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All you’ve been talking about since Jace arrived was becoming parabatai.

the concept of vex forgiving syldor, not because he deserves to be forgiven for all the things that he did to hurt her but because vex is finally in a place where she can let go of that pain and start moving beyond it, is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

like syldor is a prejudiced piece of shit (and he knows it) who was abusive and neglectful and he absolutely doesn’t deserve to spend time with vex or her new family if vex chooses to go through with forgiving him (and i doubt either of them would want that anyways because there’s too much bad blood there), but vex getting to cut off the strings tying her back to those years of emotional trauma for her own sake is wonderful

Having confidence really does threaten some people and it’s like no need to feel threatened pal!!! You can have confidence, self worth and self love too, you’re allowed to love yourself, know your self worth and be confident despite what society teaches you. You’re beautiful and you deserve kindness, love and respect from others and yourself ✨

Kobold, also known as the Pale Goblin. 

you know what i want to talk about? 

robert’s anger. and i’m not meaning all those times that he lashed out with insults and barbed comments, although it is a factor when we’re looking at rage. because the thing is, robert is not outwardly a very angry person. he’s sarcastic as hell, likes to use words to hurt others, but he’s not genuinely very angry that often? he’s the sort of person who lets things build (who else do we know that does that?????) over the course of weeks or months or sometimes even years before eventually snapping. but even when he snaps it tends to be just a scathing monologue where he decimates his ‘opponent’ just by tearing into them verbally. 

but it’s a whole other ball game when we look at robert’s true anger. not spite, not malice, but fury. because that’s not sudden and it’s not fierce. you’re not left feeling bruised or shaken when he gets angry, you’re left with a knot of fear in your stomach. and i can see why robert doesn’t get angry all that often, because i imagine that intensity of emotion would be enough to frighten anyone, even himself.

robert’s anger is slow-burning. it creeps up on him till he’s rattling with it, trembling with the exertion of not just letting it all out. we’ve seen it before with katie and andy, we saw it back in the day with jack as well. we know he’s capable of hurting others but until katie, i don’t think even he realised what his anger could lead to. i’m not saying robert deliberately wanted to kill her, i don’t think he did. but he did want to stop her from leaving and he was willing to use physical force to do that. this was someone he once loved, someone he would have done anything for at one time. but that anger - how dare she try and blackmail me? how dare she try and use this against me - coupled with his sheer panic at being exposed, meant the balance was tipped. he stepped over a line that day that he had never imagined crossing, and it’s hard going back once you’ve gone that far into the darkest parts of yourself, especially when there’s very little consequences for what you’ve done.

i think that’s why we saw robert’s anger more after katie died. and again, i’m not talking about arguments or shouting, i’m talking about that rage he has where it’s deathly quiet. you can see it in his eyes, like dark clouds on the horizon. i said in tms strangely enough that ‘there’s a storm coming and its name is robert sugden’, and its applicable for this as well. robert’s rage is the quiet before the storm, a boiling sea just waiting to crash up and over the land it surrounds. when robert is angry, he doesn’t use words as much because i think his emotions are almost choking him, he’s too full with feeling and the only way he can let it out is physically. we saw it with katie, we saw it with andy, we saw it with paddy and even with chas (yes, i am talking about the rock incident), but we also saw it with gordon.

this sounds strange, i know, because robert didn’t use physical violence against gordon (though my god no one would have blamed him lbr), but robert doesn’t actually need to use violence on people. he’s tall and broad and strong, he has such a physical advantage over most, and he uses it. that scene, the one where robert tells gordon that “you better hope that cancer comes back and finishes you off, before someone else gets a chance to” is just the perfect embodiment of what i’m talking about. 

when pushed, when that fury has its talons hooked deep into his heart, then he can do anything. and i mean anything. had gordon laughed at him in that scene, had he even smiled, i have no doubt that robert would have dragged him from the pub and beat the shit out of him. in fact, i wonder if he would have been able to stop once he’d started. because the thing is, when robert’s angry he gets lost in it. sometimes it’s just a moment, sometimes it’s much longer than that - you could argue that most of the latter half of 2015 robert was utterly lost to his own rage - but you can visibly see the shift. he’s so present in the moment but also entirely unrecognisable at the same time. and in that scene with gordon in particular, you can pinpoint all those minute changes within him - from the slight surprise at the beginning because gordon is out and out lying to his face, to that sudden flash of anger which has him moving forwards, pushing his way into gordon’s space, surrounding him until their eyes are level, until robert’s got gordon pinned down with one look alone. but the most important part of that scene, the part where everything i’ve said actually starts to make even a tiny bit of sense, is that final part where he makes it clear to gordon that if he doesn’t leave of his own accord, robert’s going to make him leave, but he’ll be leaving in a body bag if robert gets his way. not only is the threat 100% believable just based off of the situation and robert’s unwavering love for aaron that makes him utterly protective, but it’s also confirmed by robert’s expression. like i said, robert goes from surprise to loathing and then… then he goes calm. 

and that’s the dark side i’m talking about. not the anger itself, but the point at which that anger almost recedes into something worse, something much more frightening. the moment where robert stops fighting the anger and starts to accept it. you can see it so clearly in that scene, that shift between “before someone else” and “gets the chance to”. he knows what he’s saying, he knows that he means it, and he’s all right with it. he’s not shying away from it at all, in fact he’s embracing it. he wants gordon to know that he will hurt him if he has to, he’ll kill him if he has to, because he’s stepped over that line before and he’ll do it again if it means aaron’s safe.

this isn’t me saying that robert is a cold-blooded killer who revels in the idea of murdering hoards of people. obviously not. but what i am saying is that robert has the capability of getting so angry that he loses himself in it, to the point where everything else ceases to be. if you push him too far, if you push him right over that ledge, then you better start running, because there’s a storm coming… and its name is robert sugden.

Should I do a post about placements that fit Junji Ito mangas, or are they too heavy/dark/disturbing/controversial to compare to the natal chart? I’d definitely include the reasoning behind my comparisons, and it’d probably turn into a big interpretation post of Pluto and Saturn in the houses.

Would anyone be interested in that?

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How would lords react when mc confessed that she's actually jealous :3

Ok, ok! It was easy and yet difficult since their reactions would differ from the subject of her jealousy. So anyway, I tried to make it as “simple” as I could and that could fit in most situation. Hope you’ll like it! *winks(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ @shioune wanted me to tag her there too, so here it is bb! 

Nobunaga: After she told him her earnest feelings, he would look at her, bemused by her pouty face while letting escape a “Oh really?” full of mischief. He’d then tease her about it gently while making sure the following night she would feel all the love he has for her.

Mitsuhide: Taken aback by her honesty, he would try to reassure her qucikly by showing her how serious he is about her and making her remember how much she had helped him with so many different matters. Taking her close to him, he would lead her to something much more intimate.

Yukimura: He would be so surprised and wouldn’t understand why she could be jealous. Not knowing how to make her feel at ease about his feelings for her, with a blushing face, he would bows his head on the floor and apologize to her earnestly, telling her how much he adores her.

Saizo: He would tease her so bad about it, playing with a lot innuendos to make her sway a bit. But looking at her teary eyes, he would stop in his track and with an apologetic smile, he’d tell his little lady how much he needs her by being the light he as always been seeking for.

Masamune: He would be so stunned by her confession, leaving him speechless because he never thought this could ever happen. Taking both her hands in his and looking straight into her eyes, he’d tell that she is and will be the only woman he trusts and loves with his whole being and thus until death parts them from each other.

Kojuro: He’d see it as something quite endearing and cute from her because he’d see it as a pure form of her love for him. Taking her in his arms and leaving a kiss on her forehead, he would tell her everything she needs to hear to make her realize that no matter what, she is the only one who has earned his entire heart.

Hideyoshi: He would chuckle at her, not expecting her to tell him straight out about her jealousy. Of course, first, he would tease her a bit about it before embracing her tight in his arms and showering her with lot of kisses everywhere on her face, to finally comforting her with how much he loves her.

Toshiie: Brute and raw as he is, he would probably snap at her while crushing her on his chest, explaining to her that with all the years they’ve been together and reminding her since how long he has loved her, it would be unbelievable that he could have anyone else in his mind but her!

Ieyasu: Internally, it would please him, taking this as a proof of her love for him but of course, unable to tell her this straight to her face, he would just tell her that her jealousy is foolish to begin with but would whisper that it was certainly not possible for him to have a liking for any other woman since she is the only one who can make him feel the way she does.

Mitsunari: He would made fun of her, telling her that she is stupid to feel jealous. Of course, finding his reaction very hurtful, she would be on the verge of tears. But soon realizing his behavior, he’d fell silent and would finally, awkardly, step besides her, laying his head on her shoulder, a blush creeping up his face and tell her he is sorry for making her cry and will try to never do this again.

Kenshin: He’d feel kinda bad about it and would be the first to apologize for not noticing it before. While stroking her hair, he’d explain her that from all of his precious treasures he has collected, she is one he cherishes above everything else and that she will stay the most beautiful thing he ever has laid his eyes upon.

Shingen: He’d grin about it and tease her only with his eyes but would suddenly realize how much he is actually attracted to her. Then, he would show her physically that there’s no need for her to be jealous, leaving love marks all over her skin and making her understands that she is the only one he has his eyes on.

{credence barebone} i. pomegranate and dark chocolate

here’s a little something i doodled after watching fantastic beasts. My heart kind of melted for credence, and i hope he can find happiness in the next movies.

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What would a reverse Big Bang fic thing be?

so in a big bang, authors write whatever fics they want with no prompt or requests. they write a small anonymous summary of the fic, and then artists come in and choose which story they would like to make art for. 

so in a reverse big bang, artists would do the art part first, and then fic writers would come in and write something based on the art rather than the other way around. 

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I'm honestly so chuffed you still think there's a fourth episode. You deserve disappointment, and you shall receive it in abundance. The writers said there would be no johnlock, many times, for YEARS, accept it, move on, quit bitching.

I mean the writers have also been saying for years that they lie all the time in order to protect the “mystery” integrity of their show. Even more recently, they have been flipping a straight 180s on so many things they’ve said before. Things they’ve done and are commenting about TFP directly contradict things they’ve said in the past, things they’ve said about S3, even pre-S4 as they were literally making it. Please check all of @skulls-and-tea for the receipts.

And um, I think you have the wrong blog??? What exactly am I bitching about that doesn’t deserve all the bitching I can muster?? Do you mean that last episode that was terrible and had more plot-holes than a fishing net??? (which everyone, even non-tjlcers, even non-johnlockers are bitching about, because even without johnlock it made no sense). As part of the audience for this show, I have the right to express my opinion of it. If you don’t like it or agree why are you following?? Why are you reading what we have to say???

The reason I’m holding out hope is because I really sincerely hope that they did not pull the asshole move they just did. I want to believe that there are good people in this world. After TFP, I won’t be disappointed at all if it doesn’t pan out, that stage of this party bus is over. We will be ready to whoop serious ass if this doesn’t follow through. Believe me, anon.

I’m also gonna take a wild guess and say you’re straight. Know why?

The only reason we have brought it this far is because we are literally starved for representation. This community, the queer community, my community so desperately needs this representation that we are pulling at every single thread we can in hopes that it will work out well for us (which actually happens to be a shitton of threads if you’ve been paying attention). If you knew what that was like at all, you wouldn’t have sent me this ask. The fact that you want me and everyone else in the community to feel bad for wanting to feel good says a lot…

*happy sigh* Nothing makes me forget about fandom bullshit faster than Malec. I am here for them. And nothing else. Nothing else matters. I thoroughly enjoyed that sneak peek and I’m remembering what I actually care about. Y'all keep complaining and nitpicking all you want. But for me, it’s getting really unhealthy and seeing it EVERYWHERE has really been sucking my joy out of this show. But it’s back now :). And maybe that’s shallow and maybe some of you won’t appreciate this post. But this show is something I need to make me feel good. And Malec has saved me. Everything else doesn’t matter.