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full piece of my life is strange au for @yoiauzine !!

I remember seeing a various really good post about the visual references to american comicbook artist in My Hero Academia, like how Stain takes cues from the 90′s edgy anti-hero aesthetic or how the more exagerated mouth expressions are like those drawn by Todd Mcfarlane -especially Bakugo’s.

All that said I decided to specualte myself about what artists inspired All Might design, both the musclebound and the more scrawny version.

The heroic version of All Might has been compared to a Rob Liefeld character due to his absurd size but I think it looks more like how John Byrne drew Superman but with a way heavier inking.

Even his smile looks like an exagerated version of how Byrne drew Supes’ own.

As for his  more humble version, the dropped shoulders that seem to blend his neck and arms, the angular face and the simplistic mouth shape with square teeth remind me mostly of how Mike Mignola draws Hellboy.

“She joined the others at the table and for an hour they played Monopoly. Stan was the big winner.”

y'all can’t try and excuse any nhl player by saying they don’t want to be the first player to speak out when jt brown’s been out here supporting kaepernick from day one and even called out tortorella directly. he’s been doing this as a player with much more to lose career-wise than high profile players like crosby, matthews, and gaudreau, so don’t give me that “they’re media trained so it doesn’t actually reflect his politics” shit either.

hey you fucking demons

•Stop harassing band members’ significant others.

•Stop stealing pics from band members’ families’ accounts and posting them.

•Stop leaking band members’ private accounts.

•Stop taking and sharing pictures of band members’ families.

•Stop harassing band members’ families for pictures, stories, etc.

•This shit goes for anyone the band member knows personally. It’s not fucking cool that you stalk Billie Joe Armstrong’s dog walker.

•Fucking seriously.

•None of this shit makes you cool.

•It makes you a fucking stalker.

•Fuck off.