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Fake Chats #33
  • Jimin: Jungkookie, are you crying?
  • Jungkook: w-we won artist of the y-year, hyung!
  • Jimin: yeah, we did, pretty amazing, huh?
  • Jungkook: I can't believe it! I-I'm just...
  • Jimin: shook?
  • Jungkook: you're supposed to be smothering me with love and hugs right now
  • Jimin: I'm sorry *kisses the top of Kookie's head* it's okay baby, you can cry if you want to
  • Jungkook: m'not a baby *hiding his face in Jimin's jacket*
  • Jimin: *strokes Kookie's hair* sure baby, whatever

#NamJin who?
#YoonJin who?
It’s #TaeJin, everyone!!!
Comment 1: Pardon my eyes but did i really see Tae’s abs there? 😏
Comment 2: Tae’s acting is no joke. But can we talk bout this sinful scene supposed to be Yoongi’s.
Comment 3: And im pretty sure this scene saves every fanfic author writer block, bc it saves me.
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oh shit some of my pictures are really bad but anyways!!!!!
its my first time attending to a concert, and its not any ordinary concert but damn its FF!!
Apparently the last time they came to my country is seven years ago, so honestly we won’t know when will they come again haha
anways ill start talking about the stuff i want to say about during concert
1) The concert started off with FF prelude and followed by the victory theme (honestly theres quite a lot of songs from the game i havent played yet so ill just say whatever i remembers)
2) From ffvii they played JENOVA complete, Cosmo canyon and oF COURSE ONE WINGED ANGEL towards the end
-I haven’t heard jenova complete before so im guessing its a remix or some sort?? i dont remember it being in OG though
- orchestra version of cosmo canyon is so good aitkwnf
-when the conductor asked us that in the last part we only need to know one word to sing along, most of us guessed its one winged angel lmao. the whole hall is singing ‘sephiroth’ when it comes to certain parts and honestly its so fun ajfbsk
4) before going for the interval they are playing the chocobo medley and honestly thats the cutest shit ive ever heard
5) theres also a battle theme medley with 'those who fight’ inside ;00
7) aND BOII since ffxv is just out this week, they played 'apocalypsis noctis’ for the 1st time in distant worlds tour and honestly i feel so blessed
at the end i was quite sad to leave because eventhough the concert is around 2 hours and 30mins it honestly felt quite short ;w; I wish they will visit again!!
also i saw a prompto and gladio cosplayer when the concert is over but i didnt get a chance to take pictures akfbwknfkw

i guess thats all for now!!

The Last Temptation of The Lady Detective

by mldrgrl
Rated: NC-17
Summary: part 5 of the Stella/Hank universe.  Six months after Portrait of a Lady Detective.  Hank is back in NY and Stella is back in London.  What can they about missing each other?

Part 1: The Adventure of The Lady Detective and The Writer
Part 2: Welcome to LA
Part 3: Reconnect
Part 4: Portrait of a Lady Detective

She was supposed to have been a one night stand.  Nothing more, and no different from any other one night stand.  Except, she was different.  An exceptional exception.  Generally, he had a pretty laissez-faire attitude about the women in his life, but whatever he could do to make this thing work, he was willing to do.  He wanted it to work very badly.

The good thing was, he could write anywhere.  He was free to travel to and from London as often as he could.  Rather, as often as she would agree to.  In six months he’d been to see her on seven occasions, staying a week each time.  She’d been to New York once.  Work was her priority and he had a feeling it would always be number one in her life.  He wanted more of her.  More of her time, more of her attention, and more significance to her in the grand scheme of things.

Since leaving LA, he felt like he’d become a different person, with different goals.  Separated from an environment where one’s worth was only measured by how many steps removed one was from celebrity had changed his lifestyle.  He drank less, he quit smoking, he worked harder, and everything in between was about Stella.

He hadn’t told her that he loved her, but he had told Karen, who had become a confidante like no other in his life, not even Charlie.  When he realized he had fallen, and fallen hard, Karen was the first and only person to come in mind with whom he wanted to share it with.  It had come as a surprise to him after an argument had erupted between him and Stella and he took a walk to clear his head.

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ACM showcased "full on Riley" but with GROWTH. It was so beautiful to see. And I dont think its a coincidence that lucas (her bf), the one person that weve been shown her grow apart from since her growth, is not there. "Its the best time to be Riley"

I think that is beautifully (and accurately) said. Honestly, he’s pretty absent in most of the episodes where her growth is showcased most, whether he is literally running out of the room, or running out of the state. I suppose he was in SDLM, an episode where she was stellar Riley, but he actually seemed pretty annoyed with her the whole time so(same goes for PR)…

EXO After the MAMAS
  • Suho: good job to everyone I think we all did pretty well!!!
  • Kyungsoo: mmm
  • Sehun: Suho you owe me $100
  • Chen: is it just me or does anyone else detect Hypocrisy lurking around
  • Sehun: I still can't believe you made me say that Suho
  • Kai: So um
  • Chanyeol: We did great! there weren't as many fireworks THANK GOD AFGJHGRGJJ IF I WITNESS MORE FIREWORKS GOING OFF I SWEAR TO GOD- *bumps award off the table onto his foot* AHHHH F-
  • Chanyeol: -ANGFIBBITY FOO
  • Xiumin: *picks award up* this is a pretty sweet award
  • Chen: you're sweet too
  • Xiumin: what
  • Chen: what
  • Kai: i was hungry
  • Lay: okay but where's my dance solo
  • sehun: YEAH where's his dance solo
  • Baekhyun: ONE HUNDRED PERCENT AGREE LAY TAKE MY DANCE SOLO even though it was pretty cool ;)
  • Kai: *inspects award*
  • Lay: bE CAREFUL
  • kyungsoo: not tryna sound stuck up but we have a bunch more so I think breaking it will-
  • Xiumin: *takes it out of Kais hands*
  • Vivi: *knocks into xiumin the award falls and breaks*
  • Exo:
  • Vivi:
  • Sehun: don't get mad at him Vivi is just a baby
Try to convince me Bellamy and Clarke were never meant to be romantic in season one. Just try.

Come on. Let’s be honest, this part was a little extra. We know Bellamy is strong but is he really that strong? Are his reflexes really that fast? Cause that’s pretty impressive. Especially since he wasn’t supposed to care about her. What exactly was the point of this scene, anyway? I can’t find a super clear reason why this scene was written and important enough to put in the second episode.

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It’s pretty obvious now we were supposed to think Harry was in LA yesterday. They tried with the first pic but they messed up and we all realized he was wearing the same thing from the AMA party night pic. So they had to have another one released. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the weekend brings. 😁

While that new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer certainly has more content to check out, it still reminds me that Bioware sure isn’t at the forefront of facial animation for videogames…  that scene with the exchange between Ryder and that other human is pretty damn terrible.  Is it more obvious to me because I’m a cinematic animator in games myself?  Maybe, but it’s still bad…

- Ineffectual facial expressions (Ryder looks more like she’s happy/smiling as she holds the pistol rather than what I’m presuming is supposed to be making a tight grimace with her mouth)

- The skinning of the other lady’s lip corners is horrible and pinched.

- … is Ryder slightly cross-eyed..?  Lack of eye movement hurts the scene as well as weird blinks.

- Way too much compressing and stretching of the lips when they talk.  Generally unless you’re doing some exaggerated phonemes or a big smile, your upper lip does less movement than your lower.  Try it out in a mirror.  These characters though (Ryder in particular) have lips that are changing thickness and shape way more than they should, to an unrealistic degree.

- The phonemes are also very artificial looking when talking.  This is kind of a problem inherent with Bioware games in general since they actually use an automated phoneme system with their face animation because of the sheer amount of dialogue that has to be animated… but the result of that is what looks to be mouth shapes / phonemes either too smoothly transitioning or popping from one to the next. 

For trailers it’s generally understood that what you’re showing is the most polished example of your work… even when a company claims that the trailer is representative of their game as a whole, that’s usually bs and they’ve allotted a certain amount of extra man hours to polish the stuff that’s been cleared for the trailer…  which is why it’s so odd that this scene is the one they chose for the trailer.  Keep in mind as well that this is the default Ryder face, so as we all know, when we’re playing the game with our own custom faces the facial animation could be even worse since it’s going to be further offset from the default facial structure. 

I’m totally going to ignore other tiny details that were unimpressive in that scene, like the hyper-extension of arms in a couple places and some jittery remnants of mocap animations, because I know they have a high volume of mocap to process and go through for a game of this size and they can’t polish everything (even though for this one shot they probably could’ve). 

In general the visuals are looking nice, gameplay’ll probably be fun, and at least there’s more they’re giving us now than before… but man, for a game where there’ll be so much conversation, you’d really think they’d start prioritizing that facial animation…

being with g-dragon would include...

Just doing all my GD things recently, I suppose. c:

  • Jiyong having a lot of scrutiny in what he does so he would be very cautious in pursuing you
  • A lot of it would be pretty subtle to begin with
  • You might need him to spell it out for you really
  • Once you do get together, he’s gonna be such a sweetheart
  • He might spoil you a lot because GD’s got the bling going for him
  • He’ll take a long time before he says I love you but that just means you that he really means it
  • This guy being super protective of you so it’ll probably take a while before he lets the public know you’re together
  • Lots of teasing from the other members of BB
  • You’re just gonna have to put up with it cause they’re a package deal yo
  • He might be cautious with the skinship til he knows what you’re comfortable with then he’d probably go full force
  • Lots of him kissing you on the nose cause it’s really cute ok
  • You needing to be prepared for all the songs he’s gonna write for you
  • Some might be cringey but you need to love them
  • That’s his heart and soul right there
  • Also make it your ringtone kay? Kay.
  • You’d probably be getting intimate a lot
  • You’ll swap between love making and fucking cause both are awesome sauce
  • You’ll also swap who’s on top maybe in the middle of the act cause why not
  • He’ll want to hold you after your done
  • Also hold you every night he can cause it just feels right having you in his arms
  • Your wedding’s gonna be weird cause it’s gonna be an expression of both of you and you both just want to have fun with it
  • You’ll probably come home a lot to find him tired and worn out so you’re gonna have to feed him and drag him to bed
  • Sometimes when he’s exhausted, Jiyong’s just gonna want to lie on the couch and watch you work around the house because seeing you by itself relieves his stress
  • Probably having only one kid so you can dolt on them
  • Jiyong’s gonna be so awkward as a father at first
  • Like he’ll master diaper changing just before your kid outgrows them and so he has to get flustered over something else
  • But he’ll be so loving to them too and always make time for them even if he’s so busy
  • He’ll probably forget to call you when he’s gone away because he has so much to do but he’ll make up for it when he comes home
  • He’ll probably always be questioning when he gets older if you think he’s gotten too old for music or if the scene’s moved on and he’s too dated for it
  • And you’ll always answer, no he hasn’t

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Hello! I was wondering if you guys had any fics where stiles is sick/dying and he keeps it a secret?? I just don't like the "love cures all troupe", thank you!

I’m not a fan either, but I haven’t read all these so it might have snuck in anyway. - Anastasia

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Don’t Fuss Over Me by Delightful_I_Am

(9/9 I 14,964 I Teen I Steter)

Stiles has a pretty big secret. Peter helps him keep it.

Boys of the Wild by MourningDawn

(4/11 I 19.021 I Mature I Sterek)

Derek has had the worse summer of his life. It was suppose to be his big summer before he started college, where he partied and drank his summer away. But a tragic accident changed everything including Derek. The accident takes a toll on him. He doesn’t talk much anymore or leaves his room. All his friends have abandoned him. People in town often look at him with hatred and pity. No one will look him in his eyes anymore, not even his father. No longer being able to watch her son suffer, Talia decides Derek needs a new start.
She sends Derek to her home town of Beacon Hills to stay with her brother Peter. It’s there that Derek be friends free spirited Stiles Stilinski. Derek decides to keep the accident a secret but he isn’t the only one hiding something.

We’re Just Broken by pompeiipilots

(11/ I 100,400 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Stiles always knew his days were numbered. I mean, what do you expect from a teenager with dementia, right? But his days become more numbered than ever when after finding out he has cancer, that he wants no stone unturned, especially with Derek. As he ties up the loose ends before the last of his days, he is also helping a young werewolf they recruited to the pack learn his way, and also insuring that his missing piece from the pack will be replaced.

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Do you think Nakarai briefing Aura has any significance? I mean, he is Suzuya's underling, and the mission was supposed to be secret in a sense. Their interaction was kind of suspicious imo

Oh! Nakarai used to actually be a member of Kiyoko’s Squad before he joined Suzuya’s. He’s one of the few people she taught dual wielding quinques to, along with Arima and Mado (the dork named his quinques Left and Right LOL). So I assume they have a pretty good relationship and he’s doing her a solid and keeping her updated while she’s recovering!

Ya know what I’ve been thinking about lately? The loup garo curse. Wasn’t it supposed to always find a way to carry on generation after generation? So shouldn’t there be another one of those running around somewhere now? I mean I don’t know the dates exactly but The child would be a few years older than Maggie making it somewhere around puberty right? And it would be logical to assume it would somehow be Uhhh wolf girl I think he name was like Tess??? Regardless she was his mate so the child would logically be hers, its pretty easily assumed they were doing it. You don’t date someone, risk your life for them and not have sex with them even if they are a cursed wolf man.

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Why CSers are happy of the Emma vs Evil Queen scene? I'm reading the spoiler tag and I'm confused. She's not Regina!

You mean…cause they’re happy Emma tries to kill Regina?

I don’t know, I’m swen and I’m happy too. lol

They probably missed the big twist of the season: Regina and the Evil Queen are 2 separate human being, and the EQ is the enemy.
Why Emma shouldn’t try to kill her? She tried to kill Hook when she was supposed to love him ;)

I think SWEN is fine until Emma doesn’t try to kill Regina, don’t you think? ;) And we know she never will.

But I’ll tell you more: swen can enjoy both versions of their ship this season. Emma+Regina (they care about each other, would die for each other) and Emma+Evil Queen (their scenes are fire, pretty much as Swan Queen season 1).

What’s not to love about it?

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Christmas Prompts -24 - Animal Welfare AU (the complainer and the christmas music lover up to you haha)

24. You keep playing Christmas music, and it’s driving me nuts, please play something else

Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday
So let the bells ring out for Christmas

Noooooo… it was 6:30am. Noooo… how dare anyone be that chirpy at 6:30am. It wasn’t even dawn yet.

The feed bucket was being rattled in time with the singing. It was pretty good singing, for an unholy noise at ungodly o'clock in the morning. It just needed to be quieter. Like 100% quieter.

What was he doing out there? It wasn’t even his rotation to feed the animals. He should be back in their bed where they could be warm and snuggly and… who was supposed to be out there anyway… FUCK…it was his own shift!

Why were jeans always fucking impossible to get into in a hurry? The lightbulb had blown on the attic landing again, but that didn’t matter because someone had covered the banister with Christmas lights… what the actual fuck?

so here is Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun…

He was wearing reindeer antlers… They really clashed with the ginger hair.

“Hux, you didn’t have to get up early to feed everyone, you could have just woken me up…”

“Oh I haven’t been to bed yet, it’s Christmas! There’s too much to do! I’m just taking a break before I get on with cooking dinner.” He was wearing a festive apron. And not much else. WHAT?


A hand was shaking him. “Kylo… Kylo… KYLO! Turn your fucking alarm off!!”

“Hux, I had the weirdest dream, I thought you were outside singing Christmas songs.”

There was a grumbling noise behind him as Hux rolled over and pressed his face against his back. “It’s Tanma. He’s been singing Christmas songs for the last hour. It’s the 2nd of December.”

“Well, we’ll all be working on Christmas so I guess he’s trying to get in the festive spirit early.”

“6:30am is too early for any kind of spirit… but I suppose we should get up. Hey, do you think he takes requests?”

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Pretty fascinated by this necktie, which bears the signature of famous pinup artist George Petty. Petty was successful enough that there was a hollywood film released in 1950 called The Petty Girl, so it’s hard to imagine him turning a hand to poodle neckties, but I suppose anything is possible especially if it will make a little cash for a commercial artist. Curiouser and curiouser!

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I got considerably drunk at a party last night (and I have a pretty low tolerance) and now I feel too sick to do anything. I can't tell if I'm hungry or nauseas, if I'm gonna barf or not, and I drank some water...I'm supposed to go to an Xmas party but I don't think I can...Any methods for a fast recovery?

I’m afraid there’s no immediate cure for hangovers; you can just take medicine that treats the symptoms. Coffee if you’re tired, stomach medicine if you’ve got an upset stomach, ibuprofen if you have a headache; just be sure to not take any medicine containing acetaminophen, mixed with alcohol it can be very harmful to your liver. 

Next time you go out drinking, be sure to drink plenty of water and eat too, that will help you the next morning.