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Four stages of Lucas Salazar’s design

Lucas is my player character for the RPG (to experience the game) 

He’s a Moon Elf (with purple skin and glowing tattoos), used to be a hunter but now he works for the royal armies, his class (as you can see) is ranger/archer, on his final level, dude can shoot electric arrows! Oh, and most important of all, he has muteness so he doesn’t communicate much, though this guy’s still pretty hot-tempered and childish sometimes! 

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Since watching yoi, I've learned a lot more about irl figure skating and how the score system works and honestly the more I learn the more pissed off I am about the GPF result >:( like am I seriously supposed to believe Yuuri's SP dropped TEN POINTS when the only mistake was a hand down on the ice??? and JJ still getting bronze despite popping 90% of his jumps is just a joke omg. otoh Yurio's mega inflated score is actually pretty realistic for tano jumping Russian teenagers so...

This is all entirely true lol. YOI is relatable with its Rusflation, Canflation, and underscoring of the Japanese skater. 

Re: Yurio’s inflated score. Even with Rusflation it’s impossible.  The max PCs a short program can have is 50 points, which means that Yurio would have to have a TES score of over 68 points. With the technical content of his program, even if he got a perfect PCs score (which doesn’t happen lol), he couldn’t possibly get a TES score of 68 points. 

Considering the tiny margin between Yurio and Yuuri in the final results, not only would Yurio’s victory be considered unfair, it would be against ISU rules. 

That being said, one more thing about the inflation is that Yurio’s SP with a fall at Rostelecom got 98.09, which was higher than Yuuri’s score SP score in the GPF, despite Yuuri having a substantially more difficult program and a smaller mistake. lol. 

By the way JJ’s score was also impossible. Even if they marked him as high as possible with those mistakes (which would not happen), he would have to get PCs of like… 53 if I recall. Keep in mind that Yuuri’s highest SP score before this season was, by process of deduction, around 84.00. His protocol sheet we see in ep 4 has only one major mistake, an error on his triple axel. Yet that’s lower than what JJ got. 

YOI is my fave ever but IDK what they were doing with the scoring in the finale. It’s not like Sayo especially doesn’t know the rules too. She’s super knowledgeable about skating…. so *shrug* 

Yo Hetalia fandom what the fuck is up? Looke here.

So I’ve found some goddamn fucking amazing artists here and I swear to god they’re not getting the attention they’re supposed to so if you can check them out and go appreciate their art or reblog it (or this so more people can see the BEAUTY) I would appreciate it!

also some have probably barely started but STILL OKAY 


@astragraid  - mostly the nordics (?) 

@moineau-art - (seriously fucking damn I can’t… I’m like actually low-key fucking angry cause its so pretty and it doesn’t have enough attention.)


I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before but god fukcing damn it still they don’t get enough appreciation @icantbelievehetaliaisdead




also some cool ass ask blogs




@ask-deus-lithuania (the AU! is a great idea, I suggest you check out the rest)


@ask-drag-queen-america (the AU! is a great idea, I suggest you check out the rest)


I’ll be updating this! (probably) and hopefully I can make one about authors.

I don’t think Tyrell will blame Elliot

Assuming Tyrell is going tell the fbi he was held hostage, how could he blame Elliot for that, when he went to prison a few days after the hack?

Plus the fbi have their phonecall, how would Tyrell explain his ability to contact Elliot, or why he sounded so happy to talk to him?

I suppose Tyrell could take responsibility for the 5.9 hack, admitting he and elliot were working together. But then Elliot wanted to blow up buildings, and when he tried to stop him Elliot took him hostage.

But the idea that Elliot, was responsible for planning not only for an attack on that scale, but was also able to hide the most wanted man in America, even creating a whole restaurant as a cover, is pretty unbelievable.

Only someone with a lot of money, power, influence and resources could pull that of. Plus Dom wouldn’t just take Tyrells word for it, of course he would deny his involvement when he has been caught.

So for Tyrell to get out of custody so quickly, he would have to blame someone who would completely turn Dom’s investigation on its head…Agent Santiago

He told Irving that his collegues were already suspicious that he just happened to be in a meeting during the shooting in China. So it makes sense, that the darkarmy would pin the blame on him now he has furfilled his usefulness.

Also if Tyrell finds out during the interrogation it was Santiago’s decision to keep Joanna’s death under wraps, and for his son to be taken into care. That would give Tyrell a reason to want revenge.

Tyrell wouldn’t even have to lie to Dom, he could tell her when he tried to escape Santiago tracked him down, killed the cop that caught him, and took him back to the cabin.

I don’t think it would take much to convince her either, considering Santiago didn’t want her to go to the redwheelbarrow restaurant, and told her to go back to hq while he continued investigating. It looks like he was trying to cover up his involvement.

wade is a demon hunter that set up shop in a little town in the middle of nowhere that’s supposed to be right on the edge of the doors to hell, he actually rolled into town still wearing a priest’s vestment and hid out at the local abandoned church, he wasn’t expecting people to show up to the dusty old stone church that following sunday and had to bullshit his way through an impromptu sermon which is how he accidentally became father wilson, much respected priest

it actually works out pretty well for him, all things considered, he’s got all the right tools and knows enough latin to drive out the demonic pests that have been plaguing the town, the townsfolk celebrate his one month anniversary of living there and he gets told that most holy men end up dead within the first week

wade is a little weirded out at how everybody here is totally normal and still just take all the magical bullshit that happens to them in stride, like he’s already exorcised three people and one of them was a grandfather who’s family just kept him chained in the living room, it’s an involuntary habit for most of the people living here to flip back over any upside down crosses they see, they’ve got a water tower full of holy water that feeds into the towns drinking water, it’s the real thing too, he’s tested it

wade is instantly suspicious of the bright young stereotypical rich boy that never stops smiling, he’s never at the church and nobody seems to know who he’s talking about when wade asks about him, oddly enough he gets his answers from a group of kids who’re out in the cemetery shouting insults at gravestones to scare the dead out of rising again

the kid’s name is peter, he attends the local high school and gets perfect grades, he doesn’t have parents or a home or really anything, he just exists and besides grading papers and avoiding him in the hallways, no one acknowledges his existence, when he asks why, the kids say that a girl once asked him out on a dare and was never seen from again, one of the kids says that they used to have a dog but the dog started barking at peter and dropped dead when peter looked at it, the dog started smoking when they tried to bury it so they had to burn fluffy instead

so wade is pretty sure that he’s in over his head, the peter kid is everywhere, whenever wade looks up peter is there, smiling, it’s fucking unnerving, he can only guess that he hasn’t been killed yet because he hasn’t left any openings for peter to use, being paranoid as fuck has it’s uses

so wade sets a trap, he cleans the church thoroughly and kneels in front of the alter waiting for peter to realize he’d cracked the cross held by the church’s patron st margaret statue, wade has the biggest shit eating grin on his face when he hears peter scream, the grin dies when he feels a burning hand grab onto his arm and sear his flesh, wade screams as hellfire scorches his body and he catches a glimpse of peter as he was meant to be seen, beautiful and terrifying all at once

wade woke up the next day buck ass naked on the church floor with peter angrily kicking him awake, peter is fucking pissed and it’s because that trap wade had laid that was supposed to turn peter to stone didn’t quite work, peter had grabbed onto wade intending to take the man with him and accidentally bound himself to wade instead

the townsfolk put two and two together pretty goddamn easily when they see wade’s horrific disfiguration and peter sulking in the back of the church, so that’s how wade sort of bound himself and a demon together for all of eternity and cursed himself with immortality, on the bright side exorcisms are so much fucking easier now that he doesn’t have to do any work, most demons and monsters are terrified of peter and vanish as soon as he shows up

peter is understandably angry, he keeps killing wade out of spite and generally tries to make wade’s life hell, in retaliation wade sings exorcisms in latin and has a spray bottle full of holy water he carries around, peter is actually a pretty good cook when he doesn’t put poison in the food

nobody questions wade when he sticks peter in a priest’s vestments and forces him to help clean and restore the church, at this point they just let wade do whatever he wants since he’s the one keeping their demon problem under control

wade isn’t good with the whole social aspect of his job, he’s been invited to so many community functions and dinners with families and he can only avoid them for so long, people actually speak to peter now and he takes great pleasure in making wade as uncomfortable as possible

wade finds out that peter is actually millenia old and he’s been guarding the gates of hell since he was created, when wade asks why a teenager peter says it’s because people don’t question when a teen is alone but they also trust him more because he looks like a child

peter gets very territorial when a vampire family moves into town, wade manages to make a deal with them, since he’s immortal he offers up his blood but it’s not really sustainable because it takes a while to regenerate all that blood so he goes to the mayor and the hospital starts a vampire friendly blood donation program

they just barely manage to kill the werewolf that sneaks into town, it still turns the local doctor, a child and one of the teachers, wade has to broker a peace deal so that the vampires feel comfortable and the new werewolves have protection, it’s a testament to the perseverance of the town when new ordinances makes it so that everybody gets new moons off and it’s just a sort of stay in weekend, wade drags peter along to babysit the werewolves when they turn

when the gates of hell are opened on the day of the total solar eclipse peter tells wade that he can’t fix this unless wade unchains him, there’s no guarantee that peter will fix anything, that peter won’t kill them all, that peter can even do anything, but after all they’ve been through, wade trusts him

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how does For Honor hold up in terms of armor/weapon practicality?

Armour is practical, the designers actually studied how to wear armour properly. Very 14th century style with the tunic mix. Not historically accurate since there are a mix of random helmets from different time periods but that’s okay, the game is supposed to be fun not a history lesson.

A lot of shoulder armour is oversized and has that fantasy look. Weapons are oversized and out of proportion but it’s intentional for gameplay and style purposes. Still pretty good compared to most games.

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I know that you already drew Osomatsu asking Homura to fuse with him, and Jyushimatsu protecting her, but I am curious; I like both Peach Chalcedony and Prasiolite; So, what would a three way fusion of Jyushi, Homura, and Ichi be like. (I really like your Gemmatsu!!)

Well, considering both Ichi & Jyushi are Chalcedony, them fusing with Homura would only make Yellow Prasiolite.

A very…unstable one.

Ichi likes Homura fine, since she makes Jyushi happy, she’s nice, and pretty cute. But fuse him with anybody he’s not 100% comfortable with (even if one of his brothers are with him), & it ends up with a more divided mental state like with canon!Malachite.

Ichi would just be full of self loathing at what he’s doing to a fusion that (in his mind) is just supposed to be for Jyushi & Homura. He feels he has no place being fused with them both at the same time, & just constantly says how much shittier he’s made their fusion in comparison until they all pull apart.

Oh fyi for anybody wondering why Peach Chalcedony’s outfit doesn’t translate into Yellow Prasiolite’s design is because I’m using my more recent outfits for the boys, where Ichi doesn’t have a face mask.


You were supposed to be babysitting nothing more, nothing less, you should have realised that is was not going to be easy because it was Hope Mikaelson that you were babysitting, you were Klaus’ girlfriend and you looked after her more often than not allowing Klaus to go out and make sure that everything was safe for her and yourself.

Today however you would have loved it if her was there because when someone came shouting you were pretty sure that they were not going to be able to talk your way out of this problem, you picked up Hope and carried her back to her room closing and locking the door you put his in her coat and climbed under the bed pulling out the bag with all of your weapons in it, you could fight but you hadn’t done it in a long time and you weren’t sure how good you were. “You are about to die.” You mumbled to yourself as you sorted through everything that you had looking for a knife that was sharp. “You have not fought in like years, but you just have to hold them off until Klaus gets back then you’ll be fine.” You mumbled to yourself one handedly texting Klaus. You stood up in front of the coat. “God this is crazy… No Shut up, it’s fine, just chill, we’re fine, I’m fine, everything is cool, everything is good! We’re chill, nothing is happening and I am not freaking out, not at all, we’re FINE.” You scolded yourself as someone started banging on the door.
“Really?” The man smirked as he raised an eyebrow.
“I’m going to take that as a compliment.” You decided, he jumped at you and you lifted your hands in front of you in defence and struggled to push him off you, you ended up taking a few blows to the face and stomach you knife knocked away from you at some point.
“Where…The hell is Klaus?” I asked looking at my phone and the man smirked.
“My friends are keeping him busy.” He answered and rolled your eyes.
“Minor set back.” You shrugged and jumped forward punching him in the nose, he fell back and you grabbed your knife and stabbed him in the next. “Hope don’t look at this.” You called as you got up and stumbled slightly. There was shuffling outside and groaned “again?”
Klaus walked into the room and his eyes widened. “Don’t be intimidated by my bloody and battered figure.” You laughed and he walked over you gently taking your face in his hands.
“Are you okay sweetheart?” He asked.
“I’m fine.” I waved him off “but your child is staring at a dead body so you need to remove it or her from the room.”
“I’ll deal with him later, let’s get you cleaned up.” He said softly as he picked up Hope and you all left the room, Klaus kissed the side of your hair and smiled “thank you for protecting her.”

Requests and general question!

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Punkle Stan for the meme ;P

Punkle Grunkle  D-1976

2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod

Only Anarchists Are Pretty - World / Inferno Friendship Society, Brand New Cadillac - The Clash, I Will Survive - Cake, Wish I knew You - The Revivalists 

the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to

In the rafters after spending all night setting up for a concert.

the game they’d destroy everyone else at

Strip Poker. He’s either really good, or he’s cheating.. of course he’s cheating.

the emoticon they’d use most often

He can barely figure out this weird inter-dimensional phone Ford gave him. Let alone what all these weird little hieroglyph things Mabel keeps sending him are.

what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep

Snoring loudly from the rafters cause he’s now catching up on sleep.

their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.

Generally drinks his coffee sweetened with milk, but nothing beats a good hot cocoa with rainbow marshmallows and sprinkles made by his niece.

how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump

Dyes his hair a new colour and gets a matching manicure. What? Guy likes to feel like he looks good. Cheers him up.

what they wanted to be when they grew up

A famous adventurer

their favorite kind of weather

Good outdoor concert festival weather

thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)

Surprisingly decent. Not having picked up smoking like most Stans, he actually has a smoother voice than most (although he still runs on the Tom Waits gruff side of vocal range) with a slight tilt of an accent from years spent abroad in the UK in the 70s. Like most Stanleys though, he’s more of a yeller than a crooner.

how/what they like to draw or doodle

He actually designed most of his tattoos himself.

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No joke I'm taking an astronomy course and every time they talk about the planet mars my mind automatically turns to your blog… today the teacher called mars "pretty much dead" and I had the immediate response of "what?? The hell?? I swear Mars was alive three minutes ago when I was on tumblr when I was supposed to be paying attention!!"


honestly i know i’ve made it when someone thinks of me before they think of the planet mars and also when a teacher refers to said planet as “pretty much dead” bc Hard Same

I got tagged! TWICE! Let’s get started~

From @elleap

1.Hello! How are you doing?

I’m doing pretty deece indeece! =D

2.Why did you choose your nickname?

I didn’t choose it. Pdubb was given to me in high school. I then used it as a online/gaming alias and it just…stuck! Now there are infinite variations of it…

3.What is your drawing you really proud of? Show meh.


4.Can you introduce me to one or two of your favorite OC’s?

Of course! Here is a sketch of two I’ve had obsessions over~

Rayne - Lycan Hybrid / Shade - Abysmal Commander

5.What is your favourite movie?

Lord of the Rings Trilogy~ 

6.Do you have a secret talent?


7.How many languages do you know?

Only one! English 101… Remedial English… REMEDIAL KICKASS! OTL

8.What was your first favorite video game?

That’s a difficult question for a gamer. I would have to say Super Smash Bros on the N64! 

9.Where would you like to travel, if you could?

And step out of my cave? To the dangerous outdoors??? I would go travel and visit meh friends around the world!

10.Can i smooch character on your pfp?

You claimed you didn’t need permission anyway! Pucker up~ >83


From @hansama

1. Heya! How are you?


2. Put your music on shuffle and tell me what song came up (and how did it end up in your playlist).

Mazjojo Mixshow: The Sunset. Had these mixes since college and made the commute so much more enjoyable~

3. Do you have a sona/avatar of yourself? Can you show me? *0*

You should know this already~

4. Favourite food? (or last thing you loved that you ate if you can’t decide your fav food).

Fav will always be Spaghetti~ Papyrus approved~~

5. Are you a day or night person? 

Night life is best life~ 83c

6. What’s the thing that ‘made your day’ recently?

When a coworker brought pizza to work! Nom nom nom~

7. Can you tell me one of your achievements you’re happy and proud of? :D

What is an “achievement?” One, when I did a SmashBros project and completed it! Two, when I did the Undertale Wallpaper Project and completed it!

8. Why did you create a Tumblr account? 

Pressured into making one by a certain Ghost since all the cool kids were into it

9. Any favorite quotes?

First, “Age brings wisdom, but pain brings understanding.”

Second, literally anything from Bob Ross =V

10. Can I give you a virtual hug? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Of course! Glad it’s virtual, since I would give a real bear hug instead! XD

Now…too lazy to make a new set of questions…and even more lazy to tag others… =V THANKS FOR THE QUESTIONS THOUGH~

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Unpopular opinion. Cole can do no wrong in this fandom when it comes to Cami. He casually comments on Cami's pics (when does he ever comment on Lili's?) Hangs around her despite the fact she's openly flirted with him. Yet we're supposed to be okay with that because he's Cole Sprouse and he would never cheat on Lili. Lbr, if Bughead weren't a thing and say Barchie were people would be shipping Cole and Cami because they look good together. And of course the C and C shippers are pretty giddy now.

I’m sorry, anon, but I literally can’t fathom this mindset because I’m not 12 years old

If Voltron Were a Romance Movie || VLD Recut Trailer Preview 

@oquiznakitznary @spacedorksandlions this is the thing I was talking about HAHAHAHA 

this is still a rough WIP btw 


new haircut and an alya pep talk <3


                               ・・・ 𝐻𝒶𝓀 & 𝒴𝑜𝓃𝒶 ~ school version! ・・・