'it was stolen'

i had a dream i was participating in a marathon and during it me and a girl i knew from college got into a truck and me and her were talking about credit card fraud at gas stations and apparently in this dream world it was known that ed o'brien had given rides to 10 credit card scammers while trying to be nice and they took money each time and i remember in the dream specifically saying “they targeted him because he’s famous. he’s a big guy so he could take them on. I’m short so i would get beaten up ahhhhh.” and in the dream this made total sense

this is why i am 100 percent unaftaid that we will end taz with the love of my life, lup taaco, completely intact

a few weeks before her reveal, travis mcelroy asked on twitter for people to send him any info they would want him to know wrt trans representation because they want to do things right

he says he got thousands of emails

you’d better fucking believe, greg grimauldis, that a shit ton of them reiterated the same thing over and over: we are tired of burying our trans loves.

they burried their gays, once, early on, before they knew that was a thing, and they regretted it and gave their apologies and then, i assume, created carey/killian to apologize

they wanted to do the T right from the start.

i have no doubt that if they sifted through thousands of emails that all said “we are tired of trans bones turning to dust” and there was no live endgame for lup, griffin would have course corrected and made lup a cis woman and would have found another opportunity to make trans representation. finding out lucretia is trans would have been an interesting way to do that, or barry. or davenport, although i suspect griffin is already hanging a big secret hat on him because he’s been largely mia for a bit.

they did not course correct, so i’m going to go ahead and have faith for live lup 2k17