) of Trini’s brothers being bullied and then teaching them basic self defense but making sure they only use it for good (absolutely guilting them by saying something along the lines of “would the power rangers do that?” to make sure they only defend and not antagonize)

-Pick up baseball/stickball/kickball??? Idk I just imagine it being fun for them to do like a little league were they can be healthily competitive and also kick ass in a socially acceptable way without masks on???

Anyway my basic HC about these amazing people

Edit: I totally head cannon Zachary as ace btw. But like he and the gang do like platonic make out sessions when they are stressed or bored.

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Hmm, you remember the bonus cutscenes in Unleashed with Sonic and Chip? I kinda want to see the same thing done with the extended cast and how they're fairing against Eggman's reign during Sonic's [supposed] absence or behind the scenes during the story.

That’d actually be pretty awesome.

You hearing this SEGA?

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I have a theory too. What if it was just supposed to be a yearlong contract from the first March 25 ('cause that messed a LOT of stuff up) , but after the bears there was a contract breach so it was renewed for another year and set to expire on March 25 of this year?? would explain a lot.

hmmm. that would be interesting. i’m going to publish this because i haven’t actually seen this floating around and i want this on my blog. the only thing i’d say to that though is that regarding RBB, the bears deactivated before march, and on march 25th ‘16, things were still pretty Active around here regarding winding down babygate. still, i’m *eyes emoji*


I loves me a good villain =w=

Been threatening to draw more President Star forever and I finally got around to it today. Still haven’t drawn a pinup of Val and honestly I just don’t think i can bring myself to, She doesn’t seem like the type to flaunt herself, but maybe that will change once the first part of Horde of Heroes comes out. XD

Anywho, Val and President Karil Star are part of Horde of Heroes which belongs to @gooseworxmusic! (and I hear it’s supposed to be coming out pretty soon!) Go check them out, they make cool art and REALLY great music =w=

Knight… What the fuck?

Tai has had over 15 years to get over Summer and Raven (And considering how quickly he bounced back after Raven, it’s probably telling about their relationship), but Yang has had less than a year without a proper therapist or counselor, but because she’s mourning the loss of her arm, she deserves to be demonized?

I mean, didn’t Yang explicitly say that Tai “shut down” after Summer’s death? I’m pretty sure that Yang and Qrow were doing most of the parenting for Ruby while he was “moping around.” then.

Great. Now you made me hate Tai more than Adam. AND ADAM IS A CHARACTER WE’RE SUPPOSED TO HATE!

This isn’t some contest to see who has had the worst life. But if it were, then Yang takes it.

She has been abandoned by her birth mother, making her wonder if she was ever wanted to begin with; Summer died, leaving Tai a wreck and forcing her to grow up without a mother figure in her life while simultaneously having to raise Ruby; She has been abandoned time and again, and when she lost her arm in a confrontation with a terrorist, you want her to be beaten by her Uncle, and be told to essentially fuck off by her teachers? What the hell? I’m not saying that Tai hasn’t had it rough, but Yang has certainly had it worse. To our knowledge, Tai wasn’t ever abandoned by his mom, nor has he ever had to deal with raising a sibling after his step-mom died.

So again, What the fuck???

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Would you or anyone you know affiliated with this blog be able to answer a question for me? I need to know how common it is for a first generation Persian-American boy to have an Americn name. The reason my second main character is named Brandon is because he was originally supposed to be a foster kid named by the hospital, but in a later draft I decided to give him parents because I realized how few positive parental figures there were in my book. I'd just change it but I'm attached.

I feel like assimilation is a pretty big thing. Like if I’m gonna be honest my statement is based on like listening to people of Mexican decent talk about how their parents wouldn’t teach them the language like distancing them from that part to make them “more” American.


mod v

weedwitch replied to your post: people are replying to that femfreq/nick robinson…

like if we are going to start calling out men for talking about jacking off then that means every man on earth is problematique let’s be real

its not just about him making a joke about him jacking off though, its about the fact that in that game that girl is the only character in that game (and pretty much the entire frnachise) that is a girl, and spends most of (if not, all) their time in the game trapped inside a crystal for fox to rescue her and sexualizing that is kinda shitty, particularly from someone who works at a website thats supposed to be relatively forward thinking

i dont think this is the most major issue of all time but i do think femfreq are totally in the right to be like ‘hey being openly proud of jacking off to a girl who’s trapped against her will for the whole game she’s in is kind of lame and no not everyone did it like you seem to be implying’

  • Me: Why even be in a relationship, most of them don't work out anyway.
  • My sister: I don't know, I think there's more to dating a guy than if the he exercises or not...
  • Me: What? No, not in a "do u even lift" way, I mean the relationships don't go well!
  • Later:
  • Me: You have to work so hard for relationships. They're exhausting.
  • My sister: Pretty sure you're supposed to get more out of them than you put in.
  • Both of us: Laugh hystarically
It's Official

I just got the call from my OB office with my blood test results. I’m officially pregnant. They were also extremely happy with my progesterone levels. With PCOS and the fact that I’m obese, that was a definite worry. My husband is officially over the moon now that we’ve gotten the positive from a doctor.

Now I just have to pass the time until April 24th whenever we get to see our little Jellybean for the first time.

Luckily I was also cleared for the gym, since I don’t have a history of anything other than the fact that I don’t ovulate. So hopefully Husband A and I can still keep up a pretty decent regiment and not worry. My goal is to only gain the weight I’m supposed to gain. Of course, that’s easy for me to say whenever I’m having my first experience with morning sickness. We’ll see if that still holds up when the cravings kick in.

I hope you all are doing fantastic today.

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apparently them 200 year old radioactive fancy lad cakes aren't so bad? But knowing that twinkies can survive underground for 50+ years without losing all their flavor...

im pretty sure food lasting forever in fallout is supposed to be a joke about that world’s processed foods being like 70% preservatives

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I don't know if it differed in the UK, but in the US, early 90s, Sonic was heavily marketed as having "attitude" in contrast to Mario's wholesome image (literally at one point called "rude dude with a 'tude"). He was supposed to have this edge to him that other heroic characters didn't, and thus a lot of media ended up with the "Sonic is a jerk" angle. Some more than others...

Nah, it was pretty much the same over here - Painfully try-hard TOTALLY RADICAL ATTITUDE in promotion.

To be perfectly honest, even as a young girl it was somewhat offputting to me XD

The Secret History
(Donna Tartt, 1992)

“In a certain sense, this was why I felt so close to the others in the Greek class.

They, too, knew this beautiful and harrowing landscape, centuries dead; they’d had the same experience of looking up from their books with fifth-century eyes and finding the world disconcertingly sluggish and alien, as if it were not their home.

It was why I admired Julian, and Henry in particular. Their reason, their very eyes and ears were fixed irrevocably in the confines of those stern and ancient rhythms – the world, in fact, was not their home, at least not the world as I knew it –

and far from being occasional visitors to this land which I myself knew only as an admiring tourist, they were pretty much its permanent residents, as permanent as I suppose it was possible for them to be.”

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Hello! I was wondering why you think Emma Watson as Belle was a miscast. I get not liking her very much, but I thought she looked the part, and while they could have gotten somebody else to dub the singing parts she's a good actress and I thought did very well with the role. Have a great day!

She can’t sing, dude. That should be enough of a reason she shouldn’t have gotten the role as the lead in the musical.

Also, she’s not pretty enough. That’s not me shading Emma Watson. She’s very pretty, but there are different kinds of pretty. Emma is “girl next door” pretty where she seems really down to earth and sweet, but still beautiful. But that’s not the kind of pretty for Belle. Belle is supposed to be the kind of girl who stands out in the crowd (hence: the most beautiful girl in town). Emma blends in too much. So, in my opinion, she didn’t have the right look for the role and she can’t sing. Those are two major reasons for her not to be cast.

Bit weird to me how I’m prescribed pristiq & seroquel when they counteract each other pretty much but that’s life I guess trus ur doctor i suppose x

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I think the last anon was saying that this episode was supposed to be a big deal plotwise heading into the final 5 or 6 episodes of the season. They made a big deal of hyping it as coming from Kevin Smith, whose name carries some weight in all things nerdy, and the episode kind of fell flat. The AV Club, which is pretty popular & balanced in terms of their critiques, was disliked the episode across the board and pointed out some flaws that anti Karamels have felt for months (albeit more mildly)

well I’m annoyed they didn’t say they wanna saw the slave owning abusive fuck in half but I’ll take the small victories