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Okay I know I post about this a lot but Rukia and Orihime aren’t rivals, and very much not rivals for Ichigo. Yes, Orihime expressed jealousy towards Rukia and Ichigo’s closeness, but that isn’t the same as viewing someone as a rival. Even though she expressed jealousy, she never tried to compete with Rukia.

In Pokémon, you have rivals. They actively compete with you to see who is better at battle, who had the better pokedex, etc.

A better example…

Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka.

They actively compete, in their youth and teenage-hood over various things. They competed to see who would be Sasuke’s girlfriend and they declared themselves as rivals, and were repeatedly described a such in canon.

Meanwhile… Rukia and Orihime’s friendship has never mentioned or hinted at feeling the need to compete with each other. Showing jealousy is an emotion that isn’t inherently leading towards something else.

An example of jealousy without a feeling of rivalry is Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist. He was incredibly jealous of humans and their ability to be resilient throughout hardships. He was jealous that there wasn’t any sort of pain that would ultimately stop the Elric brothers or any other humans. He viewed them as things to be destroyed. He didn’t want to compete with humans, he wanted to destroy them.

You can be someone’s rival without feeling jealousy, you can feel jealousy surrounding a person but not be rivals or view them as a rival.

Neither Orihime or Rukia view each other as a rival. In canon, they don’t even describe each other as such, not even temporarily. They show nothing but care towards each other.

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(( this one is for this anon: also disregard any weird issues with the timing in naruto or whatever, this is just my idea and nothing more. ))

type: headcanon/first time [ shikatema ]
characters: naruto, shikamaru, choji, ino, and temari
word count: 1,626

“oh hey, shikamaru. what are you still doing here?”

he had been so lost in thought, lost in the way he imagined tonight would go, that he hadn’t realized how much time had passed.
naruto had left the hokage’s office over two hours ago and yet the dark-haired boy still lingered, dazed in his normal plan-making stance. with his hands out in front of him like that though, naruto immediately recognized he was strategizing for something and frowned.

“you know we are done with work today, right? i only came back to grab my jacket i left.”

“yeah, yeah. i know we are done.” shikamaru muttered out with clear annoyance, trying to concentrate harder and block the distracting noise from his friend out. still utterly confused with what he might be doing, naruto searched around the floor at shikamaru’s feet and found some fresh roses wrapped up nicely, clearly a product of the yamanaka’s store.
the hokage fumbled around with little unnecessary things long enough to cause shikamaru’s peeved line of vision to rise up and catch his own.

“ah, well good luck with tonight, you lazy fool.” shikamaru knew naruto’s words were full of sarcasm but heard a suggestive tone hidden in there too. he saw the blonde wiggle his eyebrows and wink at him before he shut the door behind him and left.

great, i lost my train of thought and now he probably has some sort of idea what’s going on. he let out a deep sigh.

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Who is your favorite Greek goddess? :)

[Does Dionysus count as a goddess? He was practically raised as a girl by Ino...] 
Well, since I cannot choose him I would choose Demeter or Persephone. Speaking of the latter, there’s a thing I can’t get off my head. You know that Persephone was in love with Adonis and fought with Aphrodite over him until he decided to become Aphrodite’s lover, right? Well, since he was attacked by a wild boar and died, does that mean that he also ended up being the lover of The Queen of the Underworld? And why this has never been an artistic motif? Where are those dozens & dozens of representations of his death titled “Adonis Won by Persephone” -


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