I’ve been getting a lot of gross messages lately and they all complain about my cosplays just because of my race. Instead of taking it to heart, I put together some pictures of some of my favorite cosplays that I’ve done. I’m not cosplaying for “accuracy,” I’m doing it because it fun and I enjoy it. And even if I was doing it for said accuracy, my being black doesn’t hold me back from that. I’ll never understand people’s need to “critique” someone else but base it on a factor that they cannot change. That goes for skin color, race, body type whatever! Next time any of you want to message giving your opinion on the way someone looks naturally, shut your mouth! :) 💕

Longs term effects of emotional abuse:

• a distrust in your perceptions

• a tendency to be fearful or on guard

• self-consciousness or fear of how you are coming across

• an inability to be spontaneous

• a distrust of people and in future relationships

• anger that bursts out unexpectedly

• sensitivity to anyone trying to control you

• the feeling of anxiety when someone lets you decide

• withdrawal from social interactions

• unexplainable feelings of shame/guilt

• unusual weight gain/loss

• changes in appetite

• unexplained anxiety or depression states

• self destructive behavior

• isolation from friends/family

• substance abuse

“Strict parents raise sneaky children” for me more like

Strict parents raise anxiety ridden children with panic attacks, shaking hands, constant fear, submissive tendencies, suicidal thoughts and the pain of knowing i never got to enjoy my teen years, be my damn self and do anything normal even when it wasn’t bad. And the foreboding knowledge that as soon as i get my freedom i’m gonna overdo it and engage in all types of self destructive things, do whatever i can to forget the past, and be stressed out about making up for everything that i’ve missed out on rather than focusing on priorities.