'im standing up for my country'

Deep End ✧ Swimming ✧ Venus + Benin

I felt sweaty and disgusting. These people have all the money in the country and they have the air-conditioning on low? Thats honestly abusive. I don’t know how to swim as it stands, but a bitch is going to learn cause I need some relief.

 I rush over to the swimming pool and rip off my training uniform until Im standing in my underwear. Of course they match. And jump into the shallow end of the pool. 

“Good afternoon Ma’a-” 

“Shut up! Stop speaking immediately.” I snap at the trainer when he begins his little scripted speech. I can’t listen to it right now. This water feels fucking warm. “Is this pool heated? What the fuck!” I exclaim, and he informs me that the water is probably cooler deeper. Fuck me, I have to learn quickly cause I’m still dying. He jumps in and begins instructing me on the basics of staying afloat, begrudgingly.