I’ve been watching Hellsing, and wanted to draw some of my favs!

I love this edgy vampire show so very much, and I can’t believe I never took a look at it earlier
Sorry all the clothes are incredibly off model, they were all sketched from memory on a lunch break and I sort of forgot to correct my mistakes when I cleaned it up! ;; 

Hellsing Headcanon Time!!!: Water park
  • Who doesn't love a water park? A lot of people actually. That's exactly why our pals at Hellsing, millennium and Iscariot are there!
  • Alucard:he took on his female form and is working it! Sadly he got a headache and went home.
  • Integra:if you suggest that she get into a swim suit you will be shot. Repeatedly.
  • Seras:all the rides. All the men are staring.
  • Walter:lazy river. Bless this fucking place.
  • Pip:he is among the perverts looking at Seras. They go on rides together.
  • Anderson:"have you people no shame?"
  • Maxwell:read the above.
  • Heinkel and Yumie:making the tallest ride in the park their bitch.
  • The major:snack bar
  • Schrödinger:lounging in the sun.
  • Captain:with the cat boy.

Been doing a significant amount of work to my Integra the past two days off.

-Finished bleeding the brakes and upgrading the rears to rsx-S/ep3 caliper setup (fronts are 12.7" x Wilwood Superlite)

-Fitting SPMS front lip/air damn

-new oem hood and integrated custom hood vents/aero catch latches

-paint stripping a set of 17x9 +27 A-Tech Japan wheels for a winter setup (not sure if I want to run them raw or redo them a different color)

-painted the front end after all fitment/prep work (all rattled canned. From what I learned after legitimately painting cars over the years, rattle-canning parts and having the paint look decent and in unity is much harder than using a automotive spray gun. The spread is straight shot versus a spray gun which is wide spread)

My reasons of rattle canning the front end are

1. Ease of paint availability
2. Only keeping front end temporarily
3. Car will get beaten on track
4. Track events in a month or two 😋 (competition timelines are close)